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Topic: Louis XIV

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  Louis XIV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Richelieu died in 1642 and Louis XIII followed him to the grave a few months later, leaving to others the task of completing their work, The great cardinal was replaced by an Italian adventurer named Mazarin (1602-1661), who was also a prince of the Church.
Louis was only of medium height and could scarcely have been called handsome, but he possessed a natural dignity and a commanding appearance that left no one in doubt that he was every inch a king.
Louis curbed the authority of the local royal officials who purchased or inherited their offices and of the elected town officials by expanding the duties of the intendant.
mars.wnec.edu /~grempel/courses/wc2/lectures/louisxiv.html   (2208 words)

  Royalty.nu - French Royal History - Louis XIV, King of France
Louis XIV and the Parlements: The Assertion of Royal Authority by John Jeter Hurt.
The Affair of the Poisons: Murder, Infanticide and Satanism at the Court of Louis XIV by Anne Somerset.
Louis XIV and the Origins of the Dutch War by Paul Sonnino.
www.royalty.nu /Europe/France/LouisXIV.html   (3090 words)

  Louis XIV of France information - Search.com
Louis XIV considered its construction one of the greatest achievements of his reign, which, along with the Chateau de Versailles, is one of the largest and most extravagant monuments in Europe, extolling a king and his country.
Louis XIV sent his troops into the Palatinate in 1688 after the ultimatum to the German princes to ratify the Truce of Ratisbon and confirm his possession of annexed territories, as well as to recognise his sister-in-law's claims, expired.
Thus Louis XIV's five-year-old great-grandson Louis, Duc d'Anjou, the younger son of the Duc de Bourgogne and Dauphin upon the death of his grandfather, father and elder brother, succeeded to the throne and was to reign as Louis XV of France.
www.search.com /reference/Louis_XIV_of_France   (6564 words)

  Louis XIV of France Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Louis XIV (the Sun King, pronounced "Louie Ka-torz") (September 5, 1638 - September 1, 1715) reigned as king of France from May 14, 1643 to September 1, 1715.
King Louis XIV died on September 1, 1715 and was buried in Saint Denis Basilica in Paris.
According to the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville, Louis XIV's weakening of the nobility, coupled with his oppression of the peasantry, contributed to the political, social and economic instabilities that eventually led to the French Revolution.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/l/lo/louis_xiv_of_france.html   (1354 words)

 Louis XIV (1638-1715)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Louis was nine years old when the nobles and the Paris Parlement (a powerful law court), driven by hatred of the prime minister Cardinal Jules Mazarin, rose against the crown in 1648.
Louis XIV was not wrong, as some have claimed, to remove himself from unhealthful and tumultuous Paris, but he erred in breaking with the wandering tradition of his ancestors.
Louis XIV was the foremost example of the monarchy that brought France to its pinnacle.
www.hfac.uh.edu /gbrown/philosophers/leibniz/BritannicaPages/Louis-XIV/Louis-XIV.html   (2658 words)

In the "Mémoires" of Louis XIV a whole theory of the relations between Church and State is expounded.
Concordat of Francis I placed a large number of benefices at the disposal of Louis XIV; he felt that the appointment of bishops was the most critical part of his kingly duty, and the bishops whom he appointed were, in general, very well chosen.
Louis XIV was particularly fond of taking a hand in doctrinal matters; and those who surrounded him ended by believing that the king could supervise the Church and supply it with information on
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09371a.htm   (4792 words)

 Louis XIV, le Roi Soleil
Quand il a cinq ans, son père Louis XIII meurt, et il devient roi de France.
Louis XIV choisit le soleil pour emblème. Le soleil, c'est Apollon, dieu de la paix et des arts ; c'est aussi l'astre qui donne vie à toutes choses, qui est la régularité même, qui se lève et qui se couche.
A l'instar du dieu, Louis XIV, héros guerrier, ramène la paix ; il protège les arts, il est le dispensateur de toutes les grâces.
www.chateauversailles.fr /fr/210_Louis_XIV_le_Roi_Soleil.php   (410 words)

 Louis XIV - The Sun King   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Louis XIV of France ranks as one of the most remarkable monarchs in history.
Louis XIV was a great monarch, and he was capable of maintaining strong kingdom because he never, in his entire life, doubted his right to be king.
Louis XIV became the ideal king, and many have tried unsuccessfully to live up to his glory.
www.louis-xiv.de /index.php?t=start&a=start   (353 words)

 Louis XIV the Sun King
Louis XIV was born at the Royal chateau in Saint-Germain-en-Laye in 1638.
In 1660, Louis XIV married Maria Theresa, Infanta of Spain.
Like Apollo, the warrior-king Louis XIV brought peace, was a patron of the arts, and dispensed his bounty.
www.chateauversailles.fr /en/210_Louis_XIV_the_Sun_King.php   (469 words)

 Louis XIV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The superb historian and biographer Antonia Fraser casts new light on the splendor and the scandals of the reign of Louis XIV in this dramatic, illuminating look at the women in his life....
Of all the crowned heads of Europe, there was none to match the dignity, grace, and magnificence of Louis XIV, the greatest king in French history....
Louis XIV Antique White One-Light Table Torchiere Lamp
www.theycamefromfrance.com /louis-xiv.htm   (206 words)

 LOUIS XIV : Biographie de LOUIS XIV - JeSuisMort.com
Louis XIV est sacré roi le 7 juin 1654 à Reims, mais il laisse le gouvernement à Mazarin, tandis qu’il continue sa formation militaire auprès de Turenne.
Louis XIV sera en quelque sorte le soleil sur la terre, en permettant aux courtisans d’assister à toutes les étapes de sa journée.
Cependant, Louis XIV se soucie peu du détail de la vie de son peuple, pour lui la France est "Une" et il veillera à son rayonnement aussi bien militaire que politique ou artistique, sans se soucier des misères des français.
www.jesuismort.com /biographie_celebrite_chercher/biographie-louis_xiv-778.php   (2714 words)

 Louis XIV
LOUIS XVI, 1754—93, king of France (1774—92), third son of the dauphin (Louis) and Marie Josèphe of Saxony, grandson and successor of King Louis XV.
After the deaths of Richelieu (1642) and Louis XIII (1643), Mazarin was the principal minister of the regent Anne of Austria.
Louis XIV built this palace in just 40 years to make it the residence of the court and the capital of France.
faculty.ucc.edu /egh-damerow/louis_xiv.htm   (1720 words)

 Louis XIV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Richelieu died in 1642 and Louis XIII followed him to the grave a few months later, leaving to others the task of completing their work, The great cardinal was replaced by an Italian adventurer named Mazarin (1602-1661), who was also a prince of the Church.
Louis was only of medium height and could scarcely have been called handsome, but he possessed a natural dignity and a commanding appearance that left no one in doubt that he was every inch a king.
Louis curbed the authority of the local royal officials who purchased or inherited their offices and of the elected town officials by expanding the duties of the intendant.
mars.acnet.wnec.edu /~grempel/courses/wc2/lectures/louisxiv.html   (2208 words)

 UNT Libraries: Music Library, Biography of Louis XIV
Louis XIV of France was born September 5, 1638, in the twenty-third year of the marriage of King Louis XIII of France and his Spanish Hapsburg queen Anne of Austria.
Louis XIV came of age Sept. 5, 1651, on his thirteenth birthday, and was crowned three years later on June 7, 1654.
Louis suggested a number of the plots for the operas to Lully, notably those whose subject matter centers around the conflict between glory and duty on the one hand, and love on the other.
www.unt.edu /lully/Reference/LouisXIV.html   (806 words)

 Creating French Culture (Library of Congress Exhibition)
Louis XIV used medals to publicize the achievements of his government and of the institutions he founded.
When Louis XIV acquired the cameo, the subject was incorrectly identified as the apotheosis of the imperial prince Germanicus, who died in the year 19.
This portrait of King Louis XV (1715-1774) is considered the masterpiece of engraving on stone in modern times, for the accuracy of the resemblance, the purity of the stone, and the high quality of the workmanship.
lcweb.loc.gov /exhibits/bnf/bnf0005.html   (2118 words)

 Louis XIV, king of France. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Louis continued the nobility’s exemption from taxes but forced its members into financial dependence on the crown, thus creating a court nobility occupied with ceremonial etiquette and petty intrigues.
Relations with the Dutch were exacerbated by commercial rivalry and in 1672 Louis, determined to crush Holland, began the third of the Dutch Wars, which depleted his treasury.
Although he had a series of mistresses, Louis XIV finally came under the influence of Mme de Maintenon, whom he married morganatically (1684) after the queen’s death.
www.bartleby.com /65/lo/Louis14Fr.html   (661 words)

 Pre-Enlightenment Europe
Louis, however, elevated the "theater of power" to unprecedented heights and clearly thought that every public aspect of the monarch should contribute to this theater of power.
Louis broke regional independence by dividing the country into thirty-six generalités ; each generalité was administered by an intendant, who was generally appointed from the upper middle classes rather than the nobility.
There he built a palace that was meant to imitate and even rival Louis XIV's palace at Versailles; this palace became the staging ground for the theater of power that would demonstrate his power and benevolence to his nobility, peasants, and the world.
www.wsu.edu /~dee/ENLIGHT/PRE.HTM   (3839 words)

 Louis XIV King of France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Louis XIV, the King of France was born in 1638 at St. Germain-en-Laye France.
King Louis XIV of France reacted to the English's presence by giving the order that a colony be established at Placentia, France's principle fishing base in Newfoundland and communication link with New France.
King Louis XIV died in 1715 and he was succeeded by Louis XV, his great-grandson.
collections.ic.gc.ca /placentia/louxiv.htm   (413 words)

 Louis XIII le Juste (1601-1643)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
XIV manifesta son sens de la décision en faisant arrêter le cardinal de Retz, archevêque de Paris, l’un des chefs de la Fronde des princes (décembre 1652).
XIV, les vingt-trois intendants "!de police, de justice et des finances!" ainsi que les intendants d’armée devinrent les relais privilégiés de l’autorité royale, chargés d’enquêter, de contrôler, de rendre compte et, en définitive, de donner une image fidèle et régulière des réalités du royaume, qu’elles fussent humaines ou d’ordre économique.
XIV et constituèrent sans doute l’aspect le plus négatif de sa politique!; en effet, le combat mené par le roi Très Chrétien contre le jansénisme et le protestantisme, au nom de l’unité de la foi, fut sans doute un facteur d’affaiblissement de la cohésion nationale.
www.amitel.fr /vdepaul/LOUIS14.html   (2712 words)

 Louis XIV - the "Sun King"
Louis was a child of 4 when his father died, but he was not allowed to rule until he became 13.
Louis was able to pour the wealth of France into maintaining a large and well-equipped army.
Louis loved hunting, and in 1661 (age 23) decided to build a transform the small royal hunting lodge at Versailles outside Paris into a magnificent palace with huge elaborate gardens and fountains.
www.theotherside.co.uk /tm-heritage/background/louis-xiv.htm   (1050 words)

 The French Royal Family: Titles and Customs
But, in 1328, the daughter of Louis X, Jeanne, was a grown woman and married to Philippe d'Évreux, second prince of the blood after the count of Valois and a powerful man. Moreover, the Navarrese contested the succession acts of 1316 and 1322, and recognized Jeanne as their queen.
Louis XVI was deposed on August 10, 1792 and the monarchy abolished on September 22.
Louis XVIII rejected the draft on 2 May 1814, by the declaration of Saint-Ouen in which he resumed the traditional style "Louis, par la grâce de Dieu roi de France et de Navarre." Instead, he appointed a commission to write another draft (nevertheless largely inspired from the Senate's project).
www.heraldica.org /topics/france/frroyal.htm   (9868 words)

 Section 02: The Court of Louis XIV /Shaping of the Modern World/Brooklyn College
This was at that time at small country house, built by Louis XIII to avoid the unpleasant necessity, which had sometimes befallen him, of sleeping at a wretched wayside tavern or in a windmill, when benighted out hunting in the forest of St. Leger....
The visits of Louis XIV becoming more frequent, he enlarged the château by degrees till its immense buildings afforded better accommodation for the Court than was to be found at St. Germain, where most of the courtiers had to put up with uncomfortable lodgings in the town.
No one understood better than Louis XIV the art of enhancing the value of a favour by his manner of bestowing it; he knew how to make the most of a word, a smile, even of a glance.
academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu /history/virtual/reading/core4-02r02.htm   (2023 words)

 Louis XIV
King Louis XIV, a notorious womanizer, ascended to the throne of France at age 4 and was so convinced he belonged there that he is said to have proclaimed, "The state is myself."
Louis XIV rekindled that part of the equation with loud, semi-shouted hooks based on simple riffs, nimbly managing a brand of cockiness that suggested they don't take themselves particularly seriously.
Maigaard gave Louis XIV a solid backbone with simple-but-powerful strokes on a very basic drumkit, and the suited Armbrust brought an almost suave presence to the stage -- surprising, since he barely looked old enough to enter the club legally.
www.hollywoodreporter.com /thr/reviews/review_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000855299   (457 words)

 Louis XIV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Louis XIV, the king of France, dictated irrefutable rule on France and fought a series of wars trying to dominate Europe.
Louis's unwavering aim was to glorify France, to grid its defenses on the northern and eastern frontiers, and to prevent any resurgence of the power of the Hapsburg dynasty, which had formerly threatened France on two sides by its control over Spain and Germany.
Louis' last military venture, the War of the Spanish Succession, stemmed from his acceptance of the Spanish throne in behalf of his grandson, Philip.
www.angelfire.com /va/frenchrev/LouisXIV.html   (231 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Louis XIV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It is in the struggle of the lofty sun king, who at least half-believed in his quasi divinity, to reconcile his extravagant persona with the shortcomings, flaws, miscalculations, and failures of an ordinary mortal that the fascination of this new, intricate, and controversial illustrated biography lies.
Louis XIV was in his day monarch of Europe's grandest nation.
Louis XIV is widely regarded as the leading proponent and example of absolute monarchy based on divine right of kings and Levi says that it was all based on a lie that Louis XIV was aware of.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0786713097?v=glance   (1289 words)

 PopMatters Music Interview | The Sun King from San Diego: An Interview with Louix XIV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
However, this is precisely what Jason Hill and the rest of his bandmates have done in naming their group Louis XIV, after the notoriously decadent monarch who enjoyed the longest reign in European history.
Louis XIV has managed to cultivate this audience with an unusual mix of academic and sexual precociousness.
Louis XIV gets the historical details right -- the gilded hall of mirrors, the Chapel Royal, the name of his bride (Maria Theresa) -- even as it rocks with an imperial swagger.
www.popmatters.com /music/interviews/louis-xiv-050125.shtml   (1167 words)

 Portrait of Louis XIV by RIGAUD, Hyacinthe
A monumental marble column on a high plinth is draped in such a way that it does not detract from the height of the figure.
Louis is presented in an elegantly angled pose, situated well above the standpoint of the spectator to whom he seems to turn his attention graciously, but without reducing the stability of his stance.
Rigaud's consummate mastery of portraiture is particularly evident in the way he depicts the king's facial expression: his distanced unapproachability are not founded in Neoclassicist idealization, but in the candour of an ageing, impenetrable physiognomy.
www.wga.hu /html/r/rigaud/louis_14.html   (223 words)

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