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Topic: Lothar I of Supplinburg

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  Lothar II, Holy Roman Emperor
The sole member of the house of Supplinburg to hold the titles, Lothar II (1075-1137) became duke of Saxony in 1106, king of Germany in 1125 and Holy Roman Emperor in 1133.
Lothar faced opposition through most of his reign from Frederick II[?], the Hohenstaufen duke of Swabia, whom he had defeated in the election to the kingship (the usual preliminary to accession as emperor), and Frederick's brother Conrad III.
The son of Gebhard, count of Supplinburg, and Hedwig, countess of Formbach, Lothar married Richensia of Nordheim.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/em/Emperor_Lothar_II.html   (136 words)

 History of Stormarn County
1111: Duke Lothar of Saxonia-Supplinburg (1106 Duke, 1125 King, 1133-1137 German emperor) gives Count Adolf I von Schauenburg the county Holstein with Stormarn as a lend.
According to an old map the border is south the places Itzehoe, Kellinghusen, Sarlhusen and Neumuenster.
1138: After decease of emperor Lothar the new emperor Konrad III.
www.peter-doerling.de /Englisch/Genealogy/History/History.htm   (1390 words)

 Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lothair III of Supplinburg (1075 – 1137), was Duke of Saxony (1106), King of Germany (1125), and Holy Roman Emperor from 1133 to 1137.
Lothair III is thus seen as a successor of Emperor Lothair I (ruled 843-855) and King Lothair II of Lotharingia (ruled 855-869), most of whose kingdom was eventually absorbed into Germany.
He was a posthumous child, born in June 1075 shortly after his father, Gebhard of Supplinburg, died in battle against the Emperor Henry IV.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lothar_of_Supplinburg   (1411 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-19)
The lion is what one might anticipate for the counts of Nörvenich, who inherited a significant part of their jurisdiction from the counts of Hochstaden – the most senior of the later Ezzoner lines – and whose cadet line, the house of Saffenberg, received an eagle.
Yet the lion may well derive from the counts of Jülich, and it is no less conceivable that the Nörvenich shield devised in Lothar of Supplinburg’s reign was among the floral designs of the ‘counts of Cologne’.
The implication of the Alfter lion is that the counts of Nörvenich received a lion shield in Lothar of Supplinburg’s reign, on which the Alfter lion was modelled some time later.
www.personal.psu.edu /users/d/c/dcj121/prosop/counts/countyA/addto30b.htm   (566 words)

 Saxony - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-19)
After the extinction of the male line of Billungs, the duchy was given to Lothar of Supplinburg, who then also became Emperor for a short time.
In 1137 Saxony was passed to the Welfen dynasty, who were descendants (1) of Wulfhild Billung, eldest daughter of the last Billung duke, and (2) of the daughter of Lothar of Supplinburg.
It reached its peak under Duke Henry the Lion, and after his death it began to decline (Henry had declined to participate the later Italian wars of his liege lord, Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, and those expeditions to Italy ended in distasters.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Sachsen   (1193 words)

 The Light & the Dark: VADEMECUM - THE STAUFER ERA I
Lothar III, Duke of Saxony, was emperor from 1125 to 1137.
He conducted war with his rivals, the Staufer, and went twice to Italy, in 1133 and in 1137; on June 4, 1133, he was crowned as emperor in Rome.
Duke Henry X the Proud had also been a candidate for the throne; as the next of kin of Lothar III he claimed the Duchy of Saxony, but Conrad, not wanting him to make so powerful, deposed him as Duke of Bavaria.
home.wanadoo.nl /piet.fontaine/volumes/staufer.htm   (2701 words)

 My Lines - Person Page 183
She was the daughter of Lothar II von Supplinburg, Kaiser der Römisches Reich and Erbin von Northeim Richenza von Northeim.
Lothar II von Supplinburg, Kaiser der Römisches Reich was buried in Königslutter, east of Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany.
She married Lothar II von Supplinburg, Kaiser der Römisches Reich, son of Gebhard, Graf von Supplinburg and Gräfin von Supplinburg Hedwig von Formbach, circa 1100.
homepages.rootsweb.com /~cousin/html/p183.htm   (8079 words)

 Lotharingia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-19)
The core of the duchy of Lotharingia consisted of those parts of Lothar II’s kingdom which fell to the eastern king, Louis the German, in 870 by the treaty of Meersen.
Under Emperor Lothar of Supplinburg there were two contemporaneous counts palatine.
It is not unlikely that the vestige of the landgravial office supported this constitutional conception, which was suppressed by Lothar’s successor Konrad III.
www.personal.psu.edu /users/d/c/dcj121/prosop/offices/lothar.htm   (1625 words)

 [No title]
Such was the case after the decline and extinction of the Salian Dynasty, when the princes elected Lothar III of Supplinburg King, in 1125.
King and Emperor Lothar III firmly supported Pope Innocent II against his adversary, Anti-Pope Anaclet II, who had assumed power in Rome, assisted by the Normanic Kingdom in Sicily and in Southern Italy.
After the death of Lothar III († 1138), Pope Innocent II also favoured his successor, King Conrad III, who was the beginner of the famous royal and imperial stock of the Staufens († 1152).
www.carantha.net /the_dynasty_of_carantania_and_their_relations_with_france_m.htm   (4797 words)

 "L" Famous People
Lothar I (795-855) Holy Roman Emperor and King of Italy (818-55)...
Lothar III (1060-1137) King of Germany (as Lothar II) and of Italy.
Lothar III von Supplinburg (c.1075-1137) King of Germany (1125-37) and Holy Roman Emperor (from 1133).
www.jonathanselby.com /Lfam   (14808 words)

 Crusades - Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-19)
Lothar of Saxony destroys the Wendish temple at Rethra
Lothar of Saxony and Supplinburg elected King of the Romans
Lothar's enemies elect Conrad of Hohenstaufen as King of the Romans
crusades.boisestate.edu /timeline/1121-1144.shtml   (621 words)

This arose from the outstanding importance(meaning) which had the county in the Thuringian history(story).
The house the Ludowinger - got 1130 so named because most of the male members led the name Ludwig - by emperor Lothar III of Supplinburg the county Thuringia to the fief.
The cultural performances(achievements) the Ludowinger are known to this day.
www.peter-marquardt.com /coats-of-arms/thuringia.html   (2721 words)

  On the death of Heinrich V in 1125, the succession ignored his Hohenstaufen natural heirs and went outside the royal family for the first time (in the person of Lothar II).
  The Hohenstaufen Konrad III eventually succeeded Lothar II and passed the throne to his nephew Friedrich I. The Hohenstaufen lost the throne again during the minority of Friedrich II and the civil war between Philipp of Swabia and Otto IV of Brunswick.
Son of Gebhard of Supplinburg; elected king (Emperor 1133)
www-personal.umich.edu /~imladjov/GermanRulers.htm   (2547 words)

 LOTHAIR II - Online Information article about LOTHAIR II
count of Supplinburg, belonged to a See also:
des Deutschen Reiches unter Lothar (Berlin, 1843); W. Bernhardi, Lothar von Supplinburg (Leipzig, 1879) ; O. von Heinemann, Lothar der Sachse and Konrad III.
HALLE (known as HALLE-AN-DER-SAALE, t0 distinguish it from the small town of Halle in Westphalia)
encyclopedia.jrank.org /LOB_LUP/LOTHAIR_II.html   (1520 words)

 [No title]
The political development of Pomerania, accompanied by devastating military campaigns, was as turbulent as the process of its conversion to Christianity had been smooth and even.
In 1135, the Polish Duke Boleslaw II was compelled to accept Pomerania-Stettin as a fief from Lothar von Supplinburg, so that the territories of the Gryphon Duke came within the sphere of influence of the Holy Roman Empire.
Somewhat later, the powerful Duke of Saxony became involved.
members.tripod.com /~radde/PolandDenmark.html   (1147 words)

 The Margraves of Meissen
He took over the Mark Meissen 1123 from his murdered cousin Henry II.
The emperor Henry V. gave the Mark of Meissen as a len to count Wieprecht von Groitzsch, so Konrad allied with Lothar von Supplinburg, who became later king (1125) and emperor (1133) - and conquered the Mark Meissen.
By his good relationship to the king Konrad achieved important enlargements of its rule area.
www.die-sachsen-kommen.de /en/mark.htm   (387 words)

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