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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Locus (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An ellipse is the locus of points, the sum of the distances from which to the foci is a given value.
A parabola is the locus of points, the distances from which to the focus and to the directrix are equal.
A hyperbola is the locus of points, the difference of the distances from which to the foci is a given value.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Locus_(mathematics)   (170 words)

 Locus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In biology and evolutionary computation, a locus is the position of a gene (or other significant sequence) on a chromosome.
In the classics, literature or theology, locus (or locus classicus) marks the first appearance of a phrase or the definitive passage that is authoritative for an idea.
Locus is also the title of a magazine carrying news about science fiction [1].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Locus   (177 words)

 Locus Pharmaceuticals is Granted Broad Patent Coverage for Proprietary Computational Drug Design and Discovery ...
Locus Pharmaceuticals was created in 1999, with Dr. Guarnieri as the Principal Scientific Founder, to extend and apply the Sarnoff technology in the practice of pharmaceutical drug discovery.
Locus Pharmaceuticals is the exclusive licensee of Sarnoff's patents and technology and is currently deploying the technology in its own drug discovery efforts in the areas of cancer, AIDS, and inflammation.
Locus also collaborates on external discovery research programs in both the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries where this technology is deployed on targets proprietary to such partners.
www.aegis.com /news/bw/2004/BW040206.html   (1040 words)

 Step 7: Sketch the Locus: Examples   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Note that the part of the locus off the real axis is close to joining with the real axis, in which case break points would occur.
In this locus, determining the points where the locus crosses the real axis is rather important, since there is only a small set of values for K for which the system is stable.
Note the part of the locus that is to the right of the imaginary axis.
me.mit.edu /lectures/rlocus/3.7-examples.html   (280 words)

 Locus of Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Locus of control is an individual's belief system regarding the causes of his or her experiences and the factors to which that person attributes success of failure.
People with external locus of control are also more likely to experience anxiety since they believe that they are not in control of their lives.
A third study found that locus of control had a negative correlation with course withdrawal and failure, although the amount was not significant.
www.usd.edu /~ssanto/locus.html   (391 words)

 Locus Discovery Assembles One of the Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World
At this new facility, Locus has assembled what it believes is one of the fastest parallel processor supercomputer clusters in the world, based on data from the TFCC (Top 500 Computer Clusters).
Locus Discovery Supercomputer Cluster Most current supercomputers are comprised of a large number of smaller processors linked in parallel, a form of distributed computing, rather than previous approaches that often used a single large centralized processor.
Locus Discovery's computational technology is a proprietary means of first rapidly and accurately identifying the biologically relevant active binding site of a protein, and then designing small molecule antagonists or agonists of the protein's activity.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/07-25-2001/0001540946&EDATE=   (943 words)

 Locus of Control - A Class Tutorial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Locus of Control refers to an individual's perception of what are the main causes of events in life.
In general, a more internal locus of control seems to advantageous, but this is not always the case, for example, for external locus of control people tend to cope better with terminal illness.
Marsh, H. and Richards, G. The Rotter Locus of Control Scale: The comparison of alternative response formats and implications for reliability, validity and dimensionality.
www.wilderdom.com /games/descriptions/LocusOfControlExercise.html   (1088 words)

 Locus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In biology, a locus describes the position of a gene (or other significant sequence) on a chromosome.
Diploid or polyploid cells are either homozygous (have the same allele at a locus) or heterozygous (have different alleles at a locus).
In the classics, literature or theology, locus (or locus classicus) marks the firstappearance of a phrase or the definitive passage that is authoritative for an idea.
www.therfcc.org /locus-67157.html   (186 words)

 Locus Legal Software: Locus Education Centre
Locus provides a range of educational courses of interest to partners and professional staff, as well as clerical and operational staff.
This course is designed either for experienced Locus operators who wish to learn about the potential of the Locus Automated Billing function or those who wish to use their Locus Automated Billing Software with maximum effectiveness.
The Locus Affinity Administration course introduces the attendee to the fundamental set-up of Locus Affinity.
www.locus.com.au /education_centre.html   (1142 words)

 Locus Media Inc.
Locus Media Inc. ("Locus") is an event space and multi-disciplinary art gallery aimed at devising and presenting multi-media arts, political and socially based events characterized by a provocation of thought and a cross- appeal to those in the arts, business and other social, political, vocational structures and organizations.
Among other scheduled events, Locus held a runway show which celebrated women of all body types- "conventional" (read tall and skinny) models, fitness models, full-figured models, tattooed models and others debuting the lush clothing of Richard Metzger, the first full-figured fashion designer (the proceeds of the show were allocated to The New York Foundling Hospital).
Locus Media ended its season with the successful Monkey Man Show or "The Enemy has a Purple Ass" which was an exploration of the Indian urban legend centered on The half ape, half man terrorizing New Delhi citizens.
www.locus-media.com /indexw.html   (1297 words)

 Maths Unit 12 - Analytical Geometry - An introduction - 2.3 Introduction to locus
Locus 1 could be the trajectory (path or orbit) of a planet around the sun.
Locus 2 could be the path of the moon around the earth, or the path of a stone swung on a string.
Locus 3 could represent the trajectory of a comet around the sun.
academic.sun.ac.za /mathed/Shoma/MATUNIT12_04.htm   (691 words)

 Thales Navigation Professional Products :: Product List
Locus can be used as a two-receiver system or expanded to include three or more receivers.
Use it by itself for routine surveying, or team it with traditional survey instruments in instances where GPS surveying alone is not feasible.
Locus completely does away with cables, so you’re not bogged down with complicated set-up procedures.
products.thalesnavigation.com /en/products/product.asp?PRODID=44   (262 words)

 LOL Locus of Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
locus of control believe that their lives are determined mainly by sources outside themselves — fate, chance, luck or powerful others.
The development of locus of control is associated with family style and resources, cultural stability and experiences with effort leading to reward.
According to one psychologist who analyzed many locus of control studies, "There is good reason to believe, on the basis of the research reviewed, that external control orientation and abnormal personal functioning are correlated." However, the outlook is far from hopeless for those who have predominantly external locus of control.
www3.azwestern.edu /psy/dgershaw/lol/ControlLocus.html   (698 words)

 Dakota Worldwide - Locus Pro™
LOCUS Pro™ has proved itself during the past 25 years, encompassing literally hundreds of thousands of sales projections.
LOCUS Pro™ is being used by many large corporations, on a lease basis, as well as our in-house staff.
The manual for LOCUS Pro™ is on the CD-ROM as well, and will help guide you through the set-up and modeling process.
www.dakotaww.com /p_locus.shtml   (327 words)

 Setting Locus Straight on Print On Demand
Locus is important as an institution that attempts to keep track of what is published by whom and when.
We also hope that Locus looks to its own wisdom as far as deciding what books to include in their "count." Locus has already defined what it considers to be a book they are willing to officially "list": The book must have been physically received by Locus.
Locus may wish to add: "The book must not be self-published unless the merit of the book is so obviously above the typically self-published book as to make an exception." (If Locus is still befuddled by what is and is not self-published, we believe we (among others) might help determine what is self-published.
www.darkecho.com /darkecho/locus_straight.html   (3952 words)

 Locus Incorporated   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Locus' labor and materials are provided under the terms of this Warranty.
Locus is not responsible for any costs associated with duty/VAT and other freight related expenses outside the continental U.S. Allow five (5) working days for return shipment of repaired goods.
If an out-of-warranty unit is repaired, Locus will warranty only the failed part of the unit, not the entire unit, for a ninety (90) day period, i.e.
www.locusinc.com /warranty.html   (395 words)

 Imprint Online: Arts - Locus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The guys in Locus all met up in elementary school and in high school and decided they wanted to be in a band.
Locus, who already have a small following, definitely have a unique sound, adding small elements of the music they love into their own songs.
Locus is a very versatile group who can be dead serious at times, incredibly funny at others and who just love to rock.
imprint.uwaterloo.ca /issues/032301/6Arts/arts03.shtml   (614 words)

 Locus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pairing Locus with a subscription to SIAM Journals Online provides your users with immediate, uninterrupted access to all SIAM journal content from the first SIAM article published in 1952 to today's publications, with current articles going online as soon as they are available.
Locus articles are available as fully searchable PDFs; full metadata is available for each article.
Locus is only available to individual members of SIAM as a subscription.
www.siam.org /journals/locus/locus.htm   (261 words)

 Locus Focus — Bio-IT World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Locus officials believe the algorithm — implemented as a C++ program performing up to 2 trillion calculations per second (see "The Algorithm," right) — could shave off years from conventional drug discovery cycles, replacing structural screening methods with a computationally intensive approach.
Locus' position typifies a dilemma many bioinformatics companies now face: Either protect critical IT and drug discovery resources or risk credibility problems in the scientific community.
"Locus is trying to keep the algorithm secret at this point because patents on algorithms are difficult to enforce," says Sandor Vajda, a professor in the department of biomedical engineering at Boston University.
www.bio-itworld.com /archive/121002/focus.html   (2142 words)

 Root Locus: Rationale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The root locus is a graphical procedure for determining the poles of a closed-loop system given the poles and zeros of a forward-loop system.
Graphically, the locus is the set of paths in the complex plane traced by the closed-loop poles as the root locus gain is varied from zero to infinity.
The equation defines where the poles will be located for any value of the root locus gain, K. In other words, it defines the characteristics of the system behavior for various values of controller gain.
me.mit.edu /lectures/rlocus/2.10-rationale.html   (143 words)

 Root Locus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Before the advent of the great computer analysis tools for the root locus that we find in LabVIEW, all calculations had to be done manually, with a calculator.
I would like for you to be able to draw an approximate root locus by hand, so that you can get a general idea of how a system's behavior changes with K without going to a computer.
Since this is an even number, the -4 to -1 section of the real axis is not on the root locus.
www.calpoly.edu /~fowen/me422/RootLocus5.html   (349 words)

 APPENDIX E: Glossary of Terms
A well-mapped locus that is chosen as a marker to "anchor" a particular genomic region to a framework map that is being constructed in a linkage study with a new cross (see Chapter 9).
In the genome of a congenic mouse, the region of chromosome surrounding the selected locus that is derived together with it from the donor genome (see Chapter 3).
A relative term describing the relationship of one allele to a second at the same locus when an animal heterozygous for these alleles expresses the same phenotype as an animal homozygous for the second allele.
www.informatics.jax.org /silver/glossary.shtml   (3520 words)

 LOCUS - LoveToKnow Article on LOCUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The theory of loci is thus identical with that of curves (see CURVE and GEOMETRY: Analytical).
The notion of a locus applies also to solid geometry.
Here the locus of the points satisfying a single (or onefold) condition is a surface; the locus of the points satisfying two conditions (or a twofold c-on(lition) is a curve in space, which is in general a twisted ctirve or curve of double curvature.
74.1911encyclopedia.org /L/LO/LOCUS.htm   (99 words)

 Health Locus of Control Overview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Health Locus of Control scale was developed as a unidimensional measure of people's beliefs that their health is or is not determined by their own behavior.
Using health locus of control scales to measure health related locus of control is used to evaluate health education program success.
Health Locus of Control (HLC) is the degree to which individuals believe that their health is controlled by internal or external Factors.
www.med.usf.edu /~kmbrown/Locus_of_Control_Overview.htm   (1215 words)

 DLD 93-10 - DCI TO BUY LOCUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Locus is a global provider of prepaid phone cards, international call back, long distance service and Internet service.
Locus is profitable and is at a current run rate of $40 million in revenues.
With the rapid growth of Edge, as evidenced by a doubling of its revenues, coupled with a lack of a strategic fit for the company, DCI was forced to terminate acquisition negotiations with Payless Communications.
www.thedigest.com /93/93-10.html   (569 words)

 Locus Technologies -Terms and Conditions-
LOCUS cannot ensure that you will be satisfied with any products or services that you purchase from a third-party site that links to or from Locustec.com, since shop channels are owned and operated by independent retailers.
LOCUS does not endorse any of the merchandise, nor has LOCUS taken any steps to confirm the accuracy or reliability of any of the information contained in such third-party sites.
LOCUS does not make any representations or warranties as to the security of any information (including, without limitation, credit card and other personal information) you might be requested to give any third party, and you hereby irrevocably waive any claim against us with respect to such sites.
www.locustec.com /terms.asp   (932 words)

By segregation analysis, Hanset and Michaux demonstrated that double-muscling is due to the segregation of a recessive allele (mh) at an autosomal locus.
To map the hypothetical mh locus, an experimental backcross pedigree was generated by mating (HF x BBB) cows back to BBB sires.
The Sart Tilmanis pedigree is therefore informative for the segregation of the mh locus and for the roan locus.
www.fmv.ulg.ac.be /genmol/MODGEN/Cloning_ETL/MH_locus.htm   (376 words)

 An Introduction To Root Locus Techniques
The root locus is a widely used tool for design of closed loop systems, and it has the virtue of being a good design tool for continuous time systems (where you work in the s-plane) and for sampled (computer controlled) systems (where you work in the z-plane).
A root locus is the locus of the closed loop poles (roots of the denominator polynomial) plotted as the open loop gain constant changes.
The concept of a root locus sounds simple enough, but the problem is that closed loop poles can exhibit many strange and wonderful perambulations in the s-plane when the system is even a little bit complex.
www.facstaff.bucknell.edu /mastascu/eControlHTML/RootLocus/RLocus1A.html   (3784 words)

 Sans Locus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Sans Locus will implement a customized version of our legal CMS to enable Seibels firm staff members to update information around their practice areas, attorneys, news and more.
Sans Locus is a web services and software firm that provides content management applications as well as custom design and implementation services necessary to deliver feature-rich, best-of-breed web site solutions to a handful of target vertical industries, including economic development organizations, law firms, municipalities, and college athletic departments.
Along with the web site, Sans Locus implemented a proprietary extranet tool for the law firm so that news, trade information, documents and corporate events could be posted, accessed and modified from one location.
www.sanslocus.com /news.asp   (2339 words)

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