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Topic: Lost in Translation (book)

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  National Yiddish Book Center - Lost in Translation by Eva Hoffman
Lost in Translation recounts Hoffman's experiences as a young girl in Poland, her immigration to North America when she was thirteen, and the effect that this move had on her developing identity.
Lost in Translation is roughly organized chronologically and in three long sections, each comprised of smaller sections, several pages in length.
By the end of the book, she is no longer mourning what is lost in translation but embracing what is made intelligible by it.
yiddishbookcenter.org /story.php?n=10340   (2310 words)

  Lost in Translation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On its surface, Lost in Translation is a movie about culture shock between East and West, yet this reveals itself as a metaphor for more important themes of alienation and loneliness, and alternatively companionship.
Lost in Translation has been praised not only for Coppola's script and distinctive directing, but especially for Murray, who by most accounts gave the performance of his career.
Lost in Translation also received nominations for four Academy Awards : for best director (the first time an American woman was nominated for this award), best picture, best actor (Murray), and best original screenplay.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lost_in_Translation   (992 words)

 Australian Financial Review -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A translation is not that inimitable symphony, the very sounds of which move men and women to tears and ecstasy.
Translators also used omission, distortion and mistranslation to subvert the message and meaning of the Holy Book.
For the first time, readers of the Qur'an in translation are able to see that it is a commentary on the life of the Prophet Muhammad.
afr.com /articles/2004/08/12/1092102590851.html   (1463 words)

 "Lost in Translation" « Translating is an Art
A common misconception about the translator is that he or she is a living dictionary, taking a text in a foreign language and turning it into something a little more accessible to the target audience.
While online translation engines are a popular tool for anyone needing quick results, these often translate word for word and are unable to identify set expressions, resulting in a stilted approximation which lacks the fluency and natural feel of a text produced by a human being.
Translation, like any other career, has its drawbacks and it is important to be aware of these before considering a career move.
pbtranslations.wordpress.com /2007/08/23/lost-in-translation   (2119 words)

 [Infotrad] Lost in Translation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Rejecting such notions as the maternal instinct, her book attracted both controversy (it was banned by the Vatican) and sales (it sold more than 20,000 copies in France in its first week).
And the tone of the book itself -- analytical, almost cold -- invited one of the most frequent criticisms: that she was unsympathetic and even hostile to women and to motherhood.
And the tone of the book itself -- = analytical, almost cold -- invited one of the most frequent criticisms: = that she=20 was unsympathetic and even hostile to women and to motherhood.
llistes.uji.es /pipermail/infotrad/Week-of-Mon-20040830/000177.html   (2592 words)

 John Connolly
Successful translated works are therefore often the books that have themes and ideas that 'speak' to all of us; irrespective of idiom; and it is these works that demand recognition...
What does or doesn't get lost in translation seems a bit irrelevant to me. The point is that at the end of the day there is a book written in English, and that book can surely be judged against other books written in English.
Of course the CWA's timing of their announcement to exclude translations was atrocious (and, again, they should never have decided to do so in the first place); and, yes, saying that the award is still open to everyone, as long as the original text is in English, is adding insult to injury.
www.johnconnollybooks.com /2006/05/lost-in-translation.html   (4482 words)

 -- What is the Book of Mormon?
Joseph Smith's role in bringing the Book of Mormon to light began with his first major religious experience, later known as the "First Vision." On this occasion, while praying for religious guidance in a grove near his home, he said he was visited by Jesus and forgiven of his sins.
Those who witnessed the translation process described a scenario whereby Smith used "interpreters," later referred to by the biblical terms urim and thummim (crystals or eyeglasses that Smith said were buried with the plates) to translate the first 116 pages, with Harris as scribe.
There are fifteen smaller books in the Book of Mormon, contained within an initial section identified as the "Small Plates of Nephi." Following these, the "Large plates of Nephi" are said to have been kept by successive record-keeping prophets through generations and to have been condensed and abridged by Mormon.
www.signaturebookslibrary.org /essays/bookofmormon.htm   (1823 words)

 GreenBooks.TheOneRing.net™ | Ostadan's Lore & Letters | Lost in Translation
In a real sense, any translated work is a collaborative effort between the original author and the translator, much as a symphonic performance is a collaboration between the composer and the conductor.
For the result to have any artistry at all, the translator has to be as creative and capable in the language of translation as Tolkien was in his own.
Copyrights and trademarks for the books, films, and related properties mentioned herein are held by their respective owners and are used solely for promotional purposes of said properties.
greenbooks.theonering.net /ostadan/files/052403.html   (995 words)

 Lost Books Guest Reviews - Momo - Review by Emily Mah
Michael Ende is probably best known for his book The Neverending Story and it is unfortunate that this is one of only a handful of his books available in English.
This first section of the book is incredibly entertaining and easy to read, but as with The Neverending Story there is a sad moral to the tale.
Hence this shouldn't be a lost book; it should be a story that every child, and parent, knows well.
www.lostbooks.org /guestreviews/2001-01-25-4.html   (1503 words)

 The message is loud and clear in 'Lost in Translation': Director Sofia Coppola knows what she's doing, and Bill ...
But with "Lost in Translation," her gorgeous second film, Sofia Coppola forever retires her reputation as a lightweight feeding off the milk of nepotism.
The easy, smooth contours that she gives to "Lost" have the power to envelop and enchant us, to stir up thoughts and reflections that work in tandem with the film -- similar to the way our thoughts are engaged by a great novel or short story.
It's a treasure to not be crushed or overwhelmed by an excess of noise and style, and the aural palette of "Lost in Translation" is equally as important as its visual scheme.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/reviews/movies/LOSTINTRANSLATION.DTL&type=printable   (826 words)

 Total Quality Japanese: Lost in Translation
In the introduction to " Lost Japan," a book Alex Kerr originally wrote in Japanese, the author excused himself for having asked someone else to translate his own book into English.
Last week, I came across a Japanese book devoted to the history of just ten expressions: "shakai" (society), "kojin" (individual), "kindai" (modern), "bi" (beauty), "ren'ai" (romantic love), "sonzai" (existence), "shizen" (nature), "kenri" (rights), "jiyu" (freedom), and "kare/kanojo" (he/she).
Neither Japanese nor Chinese had a word at that time to represent the concept of "a collection of persons who are strangers but who share certain values." In 1868, when Fukuzawa translated a British textbook on political economy into Japanese, he had to explain the various different meanings of society as he went along.
www.cic.sfu.ca /tqj/JapaneseStudy/lostTrans.html   (1002 words)

 Lost in Translation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Lost in Translation is the story of that transition.
Without the detailed description of 13 years of unremarkable but clearly happy childhood in Poland it would be impossible to understand the sense of loss that stays with her for years after her arrival in Canada.
In fact, there were times reading this book when I decided Hoffman's parents probably had a far more interesting book in them than she did.
www.jp41.dial.pipex.com /R739.HTML   (671 words)

 Granta: Sample chapters
This book is aimed at the reader who is serious about confronting the big issues in life but is turned-off by books which deal with them through religion, spirituality or 'psycho-babble'.
Fergus Fleming's new book is a vivid, witty history of the disasters that ensued.
By Antonio Muñoz Molina, Translated by Sonia Soto
www.granta.com /books/chapters   (2929 words)

 Lost without translation, by Pierre Lepape
Books on the US and on Islam, not classified according to language, dominated non-fiction, from Michael Moore’s polemics to Emmanuel Todd’s analysis of US power (3).
An author might win the Nobel prize and be translated into 30 languages but his or her work does not qualify as world literature until it is piled high on a prominent table in a Barnes and Noble megastore.
Each book editor is seen as the commercial agent of a "start-up company" - meaning the author; testing its viability in a market still hampered in its development by a multiplicity of languages and cultural segmentation.
mondediplo.com /2004/05/15literature   (1734 words)

 maisonneuve :: eclectic curiosity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
But it’s a helluva lot easier to quantify the translation of textbooks, instruction manuals and other books of workmanlike prose—where the only thing to be translated is the sense of the thing and not its rhythms, metaphors and spirit—than it is to quantify the translation of poetry and other literature.
Both of these books are stirring and disturbing works of poetry, but their publication depended on a blend of good fortune, tenacity and financial sacrifice.
Brask laments that “the activity of literary translation is not considered a legitimate art form” in Canada; he believes it should be, “because literary translators living here and small publishers could pursue foreign work that would have relevance to literary issues in Canada.
www.maisonneuve.org /blog/index.php?itemid=326   (2721 words)

 lost in translation: infinitytermpapers.com- an infinite amount of term papers, essays, book reports, research papers,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Of course, I am reading a translation of a Japanese folktale and as is often the case, a lot could have been lost in the process.
Looking for a term paper on "lost in translation?" infinitytermpapers.com can help you find a free term paper abstract on "lost in translation." infinitytermpapers.com can provide you with 5967 free abstracts from term paper written by the best students on your subject.
If you can not find a term paper on "lost in translation", professional writers at infinitytermpapers.com can write you a custom term paper on lost in translation.
infinitytermpapers.com /term-papers/3134/lost-in-translation.html   (380 words)

 THE MYSTERY READER reviews: Lost in Translation by Nicole Mones
Lost in Translation neatly describes this first novel by Nicole Mones.
Lost in Translation is not just a character study or a travel book, however.
In the forefront is the story of the expedition's search for Peking Man, thwarted by the age of the trail and the paranoia of the Chinese government, assisted by their intelligence, intuition, and luck.
www.themysteryreader.com /mones-lost.html   (738 words)

 Poynter Online - Lost in Translation
So you'd think that books in translation would by now be entering a golden age in the United States.
Translations, it appears, are not immune to the nauseating dependence on a relative handful of books — this summer, Harry Potter, Hillary Clinton and "The Da Vinci Code" are three prime examples — to make or break the book business in a given year.
Those seven books were then submitted to a panel of French-speaking Americans who narrowed it down to the winner: Sijie Dai's "Balzac and the Chinese Seamstress," a slim novel that tells the tale of two teenagers who survive the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
www.poynter.org /column.asp?id=57&aid=47228   (1394 words)

 Arizona Summer Wildcat - Lost in translation - Wednesday, July 21, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
When Mazur urged Pinksy to translate the entire book for his publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Mazur agreed to work with him on the project by illustrating the book.
Countless hours of translating and dozens of etchings later, arguably the most refined translation of Dante's "Inferno" to date was published in 1994.
However, Mazur believes Pinky's translation was done in such a sophisticated way that people can actually understand what is going on in the book even though, as always, much is lost in translation.
wildcat.arizona.edu /papers/97/157/04_1.html   (909 words)

 Scotsman.com News - Entertainment - Arts - Poetry of Burns lost in translation to Japanese   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
But the great poet has never gone down well in Japan, and new research reveals that this is because his work is lost in translation.
It is understood that while Burns’ works have been translated into many languages, this is the first time they have been converted back from a foreign language to English.
McClure, 60, who was awarded an MBE in 2002 for services to Scottish culture, said: "A stated purpose of the translation is to render Burns’ meaning into easily readable Japanese, and superficially that is precisely what the translator has done, but at the cost of a major part of the poetic effect.
news.scotsman.com /arts.cfm?id=1071112004   (463 words)

 Lost in translation - Washington Blade
The detox referred to in the book’s title is the four years between the end of the author’s own talk show and her one-year contract to host “The View,” Barbara Walters’ hit ABC talk show.
The bulk of the book describes O’Donnell’s readjustment to a life of fame, the difficulty she faced in maintaining a normal family life while working on “The View” and her ego clashes with various “View”-related celebrities, most notably Walters and Donald Trump.
AN UNDERLYING THEME in the book is the loss of O’Donnell’s mother, who died before the comedian had a chance to form a full mother/daughter relationship, so Walters begins to take on the mother role in O’Donnell’s life.
www.washblade.com /2007/10-26/arts/books/11467.cfm   (594 words)

 The Flick Filosopher | Lost in Translation, American Splendor, The Station Agent   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Even in one scene featuring a translator for Bob, on the set of the Suntory whiskey commercial he's shooting, the disconnect is clear...
But nothing is lost in the translation of bringing this naturalistic tale to life, stripping the clichéd "male midlife crisis" bare and turning it into a turning point that we all, male and female, can identify with.
It couldn't be a clearer reminder that we're watching a pretend approximation of reality, but it works to bring Pekar to life on film the way that he brought himself to life in his graphic novels, which, though written by Pekar, were illustrated by many different artists with widely varying styles.
www.flickfilosopher.com /flickfilos/archive/2003/reality.shtml   (1506 words)

 Books | Lost in translation
If literature is a world map on which, in TS Eliot's words, "all time is eternally present", the novels of the Icelander Halldor Laxness are landmarks as significant as the sagas that cast their oppressively magnificent shadow over Icelandic story telling for 800 years.
The first of his books to read is the marvellous The Fish Can Sing (Brekkukotsannall), the story of a boy, Alfgrimur, abandoned to the care of his grandparents on the outskirts of Reykjavik.
Marie Darrieussecq's first book, Pig Tales (1998), is clearly a version of Kafka's The Metamorphosis for a later age.
books.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,5226568-99930,00.html   (1635 words)

 "Lost in Translation" by Edward Willett
Lost in Translation, not to be confused with the film of the same name starring Bill Murray.
S’sinn Translators were few and far-flung among the Seven Races; at this time and this place, he was the only one available, though he had never Translated with humans before.
Facing the S’sinn Translator, all she could think of was the first time she’d seen a S’sinn this close, and the memory threatened to send her screaming from the room.
www.edwardwillett.com /lostintranslation.htm   (5331 words)

 Nicole Mones - Lost in Translation - Book Club FAQs
With each book I have picked a different backdrop, deeply researched it, and used it to create a world around my story.
The idea for Lost in Translation came to me when I myself was working as a translator on an archeological expedition to Ningxia and Inner Mongolia in 1991.
The other inspiration for Lost in Translation was definitely the life of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
nicolemones.com /lost-in-translation-book-club-faqs.html   (1296 words)

 The SF Site Featured Review: Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation is a space opera where humans and a bat-like race, the S'sinn, are locked in a bitter interplanetary feud which risks degenerating into an all out war.
While Lost in Translation has a nice message of cooperation and acceptance between widely differing life forms, and probably would entertain most juvenile readers, a number of things make it difficult to suspend disbelief and "buy into" the story as an adult.
Lost in Translation has some good action scenes and an interesting premise, but perhaps the author's seeming attempt to meld a fantasy-type feudal society with space opera elements wasn't the best idea.
www.sfsite.com /08a/lt205.htm   (742 words)

 No longer lost in translation - The Boston Globe
I got a translation from the 1920s out of the library -- though noting, with a professional reader's dismay, that the book was well over 1,000...
I got a translation from the 1920s out of the library -- though noting, with a professional reader's dismay, that the book was well over 1,000 pages long.
I had recently read Nunnally's translation of Hans Christian Andersen's ''Fairy Tales" (Viking, $27.95) and found that her brisk, clean English made the stories as sharply scary and wondrously weird as they had seemed when I was very young and tolerant of stuffy, pretentious prose.
www.boston.com /ae/books/articles/2006/01/15/no_longer_lost_in_translation   (1020 words)

 Lost Book Syndrome - translation & update - Notes from Classy's Kitchen
The state of depression you find yourself in after a longish search for a particularly rare fact on the internets - when you realize that the best book on that subject is on a bookshelf at home, forgotten because of its uncool lack of digitality.
Domus Regiae when someone borrowed the central book on Life Mode Analisis from my CDR-shelves, just because his girlfriend's father was the one who took the picture on the cover.
The problem is of course that you never carry your books around, they are somewhere in the back of your closet.
www.classy.dk /log/archive/002372.html   (514 words)

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