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Topic: Lost Generation

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  What is the Lost Generation?
Ernest Hemingway was the Lost Generation's leader in the adaptation of the naturalistic technique in the novel.
The impact of the war on the group of writers in the Lost Generation is aptly demonstrated by a passage from Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night (1933):
The Lost Generation writers all gained prominence in 20th century literature.
ok.essortment.com /whatlostgenera_nkj.htm   (587 words)

  Lost Generation
The term Lost Generation was coined by Gertrude Stein to refer to a group of American literary notables who lived in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s.
More generally, the term is being used for the generation of young people coming of age in the United States during and shortly after World War I.
The "Lost Generation" were said to be disillusioned by the senseless slaughter of the First World War, cynical, disdainful of the Victorian notions of morality and propriety of their elders.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/lo/Lost_Generation.html   (355 words)

 Lost Generation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lost Generation is traditionally attributed to Gertrude Stein
More generally, the term is used for the generation of young people coming of age in the United States during and shortly after World War I.
The "Lost Generation" were said to be disillusioned by the large number of casualties of the First World War, cynical, disdainful of the Victorian notions of morality and propriety of their elders and ambivalent about Victorian gender ideals.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lost_Generation   (635 words)

 Genesis of Free Power Generation
The design of the modern dc generator has difficulties in achieving the above configuration of the conductors since the generating element is the rotating conductor within the generator whereas, the entire outer circuit is a stationary loop connected to the loads.
It is thus seen that the modern view, as per which a generator has to be given energy by its prime mover so that the EMF generated in it can impart energy to the free electrons of the circuit conductor for the current to flow is a suspect and a debatable point.
The positive polarity of a generator has atoms that have lost their orbital electrons due to induction of EMF and, therefore, being positively charged, electrically attract loosely bound outer orbit's electrons of the neighbouring neutral atoms of the circuit conductor when the output switch is closed.
depalma.pair.com /Tewari/Chap7.html   (1654 words)

 The Lost Generation of 1914
"What allowed European intellectuals born between 1880 and 1900 to view themselves as a distinct generation was that their youth coincided with the opening of the twentieth century and their lives were the bifurcated by the Great War.
Those who survived into the decade of the 1920s perceived their lives as being neatly divided into a before, a during, and an after, categories most of them equated with the stages of life known as youth, young manhood, and maturity.
What bound the generation of 1914 together was not just their experiences during the war, as many of them later came to believe, but the fact that they grew up and formulated their first ideas in the world from which the war issued, a world framed by two dates, 1990 and 1914.
www.historyguide.org /europe/lost-gen.html   (642 words)

 Anabaptists: The World Today: The Lost Generation
The article called caring for the next generation "the single most devastating social, economic, and spiritual sinkhole of the early decades of the 21st century." The cost and the burden could be devastating to our economy.
Many boomers have lost their spiritual moorings and face old age and death depressed and unsure of their eternal destinies.
If you are of the boomer generation, and you have been living for the Lord, you have a great responsibility.
www.anabaptists.org /places/reaching/lost-gen.html   (669 words)

 ear fuzz: This Is The Lost Generation
This Is The Lost Generation has since appeared on a number of funk compilations and as soon as it starts it's not heard to see why.
Lowrell argues that the older generations have failed to follow up on their original push for change, "bleeding for a cause", as the new generation are losing their way.
Unlike many calls for change from the period, The Lost Generation choose to make their statement over the lushest of instrumentation, creating a song that, while powerful, seems embedded with a mournful sadness, as if resigned to failure.
www.earfuzz.com /2006/03/this-is-lost-generation.html   (366 words)

 Lost Generation, by Richard E. Kipling - CJR, Sept/Oct 91
The journalism schools continue to pump out graduates, but chances are that if the parchment says class of '91 or even class of '90, the graduate will be unable to break into the profession this year.
It is the wholesale squandering of a generation of talent that could come back to haunt already troubled newsrooms.
When this is all over, when newsrooms again start to hire young journalists, those newsrooms will have lost two or three years of fresh perspectives on newsgathering that a roomful of older journalists can't offer.
archives.cjr.org /year/91/5/lost_generation.asp   (1253 words)

In a democracy, every generation lives according to its wisdom; and as such, every generation is handed either a gift or a burden from those who came before, in the quality of education it receives.
To pick great leaders, citizens in a democracy must know enough about history, economics, science, religion, civics, and law–some of which will likely be learned only in school–to tell good policies from bad ones, to judge the qualities of their leaders, and to know when they are being deceived.
The transformation of Israel’s schools into among the finest on earth, from the elementary level to the universities, is the greatest challenge facing the Zionist enterprise in the next generation.
www.azure.org.il /magazine/magazine.asp?id=285   (1946 words)

 Ernst Rohm and the Lost Generation
The representative of a truly lost generation, he spoke in his self-revelation for those who came together after the First World War with vague but consistent feelings of opposition, of protest, in the Freikorps and armed nationalist associations, in order to transmute their incapacity for civilian life into extremist adventurism and criminality masquerading as nationalism.
Beyond such maxims of a general programme of fighting and killing, the SA did not in fact develop any marked ideological profile, and when Hitler saw in it the 'fanatical fighting unit of a great idea', here too the absoluteness of their fanaticism was more important to him than their strict ideological orthodoxy.
The general force of these observations is underlined by statistical evidence that crimes of violence of a non-political nature notably decreased in number during those years: the activity of the para-military formations evidently absorbed a part of the country's criminal energy.
www.ourcivilisation.com /smartboard/shop/festjc/chap11.htm   (5163 words)

 Overtime: The Lost Generation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
To quote the article: "Generation X (the roughly 50 million people born between 1965 and 1981) isn't getting the same attention, basically because their numbers are smaller than the generations before and after it."
Generation X. The MCs and DJs behind the Golden Age of Hip-hop were Gen Xers.
The bling group were put in charge of the asylum and the results are brawls and hawkin' record deals in the parking lot from the window of their SUV with the Gucci rims.
adandeblog.typepad.com /overtime/2006/05/the_lost_genera.html   (846 words)

 The Lost Generation @ mehallowk.bravehost.com - A Bravenet.com Hosted Site
The term “Lost Generation” was coined by Gertrude Stein to refer to a group of American literary notables who lived in Paris from the time period which saw the end of World War I to the beginning of the Great Depression.
The “Lost Generation” were said to be disillusioned by the large number of casualties of the Great World War, cynical, disdainful of the Victorian notions of morality and propriety of their elders.
For the topic of this paper, the Lost Generation will be those that came together in Paris during the 1920s, and two of their American contemporaries.
mehallowk.bravehost.com /lostgeneration.html   (5368 words)

 AETV.com Classroom Study Guides
Influenced by modernity and devastated by the carnage of World War I, this "Lost Generation" produced the literary masterpieces that have become staples of American fiction.
The members of the Lost Generation were trained in the European literary classics.
The Lost Generation was part of the Parisian avant garde.
www.aetv.com /class/admin/study_guide/archives/aetv_guide.0571.html   (806 words)

 The Cassutt Files
Lost surprised us all, with a terrific two-hour pilot that propelled the viewer into the series—and follow-up episodes that not only teased you with glimpses into the island's strange environment but explored and illuminated the lives and stories of the survivors before the crash.
Lost went up against the big guns of reality TV and sweeps stunts, and more than held its own.
The only one of the six "Lost Generation" projects not to make the schedule was UPN's Triangle, from the talented team of John Sakmer and Kerry Lenhart (Ed, StrangeLuck, the Mr.
www.scifi.com /sfw/issue424/cassutt.html   (927 words)

 The Lost Generation Poster Boy
It also made him the pin-up boy for “The Lost Generation,” a term coined by Gertrude Stein, a personal friend of Hemingway’s, after she overheard a conversation her mechanic was having.
“The Lost Generation,” term was added into the beginning of the book, and was forever linked to Hemingway as a personal stance, which he never really agreed with.
The message of his book was not to try and shed light on, nor explain “The Lost Generation,” but in fact, to show that while one generation comes, another one goes.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/learn_from_classics/79037/1   (516 words)

 lost_generation - Lost Generation RPG - Pictures
Below is information about the "Lost Generation RPG" community on GreatestJournal.
Welcome to Lost Generation, a Harry Potter RPG set in 1998 during the gang's seventh year at Hogwarts.
We regret to inform you that Lost Generation is closed.
www.greatestjournal.com /userinfo.bml?user=lost_generation   (357 words)

 Lesson Plan on   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Their generations were different; he felt that they were misunderstood.
The point of the book for him was "that the earth abideth forever," hence his use of the verse from Ecclesiastes from which the book’s title originates.
Students are to decide what they would call their own generation (as from 2nd video clip), and write a paragraph justifying the name they did.
www.suu.edu /faculty/cook/lostgeneration.htm   (661 words)

 Lost Generation - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Lost Generation - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Lost Generation, group of expatriate American writers residing primarily in Paris during the 1920s and 1930s.
A period of disillusion and cynicism that followed World War I (1914-1918) found expression in the writings of a group of Americans living in Paris...
encarta.msn.com /Lost_Generation.html   (125 words)

 Timor's lost generation
ZAIMITO sits slouched on the edge of a rusty metal drum, a thick iron pole clutched tensely in his fist, a makeshift sign announcing his roadblock across one of the muddy lanes of the ramshackle outer suburbs of the East Timorese capital of Dili.
To their own elders this new generation, which has grown up knowing only Indonesian rule, is now rebellious beyond reason, lacking the cultural brakes on violence they might have learnt if their identities as Timorese had been maintained.
But, ironically, it is the generation which has suffered the least physical deprivation and which is too young to remember the worst bloodshed of the war, between 1975 and '79, that is now the most lost.
www.etan.org /et/1999/february/15-21/20timo.htm   (2576 words)

 Chile’s Lost Generation
They represent two sides of a generation that was convulsed by an ideological struggle and permanently marked by the military coup of September 11, 1973.
Ortiz was on the losing side: her youthful dreams of a socialist revolution were crushed by the coup and her family shattered by repression.
Aside from a minority of politically active students, moreover, the regime’s tactics of intimidation and persuasion have produced a profound impact on the views of the post-coup generation.
www.aliciapatterson.org /APF1204/Constable/Constable.html   (2940 words)

 Ernest Hemingway Frequently Asked Questions @ lostgeneration.com
Hemingway was a little distressed that so much emphasis was placed on the phrase, and that he became the leader of the whole "Lost Generation" concept, when he really didn't agree with the idea at all.
He felt "there was no such thing as a lost generation" and that Gertrude Stein's comment was a piece of "splendid bombast." The vast majority of readers however, didn't see it that way, or couldn't see it that way.
Before the war he had gone to a Methodist college in Kansas and there is a picture of him and his fraternity brothers wearing the same type of collar - Hemingway's intimation that he had accepted religion before the war.
www.lostgeneration.com /hemfaq.htm   (2981 words)

 LitKicks: Lost, Beat and Hip
The phrase 'Beat Generation' was meant to echo Ernest Hemingway's description of his own crowd (which came of age during the First World War) as the 'Lost Generation,' a phrase Hemingway picked up from an off-hand remark made by Gertrude Stein.
Kerouac, a devout Catholic, explained many times that by describing his generation as beat he was trying to capture the secret holiness of the downtrodden.
In fact, this is probably the most central theme in Kerouac's work (think of the saintly hobos and lonely truck drivers of 'On The Road' and 'The Dharma Bums').
www.litkicks.com /BeatPages/page.jsp?what=LostBeatHip   (685 words)

 AMERASIAN: THE LOST GENERATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
After trashing the treaty providing and sustaining US military bases in the country, there has been no contingent actions on the Government’s part as how to care for the generation thus termed as ‘lost progeny’ – the product from the multiplication of two unknown people of two different races.
Although the problem already seemed to have been a far off concern only until the US military bases were completely washed out.
A large portion of this number lost favor and patience to attain an American citizenship.
www.usabound.org /amerasian_the_lost_generation.htm   (719 words)

Lost Generation Records are a new and highly motivated record company based in North West London,working in a variety of musical genres including but by no means limited to UK Hip Hop, Garage and Asian Underground.
As opposed to most labels in these genres we are focused on creativity, originality and innovation through music.
Look out for Badshah's mixtape "15 minutes" on the streets now where he proves once again why he is the hottest rapper on the UK scene.
www.lostgenerationrecords.com   (153 words)

 The Daily Transcript: A Lost Generation of Biologists
Over the past generation, the age at which American biomedical researchers with PhD degrees succeed in obtaining their first R01 award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has increased from 34.2 to 41.7 years of age.
As a consequence, those of us who conduct discovery research are confronting the prospect of a lost generation, a wide gap in our ranks, as bright young people look elsewhere to discover their career paths.
In general, it seems fairly obvious that the more different approaches people take for solving a problem, the more likely it is that one of them will work.
scienceblogs.com /transcript/2006/07/a_lost_generation_of_biologist.php   (2142 words)

 'Iraq: Legacy of Hate' : The Lost Generation
'Iraq: The Lost Generation' opens a window onto the hidden world of Iraqi youth, revealing the brutalisation and psychological trauma of living under military occupation.
Operating at great personal risk, a local Iraqi journalist and crew travelled widely throughout the country, outside the safety of the green zone, to document the lives of a range of young people whose hopes and dreams have been shattered by the occupation.
His sister, whose husband is bodyguard to a powerful Shia militia leader, proclaims she would be willing to die for her country.
www.informationclearinghouse.info /article15559.htm   (559 words)

 Hemingway's Paris - Part 2
Though several stories conjecture on how the Lost Generation came to be called thus, the most plausible seems to be this: One summer in Belley, while Gertrude Stein's Ford auto was in need of some repair, it was serviced quickly by a young garage mechanic at the hotel where she was staying.
When she mentioned the young man's efficiency to the proprietor, her friend M. Pernollet, he replied that boys of his age made good workers, though it was different with the ones who had gone to war.
When Hemingway heard the story at the rue de Fleurus, he decided to use the sentence "You are all a lost generation" (attributing it to Gertrude Stein) as an epigraph for his first novel, The Sun Also Rises, a story about the 'uncivilized', aimless lives of the very people M. Pernollet had in mind.
www.discoverfrance.net /France/Paris/Paris_Hemingway2.shtml   (1952 words)

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