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Topic: Location based service

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

 Mobile phone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The availability of Prepaid or pay as you go services, where the subscriber does not have to commit to a long term contract, has helped fuel this growth.
Most current mobile phones connect to a cellular network of base stations (cell sites), which is in turn linked to the conventional telephone network (the exception are satellite phones).
In the event of an emergency, disaster response crews can locate trapped or injured people using the signals from their mobile phones; an interactive menu accessible through the phone's Internet browser notifies the company if the user is safe or in distress.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mobile_phone   (3159 words)

 RFID-based Location Determination Manas Tungare .com
This is also an executable application which uses the RFID library to determine a user's location and inform other services about changes in location.
A person desirous of knowing his current location will be equipped with an appropriate RFID reader device, and will be able to read identification data from such tags placed in the environment.
RFID can be used for location determination in two different configurations, which are in many ways the duals of each other.
www.manastungare.com /projects/rfid-location   (1177 words)

 Technorati Tag: Location Based Services
The Pierz Group, Location Based Services The Pierz Group provides consulting services and forecast reports on the directory assistance/directory enquiry (411) information services market, including the emerging wireless DA/DQ.
Location Based Services Training Course Location Based Services LBS/LCS Training and seminars for mobile networks.
Location Based Services Location based services, software and intel for better decision making.
www.technorati.com /tag/Location%20Based%20Services   (639 words)

 The page cannot be found
Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search for the words HTTP and 404.
Open IIS Help, which is accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr), and search for topics titled Web Site Setup, Common Administrative Tasks, and About Custom Error Messages.
HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/l/lo/location-based_service.htm   (121 words)

 Firms Find Their Way With Location-Based Services
IDC also explains how Symantec's unique multilevel approach to threat management, which includes appliances, software and web-based services, proactively shields organizations against threats while ensuring information accessibility.
Location technology was about to undergo a multifold expansion in capabilities.
In fact, Autodesk's business service for carriers, Mobile Resource Manager, is just a derivation of MRM (mobile resource management)—the updated industry term that supplants the title and definition limitations of LBS.
www.eweek.com /article2/0,1895,1876595,00.asp   (1144 words)

 Location Based Gaming Marketing, Research and Business Models
Location Based Gaming Marketing, Research and Business Models
Courses, based on books of the Bible, as well as other sources, under developement are health, history, prophecy, and much more
We have many other services which take full advantage of our design skills including website design, web site development & email marketing.
www.extremely-sharp.com /links/w2-link.html   (1837 words)

 Fitness Enterprise
Its simulation-based products are used to design, build, and operate new networks and services and to...
Rules based appointment scheduling for corporations, service businesses, government, call centers, and higher education.
RFC 3224 (rfc3224) - Vendor Extensions for Service Location...
www.fitness-king.com /go/fitnessenterprise   (810 words)

A new breed of managed services, aimed directly at accelerating performance and availability of Web-based applications, helps companies attain their goals of profit and growth - no matter how far or wide the audience they are trying to reach.
Learn how BMC's Identity Management Services can help secure your enterprise and give authorized users the access they need to critical information, so they can deliver more consistent services.
Basic Content Services: Overcoming the Limitations of Email and Avoiding the High Costs of Enterprise Content Management
www.networkworld.com /links/Encyclopedia/S   (575 words)

 Mike's List:
Location services based on GPS are popping up in Europe.
The location service was used by dispatchers to track and locate the drivers in real time.
In Switzerland, a company called Sunrise provided GPS-assisted drunkenness services in a trial.
www.mikeslist.com /76.htm   (575 words)

 NSDI MetaData and WWW Mapping Sites
You can point to a location and it becomes the center of the next map image.
There is a weather service that will let you look at any US airport weather station and see the current (within 15 min.) weather.
The "List all counties" button is a nifty application of the VIEW option in SAS, reorganizing the data on the fly.
www.blm.gov /gis/nsdi.html   (575 words)

 Cinema Sites
Debbie Regan Locations : New York based location service
[ Actors ] [ Directors ] [ Movies ] [ TV Shows ] [ Misc.
[ Listings ] [ TV Shows (Official) ] [ TV, Cable & Satellite Networks ]
www.cinema-sites.com   (575 words)

 The Official Web Site of the Natural Area Coding System
These revolutionary applications are the most comprehensive and efficient location based services in the world providing Universal Addresses to all locations in 18 countries and Universal Address powered driving directions service, maps and location based searches of businesses for 26 countries.
SafeAngel develops middleware for the emerging enterprise location based service market, and targets areas such as service provision by location, rapid urban response systems and large scale human management using wireless GPS technology, in addition to the more traditional tracking, navigation and fleet management.
This greatly simplifies and speeds any location based search, compared with the algorithm that computes and compares distances.
www.nacgeo.com /nacsite   (1649 words)

 FRS Home Page
Garmin, a manufacturer of GPS receivers (location display devices based on signals received from Geo Positioning Satellites) has requested that the FCC permit FRS radios to transmit data bursts identifying the location of the respective unit.
The Family Radio Service is a very low power, short range UHF Citizens Band service in the 460 MHz band.
The transmission time may not exceed 1 second, and the time between data transmissions from a particular radio may be not less than 30 seconds (except to respond with a transmission of location information from an data query from another FRS unit).
www.provide.net /~prsg/frs-home.htm   (639 words)

 MapPoint Web Service
The MapPoint Web Service is a programmable web service hosted by Microsoft and used by enterprises and independent software developers to integrate location-based services, such as maps, driving directions and proximity searches, into software applications and business processes.
The MapPoint Web Service is a programmable web service hosted by Microsoft and used by enterprises and independent software developers to integrate location-based services such as maps, driving directions and proximity searches into software applications and business processes.
The MapPoint Web Service also provides an extensive set of mapping-related content such as business listings and points of interest (POI) that can be used within applications.
www.microsoft.com /mappoint/products/webservice/default.mspx   (912 words)

 Boom Operators in USA New York/New Jersey, New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse - mandy.com film tv production
I am a New York based location sound mixer with a complete sound kit.
Based in Brooklyn and New Jersey, but will travel anywhere.
Recording, Mixing, Live and Location sound and sound design for cd's, tv and film with 20 years experience.
www.mandy.com /4/boomusny.cfm   (912 words)

 BellSouth unveils IP Centrex
Centrex IP service provides traditional Centrex voice services along with browser-based call management functions that link users to other data-oriented service applications enabled by VoIP.
The RBOC has been providing equipment-based VoIP services to enterprises since 2001 and later this year will unveil a network-based, softswitch -enabled non-Centrex service.
The service also enables access to office calling features from any remote location with Internet access.
www.networkworld.com /edge/columnists/2004/0517edgecol2.html   (919 words)

 Location Based Services
The application that has Location Based Service support must be able to obtain the location information and distribute that information to provide a value added service.
Location Based Services support is available for PocketPC2002/2003 and Smartphone Enterprise users only.
An application would use this geographical data (location) to provide additional value to a user of the service.
www.movsoftware.com /products/imov/imov_lbs.htm   (259 words)

 Microsoft TechNet: Managing Network Services with Directory-Enabled Networking: The Cable Guy, February 2001
Policy information includes a set of rules, structured as conditions and actions, for managing resources in the context of a specific realm of network management such as IP address management, quality of service (QoS), or security.
A QoS policy can also include per-user settings—such as the number of flows allowed, the amount of peak rate bandwidth that can be requested, and the allowable bandwidth reservations (dependent upon the time of day)—that provide for the delivery of personalized QoS service.
Policy-based routing also permits servicing critical, time-sensitive, or confidential information by special routes that are not available to other traffic.
www.microsoft.com /technet/community/columns/cableguy/cg0201.mspx   (1465 words)

 Immigration and Naturalization Service Reorganization Act of 2002
The location of such offices shall be determined based upon the enforcement priorities of the Bureau and without regard to the location of previous district offices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service or the location of service offices established to carry out section 112.
(a) ABOLITION OF INS- The Immigration and Naturalization Service and the office of Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization are abolished.
`(c) FUNCTIONS- The Assistant Secretaries appointed under subsection (a) shall perform functions under the immigration laws relating to adjudication of applications for citizenship, immigration, and refugee status, and related benefits, both within the United States and abroad, issuance of appropriate documentation, and overseas citizens services, and related anti-fraud activities.
www.theorator.com /bills107/hr4108.html   (1465 words)

 Yahoo Service Combines Blogging, Social Networking
Learn more about the various technologies used for location and location-based services in WLANs, while comparing their effectiveness and complexity.
Mobile edge architecture allows location services to be added to a WLAN economically but without compromising the capacity or performance of the network.
Yahoo wanted to provide a blogging service that was easy to set up and use, gave users access to the key content-sharing services they were familiar with on Yahoo, and allowed users to tightly control who had access to their content, Brody said.
www.eweek.com /article2/0,1759,1776918,00.asp   (1135 words)

 E-Business Standards Today Daily Wire
The group says digital identity management is a requirement for many Web services, including electronic transactions, digital signatures, privacy management, permission-based marketing, location-based services, and customer relationship management.
24 July 2002 -- XNS Public Trust Organization, an organization established to manage the eXtensible Name Service (XNS) digital identity protocol, has announced the first version of the XNS Technical Specifications.
XNS provides an XML-based, peer-to-peer protocol for connecting any number of identity networks together into a global Identity Web.
www.technewslit.com /news/S20020724_02.html   (1135 words)

 Intelligent Enterprise Magazine: Location, Location, Location
You can use more advanced, model-based location intelligence to decide store and service locations, study population and business dynamics, or detect crime patterns.
A9's Block View, another beta, is another great application, compiled from tens of millions of street-level photographs of U.S. cities to provide location views for services such as Amazon.com's Yellow Pages business locator.
Service locators and thematic maps are the geospatial equivalent of reporting and pivot tables that manipulate multidimensional data cubes.
www.intelligententerprise.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=167100312   (817 words)

 Location-based service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A location-based service (or LBS) in a cellular telephone network is a service provided to the subscriber based on their current geographical location.
This is especially useful when dialing an emergency telephone number, such as enhanced 9-1-1 in North America, so that the operator can dispatch emergency police or firefighting services to the correct location.
This position can be known by user entry or a GPS receiver that she carries with her, but most often the term implies the use of a radiolocation function built into the cell network or handset that uses triangulation between the known geographic coordinates of the base stations through which the communication takes place.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Location_based_service   (526 words)

 Location based services
Location Based Service or LBS, is the ability to find the geographical location of the mobile device and provide services based on this location information.
The foundation stone of Location Based Services was laid by the Federal Communications Commission of US (www.fcc.gov) ruling which required the network operators to provide emergency services by locating the user of the mobile device within 125 metres.
This ability to provide the user a customised service depending upon his geographical location could be used by telecommunication companies to restaurant owners.
www.gisdevelopment.net /technology/lbs/techlbs003.htm   (727 words)

 DoubleClick Leverages Mercury to Optimize Service Level Agreements
About Mercury Business Availability Center Mercury Business Availability Center enables companies to manage application performance and availability according to service levels and business priorities; quantify the business impact of application downtime; prioritize problem resolution based on business impact and service-level compliance; and manage the dynamic relationships between users, applications, and underlying infrastructure.
With Mercury Business Availability Center, the Quality of Service group can immediately see how the data center in one location is doing compared to the data center in a completely different location - all from a single dashboard.
With Mercury, DoubleClick can manage the whole range of areas its customers might access, helping to ensure all of the service components are operating properly, allowing problems to be spotted quickly before they affect customers and reducing mean time to identification (MTTI) which improves service levels, minimizes application downtime and lowers costs.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/11-30-2004/0002554749&EDATE=   (727 words)

 Personal Communications Services Through the Evolution of Fixed and Mobile Communications and the Intelligent Network Concept
Service mobility (or service portability) refers to the network capability to provide subscribed services (e.g., a user's individual service profile at a user-designated terminal or location) and to identify the user at any access location by supporting terminal and/or personal mobility.
The introduction of information technology (IT) into the TINA environment offers more flexibility to telecommunications because telecommunication services are viewed as application software based on OO.
Services will be available in all situations in which a user may be found, indoors or outdoors, and ranging from dense urban situations -- including high-intensity office use -- through suburban and rural areas to those situations found in remote areas.
www.comsoc.org /ni/private/1998/jul/Faggion.html   (6249 words)

 VLR - Visitor Location Register
A VLR or Visitor Location Register adminsters the foreign customers that are currently connected to a (radio based) telephone network.
The VLR contains subscriber location and service information that is accessed by the Mobile Switching Center(MSC) to retrieve information for the handling of calls to and from subscribers currently being served by that MSC.
(Visitor Location Register) A local database function that maintains temporary records associated with individual subscribers.
www.auditmypc.com /acronym/VLR.asp   (6249 words)

 Wireless Glossary - Computerworld
A Service Set Identifier is a sequence of characters unique to a specific network or network segment that's used by the network and all attached devices to identify themselves and allow devices to connect to the correct network when more than one independent network is operating in nearby areas.
The Global Positioning System is a "constellation" of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth at a height of 10,900 miles, making it possible for people using ground receivers to determine their geographic location within 10 to 100 meters.
It's based on a simplified form of HTML and delivers packet-based information -- such as games, e-mail and even business applications -- to handheld devices.
www.computerworld.com /mobiletopics/mobile/story/0,10801,92873,00.html   (6249 words)

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