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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Loreto Baja California Mexico Vacations - Loreto Travel Packages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Loreto Baja California was accidentally discovered in late 1533, Baja California has a history that blends ambition, scientific curiosity, evangelizing zeal and the challenges of nature.
Loreto’s cuisine is a combination of Northern cooking, seafood and the recipes brought over by the missionaries resulting in wonderful fish and meat dishes.
Loreto is located midway between the two most highly recommended places for spotting the gray whales that annually make the long, eight-thousand mile journey from the waters of the Sea of Behring to the coasts of the peninsula.
www.expresstravelnet.com /loreto/hotels/loreto_overview.htm   (1241 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Santa Casa di Loreto (Holy House of Loreto)
Loreto is a small town a few miles south of Ancona and near the sea.
The shrine and church of Loreto are indeed often mentioned; the church is said by Paul II in 1464 to have been miraculously founded, and it is further implied that the statue or image of the Blessed Virgin was brought there by angels, but all this differs widely from details of the later accounts.
On the other hand, even if the Loreto tradition be rejected, there is no reason to doubt that the simple faith of those who in all confidence have sought help at this shrine of the Mother of God may often have been rewarded, even miraculously.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13454b.htm   (1736 words)

 Visite México
Loreto is a place that encourages you to commune with nature, play water sports and take the Baja 1000 route in search of whales, cave paintings and colonial missions.
And it is precisely this long isolation that preserved Loreto?s unusual attractions such as its beaches, clean sea and sky, fragile environmental marine and semi-desert niches that have subsisted and provide refuge for endangered species.
Loreto was once the capital of a piece of territory stretching from California to Texas that included Sonora, Sinaloa and Coahuila.
www.visitmexico.com /wb2/Visitmexico/Visi_Loreto   (361 words)

 AllRefer.com - Loreto, Italy (Italian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
According to legend, the Holy House of the Virgin in Nazareth was brought to Loreto through the air by angels in 1294.
Our Lady of Loreto is a patron of aviators.
The Loretto (or Loreto) order of nuns, named for the town, was founded in Ireland in 1822.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/L/Loreto.html   (232 words)

 Loreto - Hotel Oasis: About Loreto, Baja California Sur
Loreto, only a 1 hour and 40 minute flight from LAX, is located approximately 821 miles from Los Angeles and 700 miles south of San Diego.
Loreto was the original capital of all the Californias and in 1997 celebrated its 300th anniversary.
Though Loreto is a town rich in history, it also boasts modern day amenities such as a championship 18 hole golf course located right on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, eight lighted tennis courts, and a club house.
hoteloasis.com /loreto.html   (231 words)

 LORETO, Baja California Sur, Mexico - Fishing Real Estate Lodgings Sports Kayaking Diving Tours and more
Loreto is on the eastern coast of the Baja peninsula and is surrounded by the Sierra Giganta (mountains of the giants), one of the most rugged and spectacular parts of the peninsula.
Loreto is blessed with virtually perfect climate, an average of 360 days of sunshine a year and an annual mean temperature of 24ÂșC. Nearby is a championship 18 hole golf course, a tennis club with 10 courts, many restaurants and shopping facilities.
Loreto is connected by Trans Peninsular Highway 1 that runs from San Diego to the tip of the peninsula.
www.bajaquest.com /loreto   (219 words)

 Loreto: Ray Cannon's "Juanaloa" Still An Enchantress
Loreto has Baja's most beautiful and accessible island seascapes, and its underwater flora and fauna are every bit as rich and varied as La Paz and Cabo Pulmo to the south.
Loreto enjoys good email and telephone service, and much of the town's folk speak very good English, so additional information is easily accessible by using the email addresses and phone numbers found by following the links on the website, and by searching on www.google.com.
The town of Loreto may be reached by driving 700 miles from Tijuana on Mex 1, a two-lane, paved road that is narrow in most places and requires caution, especially at night, and especially when pulling a trailer.
www.bajadestinations.com /afish/afish2002/afish021204/afish021204.htm   (1857 words)

 MexOnline.com - Loreto City Directory & Guide, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Located 84 miles south of Mulege and 217 miles north of La Paz is the historic town of Loreto or "Conchó" in the indigenous language which means "red mangrove".
Recently a wide area of the Sea of Cortez in front of Loreto was declared a Nation Marine Park by the Mexican government thus preserving the pristine waters here.
Loreto has an international airport which is served daily from California, a bus depot, and excellent tourism services; hotels up to five stars, bed & breakfast inns, restaurants, R.V. parks and campgrounds, car rentals, recreational services and much more.
www.mexonline.com /loreto.htm   (407 words)

 Baja Travel Guidebook - Loreto
Loreto is surrounded by the incomparable scenery of la Giganta mountain range, the desert and the Sea of Cortes.
Nature was generous with Loreto; the intense blues of the sea, contrast with the greens of the palm groves, and the violets of the islands.
Loreto celebrates its town festivals from the 5th to the 8th of September with a great regional fair, and in October from the 19th to 25th.
www.bajatravel.com /guidebook/loreto.html   (572 words)

 Loreto Mexico
Loreto Baja California, Mexico is a place that encourages you to commune with nature, play water sports and take the Baja 1000 route in search of whales, cave paintings and colonial missions.
Because of Loreto, Baja’s climate, infrastructure and relative isolation, it is also ideal for resting and forgetting about the pressures of everyday life.
From an urban point of view, Loreto is remarkable for the contrasts between its colonial heritage, the advance of modernization and the fact that it has managed to preserve the simple, friendly, cheerful atmosphere of small communities.
www.loretomexico.com   (479 words)

 ::Welcome To Loreto College Kolkata::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Loreto College Kolkata began as an extension of the School Department of Loreto House.
In 1971, Loreto St Vincent's school was founded in Thakurpukur as a Bengali medium primary school for the poor children of the area.
At Loreto Outreach Center, Laitkor, classes are conducted daily from 4 pm to 6 pm in rented rooms in two villages for 32 children attending local schools.
www.loretocollege.org /lorinind.htm   (781 words)

 The History of Loreto
And, it was from Loreto that he launched the 18th century expedition that led to a string of 17 now-famous California missions - stretching as far north as San Francisco, California.
Loreto was the capital of the California for more than 133 years until the capital was moved to La Paz.
Today Loreto is the seat of government for the municipality bearing its name and an exciting tourist destination with state of the art touristic infrastructure, and its prestigious past gives Loreto another, deeper dimension - the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto and adjacent museum are a testament to this legacy.
www.gotoloreto.com /history.html   (359 words)

 Loreto Sisters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Loreto aims to provide an excellent, broad, Christian education for young women which develops the full potential of each student in a spirit of sincerity, freedom, justice and felicity.
Loreto College is an independent Catholic girls' school owned and administered by the IBVM (Loreto Sisters) in the Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo.
Loreto is a single stream school from Kindergarten to Year 7, founded in 1931 by the IBVM order (Loreto Sisters).
www.loreto.org.au /educate/directory2.html   (273 words)

 Travel Impressions: Hotels and Resorts in Loreto: Camino Real, Loreto
Loreto is known as "The First Capital of the Californias" and is truly a paradise.
Loreto is a place that encourages you to commune with nature, play watersports and take the Baja 1000 route in search of whales, cave paintings, and colonial missions.
Loreto is known as 'The First Capital of the California's' and is truly a paradise, due to the contrast of the Sierra Giganta and the Blue Sea of Cortez creating a perfect location for deep sea fishing, swimming with the sea lions, crystal clear scuba diving and great golf.
www.travimp.com /destinations/mexico/lto/lto_cmp.html   (381 words)

 Cruise the Sea of Cortez - Loreto
Gas, water and diesel fuel are easily obtainable in Loreto, but since there is no marina and taxi's are not permitted to carry full cans of fuel, you will need to find a ride in a truck back from the Pemex station in town, which is quite close.
Loreto is rich with Spanish history and culture.
Dating back to 1697 with the arrival of Padre Juan Maria Salvatierra, Loreto is the oldest continuously inhabited town on Baja, as well as the capital of the Californias until 1829.
www.cruisecortez.com /loreto.htm   (604 words)

 Loreto Fishing, May 4, 2005, Pam Bolles
Loreto Yellowtail spawned in deep water this year and have yet to get on a good feed.
There are Dorado but reports are that they are 40 miles offshore of Loreto and that they are few and small in size.
Water The surface water temperature range in the Loreto sportfishing area is 75-68 degrees.
mexfish.com /lort/lort2005/lort050509a/lort050509a.htm   (385 words)

 Loreto's Sportfishing Panga Tradition
LORETO SPORTFISHING PANGA OFFICE--Opening the newly reorganized Pangueros' Cooperativa office at Loreto, Mexico, left to right: office manager, Rommel Zubiate Gonzales, Pam Bolles and son Enzl Frederico Munoz Pelger, Abel Davis Manriquez and Rigoberto Davis Romero of the cooperativa, and Cooperativa President Andres Davis Manriques.
The town of Loreto has lived gracefully through all the ages of Baja, and even today, you can walk down its wonderful waterfront malecon and truly appreciate the history and mystique of the Sea of Cortez in a way that's impossible anywhere else.
This new office service, to me, is a symbol of Loreto's sportfishing traditions, its history, and its leadership role in developing the integrated type of tourism that will be the future of Baja.
www.bajadestinations.com /afish/afish2003/afish030224/afish030224.htm   (666 words)

 LA GIGANTA - Loreto Information
One of the most important attractives of this area is the Sea of Cortez, which is considered one of the richest seas in marine species, for profitable sportfishing and suitable for the practice of a wide variety of aquatic sports as diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking.
Loreto has the privilege of being the First Capital of The Californias, being the Mission of Our Lady Of Loreto - founded the 27 of October 1697- the Head and Mother of all the founded missions by the Jesuit, Franciscan, and Dominique colonial missionararies.
Their interest and preference for Loreto is due to the fact that, for the fortune of all, Loreto keeps the passiveness of a small town, which guarantees peaceful days and nights, forgetting the rush of the cities.
www.lagiganta.com /loreto.htm   (682 words)

 Cities & Destinations - Welcome to the Official Site for the Promotion of Peru - PromPeru
Relief: Loreto's department is covered of a dense vegetation, with hills of few elevation and surfaces lightly wavy crossed by diverse rivers of the basin of the Amazon.
Loreto is the most extensive department of the country (368852 km2) though also he is one of the least populated.
Located in the department of Loreto, Pacaya-Samiria covers an area of 2,080,000 hectares, and is the largest national reserve in the country.
www.peru.info /e_ftociudadeseng.asp?pdr=659&jrq=3.15&ic=2&ids=1307   (128 words)

 Baja Mexico: Baja Expo - Loreto
LORETO BAY is a master planned community already in development just south of Loreto in Nopolo (yep....more Canadians!).
Nopolo is $8 in a Collectivo or $28 in a taxi.
LORETO BAY is a master planned community already in development just south of Loreto in Nopolo.
www.bajaexpo.com /cities/loreto.htm   (8937 words)

 Loreto Baja Mexico
Loreto is it the oldest town in Baja California and offers visitors unspoiled beaches and the warm waters of Sea of Cortez.
Loreto fronts many wonderful islands such as the Coronados with turquoise waters and sea lion colonies; Carmen with its beautiful beaches and coves; Danzantes with its rocky edges and small coves, a paradise for scuba diving; and Catalina, a favorite of the ecologist with its unique flora and fauna.
Sport fishing for dorado (Mahi-Mahi) in particular has made Loreto famous and is one of its main tourist activities.
www.2gobaja.com /loreto.html   (224 words)

 Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine: Toiling Someone Else's Vineyards - vintner David Di Loreto's Per Sempre label - ...
David Di Loreto's "office" is a cozy spot within a cavernous winery, shielded from the glaring Napa Valley sun and kept at a constant 60 degrees.
Surrounded by barrels of aging wine and drinking in the light smell of toasted oak, Di Loreto is sampling various blends of his 1996 and 1997 cabernet sauvignon.
Di Loreto was intrigued by other European varietals, such as sangiovese and dolcetto, and he used his flight privileges to travel to Europe and bring back vine cuttings.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1318/is_1_53/ai_53409064   (759 words)

 THE MIRACLE OF THE HOLY HOUSE OF LORETO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Benedict XIII extended the liturgical feast to all Italy and founded the Roman Congregation of Loreto which functioned until the reform of Pius X. 18th Century: Benedict XIV defended the tradition in his book on the canonization of the Saints.
John XXIII was the first pope to visit Loreto since the loss of the Papal States in 1870.
During the 15th year of his Pontificate, on August 15,1993, to commemorate the seventh centenary of Loreto, the Pope sent an apostolic letter to his Excellency, Archbishop Pasquale Macchi, papal delegate for the shrine.
www.catholictradition.org /loreto3b.htm   (999 words)

 Loreto   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Loreto lies on the southern Baja peninsula at the sprawling beaches and warm waters of Mar de Contes.
Scuba diving in Loreto is a unique and exciting experience the wide variety of marine fish and aquatic life here is astonishing.
Visit the Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto and local museum in the center of town.
www.travelrus.com /d/799469_12878.htm   (170 words)

 Iguana Inn
The town of Loreto is nestled between the Giganta Mountains and the Sea of Cortez and is approximately 350 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.
Loreto is known for it's world-class fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and whale watching.
The Iguana Inn has been completely renovated and is ideally located in the heart of historic Loreto, just one block north of the Central Plaza and one block west of the Sea of Cortez and the marina.
www.iguanainn.com   (119 words)

 Loreto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Loreto, in Ancona province, a town with a Marian shrine that is the origin of the wide dissemination of the name
Loreto, Baja California Sur, as well as the municipality of Loreto, Mexico
The Marian shrine has also given its name to very many schools and colleges throughout the world, as well as to women in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Loreto   (137 words)

 Loreto Fishing
Loreto Fishing is a comprehensive Web site designed to keep you up-to-date on the fishing conditions found in and around the Islands of Loreto, one of the richest fishing destinations found in the Sea of Cortez.
The town of Loreto is unique among Mexican destinations with 15,000 residents and an international airport served by daily flights from L.A and San Diego.
Loreto is tranquil and has not been overrun by tourists nor major developments.
www.loretofishing.com   (351 words)

 LORETO MARINE PARK - To Protect & Conserve...
The Loreto community is devoting itself to beautification and excitement this year in celebration of the tri-centennial, but is also pioneering a unique way of assisting the Mexican government in long-term management of their all important Sea of Cortés fishery.
Due to the diligent efforts of the Loreto community, the National Loreto Marine Park was created by a Presidential Decree and approved by the Mexican Federal Congress in July, 1996.
Creation of regulations from which to manage the park and support for that management was left to the people of Loreto to develop.
www.loreto.com /protect   (520 words)

 LORETO - Online Information article about LORETO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Loreto is bounded W. by the departments of See also:
The area of the department, including the territories claimed by Peru, is estimated at 257,798 sq.
climate of Loreto is hot and humid, except on the higher slopes of the Andes.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /LOB_LUP/LORETO.html   (946 words)

 Loreto, Arturo's Sportfishing, Dec. 5, 2004
Loreto has been very windy during the week, but even with the weather conditions we were able to do some fishing around Coronado Island.
The water temperature around Loreto was 57 to 68 F. Some yellowtail were located around Coronado Island with an average weight of 12 to 18 pounds.
Includes: Transfer Airport, Loreto; Transfer, Loreto to San Basilio; Transfer, San Basilio to San Nicolas by boat; Beers; Sodas; Purified water available all the time; Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner); Wine with the welcome dinner; One hotel night and breakfast; Ice for your catch; Fillet and packing; Last night freezer.
mexfish.com /lort/lort2004/lort041206a/lort041206a.htm   (522 words)

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