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Topic: Local government

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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  Local Government in Asia and the Pacific - China
Local governments are the executive organs of the state power at different local levels and are the local administrative organs.
Local governments are the administrative organs of state under the leadership of the State Council and obey the State Council.
Local governments, according to the Constitution and the related law, are divided into 3 main types: local governments at different levels, autonomous governments of nationality regions and governments of special administrative regions.
www.unescap.org /huset/lgstudy/country/china/china.html   (5483 words)

  Local government in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Under section 15 the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, committees must roughly reflect the political party makeup of the council; before it was permitted for a party with control of the council to 'pack' committees with their own members.
In 2000 Parliament passed the Local Government Act 2000 to force councils to move to an executive-based system, either with the council leader and a cabinet acting as an executive authority, or with a directly-elected mayor, either with a mayor and cabinet drawn from the councillors; or a mayor and council manager.
Unitary local government was inserted as a precondition for the introduction of any elected Regional Assemblies under the Labour government's former plans to introduce such bodies prior to the rejection by referendum in North East in November 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Local_government_in_the_United_Kingdom   (3151 words)

 Local Government in Asia and the Pacific - Bangladesh
Rural and urban local government bodies are entrusted with a large number of functions and responsibilities relating to civic and community welfare as well as local development.
Contribution from individuals and institutions, government grants, profits from investments, receipts accruing from the trusts placed with the local bodies, loans raised by the local body and proceeds from such services are another source of income governments may direct to be placed at the disposal of a local body.
Local government as a political institution to ensure public participation in development activities is yet to take proper shape in Bangladesh.
www.unescap.org /huset/lgstudy/country/bangladesh/bangladesh.html   (6825 words)

 Government of Belize
Belize has a system of local government comprising two city councils, seven town councils and a network of 192 village and community councils.
The Minister for Local Government is responsible for local government legislation and regulation on all matters in respect of local government, including the administration of the Acts relating to city and town councils.
This form of local governance is administered through the inferior courts in accordance with Chapter 77 of the Laws of Belize and implemented by five voluntary village police officers.
www.governmentofbelize.gov.bz /how_localgovernment.html   (1297 words)

 Local Government Index   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Funding by the Commonwealth to Local Government is provided as untied grants and identified local road grants.
Under section 16 of the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995, the Minister with portfolio responsibility for administering Commonwealth Financial assistance to local government is required to annually prepare a report on the operation of the act.
The National Awards for Local Government is a Commonwealth Government initiative established in 1986 to foster and acknowledge innovation, excellence and continuous improvement in the Local Government sector.
www.dotars.gov.au /localgovt/index.aspx   (333 words)

 Local Government in About America: How the United States is Governed
The rest are local government officials—city council members, school board members, mayors, sheriffs, and an array of other individuals who serve in various capacities.
Special district governments operate independently of other local governments and are usually established to serve a specific purpose within a specific geographic region.
State governments are responsible for setting education standards and general policies within the state, but implementation is left to the local school boards.
usinfo.state.gov /products/pubs/abtamerica/local.htm   (954 words)

 Blogs for Local Governments - Government Technology
Governments and their agencies at all levels, from the smallest township to densely-populated states, are trying harder than ever before to be more approachable, and accessible to the residents of the area they serve.
There are dozens of examples of ways to do business with a state or local government online, not to mention the ability to contact elected officials and various departments with questions or concerns.
In this election year, some localities are giving candidates for local office their own blogs, for the purpose of giving the public a better way of learning their positions on issues, and their intentions for the future.
www.govtech.net /magazine/channel_story.php?channel=17&id=93913   (770 words)

 Local Government Victoria Home- Department of Planning and Community Development
The Victorian State-Local Government Agreement (VSLGA) was signed by the Minister for Local Government, Hon Richard Wynne MP and on behalf of councils by the Municipal Association of Victoria, President Cr Dick Gross on 14 May 2008.
Whilst local councils recognise the Community Satisfaction Survey as a valuable benchmarking tool in performance measurement, it is important that they continue to review and strengthen their own performance measurement systems.
On 10 April 2008 the Minister for Local Government Richard Wynne announced the new policy Recognition and Support: the Victorian Government's Policy Statement on Local Government Mayoral and Councillor Allowances and Resources (PDF 142 kb).
www.dvc.vic.gov.au /web20/dvclgv.nsf   (718 words)

 Local Government Association of Tasmania - Welcome - LGAT
The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) is the voice of local government to other governments, interested stakeholders and the wider community.
LGAT works to protect the interests and rights of councils, to promote the efficient operation of local government and to foster strategic and beneficial relationships.
The Local Government Association of Tasmania supports local councils so that they, in turn, are well placed to serve their communities.
www.lgat.tas.gov.au   (150 words)

 Local Governments: USA.gov
International City/County Management Association – Professional and educational organization for members of the local government community.
National Association of Counties – The only national organization representing county governments in the U.S. National Civic League – Nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening citizen democracy in local communities.
National League of Cities – Largest national organization of municipal governments, representing 18,000 cities, towns, and villages in the U.S. State and Local Government Employees – Information and services for state and local government employees, including links on grants, disaster management, and education.
www.usa.gov /Agencies/Local.shtml   (229 words)

 Grandfather State and Local Government Report by MWHodges
During this same period, the number of state and local government employees increased double the rate of the population - - and, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study, the total compensation of the average state and local government workers increased at a faster pace than did private sector employees.
Federal Government Spending Report), but that the state and local government sector also be down-sized from its current 17% ratio to national income closer to the 6% ratio of 1947.
If state and local taxes had not increased faster than the size of the economy in the past 50 years then the right bar on this chart would be the same height as the left bar.
mwhodges.home.att.net /state_local.htm   (4257 words)

 Local Government Association
Read Simon's speech, or listen to his address, which covered key issues including the impending pay strikes, tackling the issue of knife crime, gun crime and gang culture, the launch of ‘My Council’ campaign posters and giving councils more powers to veto post office or GP services closures.
In a letter to the Local Government Minister, LGA Chairman Sir Simon Milton expressed serious concerns about the lack of democratic accountability for regional decision-making in the consultation.
'Stronger flooding role for councils' Local authorities must be at the heart of their communities’ response to flooding, a report has found.
www.lga.gov.uk   (416 words)

 Maryland Government, State, local & federal
Of the 50 states, Maryland is among those with the fewest number of local governments.
Local government is found in Maryland's 23 counties.
Under the county commissioners form of government, the General Assembly is authorized to legislate for the county.
www.mdarchives.state.md.us /msa/mdmanual/01glance/html/govern.html   (599 words)

 DLGHS - Local Government | Local Government
The Local Government Division is responsible for the development and regulation of local government in the Northern Territory and is currently coordinating a major local government reform process to strengthen leadership and governance in the local government sector.
The Division is committed to increasing the level of indigenous employment in the local government sector.
The Local Government Division maintains a strong regional presence with offices in Darwin, Nhulunbuy, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs and Development Coordinators in remote communities such as Nguiu, Borroloola, Groote Eylandt and Pine Creek.
www.localgovernment.nt.gov.au   (200 words)

 Welcome — WALGA
The WA Local Government Association is the voice of Local Government in Western Australia.
The document proposes a new structure to improve delivery of services to communities while retaining local representation and will now be open for feedback and comments from Local Governments until June 16, 2008.
Local Government continues to demonstrate leadership in the area of energy reduction in the face of the current gas crisis.
www.walga.asn.au   (598 words)

 Home page - LGIU
Getting to the heart of local accountability argues that getting this right means becoming more accountable to local people across public services at the local level.
The Local Government Information Unit and its health information service, the Democratic Health Network, both have track records in working to improve accountability of local services to communities and their elected representatives.
It outlines the benefits for local authorities of joining this scheme prior to the introduction of statutory schemes.
www.lgiu.gov.uk   (565 words)

 ConservativeHome's Local Government Blog
The BBC is reporting that the Local Government Association is embarking on a major advertising campaign to promote the work of local authorities.
The Conservative leader of the Local Government Association, Sir Simon Milton, has warned councils against over zealous use of surveillance powers that they were given to fight terrorism and criminal offences.
Questions tabled by the Conservatives have forced the Government to reveal the findings of a £27,000 study that warned of increased health risks from rats, flies and seagulls if rubbish collections were reduced in frequency.
conservativehome.blogs.com /localgovernment   (3092 words)

 ministry of Local Government
To have viable, autonomous, accountable and responsive Local Authorities.
In order to fulfil its role as facilitator of good governance and improved service delivery in the sector, the Ministry of Local Government has developed a five -year Strategic Plan (2004-2009) to guide its operations in the next five years.
This decentralisation to, and empowerment at the local level will require an institutional framework and capacity that is responsive to the overwhelming needs of the people, particularly the poor who have hitherto had limited access to public services.
www.localgovernment.go.ke   (374 words)

 local.gov.uk | Home
A new report by the Local Government Association warned  that Government plans to create eco-towns were "significantly flawed" and
A radical overhaul of employment and skills policy is needed to help the seven million people who are economically inactive gain the skills they need to break the hold of benefit dependency, local government leaders said in a new report released.
The gateway to news, information, resources and services for local authorities provided by the national local government organisations.
www.local.gov.uk   (240 words)

 Solution to deer woes: Arrows, SUVs and local government   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We might finally have found an upside to this region's abundance of Extremely Local Government: Waging the war on deer.
We have lots and lots of government, and, under my plan, these governments wouldn't even have to pretend to cooperate with each other.
This is precisely where our Extremely Local Governments enter the picture.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06306/734735-152.stm   (730 words)

 Local Government - Welcome to local government   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Local Government Victoria works co-operatively with 79 local councils to ensure that Victorians enjoy world-class responsive and accountable local government services and governance.
Local Government Victoria is responsible for administering the
The Conference was held on 13 May 2005 at the Flemington Events Centre to discuss the actions necessary to fundamentally change the way government works with local communities across Victoria.
www.doi.vic.gov.au /doi/internet/localgov.nsf   (311 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Special report: local government
December 1: Changes to the local government pension scheme are due to be unveiled early next week following protracted talks with unions and council chiefs, it emerged today.
September 5: A troubled local government watchdog, which is facing widespread calls for its abolition, today made a bid for its survival in the form of new simplified code of conduct for councillors.
December 3: Local councils are expected to receive extra cash to help cover the costs of housing destitute asylum seekers and administering the new licensing laws as part of Gordon Brown's pre-budget statement on Monday.
politics.guardian.co.uk /localgovernment/0,9054,442884,00.html   (1289 words)

 ARRLWeb: Official ARRL Field Organization Appointment Description: Local Government Liaison
The Local Government Liaison (LGL) is primarily responsible for monitoring proposals and actions by local government bodies and officials which may affect Amateur Radio; for working with the local PIO to alert section leadership officials and area amateurs to any such proposals or actions, and for coordinating local responses.
The most effective LGL will be able to monitor local government dockets consistently, muster local, organized support quickly when necessary, and be well known in the local amateur community as the point man for local government problems.
Work with the PIO or PIC to inform local amateurs, the SGL and the SM of any proposals of actions which may affect Amateur Radio, and report regularly on progress or lack thereof.
www.arrl.org /FandES/field/org/lgl.html   (521 words)

 Jobs in Ireland - vacancies and opportunities in Local Government
There are over a hundred local authorities in Ireland that constitute our local government system, delivering a wide range of crucially important services to every city, town and village in the country.
The purpose of this website is to highlight some of the diverse career opportunities that are available in the local government sector in Ireland and to give you an opportunity to apply for one of these exciting positions or to find out more.
There is an obligation on local government to promote development and enterprise in local areas.
www.localgovernmentjobs.ie   (238 words)

 Home - Department of Local Government
The Department of Local Government produces a range of publications, most of which are available for download on this site.
Guidelines on the Procedures and Processes to be followed by Local Government in Public Private Partnerships
view a list of all localities in a council and maps of council boundaries.
www.dlg.nsw.gov.au   (379 words)

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