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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Logo Design,Company Logo Design,Business Logo Design,Logo Designs By Professional Logo Design Company
A company logo design should be unique, identifiable and be able to portray the message about the business the company deals in and the services, which it caters.
A formulated logo design process with a set of objectives is planned keeping in mind the logo design attributes to create a meaningful symbol to communicate with your consumers.
Expert logo designers and concept developers transform ideas into simple sketches; with unique text treatment and distinctive color palette, we deliver your company logo designs adhering strictly to the norms.Your company logo designed by The Logo Land is an expense that will draw benefits for the life of your business.
www.thelogoland.com   (888 words)

  Logo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Logo design is commonly believed to be one of the most important areas in graphic design, thus making it the most difficult to perfect.
Other logos that are recognized globally: the Nike "Swoosh" and the adidas "Three stripes" are two well-known brands that are defined by their corporate logo.
The wide recognition the most famous logos receive provides the brand's critics with the possibility of meme-hacking, a process also known as subvertising, turning the marketing message carried by the logo (either in its pristine form, or subtly altered) into a vehicle for an alternative message, frequently highly critical to the brand in question.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Logo   (2166 words)

 Logo programming language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Logo was created in 1967 at BBN, a Cambridge research firm, by Wally Feurzeig and Seymour Papert[1].
Logo is not too much different now from the basic concepts before the first turtle.
Comenius Logo is available in Dutch, German, Czech etc. SOLI Logo was a French version widely used in primary schools in the 1980s.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Logo_programming_language   (2501 words)

 Logo (TV channel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Logo is a U.S. digital cable television channel owned by Viacom's MTV Networks division.
Logo was available in an estimated 18 million homes as of September, 2005.
Logo has partnered with CBS News to provide news briefs and has developed a relationship with LPI Media, publisher of The Advocate, Out, and The Out Traveler magazines.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/LOGO_channel   (739 words)

 Logo Design History - Famous Logos by LogoOrange.Com
This logo is the official branding of the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, which is designed to directly represent the family coat of arms of the Visconti, one of the most influential and respected families out of Milan.
In 1923 the logo was developed into a graphical representation of the coat of arms, and later it was further designed into three simple lines which represented the birds in the same way.
The first logo design was perceived to be a bit too complex and hard to view, so Regis McKenna worked on the logo some years later and added a "bite mark" to symbolize the concept of seduction of the customers and the marketplace in general.
www.logoorange.com /logodesign-A.php   (1292 words)

 What is Logo?
Logo is designed to have a "low threshold and no ceiling": It is accessible to novices, including young children, and also supports complex explorations and sophisticated projects by experienced users.
The most popular Logo environments have involved the Turtle, originally a robotic creature that sat on the floor and could be directed to move around by typing commands at the computer.
The MIT Logo Group developed versions of Logo for two machines: The Apple II and the Texas Instruments TI The Logo language itself was similar in both versions, but the video game hardware of the TI 99/4 lent itself to action-oriented projects, while the Apple version was best suited to turtle graphics, and language projects.
el.media.mit.edu /Logo-foundation/logo/index.html   (2330 words)

 The Logo Programming Language
Logo was developed by a team from MIT, Logo was originally designed to introduce children to programming concepts, to develop better thinking skills that could be transferred to other contexts.
Logo was supposed to be a language for the teaching of mathe matical ideas to children through computer programming.
Logos share a great deal with natural language in its construction and how it is learned.
www.engin.umd.umich.edu /CIS/course.des/cis400/logo/logo.html   (402 words)

 Technorati Tag: logo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vivendi : nouveau logo Par Fred, vendredi 21 avril 2006 à 12:50 :: Logos :: A l'issue de son Assemblée Générale du 20 avril 2006, Vivendi Universal a...
Custom Logo Design $69 7,000 businesses love their logo.
Logo Embroidery - Minimum 12 Embroidery superstore offers free logo embroidery and no setup fees when you order at least 12.
www.technorati.com /tag/logo   (432 words)

 Free Logo Design – Logo Maker
It’s always best to use a professional logo design company for a unique logo that is to be used in business.
Right now we are testing the market and working with one or two professional logo design companies to compliment our free logo maker software.
The Logo Company also has well over a thousand client testimonials in their forum to prove they do what they say they do.
www.logoease.com   (330 words)

 Logo Design - $149
Place your new logo design on your website, on your letterhead, on your office wall, in advertisements, on flyers, on bumper stickers, on delivery vans, on lunch boxes...
It is yours and yours alone and it will grow to be a valuable asset as your company expands and you develop a loyal, brand-conscious customer base in the years ahead.
The Logo Company has designed logos and corporate identities in various styles and for many industries, including; small business, medical, sports, real estate, website, corporate, illustrative/cartoon, public sector, private sector, industrial, high tech, modern, brands, clothing, fashion, retail, ecommerce, consultants, church and SOHO and all US logo design to name just a few.
thelogocompany.net   (654 words)

 Logo design, pre-made logo design and stationery
That's why logo design is an integral part of the overall brand building; there comes a time when people recognize you by your logo design.
Logo design creation is the ultimate design challenge and our competent team of conceptualizers and graphic designers fully understand this and our collection of 4700 outstanding logo designs and corporate identity amply proves our approach.
When working on a logo design, we put our heart into the design process because every single logo for us is a stepping stone.
www.logomaid.com   (316 words)

 E Logo Design™ - Professional Logo Design
E Logo Design is a diverse team of talented artists, bringing you creative, memorable corporate identity at an affordable price.
The creative team at E Logo Design blends inspiration, design skill and marketing expertise to create logo designs that perfectly reflect your company brand.
Take a look at our logo designs to see what we've done for other satisfied clients.
www.elogodesign.com   (357 words)

 Welcome to TechData.com!
Do not use the Tech Data Logo, symbol or wording as part of a sentence or word phrase, or associate it with a nonrelated symbol or graphic element.
The logo should be reproduced on a white background.
However, using the logo on a colored background is largely a matter of individual choice.
www.techdata.com /content/visitor/abouttd/logoguide.aspx   (934 words)

 Logo Design by Logoworks®
We stand behind the philosophy that a good logo has to do more than just look pretty; it has a functional purpose.
Unlike many design firms, we employ a logo design process based on teams of designers.
We put two to five logo designers on every custom logo design project.
www.logoworks.com   (581 words)

 Logo Design - Gallery
Logoworks creates high quality logo designs for companies of all sizes from small start-ups to major corporations like Disney, Chevron, and Microsoft.
Our unique business model is designed specifically to eliminate the hassles and problems of traditional logo design.
You can get a logo in as little as 5 business days with packages starting at just $299.
www.logoworks.com /Logo-design-recent-logos.html   (168 words)

 Logo design by Ars.
Our logos sail the seas on the cargo ships of the Greek firm Newfront; they sail the Rias Baixas on boats of the fishing company Grupo Minchos; they go along the streets of London on the limousines of Edward Rowlands; they fly over the Swiss Alps on the helicopters of Dream Flights.
Our aim is, however, to help start-up businesses, companies and professionals to obtain a professional logo.
More importantly, those designing your logo are not only highly creative experts, but also individuals with a thorough understanding of general culture which allows them to deal with subjects as different as craftsmanship and nanotechnologies.
www.ars-logo-design.com   (428 words)

 Logos - Logo Design - Business Logos, Inc.
With 1000s of custom logos designed by our in-house designers, you can be confident that we can make just the right logo for your business.
Our objective is to provide you with a perfect company logo design that will uniquely represent you all over the world.
Logos can be used as a promotional tool.
www.businesslogos.com   (255 words)

 Logo Design Guru®: Custom Logo Design & Branding Solutions
We will work on your company logo design until you are absolutely certain the logo design accurately reflects your corporate image.
We are so confident in our logo design that we only charge your $99 to start your project, for all projects, and you will pay the remaining balance once we have sent your first logo draft.
With over 12,000 original logos to our credit, our logo designers are wizards in capturing your target audience.
www.logodesignguru.com   (663 words)

 Logo Design, company logos, logo designing, logo designers
Our logo designers create a wide variety of concepts and executions providing you with a broad spectrum from which to select.
With direct communication to your logo designers we are able to make sure your needs appears creatively in your logo design.
All we do is logos and after 2 decades we've mastered the fine art of logo designing, we've gotten very good and very quick.
www.60minutelogo.com   (727 words)

 Logo - FedoraProject
The license for use of this font in the official logo is paid, so the logo can be used wherever the trademark and usage guidelines allow without further cost.
The fonts used to create this logo are free fonts included in Fedora itself.
Inkscape SVG source artwork is available for this logo; you may email logo@fedoraproject.org to obtain a copy after accepting the usage agreement.
fedoraproject.org /wiki/Logo   (412 words)

 Logo Design, Company Logo Design, Corporate Logo Design, Custom Logo Design
The corporate logo design for your company requires the skills of a professional hand to draw customers towards your business and highlight its identity with distinctiveness and strength.
We have mastered the art of creating logos and our professional logo designers are sure to get you the best logo design that would do full justice to the corporate brand image of your company.
That's why we provide you with unlimited revisions to your corporate logo during the logo design phase until you are 100% satisfied.
www.mycorporatelogo.com   (682 words)

 Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Lisp: Logo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Logo Club - Logo students in St.Petersburg Russia, share their ideas and projects.
Logo FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Logo.
Turtle Family Logo Page - Handouts and lesson plans used during presentations given at NCTM conferences and the Missouri Math Attack Symposium.
dmoz.org /Computers/Programming/Languages/Lisp/Logo   (459 words)

 Custom Logo Design, Professional Logo Design, Logo Templates
If you already have a logo and just need your logo design cleaned up, want to make some small changes, or want to use colors you can't find, we will do it for you.
Our logo templates can be purchase immediately and you can even customize the template according to your needs.
We create a custom logo that truly portrays your business the way you want it to be portrayed.
www.logolabs.com   (721 words)

 LogoBlog - Logo Design Company Reviews and Resource Portal
A complete worldwide logo design companies directory and their client’s reviews and ratings.
According to a TechCrunch report, Yahoo is experimenting with the all-new purple logo with a bit curvier, purple and thicker font.
To be very honest, I was too terrified to observe their logo design but now I feel calm and ready to write this article on the basic elements of Dental Logos.
www.logoblog.org   (386 words)

 Best Brands of the World - vector logos, brand, logo, logotype, photos
Through our site, visitors will be able to access and obtain Vector format versions of thousands of brands and logos for use in the mock-ups and presentations pending the permission of the copyright owner(s).
Best Brands of the World is also a great resource center for designers to upload their own logo design works and professional details to showcase their work and latest design styles.
Delta Airlines new logo, I'm not sure whether this logo is accurate or not because i trace it over the internet.
www.brandsoftheworld.com   (385 words)

 Logo Design, Website Design - Logodesignworks.com
We have created 100s of logos and corporate indentities for companies from around the world.
Working with Logo Design Works enabled me to reach an even higher goal.
Each customer gets a tailor-made brand solution, weather they are an established company looking to rebrand or a start up company logo.
www.logodesignworks.com   (304 words)

 Logo Design - Custom Logo Design
A business logo is an integral part of a company's identity in the market.
As a corporate logo designer company, we create logos according to your industry specifications.
Your company logos will be created by as many as 6 designers, hence giving you multiple unique and outstanding options to choose from.
www.logodesignpros.co.uk   (304 words)

All logos are available in Adobe Illustrator format and are compressed by ZIP.
To do that, you have to send me your logos in vectorial format, compressed by any archivator for PC or Macintosh.
Please, do not send bitmap, as here only logos in vectorial format are being stored.
www.logotypes.ru /default_e.asp   (142 words)

 Logoworks Review - Logo Design Firm Reviews at LogoBlog.
You are better off doing your logo yourself if you have slightest talent in design.
I can't even believe what a crock of sh*t this company is. I can't wait to get on the phone with their support after work today and bitch them out.
Eventually only the logo was useful, all other work had to be redone.
www.logoblog.org /company_details.php?company_id=109   (519 words)

 Logo Design and Corporate Identity service by BusinessLogo.net
Company logo creation is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness for your customer.
At Business Logo Design, we understand how critical that stage is. Our goal is to provide you with specialized professional custom Corporate Image and Company Logo design services at a price that will fit your budget.
Our logos look great on everything, they can be used for everything from stationery design, banners, websites and corporate advertising all the way to T-shirts and signs.
www.businesslogo.net   (540 words)

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