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Topic: Lowpass

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Kurzweil:Lowpass - Sonikmatter
Lowpass is a type of Filter that allows low frequency's to pass while attenuating higher frequency's.
The simplest Lowpass Filter consits of a capacitor shunt between the signal and ground cable, with a resistor placed on the input side of the signal cable before it is joined to the capacitor.
For a simple RC Lowpass Filter the Critical frequency is given by 1/(2*Pi*R*C) where R is the Resistance in Ohms and C is the Capacitance in Farads.
sonikmatter.com /wiki/Lowpass   (196 words)

 Lowpass - The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
Lowpass is the group of Mario Vaerewijck, who previously had been experimenting in a group called Insekt.
In Lowpass, Mario is accompanied by Marlon Waghemans (who had been playing in the guitar band Jason Rawhead before) and by the Canadian singer Juliet Caron.
Instead of continuing with Lowpass, Vaerewijck and Waghemans started a new band with English singer Nina Babet as Akyra which released it's debut album "Freak Voyeurs" in 1999.
houbi.com /belpop/groups/lowpass.htm   (336 words)

  Second Order Lowpass Filter -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
lowpass IIR Butterworth filter was designed using the method of frequency transformation with prewarping to remove high frequency noise in ECG data.
In this lab we design a fourth-order IIR lowpass filter using MATLAB and implement it in C as a cascade of two second-order direct form II sections.
An excellent and useful example of an active filter is shown at the right, in the form of a second-order lowpass filter, a type very often...
second.fazs.com /index.php?k=second-order-lowpass-filter   (1050 words)

 :::::: MOOG MUSIC ::::::
The award-winning MF-101 Lowpass Filter is a direct descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers.
All of the Lowpass Filter's parameters can be controlled with expression pedals or external control voltages as well as by great feeling knobs which beg to be tweaked.
A lowpass filter removes high frequencies from a tone.
www.moogmusic.com /detail.php?main_product_id=5   (419 words)

 DSP Library Functions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Converts the specifications for a general analog filter to the specifications of a corresponding lowpass prototype.
Computes the 3-dB cutoff frequency for a lowpass analog Butterworth filter with specified filter-order, passband edge frequency, and dB passband ripple.
Converts the poles and the zeros of the analog prototype to the poles and the zeros of the corresponding discrete-time filter.
www.dspsolutions.com /DspLib_Fnc07.htm   (446 words)

 lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, butterworth, exponential, lowpassIdeal, fftMakeLp, fftMakeHp, fftMakeBp, ...
lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, butterworth, exponential, lowpassIdeal, fftMakeLp, fftMakeHp, fftMakeBp, fftMakeBs
The filter used is an ideal lowpass filter truncated with a circularly symmetric window function in the image domain.
This filter is the box-shaped ideal frequency response which corresponds to a non-realizable spatial-domain filter.
www.ifi.uio.no /forskning/grupper/dsb/Programvare/Xite/ReferenceManual/lowpass_1.html   (455 words)

 Design and Implementation of a 6th Order SC Butterworth Lowpass Filter\\ ELE 539 Design Project
This leads to the utilization of a SC lowpass filter which is a hybrid between a digital and an analog network: It has the time-discrete nature of digital circuits, but at the same time it preserves the continuous signal level.
The order of the lowpass filter is equal to the highest power of S. For the realization of the filter it is beneficial to factorize the denominator polynomial.
is the cut-off frequency of the corresponding lowpass biquad.
www.the-meiers.org /professionalinfo/publications/classprojects/ele539project   (2553 words)

 Second Order Lowpass Filter Schematic -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Figure 35.47 The effect of Q on the frequency response of a second-order lowpass filter.
Depending on which two of the three terminals are set to ground, one can realize a lowpass...
With such circuits it is possible to build lowpass filters...
second.fazs.com /index.php?k=second-order-lowpass-filter-schematic   (812 words)

 EDN Access--04.10.97 Notch filter uses only lowpass filters
This scheme involves subtracting the lowpass filter’s output from the input data, and the total frequency response of the system is highpass.
This scheme ensures that the frequency responses of the highpass and lowpass filters are mirror-symmetric.
When the phase of the lowpass filter is not zero, you must compensate for the phase shift that this filter introduces into the datapath.
www.edn.com /archives/1997/041097/08di_03.htm   (440 words)

 All-Pole IIR Filters
Part 1 of this article first describes generalized formulas for any 2-pole polynomial, no-zero, lowpass or highpass, infinite impulse response (IIR) filter.
Part 2 of this article shows recipes for constructing some traditional lowpass and highpass IIR filters, as well as tests of these filters.
The amplitude response versus frequency is a function along the s axis, where s is analogous to the frequency, ranging from −∞ to +∞, with DC at the origin.
unicorn.us.com /alex/2polefilters.html   (1777 words)

 lowpass filter at Filtronetics, Inc.
The lowpass filter prevents the transmission of frequencies above a determined cutoff point and appears nearly electrically transparent to frequencies below this point.
LC lowpass filters utilize inductors and capacitors in their design.
Microwave lowpass filters are typically in the range of 500 MHz to 20 GHz.
www.filtro.net /lowpass_filter.html   (588 words)

 Kurzweil:Two-pole Lowpass - Sonikmatter
The Two-pole Lowpass Filter (2POLE LOWPASS) is probably the most abused of all filters and probably the single most used block on the K2000.
It is similar to the One-pole Lowpass Filter except that it features feedback and a resonance control.
While it attenuates high frequency component's in the same way as the One-pole Lowpass Filter, the signal at the cutoff frequency is amplified by the resonance control and this creates ringing at that frequency.
sonikmatter.com /wiki/Kurzweil:DSP-_Two-pole_Lowpass   (205 words)

 Lowpass precision in Lame - Hydrogenaudio Forums
The steeper you try to make the lowpass, the more chance there is that you get undesirable side-effects (I don't know what exactly they are though).
More common and more efficient way of lowpassing is to FFT the signal into frequency domain and multiple it with desired frequency response signal.
Realistically, the difference between a lowpass at 19.5khz and 19khz is going to be [b]far less than the reduction in artifacts you would get in one preset (alt-normal) vs another (--r3mix) that might use a higher lowpass.
www.hydrogenaudio.org /forums/index.php?showtopic=268&view=new&   (1188 words)

 Results of Dial-up bitrate (32kbit/s) Listening Test
Lowpass, Nero and Real are tied at third place, with Nero a little below the others.
Lowpass is at 3rd place, and Lame is at last place.
Results: Nero at first, tied to lowpass, which is tied to Real, which is tied to MP3pro, which is tied to WMA, which is tied to Vorbis.
www.rjamorim.com /test/32kbps/results.html   (1202 words)

 CSE/EE 485: Project 3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The tasks are completed in the order, first beginning with a fourier transform, then a lowpass and highpass filter design, and then finally ending with a two dimenional filter design based on three algorithms: fsamp2, fwind1, and fwind2.
When the lowpass filter was used, again not much of the image changed past a slight blurring.
In this project, we were able to observe the effects of bandpass, lowpass, and highpass filters performed in the frequency domain.
www.cse.psu.edu /~mchenry/proj3.html   (1281 words)

 Lowpass Filter - The Interactive Filters Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Find the exact Lowpass Filter your application requires through Specsearch, a powerful parametric search tool.
The award-winning MF-101 Lowpass Filter is a direct descendant of the original Moog modular...
Elliptic filters have equiripple characteristics in the pass and stopband regions.
filters.biglemon.info /index.php?k=lowpass-filter   (763 words)

 Digital Filters - Frequency Filters
We obtain the filter function of a bandpass by multiplying the filter functions of a lowpass and of a highpass in the frequency domain, where the cut-off frequency of the lowpass is higher than that of the highpass.
We can reduce this type of noise using a lowpass filter, because noise consists largely of high frequencies, which are attenuated by a lowpass filter.
In general, when using a lowpass filter to reduce the high frequency noise, we have to compromise some desirable high frequency information if we want to smooth away significant amounts of noise.
homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk /rbf/HIPR2/freqfilt.htm   (2854 words)

 Butterworth / Bessel / Chebyshev Filters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Hz (For Butterworth and Bessel lowpass designs, the corner frequency is the frequency at which the magnitude of the response is -3 dB.
For Chebyshev lowpass designs, the corner frequency is the highest frequency at which the magnitude of the response is equal to the specified ripple.
For lowpass and highpass, one corner frequency is required: enter this in the first slot and leave the second one blank.
www-users.cs.york.ac.uk /~fisher/mkfilter/trad.html   (316 words)

 Lowpass Filter Design
From the graphical method for visualizing the amplitude response (§8.1), we see that this filter totally rejects signal energy at half the sampling rate, while lower frequencies experience higher gains, reaching a maximum at
While it is impossible to achieve this ideal response exactly using a finite-order filter, we can come arbitrarily close.
These generally yield IIR filters with the same number of poles as zeros.
ccrma-www.stanford.edu /~jos/filters/Lowpass_Filter_Design.html   (218 words)

 Ressl Engineering | skewl
The outputs of the 4 generators are summed and first passed through a second-order lowpass filter, then through a first-order highpass filter.
There is also a LP ENV (lowpass envelope) section: It modulates the second-order lowpass filter frequency with the input's amplitude.
LP is the lowpass filter frequency, HP is the highpass filter frequency.
www.ressl.com.ar /skewl   (1036 words)

 ☞ research online - lowpass filter - lowpass filter online guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
New Lowpass Filter VST Plug-In Released April 18, 2005 NWRCFil is an easy to use classic lowpass filter VST effect for Windows from WWAYM.
WWAYM Ports NWRCFil Lowpass Filter to OS X June 27, 2005 Already available for Windows users, the NWRCFil lowpass filter VST effect from WWAYM is now available for OS X. NWRCFil is based on classic...
In a lowpass filter the high frequencies are more attenuated than the low frequencies.
www.research-123.info /filter/lowpass-filter.html   (784 words)

 Passive Crossovers: Lowpass, Highpass And Bandpass
A filter is called lowpass when it lets pass unchanged the inferior portion of a signal, rejecting the superior one — the terms inferior and superior are intended in the domain of frequency.
Referring to its behavior it's easy to understand how offering a high impedance to the highest frequencies, it actually obstructs them the way; instead offering no impedance to the lowest frequencies, it allows their transit toward the speaker.
Preceding this filter with an additional lowpass and following it with an additional highpass, we'll get nothing but a three-way crossover, composed — as the whole three-ways — by a lowpass, a bandpass and a highpass.
www.passivecrossovers.com /section05.htm   (576 words)

 Recommended MP3 Encoder at 128 kbit/s
Biggest shortcomings: 1) the default lowpass filter is set lower than other encoders (transition starts at about 14.5 kHz), such that people complain of a "muffled" sound.
Wombat prefers a higher lowpass value, and doesn't notice a quality degradation if --lowpass 17.5 is used.
This value would probably be the best one to use if the lowpass is increased to 17.5 kHz.
ff123.net /cbr128.html   (2039 words)

 Re: lowpass resonant filter sweeping and peak equalization?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Electronic Equipment > Digital Signal Processing (DSP) > Re: lowpass res...
Re: lowpass resonant filter sweeping and peak equalization?
Randy Yates lowpass resonant filter sweeping and peak equalization?
www.talkaboutelectronicequipment.com /group/comp.dsp/messages/172651.html   (572 words)

 National P/N MF6 - 6th Order Switched Capacitor Butterworth Lowpass Filter [Discontinued]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The MF6 is a versatile easy to use, precision 6th order Butterworth lowpass active filter.
The ratio of the clock frequency to the lowpass cutoff frequency is internally set to 50 to 1 (MF6-50) or 100 to 1 (MF6-100).
A Schmitt trigger clock input stage allows two clocking options, either self-clocking (via an external resistor and capacitor) for stand-alone applications, or an external TTL or CMOS logic compatible clock can be used for tighter cutoff frequency control.
www.national.com /pf/MF/MF6.html   (282 words)

 Rollin' Your Own Lowpass Filter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The lowpass filter design is from Radio Free Berkeley
The lowpass filter is built into a used 2.25X4.25X1.25 inch metal enclosure with SO-239 coax connectors for input and output.
I used a dremel tool to make the pc board but you could easily use a file to scape off the copper bewteen the sections.
www.piratenationradio.org /lowpass.html   (98 words)

 Lowpass - Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase
Lowpass filter is used to cut off the higher frequencies, and "pass" the lower frequencies.
The same people can't normally distinguish any difference between 19kHz lowpassed music and non-lowpassed music.
The figure on the left side does not have a any lowpass used, while the figure on the right is signal filtered with 15kHz lowpass filter.
wiki.hydrogenaudio.org /index.php?title=Lowpass   (144 words)

 NI SCXI-1143 - Products and Services - National Instruments
The National Instruments SCXI-1143 is an 8-channel, programmable lowpass Butterworth filter module, ideal for antialiasing applications.
The architecture of this module consists of a programmable instrumentation amplifier and programmable 8th-order lowpass filter on each channel.
Although all channels must be set to the same cutoff frequency, you can programmatically bypass the lowpass filter on a per-channel basis.
sine.ni.com /apps/we/nioc.vp?lang=US&pc=mn&cid=3671   (533 words)

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