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Topic: Longest rivers

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  National Mapping - Fab Facts, Landforms, Australian Rivers
Darling River (from the Murray River to Culgoa River)
The Murray River and its tributary, the Darling River, are the main rivers in the Murray-Darling River Basin.
The Darling River flows south from the junction of the Culgoa and Barwon rivers.
www.ga.gov.au /education/facts/landforms/longrive.htm   (215 words)

 What are the Longest Rivers in the World?
The second and third longest river in the Amazon system, the Madeira and the Purus, respectively, are also the nineteenth and twentieth longest rivers in the world, while the two major portions of the Mississippi-Missouri-Red Rocks system are the sixteenth and seventeenth longest rivers in the world, respectively.
The longest river in Australia is the Murray-Darling River at 1,572 miles (2,530 km).
The next longest river in Europe, after the Volga, is the Danube, which ranks as the twenty-seventh longest river in the world.
www.wisegeek.com /what-are-the-longest-rivers-in-the-world.htm   (260 words)

  Russia - MSN Encarta
The Ob’ and Irtysh rivers form Russia’s largest river system, which is also the largest in Asia and the fourth largest in the world.
The Volga River, located in European Russia, is the country’s fourth longest river and the longest river in Europe.
Notable among these is the Don River, which lies in the southern portion of European Russia and drains south to the Sea of Azov.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761569000_3/Russia.html   (1943 words)

 Rivers in the World, Famous Rivers in the World World Tourism Places
The Amazon is the greatest river in the world by so many measures; the volume of water it carries to the sea (approximately 20% of all the freshwater discharge into the oceans), the area of land that drains into it, and its length and width.
The river is frozen for from five to six months of the year, but transportation is high and heavy for the rest of the year, both for trade and for sightseeing.
Siberia's longest river, for 1,000 miles the Amur is the border between China and Siberia.
www.worldtourismplaces.com /Rivers_in_the_World.html   (1199 words)

 Australian rivers - Stories from Australia's Culture and Recreation Portal
Rivers carve a path through the land as they pass from their headwaters (the place where a river starts) in the mountains to their mouth (the place where a river empties into the ocean).
Rivers were the inland highways of Australia until the introduction of railways in the 1850s.
A river basin is the area of land that surrounds a river and all of its tributaries, from the headwaters to the mouth.
www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au /articles/rivers   (1263 words)

 WALES WIDE WEB PRINCIPAL RIVERS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Wales is not internationally famous for the size and length of its rivers, but, as in any civilised nation, rivers are an important feature of the land, and usually give clues to the development of ancient cultures.
Please note that while the south east coast of Wales is on the Severn Estuary, the bulk of the river Severn is outside the area of the map.
Note also that some rivers, such as the Ithon and Monnow are tributaries of other rivers, so are identified inland, where in most cases the rivers are identified at the coast.
www.grossi.co.uk /wales/rivers.htm   (214 words)

 River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Lena, the principal river of northeastern Siberia
The Susquehanna River, the principal river of Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake Bay
The Wabash River, the principal river of Indiana
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rivers   (1928 words)

 American Rivers:
The principal rivers that lie in or partly in Louisiana are the Mississippi, Red, Ouachita, Sabine, Pearl, Atchafalaya, and Calcasieu rivers.
The New River, located in the Appalachian mountains of Ashe County, is the oldest river in the nation and the second oldest in the world.
The Muskingum River is the largest river lying wholly within Ohio, and has the distinction of being the only river in the state to have been formally and expressly declared navigable, by an act of Congress in 1796.
www.americanrivers.org /site/PageServer?pagename=AMR_content_cc04   (1585 words)

 rivers of north america united states canada mexico central america
It's the longest river in Canada and dissects the Northwest Territories.
It is the longest river in the United States (2,500 miles) (4,023 km).
It is one of the longest rivers in North America at (1,885 miles) (3,034 km).
worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/nariv.htm   (897 words)

 River and Water Facts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Nile is the longest river in the world at 4,132 miles as it travels northward from its remote headwaters in Burundi to the Mediterranean Sea.
The 8 longest rivers in the U.S. are (in descending order) Missouri, Mississippi, Yukon, St. Lawrence (if you count the Great Lakes and its headwaters as one system), Rio Grande, Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio.
Estimates for the length of the world's rivers vary wildly depending on season of the year, who is doing the measuring, the capabilities of the cartographer and his equipment and sources.
www.nps.gov /rivers/waterfacts.html   (1680 words)

 River Systems of the World
River water is diverted for agricultural irrigation, industry, hygiene, and related uses.
Where possible, diverted water may be returned to the river clean and near the point of diversion; specifically, some municipal water supplies treat their sewage and return fairly clean water to the river.
Most rivers are not so lucky: either the water comes back contaminated with pollutants, or not at all.
www.rev.net /~aloe/river   (465 words)

 The Ten Longest Rivers quiz -- free game
Ob The longest river in Canada, this one originates in the Great Slave lake in north-west Canada and flows northward to meet the Arctic Ocean.
The river was first navigated by Sir Henry Morton Stanley (famous for the quotation "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?").
This little-heard-of river flows through north-east Asia, originating in the mountains of north-eastern China, and emptying itself into the Tatar Strait near the Sea of Okhotsk (the sea lying between the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Chinese mainland).
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz/quiz151579115c1b0.html   (561 words)

 CanadaInfoLink is everything you wanted to know about Canada and canadian information about provinces, provincial ...
Rivers in Canada flow into five major ocean drainage basins: the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic oceans, Hudson Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.
The river system with the largest drainage area is the Mackenzie River, with 1 805 200 square kilometres- one- fifth of Canada.
The longest Canadian river is the Mackenzie, which flows 4 241 kilometres through the Northwest Territories.
www.canadainfolink.ca /chartnine.htm   (898 words)

 The Longest Rivers in the World
Geographers calculate the distance from the source of the river to its mouth.
For instance, the Ob-Irtysh River, which is Number 5 on the list, is 3,362 miles long from its source in southern Russia to its mouth in the Ob Bay, in the very cold waters off northern Russia.
America's longest river is also Number 9: the Mackenzie, in Canada, at 2,635 miles.
www.socialstudiesforkids.com /articles/geography/longestriversintheworld.htm   (213 words)

 RIVERS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In the metaphoric sense, river imagery is understood by all.
This area is near the Chinese border and the Amur River, near Blagoveshensk.
This Russian river runs from the Valdai Hills north of Moscow to the Caspian Sea in the south.
www.bigwhitedog.com /RIVERS.html   (476 words)

 Ahoy - Mac's Web Log-The Top Ten Rivers of the World-
It has three major rivers contributing to it, the Blue Nile with its source in Ethiopia near Lake Tana, north of Khartoum, the White Nile and Blue Nile are joined by the Atbara, which also was born in the highlands of Ethiopia.
The third longest river in the world, and the longest in Asia, the Yangtze has its headwaters at 16,000 feet in the South West section of Qinghai, and moves south and then east through the three gorges.
The Lena River is born in the mountains west of Lake Baikal, in south eastern Siberia, and to its mouth on the Laptev Sea in the Arctic it drains some 961,000 square miles.
ahoy.tk-jk.net /macslog/TheTopTenRiversoftheWorld.html   (2060 words)

 Investigating Rivers Homework
A river is fresh water flowing across the surface of the land, usually to the sea.
Rivers begin at their source in higher ground such as mountains or hills, where rain water or melting snow collects and forms tiny streams called gullies.
Rivers drain nearly 75% of the earth's land surface.
www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk /Homework/Grivers.html   (425 words)

 Our rivers' are drying to death Independent on Sunday, The - Find Articles
The delta of the great Colorado River - where once it swept into the Gulf of California - used to be the most wonder-filled wetland in the whole North American continent.
The atlases tell us it is one of the 20 longest rivers in the world, but in reality it stops some 800 miles inland at El Paso, Texas, which takes all its water.
China's Yellow River, the fifth longest in the world is in trouble at both ends.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qn4159/is_20060312/ai_n16153686   (954 words)

 Death of the World's Rivers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The world's great rivers are drying up at an alarming rate, with devastating consequences for humanity, animals and the future of the planet.
From the Nile to China's Yellow River, some of the world's great water systems are now under such pressure that they often fail to deposit their water in the ocean or are interrupted in the course to the sea, with grave consequences for the planet.
Even in Britain, a quarter of the country's 160 chalk rivers and steams - such as the Kennet in Wiltshire, the Darent in Kent, and the Wylye in Wiltshire - are running out of water because too much is being abstracted for homes, industry and agriculture.
www.truthout.org /issues_06/031306EC.shtml   (1793 words)

 The Longest Rivers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Nile River in Egypt is the longest.
The second longest river is the Amazon River in Brazil.
The third longest river is the Chang-jiang(Yangtze) River in China with a length of 3,964 miles.
falcon.eku.edu /faculty/wong/csc507707/assn1longestriver.htm   (42 words)

 Did You Know? - Longest Rivers
The longest river in Scotland is the Tay (120 miles long) followed by the Spey ("only" 110 miles of water supplying all those whisky stills!).
The River Clyde (pictured above) which flows through Glasgow is 106 miles from its source until it goes "Doon the watter" in the Firth of Clyde.
After these, the longest rivers are the Tweed (97 miles), Dee (85 miles), Don (82 miles) and the Forth (65 miles).
www.rampantscotland.com /know/blknow3.htm   (143 words)

 Freshwater Website: Rivers (Introduction)
Runoff is that part of precipitation that flows toward the rivers or streams on the ground surface or within the soil (subsurface runoff or interflow).
The longest rivers in Canada are shown in this figure.
A river's watershed or drainage basin – the area supplying it with water – is separated from the watersheds of neighbouring rivers by higher lands called drainage divides.
www.ec.gc.ca /water/en/nature/rivers/e_riv.htm   (163 words)

 Rivers in Spain
There are said to be 172,888 km of natural watercourses, though many of these are dry for much of the year.
The Guadilquivar plain from Seville to the coast is almost totally flat.
Almost all of the rest of the Peninsula have an extremely different climate with an annual rainfall below 500-600 mm, distributed irregularly throughout the year, and forming what is known as arid Spain.
www.iberianature.com /material/rivers.html   (340 words)

 rivers - Ask.com Web Search
The mouth, or lower end, of a river is known as its...
Rivers Of The World (ROW) is a not-for-profit Christian ministry that targets remote river basins.
Rivers of this size are often referred to as a "creek."...
search.ask.com /web?q=rivers   (301 words)

 US Rivers - EnchantedLearning.com
The longest river in the USA is the Missouri River (it is a tributary of the Mississippi River and is 2,540 miles long), but the biggest in terms of water volume is the deeper Mississippi River.
The longest undammed river in the contiguous USA is the Yellowstone River (it is 692 miles long).
Rivers also erode land and carry it downstream to the sea.
www.enchantedlearning.com /usa/rivers   (412 words)

 Principal Rivers of the World — Infoplease.com
The Top Ten: Longest Rivers of the World - December 11 - 18 Longest Rivers of the World Rank River Location Approximate Length—miles 1.
Nile - Nile, longest river in the world, c.4,160 mi (6,695 km) long from its remotest headstream, the...
River wild: Argentina's Patagonia River Ranch has the grit of the wilderness, the comforts of an estancia and some of the best trout......
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0001779.html   (327 words)

 Rivers That Flow North   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
And even in an era where traveling by river is uncommon we speak of "downriver" and "upriver", and we know that "upriver" (or "up the creek") means against the current, while downriver, with the current, is much easier going.
For a good example of a large, famous river that loops around in all sorts of directions, look closely at a map of the Ohio River, which flows mainly west-southwest for 981 miles from Pittsburgh until it meets the Mississippi at Cairo, Illinois.
Other north-flowing rivers in that area are the Unare and Cuyuni, the Magdalena in Colombia, the Berbice and Essequibo rivers in Guyana, the Corantyne or Corantin on the border between Guyana and Suriname, the Mana in French Guyana.
www.geocities.com /loisnotlane/rivers.html   (3905 words)

 Principal Rivers of the World — FactMonster.com
Confluence of Shilka (Russia) and Argun (Manchuria) rivers
Confluence of Beni and Maumoré rivers, Bolivia–Brazil boundary
Confluence of Nmai and Mali rivers, northeast Burma
www.factmonster.com /ipka/A0001779.html   (172 words)

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