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Topic: Lorenz Hart

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  Lorenz Hart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lorenz (Larry) Hart (May 2, 1895 - November 22, 1943) was the lyricist half of the famed Broadway songwriting team Rodgers and Hart.
Hart was born in Harlem, New York to Jewish immigrant parents.
Hart struggled with his own homosexuality (in an era when such a lifestyle was socially unacceptable) and with severe alcoholism, which eventually contributed to his death.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lorenz_Hart   (418 words)

 AllRefer.com - Lorenz Milton Hart (Music: History, Composers, And Performers, Biography) - Encyclopedia
Hart began collaborating with Richard Rodgers in 1919; their initial success was The Garrick Gaieties (1925).
Thereafter, the team of Rodgers and Hart produced such popular musicals as Connecticut Yankee (1927), The Boys from Syracuse (1938), Pal Joey (1940), and By Jupiter (1942).
Their many famous songs include "Manhattan," "Blue Moon," and "The Lady Is a Tramp." Hart was noted for his witty, literate, but always expressive lyrics; his rhymes were distinctly original.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/H/Hart-Lor.html   (258 words)

 Broadway: The American Musical . Stars Over Broadway . Lorenz Hart | PBS
Hart, Lorenz Milton (May 2, 1895 - Nov. 22, 1943), musical comedy lyricist, was born in New York City, the elder of two sons of Max M. and Frieda (Isenberg) Hart.
Hart returned to collaboration with Rodgers on a 1943 revival of "A Connecticut Yankee." On opening night, acting strangely, he slipped away and vanished for two days.
A student of literature and an inveterate playgoer from childhood, Lorenz Hart contributed to musical comedies sharp, tasteful lyrics finely coordinated with rhythm and melody and with the plot, mood, and action of the play.
www.pbs.org /wnet/broadway/stars/hart_l.html   (855 words)

 Theater News - Peter Filichia's Diary: A Hart-Earned Lesson -
Hart II is the nephew of Lorenz Hart, who, with Richard Rodgers, wrote lyrics to so many landmark '20s,' 30s, and '40s musicals.
The problem, Hart II says, is that there was a profound difference between the will that his uncle made in 1929 and the one he drafted shortly before his death in 1943.
Hart II is also happy with Mary Rodgers, whom he says he loves, and he's glad that the acrimony felt by the previous generation of Rodgers and Harts no longer exists.
www.theatermania.com /content/news.cfm/story/1975   (898 words)

Hart's lyrics are ostensibly just simple rhymes for Pop tunes, yet they are somehow especially powerful.
Hart first met and teamed up with Richard Rodgers while both were attending New York's Columbia University.
Rodgers was to find that Hart suffered periods of despondency; insecurity; and a feeling of being out of balance with the world, but Larry was a sweet person.
nfo.net /cal/th5.html   (957 words)

 Lorenz Hart --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The district is drained by the Blackwater and Hart rivers, which are southerly tributaries of the Thames.
Hart is generally a low-lying area of clays and gravels reaching into the most...
Along with his collaborators Lorenz Hart (1895–1943) and Oscar Hammerstein II (1895–1960), Richard Rodgers was one of the most innovative and creative figures in American musical comedy.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9039380   (720 words)

 glbtq >> arts >> Hart, Lorenz
As songs such as "Blue Moon" and "Lover" evidence, Hart was perfectly capable of writing a traditional love song; likewise, in "My Heart Stood Still" and "With a Song in My Heart" he presents the exhilaration of a love that is freshly, ecstatically, joyously experienced.
Moreover, Hart's most psychologically profound love songs prove to be those in which the speaker laments his or her disappointment.
When Joey and Vera sing of their sexual bliss in the apartment that she has furnished for him ("our little den of iniquity"), they not only challenge the moral standards that the Broadway musical was designed to inculcate, but implicate audience members in their satire of society's hypocrisy.
www.glbtq.com /arts/hart1_l,2.html   (749 words)

 UJA-Federation of New York: Lorenz Hart Lyrics Bequeathed To UJA-Federation
Hart's 25-year collaboration with the composer Richard Rodgers resulted in almost 1,000 songs and some of the greatest achievements in American musical theater in the first half of the 20th century.
Hart was born on May 2, 1895, to Jewish immigrants from Germany.
With the passing of Dorothy Hart in 2000, the trust was terminated and its assets, chief among them the rights to those wonderful lyrics, were passed to UJA-Federation to create the Lorenz Hart Endowment to be used for our domestic purposes.
www.ujafedny.org /site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=5424   (305 words)

 Lorenze Hart ADD, but not Hammerstein   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Hart often disappeared for days at a time, when he was supposed to be working on a show.
Hart got on to the stage, obviously intoxicated, and sang with the actors and actresses.
Lorenz Hart probably was the most evident of ADD characteristics, among the 20th century writers of musicals.
home.comcast.net /~addoration/Hart.html   (1713 words)

 Lorenz Hart Biography :: Hollywood.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Then, there are the partisans of Rodgers' work with lyricist Lorenz Hart, a partnership that yielded songs noted more for their emotional content than for psychological depth.
Hart's songs, like most Broadway music written in the first half of the 20th century, especially, were meant to serve plot functions, exploring an emotion or commenting on the show's actions.
Hart was never able to find a lover and many of the lyrics of his songs deal with unrequited love or with romantic fantasy figures.
www.hollywood.com /celebs/fulldetail/id/195110   (1573 words)

 Lorenz Hart - Free Music Downloads, Videos, CDs, MP3s, Bio, Merchandise and Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lorenz Hart was not only lyricist, but also co-librettist for many shows, including +Babes in Arms.
Rodgers & Hart briefly reunited to compose new material for the 1943 stage revival of an early success, +A Connecticut Yankee, but Hart had by this time lost interest in composing.
Hart was portrayed by Mickey Rooney in the 1948 movie about Rodgers & Hart Words and Music.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/music/artist/bio/0,,441724,00.html   (569 words)

 TIME.com: That Old Feeling: Heart to Hart -- Page 1
Hart is humiliated in the script, in Rodgers' withering comments and, for one scene, in the couture: he wears a plaid suit, collar buttoned up, that looks like a kid's pajamas.
Hart is the bad wittle boy, Rodgers' the annoyed adult.
Max Hart was a round (300-pound!) boisterous sort who did favors for Tammany Hall and, if he was too lazy to go to the bathroom, he'd take a whizz out the dining room window.
www.time.com /time/sampler/article/0,8599,300674,00.html   (1069 words)

 OUP: Lorenz Hart: Nolan
Hart changed all that, always avoiding the obvious, aiming for the unexpected phrase that would twang the nerve or touch the heart.
When Hart's unreliability forced Rodgers reluctantly to seek out another lyricist, Oscar Hammerstein II, and their collaboration resulted in the unprecedented artistic and commercial success of "Oklahoma," Hart never truly recovered.
Meticulously researched and rich with anecdotes that capture the excitement, the hilarity, the dizzying heights, and the crushing lows of a life on Broadway, Lorenz Hart is the story of an American original.
www.oup.co.uk /isbn/0-19-510289-4   (387 words)

 Richard Rodgers & Lorenze Hart (Biography)
Lorenz Hart (later 'Larry' to everyone but his mother) was born in 1895 to an affluent German immigrant family in New York.
Rodgers, then only 16, was deeply impressed by Hart's seriousness and erudition in every aspect of lyric-writing: later he said "I was enchanted by this little man and his ideas.
Rodgers was far less happy with Hollywood than Hart, though, and was glad to return to New York in 1934.
www.nodanw.com /biographies/rodgers_hart.htm   (495 words)

 Jazz Standards History: Biography (Lorenz Hart)
Lorenz Hart, with his partner Richard Rodgers, wrote over 1,000 songs, many of them considered among the top 100 standards.
Hart’s lyrics ranged from the romantic “With a Song in My Heart” (1929) to the exuberant “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” (1935) to the cynical “Falling in Love with Love” (1938) to the sorrowful “It Never Entered My Mind” (1940).
Hart was a well-read man whose lyrics reflected his sophistication.
www.jazzstandards.com /biographies/lorenz_hart.htm   (404 words)

 Songwriters Hall of Fame   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
orenz Hart was born in New York City on May 2, 1895, the oldest of two sons of Frieda and Max Hart.
Hart graduated from Columbia Grammar School, and attended the Columbia School of Journalism.
In 1995 Hart's centennial was celebrated from coast to coast, with special events in his hometown of "Manhattan," and in 1999 Hart was commemorated on a U.S. postage stamp.
www.songwritershalloffame.org /exhibit_home_page.asp?exhibitId=66   (438 words)

 Press & News - Lyrics by Lorenz Hart
June Havoc discussing the Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey; a deleted scene that was titled "Passing It On"; an alternate ending; the original theatrical trailer;...
Lorenz (Larry) Hart, the lyricist who collaborated with composer Richard Rodgers on many other great love songs, was also homosexual.
There she is, decorating a song written in the '80s with a Rodgers and Hart melody from the '40s, singing about the hurts and ambiguities of romance in a way that's profoundly modern - and still somehow timeless.
www.lorenzhart.org /stampa.php   (892 words)

 Bright Lights Film Journal | Words and Music
Hart, Rooney, and Garland all knew a lot about unhappy affairs, but for three minutes on the big screen at least, there are no regrets.
Hart’s lyrics include the line "I choose a sweet lollapalooza in you." The recent Lollapalooza rock tours have resuscitated this example of heavy-handed twenties humor from the dead.
Although Rodgers and Hart wrote directly for the screen, and many of their Broadway musicals were made into movies, there is no classic Rodgers and Hart film.
www.brightlightsfilm.com /23/wordsmusic.html   (1949 words)

 SearchCeleb.com - Hart, Lorenz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers - A small biography and a photo
Lorenz Hart Message Board - Post message that have anything to do with Lorenz Hart.
Lorenz Hart a Poet on Broadway - Lorenz Hart biography by Frederick Nolan
www.searchceleb.com /celebrity/Arts/People/H/Hart,_Lorenz   (214 words)

 Irving Berlin on Lorenz Hart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Larry Hart was the first of the sophisitcated word writers.
Larry Hart was a great songwriter, but I repeat, he was not only a lyric writer but a word writer.
He had a fine education and could use four- and five- and six- and seven-letter words, and still get down to writing "With a Song in My Heart." I mean, he could be very simple.
www.thepeaches.com /music/composers/rodgershart/BerlinOnHart.htm   (442 words)

 Hart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
On the evening of 28 October 1943, Lorenz Hart, drunk, walked out of the Forrest Theater in Philadelphia into the freezing rain.
On 17 November, Hart created a disturbance at the Martin Beck Theater in New York.
Hart was a homosexual in a time of repression.
www.wpcmath.com /arts/hart_pitch.html   (215 words)

 Jazz/Jerry Jazz Musician/Great Encounters: When Richard Rodgers met Lorenz Hart
Larry was unshaven -- according to Rodgers, Hart invariably looked like he needed a shave every five minutes after he'd had one -- and wearing a bathrobe over an evening shirt and trousers, with carpet slippers on his feet.
He was already talking -- and doubtless puffing a cigar and rubbing his hands together as he invariably did -- as his visitors climbed the steps, and kept going non-stop as he took them back to the overstuffed library, where there was a piano.
From LORENZ HART: A POET ON BROADWAY, by Frederick Nolan, copyright -- 1995 by Frederick Nolan.
www.jerryjazzmusician.com /mainHTML.cfm?page=greatencounters5.html   (972 words)

 Richard Rodgers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Richard Rodgers (June 18, 1902 - December 30, 1979) was one of the great composers of musical theater, best known for his song writing partnerships with Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein II.
Born in New York City, Rodgers attended the same public school as Bennett Cerf, and studied at Columbia University where he met the lyricist, Lorenz Hart.
Their partnership came to an end with the death of Lorenz Hart in 1943.
www.netipedia.com /index.php/Richard_Rodgers   (387 words)

 MSN Encarta - Lorenz Hart
Lorenz Hart (1895-1943), American lyricist, whose witty, unpredictable, frequently cynical lines, set to music by Richard Rodgers, rank among the highest achievements in American musical comedy.
Born in New York City, Hart studied journalism at Columbia University, left without graduating, and worked as a translator of plays.
The two men soon began a songwriting partnership that lasted more than 20 years, producing a series of hit Broadway musical scores: The Girl Friend, A Connecticut Yankee, On Your Toes, Babes in Arms.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761560289/Lorenz_Hart.html   (172 words)

 Alibris: Lorenz Hart
by Rodgers Hart, and Hart, Lorenz (Composer), and Rodgers, Richard (Composer)
The complete vocal score to Rodger and Hart's 1937 musical that generated more hits than any of their other collaborations.
by Rodgers, Richard, and Hart, Lorenz, and Jacoby, Lois
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/Hart,Lorenz   (715 words)

 Great Performances . Artists . Lorenz Hart | PBS
The folksy "Oklahoma!" -- that hearty slice of rural Americana conceived by Rodgers -- held no interest for Hart, now immersed in cheap midtown Manhattan bars, and Rodgers turned for lyrics to Oscar Hammerstein II.
The best short biographies are: Richard Rodgers's introduction to THE RODGERS AND HART SONG BOOK (1951) and the RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN FACT BOOK (1955); CURRENT BIOG., 1940; Irwin Stambler, ed., ENCYC.
Source: "Lorenz Milton Hart." DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, SUPPLEMENT 3: 1941-1945.
www.pbs.org /wnet/gperf/shows/songbook/multimedia/bio_hart3.html   (348 words)

 NPR : Easy To Remember: A Centennial Tribute to Richard Rodgers
The Rodgers and Hart partnership came to an end with the death of Lorenz Hart in 1943, at the age of 48.
On March 27, 1990, he was honored posthumously with Broadway's highest accolade when the 46th Street Theatre, owned and operated by the Nederlander Organization, was renamed The Richard Rodgers Theatre, home to The Richard Rodgers Gallery, a permanent exhibit in the lobby areas presented by ASCAP which honors the composer's life and works.
Richard Rodgers reflects on his move from Lorenz Hart to Oscar Hammerstein II
www.npr.org /programs/specials/rr100/bio.html   (716 words)

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