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Topic: Lost and found

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  Lost -- And Found - Couric & Co.
Lost -- And Found - Couric and Co.
Here's something to rival the latest plot twist on "Lost." The Washington Post has an intriguing write-up this morning on a mystifying discovery off the coast of Crete: a sunken ship, nearly 2,000 years old, bearing some statues and assorted "junk." To wit:
Nine months later, an enterprising archaeologist cleared off a layer of organic material from one of the pieces of junk and found that it looked like a gearwheel.
www.cbsnews.com /blogs/2006/12/11/couricandco/entry2245139.shtml   (343 words)

  La Coctelera: Lost and Found - Inicio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Lost and found 3 : Metro trinity 4 comentarios
Lost and found 5: The Jeremiahs 3 comentarios
Lost and found 14: The Charlottes 4 comentarios
www.lacoctelera.com /lostandfound   (800 words)

 Lost and Found Pet Guidelines
If you have lost your pet or found a stray, first read what to do if you've lost or found a pet.
Lost dogs must be within 3 days of being lost, cats within 30, for both the sooner the better.
ree search and posting of lost and found pets, plus you can subscribe for free and have them email you whenever a new ad is posted by signing up for their R'Matching service.
www.phsspca.org /links_lost_pet.htm   (307 words)

 New River Valley Lost and Found Listings
Lost in the Alum Ridge area of Floyd County: a small light brown terrier with a red collar.
Lost or possibly stolen : Wolf is a Male Husky Puppy who is light grey and white,both of his ears stand up and he has a white tip on the end of tail,and one brown eye and one blue.
She was found in the Fairlawn area of Pulaski County off of Viscoe Road near Radford on 7/21/06 and she was picked up to be cared for on 7/25/06.
www.nrvanimalshelters.com /lostfound.htm   (5807 words)

 Lost and found - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A lost and found (American English) or lost property (British English), usually found at large public places, is where visitors can go to retrieve lost articles that may have been found by other visitors.
Frequently found at museums, amusement parks, schools, etc., a lost and found will typically be a box or room in a location near the main entrance.
Better organized lost and found offices will try to contact the owners of any lost items if there are any clues available (for example in the contents of a suitcase).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lost_and_found   (318 words)

 Lost and Found Pets
Knowing the fate of your lost companion, even if the news is sad, will give you and your family closure so be sure to ask about records of animals found injured or dead.
Distribute them door-to-door in the neighborhood where the animal was lost or found and post them at major intersections and along main streets in the area.
PAWS and many other shelters have "Lost and Found" stations within their facilities, and this is where you can post a sign.
www.paws.org /cas/lostfound   (836 words)

 Lost and Found-Band History
The Lost and Found was founded in 1973 by original members Allen Mills, Dempsey Young, Gene Parker and Roger Handy.
They were a group of guys "lost" in other kinds and styles of music until they "found" each other.
That was in 1973, and now the name The Lost and Found is one of the most respected and recognized names in bluegrass music.
www.lostandfoundbluegrass.com /profile.html   (382 words)

 Metro lost and found
A lost and found customer service representative will search the system for matching found items and if a match is found, you will be contacted by email or phone to verify that it is your item.
The Lost and Found office is conveniently located near the Silver Spring Metro station.
Metro Lost and Found staff members are available via telephone to provide assistance Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.
www.wmata.com /about/lostFound/default.cfm   (453 words)

 Lost & Found
Lost items turned in at Washington Dulles International Airport are usually kept at the local police station for 4 days.
The Dulles Central Lost and Found will attempt to return phone calls within 24 hours however, due to the high volume of calls received this is not always possible.
The fax number for the Central Lost and Found Office is 703-572-0186, e-mail (Dulles Lost and Found), or voice at 703-572-8479.
www.metwashairports.com /dulles/airport_services/lost_found   (670 words)

 WCLT Lost and Found
Found a Black male dog, not sure what type maybe a shnauzer, but not sure.
Found in the Granville/10th Street area Sat night.
Polmeranian Redish/Blond lost in the 11th st/Church st. area.
www.wclt.com /lostfound.cfm   (237 words)

 Amazon.com: Lost and Found: Music: Mudvayne   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
So, I gave this band another chance, and picked up "Lost and Found." But, if the new album wasn't a step up from its predecessor, I would begin to categorize Mudvayne as one of those bands spend their whole career trying to out-do their debut, but without success.
Before "Lost and Found" was released, I heard it described as "brutal and beautiful." I was skeptical of Mudvayne's ability to make something "beautiful" while at the same time being equally "brutal," and, after listening to this album several times, I can safely tell you it is neither.
It's safe to say that LOST AND FOUND is proof that Mudvayne can hold their own next to other well known and respected "art rock" artists.
www.amazon.com /Lost-Found-Mudvayne/dp/B0007WF1X2   (2604 words)

 Stanford Cat Network | Lost and Found
Report a lost or found cat in the San Francisco Bay and Penninsula area using the Lost and Found Form.
Lost and Found ads are usually placed at no charge.
Report your lost cat to area shelters, where it will be listed in a binder or card file.
catnet.stanford.edu /lostfound.html   (571 words)

 Portland International Airport - Lost and Found
The Portland International Airport (PDX) Lost and Found Office is located on the airport's baggage claim level across from carousel 10.
If you lost an item in the airport terminal, in a parking lot or garage, on a shuttle bus or the roadway in front of the terminal, e-mail the PDX Lost and Found Office or call one of the numbers above.
Some airlines' lost and found offices require that you leave a voice mail message with your name, phone number and a detailed description of the lost item.
www.flypdx.com /LostandFound.aspx   (274 words)

 Lost and Found (1996)
Lost and Found specializes in finding the misplaced, and what begins as a search for one man ultimately turns into a search for Lam's identity.
Less cheesy than it sounds, Lost and Found is a wonderful film that explores our relationship to death and the magical power of hope, and manages to do it with touching emotion and eloquence.
Lost and Found, a truly engaging character who’s played effectively by Takeshi Kaneshiro.
www.lovehkfilm.com /reviews/lost_and_found.htm   (470 words)

 Animal Services
If you have lost a pet and wish to file a lost report, please submit the form with all the appropriate information.
You are able to file a lost or found report via there website.
Multnomah County has computerized lost and found information for pet owners via website, but this does not take the place of coming to the shelter and looking in person.
www.co.multnomah.or.us /dbcs/pets/lostFound.shtml   (710 words)

 Lost and Found
The HSHC keeps lost and found reports and attempts to match these up as soon as possible on a daily basis.
When you contact us regarding your lost pet, please be ready to provide a detailed description of your pet and its last known location.
(Even collars and tags can occasionally be lost while your pet is loose!) A microchip kept current with your information is the only fail proof way for us to make sure your pet makes his or her way home.
www.hamiltonhumane.com /lost_found.htm   (576 words)

 Metro's Lost & Found
All items lost today, if found, will be received by the Lost and Found the following business day-please call after 10:30 to allow time to sort newly received items.
Found items are held for 30 days from the date of loss.
If the lost and found office is closed and you believe an emergency item such as a wallet or prescription medication is currently on a bus, call Metro Rider Information during their hours of operation at 206-553-3000.
transit.metrokc.gov /cs/lostnfound.html   (399 words)

 Lost and Found
State law requires that all facilities hold stray animals for a minimum period to allow the owner to claim it.
It is important to contact all animal facilities and shelters in the area where your pet was lost.
If you can't immediately locate the pet's owner, the law requires you to contact your local animal control agency to report the pet, or bring it to your local impound facility or shelter.
www.hstt.org /lost_found.htm   (154 words)

 Lost and Found-Dumb Friends League/Humane Society of Denver
To recover some of our operating expenses, owners are required to pay a fee for the first day we shelter their lost animals and for each additional day.
It’s also necessary for you to personally look for your pet, because the description you give over the phone may not be the same as another person would provide for that animal.
They may have a Lost and Found bulletin board in their offices.
www.ddfl.org /inlost.html   (693 words)

 Lost & Found
Lost items turned in at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport are kept at the local airport police sub-station located in Terminal B or at one of the four TSA security checkpoints for less than 48 hours.
You can contact the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Lost and Found Office by telephone on 703-417-0673 or by filling out Lost and Found Inquiry.
Please provide a detailed description of the item; date the item was lost; the approximate location where item was lost; your name and telephone number or e-mail address.
www.mwaa.com /reagan/airport_services_2/lost_found_2   (356 words)

 Special: Lost & Found Data Recovery Software
There was the couple with six months of fried financial records, the budding writer who lost over a month's worth of her great American novel and a number of other equally tragic (and clueless) situations.
The program can recover files lost due to disk crashes, corrupted media, system failure, even files that were unintentionally deleted from either your hard disk or removable media (any IDE, EIDE and SCSI disk-drives).
The only big drawback to Lost & Found is that you can only use the program on one system.
www.streettech.com /archives_Special/lostAndFound.html   (503 words)

 Lost and Found
The Lost and Found Unit is custodian for all items found and turned in by various departments on campus.
UTPD Lost and Found does not accept clothing, including coats and jackets.
Please be detailed in describing the item you have lost so we can tell your keys, for example, from the 30 other sets of keys turned in each month.
www.utexas.edu /police/services/lostandfound.php   (245 words)

 Forsyth County > Animal Control > Lost and Found
If you think your animal may be at the shelter please read the information on reclaiming your pet.
The site has a "Lost Pet" poster you can download that enables you to make flyers and posters of your own.
You can phone in a lost or found pet ad to Lassie Come Home at (336) 789-7900.
www.co.forsyth.nc.us /AnimalControl/lostandfound.aspx   (201 words)

 kyw.com - Lost and Found Pets
Kiki is lost in the vicinity of the Chester County Airport in Valley Township in Coatesville, PA. Anyone with information on Kiki's whereabouts should call Leslie Rice at 484-459-1179.
Ledger was lost outside The Oakmont National Pub around 11:00am on Thursday 2/23/06.
She was a chunky cat but the person who saw her recently said she has lost weight.
cbs3.com /pets/local_story_291113702.html   (1819 words)

 Fido Finder® - Where Lost Dogs Are Found
If your dog ever gets lost, and is found, you will be contacted and your beloved pet will be returned to you.
If your dog is ever lost, the person who has found your dog will be able to locate you based on the postal code in which the dog was found.
Fido Finder does not use the information gathered during registration for any purpose other than helping Lost Dogs find their homes.
www.fidofinder.com   (408 words)

 Lost and found pets Free classified ads
lost and found pet directory Your nan can even use us.
FOUND white & tabby tom cat Photos (1)
found stripe tabby cat, female, red collar with bell
lost-found-pets.vivastreet.co.uk /lost-found-pets   (67 words)

 Lost & Found - Bar, restaurant, night club, cafe in Helsinki, Finland. Entertainment, theatre, live show. Popular gay ...
Lost & Found - Bar, restaurant, night club, cafe in Helsinki, Finland.
Lost & Found: Bar, Restaurant, Cafe - The only hetero-friendly gay night club with live shows in Helsinki, Finland.
The only Hetero-friendly gay Night Club and restaurant in Helsinki.
www.lostandfound.fi   (268 words)

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