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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Lotion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lotions are usually applied to external skin with bare hands, a clean cloth, cotton wool or gauze.
The key components of a lotion emulsion are the aqueous and oily phases, an emulgent to prevent separation of these two phases, and, if used, the drug substance or substances.
Lotions also have an advantage in that they may be spread thinly compared to a cream or ointment and may economically cover a large area of skin.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lotion   (317 words)

 Hand lotion
Therefore, it is disturbing that alpha tocopherol acetate is the form of vitamin E used in most commercial skin lotions and creams while the active mix of alpha tocopherol, beta tocopherol, gamma tocopherol, and delta tocopherol are not being utilized.
Shea butter lotions are used by massage therapists and spas due to its non-greasy after feel and effective softening results.
Vitamin C hand lotion is great for rough, dry hands as well as being a necessity for overall healthy skin.
www.rxlist.com /rxboard/general.pl?noframes;read=2198   (6775 words)

 Hemp Lotion
This moisturizing lotion is perfect for dry hands or feet, and can be used for overall skin protection and repair.
Vitamin A in lotions and creams is a necessity for overall healthy skin and a great complexion.
This moisturizing lotion is perfect > for dry hands or feet, and can be used for > overall skin protection and repair.
www.rxlist.com /rxboard/alternatives.pl?noframes;read=594   (7129 words)

 Medication Guide for Lindane Lotion
Lindane Lotion is a medicine that is used to treat scabies.
Lindane Lotion is mainly for adults and children who weigh at least 110 pounds.
If you are pregnant, do not use Lindane Lotion, or apply Lindane Lotion to others unless it is needed and you have talked to your doctor about using it.
www.fda.gov /cder/drug/infopage/lindane/lindaneLotionGuide.htm   (1632 words)

 Pynchon - Music: Lotion
As the apocryphal story goes, Pynchon is the client of a banker who is the mother of Rob Youngberg, a band member.
Seeing Lotion's first album, Full Isaac, on her desk one day, Pynchon's curiosity was piqued and after hearing the band he offered to write liner notes for their next album.
Interestingly, Lotion has become something of a featured band on WB's TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and have made an appearance on the show, playing a gig at the Bronze.
www.themodernword.com /pynchon/pynchon_music_lotion.html   (1050 words)

The 4 A.D.E. Lotions of your choice can be Unscented, the same scent, or each one different.
It is a body softening lotion with a light silky feel.
If you are not sure which Lotion is right for you, try them all in one of our sample packs before ordering a larger Bottle.
silkyscents.com /lotion.htm   (786 words)

 Lotion live at Universalbuzz.com!!!
NYC’s Lotion had difficulties nailing a following here in the States, but in the UK, they found themselves stars.
After recording 1993’s Tear Ep, on Kokopop, Lotion relocated to another indie label, Spin-Art and SP licensed the band in England thru Big Cat.
Lotion toured Europe in 1995, then put out The Agnew Funeral that Fall.
www.universalbuzz.com /catalogresults.asp?ArtistNumber=98   (161 words)

 Goth Rosary - Products
This line of lotions are very different to what is out there commercially.
The lotion has a perfect consistency for me, not too thick or too thin.
I am very glad you've come out with a lotion, because it's another way to layer your scents and the quality is great.
www.gothrosary.com /lotions.cfm   (1059 words)

 Handmade Soap from Lotion Lady Handmade Soap
Lotion Lady on KUSI, channel 9 in San Diego
Both the lotion and the cream are virtually unscented.
Women love it too, because they don't have to worry about conflicting scents and both also are available in an absolutely unscented version.
www.lotionlady.com   (392 words)

 MaMa Lotion
This remarkable gel-lotion is the ultimate agent for those wanting to get more out of their anti-aging routines.
Because of the protective and moisturizing qualities of malic acid, this lotion takes about 10-15 minutes to fully sink into the skin.
A bit sticky at first, the MaMa lotion will dry to an ultra smooth, glowing finish that will draw compliments throughout the day.
www.beautyhabit.com /mama.lotion.html   (107 words)

 We have the best best body lotion products online
This light lotion is good for the whole body, yet moisturizes better than some heavier lotions.
The lotion “feeds” the skin, quickly replenishing moisture and restoring softness without leaving an oily after feel unlike most others (which are petroleum or mineral oil products).
If you are looking for the best body lotion, body lotion womens products or body coconut lotion you will find we have what you need.
www.bodybym.com /site/1534731/page/598460   (371 words)

 Tanning lotion and tanning lotion accessories for wholesale prices.
Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan, and a indoor tanning lotion allows you go get that tan without the harmful drying effects of the sun.
Hempz Cannabis Sativa Herbal Moisturizing Lotion is the next generation of organic body moisturizers, providing dramatic skin hydration through the use of Natural Hemp Seed Extract and pure Vitamin E.This exclusive herbal formula blends Ginseng Shea Butter and natural extracts of Cucumber, Chamomile, Calendula and Comfrey to calm, cool and soothe skin.
The benifits of using tanning lotion are great, and there are many different kinds of products on todays market.
www.lotion4you.com   (591 words)

 Lotion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Put the lotion on as shown by your nurse.
Once open areas heal, you can use lotion instead of Silvadene (thermazene)or Vaseline.
Below is a list of drug stores that currently have Elta on the shelves.
viper.med.unc.edu /surgery/burncent/GarmentCare/lotion.html   (253 words)

 Lotion Recipies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
If a thinner lotion is desired, more water can be added.
The lotion must be reheated, a double boiler works best.
Use a funnel or a pouring pitcher to fill lotion bottles.
www.craftybubbles.com /lotion_recipies.htm   (142 words)

 Pure Botanicals | Handmade Skincare Products With Natural Botanical Extracts
A rich botanical lotion with a Chamomile essential oil blend, floral waters, Irish Moss and the finest oils for skin care.
The lotion base is handmade from scratch and only premium ingredients are used.
A very fine lotion to restore the skin's moisture and soothe.
www.purebotanicals.com /scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=29   (196 words)

 Skin Care Products, Online Dermatologist, Skin Type Profiler, Naturally Fresh Newsletter : St. Ives
Start with body washes to enliven followed by lotions that leave skin visibly healthy and beautiful.
Ives lotions are tested in Switzerland and provide 200% more moisture immediately.
Use prior to applying lotion for the ultimate in visibly healthy skin.
www.stives.com /skin-care-products/lotion-fragrant-whipped-silk-moisturizer.cfm   (370 words)

 Soft-E-Care - Stretch Marks Lotion, Omega-3, Coromega, Vitamin E.
Soft-E-Care - Stretch Marks Lotion, Omega-3, Coromega, Vitamin E. Soft-E-Lotion™ is a proactive lotion that soaks your skin with a nourishing combination of natural ingredients.
This lotion works great for preventing pregnancy stretch marks.
To ensure maximum skin repair and protection, our lotion contains over 5% all natural Vitamin E. Our Soft-E-Lotion™ works great as a hand lotion, body lotion, after tanning lotion, and for stretch marks.
www.softecare.com   (386 words)

 Anti-Fungal Lotion
Anti-Fungal Lotion is a topical formulation to help relieve symptoms associated with skin disorders such as dryness, itching, irritation, burning, and pain while promoting healing.
Antifungal Lotion is proven effective in the treatment of; Athletes Foot, Jock Itch, and Ringworm.
This Anti-Fungal Lotion provides effective relief from itching, scaling, burning, irritation, and discomfort associated with athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm.
www.evitamins.com /product.asp?pid=2415   (455 words)

 Amazon.com: Lotion: Music: Greenskeepers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
EQ Recordings present the cd single release of the massive hit, 'Lotion'.
Lotion is currently available for viewing and download at www.greenskeepersmusic.com.
Lotion was voted #90 by Triple J listeners on the recently announced 2005 Triple J Hottest 100.
www.amazon.com /Lotion-Greenskeepers/dp/B000A2H0WO   (487 words)

 Bath and Body by Tracy, Emu, Lotion
You could almost say it is a Whipped Lotion (almost a Cream).
Yes, this lotion may cost more than some, but it's not manufactured by a huge company either.
This is not made from a manufactured lotion base.
www.bathandbodybytracy.com /Lotion.html   (179 words)

 Welcome to the Lotion Puff Home Page
After the bath Lotion Puff can easily place soothing lotion on all your body's hard to reach spots.
It's wonderful how the super soft, Puff can easily stroke lotion onto your back to cool and sooth the itch you've been unable to reach before Lotion Puff
LOTION PUFF is a registered Trademark of LOTION PUFF CORPORATION in San Antonio, Texas U.S.A. © 2003, Lotion Puff, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
www.lotionpuff.com   (136 words)

 Pynchon - Essays: Liner notes to Lotion's "Nobody's Cool"
Pynchon - Essays: Liner notes to Lotion's "Nobody's Cool"
The name of Lotion's first album is Full Isaac, which besides getting instant screams of recognition from Love Boat rerun watchers everywhere, shows an attentive nostalgia at work -- not to mention some dream of an endless cruise, upon which Nobody's Cool is the next leg of the band's creative itinerary.
Find the remote, get out the Snapple and Chee-tos, and like the Love Boat staff always sez, welcome aboard.
www.themodernword.com /pynchon/pynchon_essays_lotion.html   (293 words)

 Quench Body Lotion - Extra Dry
Quench Body Lotion is available in three non-greasy formulas:
Normal to Dry Skin - Features chamomile, intense conditioners and a lively apricot scent.
Sensitive Skin - Formulated with aloe vera, intense conditioners and it's fragrance free.
www.olay.com /boutique/olaybodylotion/products/bl1002   (194 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with lotion
Natural Synthetic-Free Massage and Body Lotions, Massage Oil Holster, and Essential Oil Bath...
At Huckleberry Bath Scents, we care about the lotion and bath products you use on your skin....
You can assign as many tags as you wish to each photo.
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/lotion   (142 words)

 Lotion - Products for Lotion - Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers,Traders,Companies,Factories
This body lotion moisturizes, softens and leaves a fresh and ligh
We can supply bath lotion in a variety of types and colors.
This is light, fast-absorbing lotion that helps bring out the ski
www.alibaba.com /productsearch/Lotion.html   (605 words)

 United States Body Lotion - Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory, Exporters, Factories, OEM
Organic body lotion from a botic company in santa monica la, ca.
Sooth your dry skin with this moisturizing lotion.
Skin Renu Lotion is a complex blend of essential fatty acids and
www.alibaba.com /countrysearch/US-suppliers/Body_Lotion.html   (508 words)

 Cream Lotion by Soap Angel
Handmade soap, natural soap, bath salt and lotion by Soap Angel
This creamy body lotion is formulated with the finest skin-loving ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil and Aloe Vera extract.
Our nourishing formula will moisturize and soothe your skin without unnecessary fillers or colorants.
www.soapangel.com /lotion.htm   (48 words)

 Greenskeepers- It Rubs The Lotion On It's Skin @ Transbuddha
Greenskeepers- It Rubs The Lotion On It's Skin @ Transbuddha
Greenskeepers- It Rubs The Lotion On It's Skin
To rate videos, you need to enable Javascript in your browser.
www.transbuddha.com /mediaHolder.php?id=23   (75 words)

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