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Topic: London Wall

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  London Wall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
London Wall was the defensive wall built by the Romans around Londinium, their strategically important port town on the River Thames in England.
The wall was constructed largely from Kentish ragstone brought by water from Maidstone.
The wall appears to have been built in the late 2nd century and continued to be developed until at least the end of the 4th century, making it among the last major building projects undertaken by the Romans before their withdrawal from Britain in 410.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/London_Wall   (561 words)

 The City of London
London had been an important trading center from its early days and it would eventually surpass its rival Antwerp as the most important center in all of Europe.
London's mayor was generally regarded as the second most powerful man in England, after the king.
London city drew protection from the Roman wall, stretching from the Tower of London in the east to Fleet River and Blackfriars in the west, and London Wall Street to the north.
ise.uvic.ca /Library/SLT/society/citylondon.html   (585 words)

 London Choice - Information About Barbican
The Barbican complex is bordered by London Wall.
Indeed, many of the surviving examples of the old London Wall are to be seen preserved in the Barbican Estate, making a fascinating link with the past.
Thus the wall was put to much usage long after its role in defending the City had ended.
www.londonchoice.com /neighbourhood_view.asp?id=6   (675 words)

London Bridge was the first Thames crossing from the Surrey side to the City of London.
The old London bridge, was the pride of the City for nearly six hundred years, the scene of countless historic events, legends, stories and verses, it disappeared so completely, that hardly a stone remains, since its demolition in 1832, most of the debris was thrown to the river.
One of London's best bridges to see at nightfall this romantic bridge that crosses the Thames where historians who have discovered Roman shields and swords believe that the Roman first cross the Thames here on the way to London, as it was easier to ford.
knowledgeoflondon.com /bridges.html   (497 words)

 London/City of London - Wikitravel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The City of London [1], also known as "The City", or "The Square Mile" (after its approximate size), is the area of London that originally lay within the ancient and medieval lines of walls.
The walls around the city, originally built by the Romans, have now largely disappeared (several vestiges still remain, one of the largest of which can be seen outside the Museum of the City of London, another just near the Tower of London) but various place names and streets hint at their prior existence.
The City of London is served by a variety of public transport options.
wikitravel.org /en/London/City_of_London   (1617 words)

 www.mineweb.net | columns | london beat Russian steelmen meet the London wall   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
OSCOW (Mineweb.com) -- The bid for a London Stock Exchange share listing by the Evraz group, Russia's largest steelmaker, has run into a fresh legal problem over disputed ownership of a billion-dollar iron-ore mine, one of the group's principal assets, and lack of transparency regarding the group's shareholding history and current ownership.
UBS, HSBC, and Alfa Bank of Moscow are reported to have been the arrangers and advisors to Lisin, whose IPO was initially reported to be aiming at raising between $1 and $3 billion, the largest by far of the Russian steel issues.
Daniel Braverman, a London lawyer at Cleary Gottleib, who advised Evraz on the IPO disclosure requirements, told Mineweb he is "not interested" to respond.
www.mineweb.net /columns/london_beat/445583.htm   (655 words)

 London Attractions
The Spirit of London ride is a fascinating attraction and is updated frequently.
The "London Wall" of nursery rhyme survives to this day, albeit in fragments.
Various stages of London's extensive history are shown in the many rooms and galleries.
www.londonexcelhotels.com /london_attractions.html   (564 words)

 LondonTown.com | London Wall Guide | London Wall London, EC2M, England, UK | London Streets by Street
London Wall is located in the City and County of the City of London
Forget the London Eye, Britain’s highest bar is perched in an eagle’s nest on the 42nd floor of Tower 42 (formerly the Natwest Tower).
London Wall, EC2Y, City and County of the City of London
www.londontown.com /LondonStreets/london_wall_43f.html   (1294 words)

 London Wall Design Ltd - Market leader in the supply and installation of movable acoustic walls and sliding partitions
London Wall has many years experience designing, manufacturing and installing imaginative movable walls and sliding folding partitions.
We provide practical solutions for internal space in all types of environments, undertaking installations for most of the country's leading architects and designers on behalf of a long list of blue chip companies, as well as in schools, hotels and other public and commercial buildings.
This includes a comprehensive technical service to the specifyer during planning, budget quotations with no obligation, site surveys backed by our drawing office using the latest CAD software, opening preparation work when required, full installation by our own installation company, demonstration to the client and maintenance and repair contracts if required.
www.londonwall.co.uk   (298 words)

 London Wall Design Ltd - Privacy policy
Any data gathered through the London Wall Design Ltd web site is used for internal purposes only.
London Wall Design Ltd takes reasonable steps to ensure that the data we maintain are accurate, complete and timely for the purposes for which they are used.
London Wall can proudly announce the recent installation of our London Wall type 100SE semi-electrically operated top hung movable acoustic wall in the new Workspace London Showroom...
www.londonwall.co.uk /privacy.asp   (500 words)

 All Hallows London Wall - The City of London Churches   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
All Hallows London Wall, also named "All Hallows by the Wall" or "All Hallows near London Wall" is an Anglican church situated in the City of London, In Broad Street Ward.
Trans.), and not the least interesting are the particulars relating to the famous ankers or anchorites and the anker-hold connected with the church and parish which are so frequently referred to in early London records.
It has been found, in the course of recent excavations in 1905, that the church was built on the Wall of London, and that the foundations of the bastion here were used in the rebuilding of the circular vestry in the 18th century.
www.cityoflondonchurches.com /allhallowslondonwall.htm   (257 words)

 The London Wall Project [page 1]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
It is the first manifestation of an ambitious 2 year undertaking entitled 'The London Wall project'.
London Wall Phase 1 involves presenting a 'wall' of over 300 small photos of London and its inhabitants 'at play'.
With this in mind we are giving friends (and friends of friends...) the opportunity to be a part of this unique presentation by sponsoring one or more of the photos, or 'bricks' which will make up the London Wall.
www.london-se1.co.uk /forum/read/1/14651   (665 words)

 Welcome to Global London - The London Wall Project
The second phase of a unique and ambitious photographic project exploring the enormous diversity of the city of London and its residents, workers and visitors.
Phase 1 of The London Wall Project was launched at the GLA, City Hall SE1, in August 2004.
The first manifestation comprised a 'Wall' of 300 images of Londoners 'at play', and was received with enormous enthusiasm by the public.
www.global-london.com /londonwall.htm   (459 words)

 takingthepics.com - London Wall Project
The London Wall Project is an ambitious photographic undertaking that aims to do justice to this uniqueness by presenting, as comprehensively as possible, a record of the entire City 'at play'.
Spanning three years, this evolutionary concept is an attempt to represent the spirit, energy and diversity of London by displaying a 'wall' of hundreds of photographs in a deliberately up-beat celebration of city life.
The London Wall Project offers a reinterpretation of a traditional photographic genre in its unconventional, accessible and contemporary form of presentation.
www.takingthepics.com /notthegalleries/london_wall.php   (472 words)

 City of London - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The City of London is now a major business and commercial centre, ranking alongside New York City as the leading centre of global finance.
In the medieval period the City was the full extent of London (as distinct from the nearby but then-separate village of Westminster, which became the City of Westminster), but the term London now refers to a much larger conurbation containing both 'cities'.
The area of the City of London has been administered separately since 886, when Alfred the Great appointed his son-in-law Earl Æthelred of Mercia as Governor of London.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/City_of_London   (2929 words)

 ROCKFAX | Databases | Millstone > London Wall
A superb set of cracks and grooves including the magnificent sustained London Wall, the quality hand-crack of Bond Street and the lovely sustained bridging on Great Portland Street.
The wall left of the deep corner with its thin crack system could have done with a few more aided ascents before it was...
This compelling crack splitting the sheer red wall is an essential hard-core tick - the climbing is safe as houses and...
www.rockfax.com /databases/results_buttress.html?id=92   (252 words)

 London for Kids
Both luxurious 5 stars London hotels and cheap London charming hotels, 2 star hotels are ready to welcome you and offer you a stay you will always remember.
The London Aquarium is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm.
The Museum of London is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sunday from noon to 6 pm.
www.citylondonhotel.com /london_kids.php   (899 words)

 London Wall
A number of fragments of the defensive wall, originally built by the Romans around Londinium, remain and can be viewed by tracing the line of the wall.
A wall along the river was added, along with towers in the eastern section, in the 4th century.
PANEL 8 and the wall it was attached to were destroyed by an IRA bomb in 1993.
www.london-footprints.co.uk /wklondonwallroute.htm   (1252 words)

 All Hallows, London Wall, EC2 : tourist information from TourUK
All Hallows, London Wall stands in a street that runs along the south side of the City's Roman and medieval wall.
Against the north wall, is a three-decker pulpit that has lost its lowest deck.
Also on the north wall is a monument to Joseph Patience (died 1797), an architect who looked after the church when it was first built.
www.touruk.co.uk /london_churches/allhallowslondonwall_church1.htm   (278 words)

 London Wall London - Bar guide, restaurant and shops
London Wall stretches from the Museum of London in the west to Bishopsgate in the east.
This is a part of London that people rarely go out of their way to travel to, but if you’re in the area it’s certainly worth a look.
Their set lunches are great value – tuna and salmon sushi with soup comes in at under a tenner.
viewlondon.co.uk /home_feat_local_londonwall.asp   (482 words)

 Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: London Protesters Rally for Free Palestine
Calls and cheers were made for the isolation of Apartheid Israel as a means to strengthen solidarity with Palestinians under Occupation.
The annual demonstration in support of Palestine, organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and large coalition of pro-Palestinian and social justice organizations, began with a march through central London.
Fathi Khidarat, representing the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, remarked on the current isolation of the Jordan Valley and the expansion of the settlements there.
stopthewall.org /worldwideactivism/1161.shtml   (520 words)

 Dewey Ballantine LLP - London
The London office consists of approximately 40 attorneys, including 12 partners, qualified in the U.K. and the U.S., as well as in France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia and the Ukraine.
The London office provides clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with advice under the laws of these jurisdictions with a focus on capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, project finance, securitization, structured finance and international tax.
Dewey Ballantine's London office is a member of the Solicitors' Pro Bono Group, the umbrella organization for law firms in England and Wales that provides legal assistance to those most in need.
www.deweyballantine.com /office.cfm?office_id=30   (350 words)

 Wall Beds, Folding Beds, Storage Beds, Murphy Beds
Welcome to 'London Wallbed' where not only do we offer the largest range of wallbeds in the UK but we also hold an extensive range of modern furniture that you will not find anywhere else in the UK.
Thankfully things have moved on from there and wallbeds are now an economical and sophisticated solution to most space problems.
Here at London Wallbed we have over 2 decades experience designing and fitting all types of wallbed combinations, we also have the largest and most diverse ranges of wallbeds you will find anywhere.
www.wallbed.co.uk   (211 words)

 London Wall   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Nowadays, London Wall is the name of a four-lane highway that speeds traffic east and west through the city and divides the Barbican precint (to the north) from the area surrounding the Guildhall (to the south).
But the name is derived from the real London Wall, built nearly twenty centuries ago to enclose the original Roman city.
This modern road, surrounded by opulent office blocks and the trappings of corporate wealth, follows the exact course of the original city wall.
www.jbutler.org.uk /London/City/LondonWall.shtml   (224 words)

 Borders - London Wall - John Wilson - 234/246 - World Wide Panorama
London Wall was built by the Romans around the year 200 AD to form a defensive border around Londinium, the ancient Roman name for London, UK.
The wall was built mostly from Kentish ragstone and was 5 m high and 2 to 3 m wide, including a number of bastions, enclosing an area of approximately 330 acres (1.3 square km).
The panorama shows one of the best-preserved remaining bastions at the Barbican Estate in the City of London, now surrounded by some of the tallest residential buildings in the UK.
geoimages.berkeley.edu /worldwidepanorama/wwp306/html/JohnWilson.html   (142 words)

 Discovering the army
at London Wall
You can still see part of it by the Museum of London on London Wall.
The walls were strengthened with an earth bank on the inside that had a walkway around the top for the soldiers to patrol.
Archaeologists found evidence of the barrack blocks where the soldiers lived, and of the roads running through the fort.
www.museumoflondon.org.uk /learning/features_facts/digging/army/s1.html   (152 words)

 Wall Beds London - Wallbeds, Folding beds, Sofa Beds, Fold Down Beds, etc. - Wallbed Workshop
Visit our wall beds showroom, where you can find the perfect wall beds, single bed, double bed, king size bed and folding beds all the espacio that you need
London Now - All you need to know about London and wall beds!
London Now Car Rentals- The easy way to carry your wall beds home
www.thewallbedworkshop.co.uk   (227 words)

 125 London Wall, London
125 London Wall is composed of two distinct towers, set at 90 degree angles to each other.
One crosses over London Wall, the modern thoroughfare running along the perimeter of the Roman City of London wall.
Alban Gate replaced Lee House, a 65.2m (214ft) office tower built during the 1960s redevelopment of London Wall.
www.emporis.com /en/wm/bu/?id=110717   (131 words)

 London Wall Clock - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
related searches:london clock,wall clocks,wrought iron wall clock,oversized wall clocks,clock date day wall,kitchen wall clock,mirror wall clock,wall projection clock,clock curio wall,wall chime clocks,clock red wall,palm tree wall clock,murano glass wall clocks,glow in the dark wall clocks,wine wall clock,musical wall clock,guitar wall clock,clock grape wall,electric wall clock,antique wall clock
Designed from an original clock found in London, this crafty piece from Timeworks will enhance your home with a vintage look.
This T. Revere wall clock, measuring 18 inches in diameter, is a replica of one found at a pub on Great Dover Street in Londons Mayfair district.
www.nextag.com /london-wall-clock/search-html   (241 words)

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