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Topic: Lorenz force

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  Antigravity propulsion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The active force can be applied to many aerodynamics systems and it is result of the pressure difference from the medium to the system.
Brown did not explain the reason of the force, so we have chance to suppose that this force is result of the asymmetry in orbital motion of the electrons in the dielectric atoms due to the electric field between the plates.
Lorenz force also can be considered as result of some gradient in the ether, Fig.2.3.
www.faraday.ru /gradient.html   (1616 words)

 Railgun   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A wire carrying an electrical current, when in a magnetic field, experiences a force perpendicular to the direction of the current and the direction of the magnetic field.
This is the principle behind the operation of an electric motor, where fixed magnets create a magnetic field, and a coil of wire is carried upon a shaft that is free to rotate.
When electricity is applied to the coil of wire a current flows, causing it to experience a force due to the magnetic field; the wires of the coil are arranged such that all the forces on the wires act to make the shaft rotate, and so the motor runs.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/R/Railgun.htm   (1655 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Lorenz (PCC) should be the representative of ICP Forests for the Scientific Advisory Group of EU.
Lorenz informed the group on the state of the preparation of the grant agreement.
At its 19th session the Task Force meeting had postponed a decision on the timing of the next soil survey because decisions at the EU level (EU soil strategy, Forest Focus) had to be clarified first.
www.icp-forests.org /PCGdocs/PCGminutes2004.doc   (1930 words)

 NASA Quest > Space Team Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
For two masses, the attractive force of gravity between them is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers of mass.
An electron passing through a magnetic field experiences a force that is perpendicular to both the direction of motion and Earth's magnetic field.
Lorenz Force - Electrons moving through a magnetic field experience a force that is perpendicular to both the direction of motion and the magnetic force lines.
quest.arc.nasa.gov /space/teachers/liftoff/tether.html   (2843 words)

 Lorenz - Lorenz Butterfly
Lorenz, Robert D. Research profile for Robert Lorenz at the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Lorenz and Partners is a leading consulting and law firm in Bangkok, Thailand.
Lorenz Hart (later 'Larry' to everyone but his mother) was born in 1895 to an affluent German immigrant family in New York.
www.hispider.com /?q=lorenz   (487 words)

 Electromagnetic Gravitational Interaction
In the presence of electric potential the Lorenz force influences the gravitational masses of the rollers.
The Lorenz force is directed transversely to the velocity along the cycloid and in the direction of the field B.
The value of the Lorenz force depends on the electrical potential, magnetic intensity, mass of the rollers and their traverse speed.
www.uic.nnov.ru /~kovy2/conf_in.htm   (1513 words)

 Electromagnetic field - Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
However, the force of an electric field on a charged particle is \mathbf{F} = q \mathbf{E} , and this force is independent of the velocity of the particle, which means that the particle will accelerate continually in the direction of the field.
The speed of light is invariant under a Lorenz transformation, but the velocity of light is changed.
The tensor character of this combined electromagnetic field implies that the field is anisotropic with respect to the velocity of the charged particle on which it produces a force: the Lorenz force varies with the velocity of the charged particle.
www.book-spot.co.uk /index.php/Electromagnetic_field   (1604 words)

 force sensors Engineering Web Results
Unlike strain gage sensors that are suitable for measuring static loads, dynamic impact force sensors possess the necessary response and endurance to accurately follow fast-rising, repetitive and short-duration force events.
Futek L1055 Pedal Force Sensors Futek is proud to introduce Model L1055 Series Spike Resistant Force Sensors, the first pedal force sensors in the market that meet the government latest regulation requirements.
SMD100 Thin Film Force Occlusion Sensor The SMD100 is a thin film force sensor used in ambulatory infusion pumps to measure occlusions (blockages) in silicone or PVC tubes.
www.designinfo.com /Industrial/force_sensors   (867 words)

 Eliminating hard water scale: News from Environmental Treatment Concepts
The atomic force microscope (AFM), capable of examining growth patterns on surfaces at the highest resolution, is a tool that can demonstrate some of the key interactions.
A Lorenz force F is experienced by charged particles that flow through a field: F= qE + q (V x B) where q is the charge on the particle, E is the electric field vector, V is the particle velocity, and B the magnetic field vector.
This suggests the key performance parameter is the total value of the "Lorenz" force acting on the charged particles, rather than the individual magnetic and electric field vectors.
www.processingtalk.com /news/env/env100.html   (1210 words)

 LIMS Projects - Force Sensors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Conventional force sensors are overdesigned foruse in measuring human force inputs, such as is needed in research and application of human/robotinteraction.
A new class of force sensors is introduced that is suited to human-robot interaction.
The sensor allows larger displacements in response to forces than present commercial sensors, and orthogonalizes the axes to be measured by a combination of the properties of the flexure and the displacement sensing mechanism.
lims.mech.northwestern.edu /projects/forcesensors/index.htm   (92 words)

 JSCE Volume 6 Paper 46   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The effect of the Lorenz force is therefore to cause rotation of the solution about an axis parallel to the magnetic field.  This is illustrated in Figure 3 for fields parallel and perpendicular to the electrode surface.
Schematic diagram of the effect of the Lorenz force on solution flow around a disk electrode (see Figure 2) when a magnetic field is applied (a) parallel and (b) perpendicular to the electrode surface.
This suggests that the Lorenz force action found in the bulk solution (Figure 10) is not sufficient to cause changes to the current voltage characteristics.  Instead, it is likely that the field gradient force causes the stirring in the cavity observed for iron (Video 15).
www.jcse.org /Volume6/Paper46/v6p46.html   (2871 words)

 What Is MHD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The fact that the Lorenz force is opposite for ions and electrons gives rise to a bulk ``magnetic force'' whenever the current flows across magnetic field lines.
Now, the force is given by the third direction: J-cross-B, and this points inward towards the axis of the current column, acting to confine the plasma.
The full range of MHD phenomena extends as well to instabilities and turbulence, but this picture of force balance is what is behind the idea of a magnetically confined plasma, one example of which is the ``tokamak''.
www.rzg.mpg.de /~bds/phys/dwaves/mhd.html   (389 words)

 Haptic Interface
Forces are also applied to push the stylus toward a selected streamline.
Figure 6: Miniature 3-axis force sensors (center) are used to measure forces transmitted to the stylus, and in a force feedback loop to provide high bandwidth and high-fidelity tracking of force commands [4].
An example of vector field visualization is shown below, where the magnetic flux density vector B in a Lorenz force actuator is rendered visually by streamlines (advection) of the vector field emanating from a grid of seed points.
osl-www.colorado.edu /Research/haptic/hapticInterface.shtml   (2619 words)

 Foie Gras   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The workers grabbed the ducks one at a time, held them down, forced open their bills, and shoved a long metal pipe down their throats all the way to their stomachs.
Lorenz refused, saying he felt "hot with anger" as he read the report.
Lorenz, Konrad, translation of letter to Dr. Dieter Backhaus, editor of Grzimeks Tier/Sielmanns Tierwelt, Sept. 1, 1983 (obtained from Compassion in World Farming, Petersfield, England).
www.animal-lib.org.au /lists/foiegras/foiegras.shtml   (1237 words)

 Air Force Times - News - More News
An Air Force spokeswoman initially told Air Force Times that the original list stalled last session because the Air Force violated a technical rule by submitting the nominations too early.
The Air Force resubmitted three of those officers this session for the same jobs, including Lt. Gen.
Keys’ re-nomination was received by the Senate on March 14, while Chilton and Lorenz are still awaiting White House action.
www.airforcetimes.com /story.php?f=1-292925-731610.php   (302 words)

 Homopolar Generator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
It can, perhaps, best be explained by realizing that the force is really between the (moving) charged particle producing the field and the (moving) charged particle acted on by the field.
In fact, this problem was a main impetus for Lorenz and Einstein to develop the theory of special relativity.
If you watch the particles flying by, Einstein says their clocks slow down and they are repelled more slowly, which is another way of saying the magnetic attraction slows their motion apart induced by the electrostatic repulsion.
www.newton.dep.anl.gov /askasci/phy00/phy00322.htm   (336 words)

Although the Task Force is now officially terminat- ed, the co-chairs and its individual members remain committed to assist you in the execution of these recommendations.
The membership of the Task Force realized they had a broad subject area to study, encompassing the scope of the compulsive gambling problem and its repercussions, analyzing what is being done and what ought to be done, and recommending funding resources.
Finally, the Task Force had hoped to hold a public hearing in order to have community input, so that compulsive gamblers and their victims could tell their stories and that gaming interests, such as the state lottery, racing industry and bingo parlors, could present their views of gambling.
www.nyu.edu /its/socsci/Docs/task_force_1.html   (9080 words)

 Metering International - The only international publication covering all aspects of utility metering
Under extreme overloads there is a risk that the contacts will be forced apart, and the resultant sparking and local heating could destroy the switch.
To prevent this, the moving blade actuator must supply a much greater force than is necessary for normal loads, placing heavy demands on the actuator drive.
This arrangement minimises the force required from the actuator, so the solenoid draws relatively little power during operation and is typically driven by a low-voltage DC supply.
www.metering.com /archive/983/23_1.htm   (928 words)

 Curatronic: Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) or Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy
The magnetic strength value of static magnets (expressed in Gauss value) is not relevant at all, since the measured field strengths of permanent magnets range from 300 gauss to 16000 gauss at the surface, at 2 cm distance around 10 gauss and at 10 cm distance absolutely nothing.
As result of induced Lorenz force pulsing electromagnetism will produce electricity in cells and this is the basis for Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy.
The combined effects of electric and magnetic force explain that pulsing electromagnetic fields induce electrical changes on a cellular level within the body and cell metabolism is influenced.
www.curatron.com /faq/faq2.htm   (981 words)

 [79.11] Intergalactic Dust   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Gravitational force from the stellar, dust and gas disk as well as the dark matter halo exerts a downward force.
This, together with the fact that (1) very small grains (with small radiation pressure efficiencies) are not well coupled to starlight; (2) for large grains the radiative force to the gravitational force is approximately inversely proportional to grain size, acts as a size ``filter'' for dust leaking into the intergalactic space.
Since the radiation pressure efficiency and the grain destruction rate are sensitive to dust composition, the relative importance of carbon dust compared to silicate dust expelled into the intergalactic space differs from that in the galactic plane.
www.aas.org /publications/baas/v34n4/aas201/730.htm   (385 words)

 Old Meetings: PLASMA99
The electromagnetic construction of the plasma region due to the Lorenz force was account buy applying the radial momentum source in the same cells where heat was generated.
The momentum of the Lorenz force was estimated from the experimental conditions
This result was not change considerably when grid was doubled, and it was not changed significantly if the heat zone was uniform and if the Lorenz force was neglected.
www.ichmt.org /abstracts/Plasma99/session-2.html   (2155 words)

 electromagnetics help - Information Technology Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
I used Lorenz force equation and by reduce E by subtracting equation 1 from 2 and eq.
I would have used the equation for lorenz force to 3 individual cases.
The forces experienced by a test charge q at a point in a region of electric and magnetic fields, respectivlely, are given with three diferent velocities, where Uo and Eo are constants.
www.physicsforums.com /archive/t-64581_electromagnetics_help.html   (420 words)

 Les moteurs à courant continu à Charbon
Pour décrire cette nouvelle force, on va dire: une particule chargée (un électron par exemple) en mouvement dans un champ magnétique subit une force.
Par le principe de Lorenz, un couple de force est crée.
Ces forces font alors tourner un peu plus le rotor (partie cylindrique qui tourne).
www.gamsierre.ch /categories/indoor/moteurs_charbons.htm   (397 words)

 Proposed budget shows AF path   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Stephen R. Lorenz, Air Force deputy assistant secretary for budget, discussed how the service’s budget priorities would allow airmen to be a better air and space force and support joint warfighting capabilities.
General Lorenz recently discussed budget proposals to demonstrate to American taxpayers which critical-mission programs will receive emphasis and add to the safety and security of America.
A breakdown of the Air Force share of the Defense Department’s fiscal 2005 authorization will be announced after the president delivers his request Feb. 2.
www.af.mil /news/story.asp?storyID=123006874   (614 words)

 Department of Sociology - Publications & Research
Lorenz, Frederick O. “The Iowa Family Studies.” Master Farm Homemakers of America at their annual meeting at Harvey’s Casino in Council Bluffs.
Lorenz, Frederick O. “Midlife Adaptation and Health in Rural Society.” Gerontology Colloquium in the Memorial Union Gallery, Iowa State University, 2001.
Lorenz, Frederick O. “Respondents are from Mars, Observers are from Venus: The World of Method Variance.” Quantitative Methods section of the Midwest Sociological Society Meeting, St. Louis, MO. 2001
www.soc.iastate.edu /pubres.html   (3200 words)

 Carrier Countdown - Jane's Naval Forces   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
By Andrew Koch, JDW Bureau Chief, Washington, DC High-powered lasers that knock cruise missiles and aircraft out of the sky, precision-guided projectiles that emerge from the exoatmosphere at a speed of M5.0, striking their targets with such force that explosive warheads are not required.
Perhaps the most revolutionary system is the electromagnetic (EM) railgun, which could deliver a strike similar to that of a meteorite, according to one navy official under Adm Mathis.
Unlike conventional guns - which use propellant to create expanding gases that force a projectile down a barrel - EM guns use electrical current to create an electromagnetic force (a Lorenz force) to propel the projectile between two conducting rails, the official explained.
www.janes.com /defence/naval_forces/news/jdw/jdw021218_1_n.shtml   (583 words)

 Unemployment And The Labour Force
The ''Casualisation'' Of The Labour Force - 20
Income distribution can be shown graphically using a Lorenz curve.
The cumulative frequency of income received is compared with the cumulative frequency of income recipients.
www.ecoteacher.asn.au /unemploy/a27.htm   (263 words)

 Physics Division | Research Highlights | Los Alamos National Laboratory
When energetic charged particles travel through matter, the Coulomb force between the particles and the atomic nuclei in the medium leads to a large number of small deflections of the particle trajectories.
The nature of the Coulomb interaction leads to a cross section for scattering that is not integrable, but, in aggregate, the multiple scattering of a particle can be treated analytically.
Charged particles are bent by the Lorenz force in a magnetic field.
www.lanl.gov /p/rh03_morris.shtml   (2205 words)

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