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Topic: Lombardy

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  Lombardy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lombardy (Italian: Lombardia) is a region in northern Italy between the Alps and the Po river valley.
Lombardy is one of the engines of the global economy with a GDP calculated by ISTAT at €400 billion.
The Region of Lombardy's motto is "Una regione per fare" (in English, "A region to act").
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lombardy   (430 words)

The population is concentrated in the industrial cities of the upper plains and foothills, with secondary concentrations in the rich farmlands in the south.
Lombardy is bordered by Switzerland (north) and by the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna (south), Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto (east), and Piedmont (west).
Lombardy lost territory to the Swiss, Venetians, and other neighbours in the early 16th century, and in the chaotic wake of the French invasions of Italy, the duchy of Milan came under Spanish Habsburg rule in 1535.
www.orbilat.com /Encyclopaedia/L/Lombardy.html   (808 words)

 Lombardy - Simple English Wikipedia
Lombardy is a region in the northern part of Italy.
In the north of Lombardy there is the country of Switzerland (Canton Ticino e Grigioni), in the west there is the region of Piedmont, in the east the regions of Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige and in the south the region of Emilia-Romagna.
In the north of Lombardy there are very high mountains, (the 40% of the territory is mountains) the highest mountains are almost 4.000 meters in the Bernina Range.
simple.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lombardy   (258 words)

 Lombardy. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Lombardy has Alpine peaks and glaciers in the north, several picturesque lakes, and upland pastures that slope to the rich, irrigated Po valley in the south.
Rice, cereals, forage, flax, and sugar beets are the main crops of Lombardy, and the mulberry is extensively cultivated for use in sericulture.
Lombardy was united in 774 with the empire of Charlemagne.
www.bartleby.com /65/lo/Lombardy.html   (516 words)

 The Italian Lakes :: View topic - Italian Regional Cooking Lombardy
Lombardy borders Switzerland to the north; Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto to the east; Emilia-Romagno and Piedmont to the south; and Piedmont to the west.
The climate in Lombardy is cold in the winter and warm in the summer, with dense fogs in the spring and fall.
The cuisine of Lombardy is a varied cuisine derived by foods from mountains and lakes, all of it tied to its geographical position, to various historical events and to the traditions of the surrounding countries.
www.casavarese.com /phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=94   (6922 words)

 Lombardy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Administratively, Lombardy consists of the provincie of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Mantova, Milano, Pavia, Sondrio, and Varese.
Lombardy is divided physically into three parts from north to south—a mountainous Alpine and pre-Alpine zone; a zone of gently undulating foothills; and a zone of alluvial plains sloping gently to the Po River in the south.
Lombardy was inhabited by Celtic peoples from the 5th century BC and was conquered by Rome after the Second Punic War (218–201 BC), upon which it became part of Cisalpine Gaul.
www.hfac.uh.edu /gbrown/philosophers/leibniz/BritannicaPages/Lombardy/Lombardy.html   (799 words)

The Plains of Lombardy, formed from alluvial deposits, can be divided into `upper' (permeable ground), and `lower' to the south of the so-called line of `fontanili' the spring waters rising on impermeable ground.
The regional dialects belong to the large family of Lombardy dialects, which extend their influence to parts of other regions (Province of Novara) and abroad (Canton Ticino, Switzerland), giving way in some areas (parts of Pavia and Mantua Provinces) to the Emilian-type dialects.
Lombardy is served by Malpensa and Linate international airports and Orio al Serio domestic airport.
www.italy1.it /lombardy.htm   (1739 words)

The climate of Lombardy varies with its elevation; it is cold in the mountain districts, warm in the plains.
This autocracy which destroyed the constitutions of the communes rallied the towns of Lombardy for a life and death struggle: Milan was again besieged, razed to the ground, and its inhabitants dispersed throughout the neighbouring villages (1161).
The earliest historian of Lombardy is PAULUS WARNEFRID (730-797), known as Paulus Diaconus, a Benedictine of Monte Cassino, and chancellor of King Desiderius.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09336b.htm   (4720 words)

Nature in Lombardy is very beautiful, but with the years the landscape changed due to industrial development and intensive urbanization of the territory.
The agriculture in Lombardy is one of the most developed in Italy and in the past centuries it was the source of accumulation of the capital which gave the impulse to industry growing.
Lombardy is divided in nine provinces: Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Mantua, Pavia, Sondrio, Varese.
www.italycyberguide.com /Geography/regions/lombardy.htm   (1561 words)

 Lombardy - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Lombardy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A villa on the shore of Lake Como, in Lombardy, Italy.
Lombardy is very mountainous in the north, the highest point being Piz Bernina at 3,430 m/11,257 ft, and is part of the great Plain of Lombardy in the south.
Lombardy was subsequently in the hands of Spain, Austria, France (under Napoleon I), and Austria for a second period.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Lombardy   (530 words)

 History and tourist information on Lombardy, Italy
Often referred to 'Lombardy and the Lakes' this most populus, most developed and most wealthy of the Italian regions includes some of Europes largest, most beautiful and cleanest inland waterways.
Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code have created a flood of head-craning visitors asking 'Is that really Mary Magdalene?' It has superb countryside, sweeping up to the Alps and the border with Switzerland in the north, over to Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto in the east, Emilia-Romagna in the south, and Piemonte to the west.
Holidays in Lombardy often mean holidays in the Italian Lakes, a haven for lovers of sailing and other watersports.
www.knowital.com /history/lombardy/lombardy-information.html   (1302 words)

 Lombardy articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
1,369,231), capital of Lombardy and of Milan prov., N Italy, at the heart of the Po basin.
Lombard League LOMBARD LEAGUE [Lombard League] an alliance formed in 1167 among the communes of Lombardy to resist Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I when he attempted to assert his imperial authority in Lombardy.
Emigrants from Lombardy c.1470, they were leaders in the architectural Renaissance in Venice.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Lombardy   (421 words)

 Lombardy Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lombardy Park is a Fan triangle park bounded by Lombardy Ave, Hanover Ave, and Park Ave (see map).
Friends of Lombardy Park is a neighborhood non-profit organization founded in 2005 for the improvement and maintenance of Lombardy Park.
Mission Statement: To preserve, protect, and promote responsible care and use of Lombardy Park, in cooperation with the Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, and to revitalize a vibrant and safe play area for the children of the City of Richmond congruent with the longstanding traditions of the Historic Fan District.
www.lombardypark.rrpfoundation.org   (144 words)

 Lombardy Venetia 1848-1849   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lombardy Venetia 1848-1849 In March 1848 Lombardy Venetia, which had been a part of the Austrian Empire since the Congress of Vienna, experienced widespread anti-Austrian uprisings.
The formation of a central provisional government in Lombardy on April 8, replacing all the city governments, strengthened the moderates' grip on the political power.
On May 29 a referendum on the union question was held in Lombardy, and a vast majority of 561,002 voters supported an immediate union while only 681 people voted for its postponement.
cscwww.cats.ohiou.edu /~Chastain/ip/lombardy.htm   (1075 words)

 Ancient Tarots of Lombardy Review
Lombardy is a region in northern Italy; Milan and Bologna are the chief cities.
Lombardy suffered much during the turmoil, the physical restructuring of Europe, as a result of those times, but this Tarot stands up and says, we remain, the unvanquished.
The elegance of many of the illustrations does not hinder the boldness and energy, there is an intellectual declaration of independence in its interpretations.
www.aeclectic.net /tarot/cards/ancient-lombardy/review.shtml   (1147 words)

 Lombardy - Hotels and restaurants guide
It was during the so-called “Economic miracle” of the 60’s, and the great changes that this brought about, that Lombardy secured its dominating role in the economic growth of the country.
Lombardy has been one of the most important thoroughfares across Europe since the fall of the Roman empire, it also possesses many of Italy’s most astonishing and, perhaps, least expected areas of natural beauty and artistic significance.
This is one of the oldest churches in Milan and one of most historically interesting medieval buildings in Lombardy.
www.italytraveller.com /en/r/lombardy   (1269 words)

 Lombardy - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Lombardy, region, northern Italy, comprising the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Mantua (Mantova), Milan, Pavia, Sondrio, and Varese....
Cloister of the Certosa of Pavia, Lombardy, Italy
Exclusively for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers--quickly search thousands of articles from magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly, and Smithsonian.
ca.encarta.msn.com /Lombardy.html   (93 words)

 The Italian Lakes :: View topic - Religious History of Lombardy
It is led by a bishop called the Archbishop of Milan which serves as metropolitan to the dioceses of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, and Crema.
Lombardy is a region in northern Italy between the Alps and the Po Valley.
In 1455 Magdalene requested that her monastery be affiliated with the Observant Congregation of the Augustinians of Lombardy, and that the friars of this congregation serve as chaplains to the nuns because of the spirit of observance which characterized both groups.
www.casavarese.com /phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=27   (6020 words)

 Planet Ark : INTERVIEW - Northern Italy's smoggy Lombardy plans car phase-out
Formigoni said it was too early to estimate the cost to public coffers of a switch-over to clean cars, but said Lombardy planned to spend 60 million euros ($52 million) on new electric buses, research on hydrogen fuels and water-heater conversions.
Traffic accounts for nearly 80 percent of the microscopic pollution particles that clog the air in Lombardy and other regions of northern Italy, hemmed in by the Alps to the north and the Appenine mountains to the south.
Pollution is estimated to claim 180 lives a year among Lombardy's nine million population and prolonged exposure to the particles has been linked to tumour growth and chronic illness.
www.planetark.org /dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/14261/story.htm   (769 words)

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions: Painters of Reality: The Legacy of Leonardo and Caravaggio in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A major international loan exhibition, "Painters of Reality: The Legacy of Leonardo and Caravaggio in Lombardy" featured some eighty paintings and forty drawings that document the North Italian region's distinctive emphasis on observation of the natural world, beginning in the fifteenth century with Leonardo da Vinci's stay in Milan, through the eighteenth century.
A central figure in the exhibition was Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio, through whom this naturalist approach came to Rome and became of key importance to Baroque art there and throughout Europe.
This last section, and the exhibition as a whole, took its name from a classic exhibition presented in Milan in 1953 in which the remarkable naturalism of these later Lombard artists, such as the great portraitist Fra Galgario, was introduced to a larger public for the first time.
www.metmuseum.org /special/Painters_of_Reality/Lombardy_more.htm   (854 words)

 Bergamo, Lombardy, Pictures
Bergamo, city, northern Italy, capital of Bergamo Province, in Lombardy Region (Lombardia), in the foothills of the Alps.
It consists of a medieval upper city, built on a hill, and a modern, industrial lower city, built on the plain.
After it was rebuilt, it became successively the capital of a Lombard duchy, a dependency of the city of Milan, and from 1428 to 1797 a part of the Venetian Republic.
www.greatestcities.com /Europe/Italy/Lombardy/Bergamo_city_and_Province_regional_capital.html   (206 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lombardy is one of the most oenologically dynamic regions of Northern Italy.
Lombardy is the most well to do region of Italy.
Southwest of Milan about seventy-five miles and bordering the region of Piedmont, the Dino Torti farm is located in the region of Lombardy, in an area called Oltrepo Pavese.
www.webzar.com /mall/150winesfromitaly/cgi-bin/regions.pl?xlomb   (361 words)

 Rustico: Lombardy
Italy's leading industrial region, as well as its most populous, Lombardy is home to three distinct landscapes: fertile flatlands, verdant foothills, and snowy mountains.
In the Valtellina area of Lombardy, there is a classic dish called pizzoccheri alla Valtellina.
Taleggio is a nutty cow's milk cheese that has been produced in Lombardy since the Middle Ages; it has a subtle truffle aroma, especially close to its rind.
www.rusticocooking.com /lombardy.htm   (1726 words)

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