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  Lucca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lucca is a city in Tuscany, northern central Italy, situated on the river Serchio in a fertile plain near (but not on) the Ligurian Sea.
Lucca was the seat of a convocation in 1408 that was intended to end the schism in the papacy.
Lucca is the birthplace of composers Francesco Geminiani, Gioseffo Guami, Luigi Boccherini, Giacomo Puccini and Alfredo Catalani.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lucca   (744 words)

Lucca was generally on the side of the pope against the emperor, and hence joined the League of S. Ginesio (1197).
On the death of Castruccio, Louis conferred Lucca on Francesco, a relative and enemy of Castruccio.
There is a legend that the Gospel was preached at Lucca by St. Paulinus, a disciple of St. Peter, and the discovery in 1197 of a stone, recording the deposition of the relics of Paulinus, a holy martyr, apparently confirmed this pious belief.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09405a.htm   (1170 words)

 Lucca, Province of Lucca
In 177 B.C., a Roman colony was established and in 56 B.C. Cæsar, Pompey and Crassus renewed the triumvirate at Lucca.
Lucca is now the capital of the province of the same name in Tuscany, central Italy, and is situated on the River Serchio at the base of the Tuscan Appennines in the midst of a well-watered, fertile plain, close to the Mediterranean Sea.
Illustrious citizens of Lucca were Pope Lucius III (Allucingoli); the jurist, Bonagiunta Urbiciani (thirteenth century); the physician, Teodoro Borgognoni; the historian, Tolomeo de' Fiadoni; the women poets, Laura Guidiccioni and Chiara Matraini; the philologist, L. Fornaciari (nineteenth century); the painters, Berlinghieri and Orlandi (thirteenth century); the sculptor, Matteo Civitali (first half of the fifteenth century).
www.lucca.info   (2218 words)

With the advent of cannon the old medieval wall was rebuilt in the 16th century to a thickness of 100 feet, faced with brick, with eleven bastions protruding at intervals along its two-and-a-half mile perimeter.
Lucca has developed into a modern city, at the same time retaining the characteristics of a little country town where ancient and modern coexist.
Lucca’s fortifications enabled it to remain independent for long periods of its history, and this, together with the rich agricultural land of the region, gave rise to a wealthy local economy.
www.slrkelowna.ca /billn.html   (1045 words)

 Lucca - Sightseeing in Italy - Luni Holidays - Apartments and Villas to Rent in Italy.
Lucca is a jewel of a city within four kilometers of mediaeval walls which, in the 19th century, were transformed into a tree-lined avenue, the full length of which can be walked or cycled around.
One of the most charming characteristics of Lucca is its gardens; most of the ancient houses have quadrangle courtyards, and plane trees line the entire length of the walls.
Life in Lucca is marked by a series of important events, from the Santa Croce day festival in September to the Crossbow Palio, from antiques markets to gastronomic feast days in the villages nearby.
www.luniholidays.co.uk /sight-lucca.asp   (363 words)

 Lucca hotels & attractions. Recommended hotels, B&Bs, accommodation in Lucca. Hotels' reviews
Lucca is a city in Northern Tuscany, lies in the valley of the Serchio River and is almost surrounded by hills, with the Apuan Alps to the north.
Lucca was a Ligurian and later an Etruscan town, and the Romans probably established a colony there in 180 BC (mentioned by the Roman historian Livy).
Lucca was the principal city in Tuscany in the 9th and 10th centuries, when its counts became the margraves of Tuscany, and it commanded one of the principal roads between Lombardy and Rome, the Via Francigena.
www.italytravelsguide.com /luccahotels.html   (4529 words)

 Italian Language Schools in Lucca, Italy.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Lucca is one of the few Tuscan towns to retain its original urban structure.
Lucca's location is ideal; it is only 30 minutes from Pisa and the Mediterranean and 1 hour from Florence.
The classrooms of the School are in an ancient palace in downtown Lucca between the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro and La Torre Guinigi.
www.studyabroadinternational.com /Italy/Directory/Italy_D_Lucca.html   (323 words)

 IITT Italy - Pisa and Lucca.
After the first crusade, in which the people of Lucca had partecipated, the Commune of Lucca was set up and the city's prestige increased.
After his death Lucca was subjet to various dominations, the one by Pisa being the longest.
San Michele: Built in the 12th century it is a typical example of the architectural style of Pisa and Lucca.
www.masternet.it /home/IITT/PISA.htm   (457 words)

 Lucca - ZeroDelta.net: Your Travel Guide to Italy
Lucca, situated on the left of the river Serchio, is presented surrounded by sixteenth century wall arrived unbroken until to our days.
Not very distant from Lucca, situated to the center of the Natural Park of the Alpi Apuane, to Vergemoli, find the Grotta of the Vento, one between the most entire of Europe in which admire a variety of phenomenons illustrated from expert leaders.
Numerous are the tourists that run up also to july and august for the annual appointment with the International Festival of the Ville Lucchesi and to Carnival for the magnificent viareggine parades, while to september to the town comes enlivened from the Palio of the Balestra in honor of the Santa Croce.
www.zerodelta.net /lucca.php   (834 words)

 history   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Lucca, situated in the centre-north of Italy in Tuscany, is a town of Etruscan and Roman origins.
At the end of the XVIII century, Lucca was under the power of Napoleon and it became a principality under the guide of Elisa Baciocchi, the emperor's sister.
In 1817 Lucca passed under the rule of Borbone-Parma, in 1847 the town was annexed to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and around 1861 to the reign of Italy.
www.liceo-vallisneri.lu.it /road/history.htm   (324 words)

 Lucca - Toscana
Lots and lots are the definitions of Lucca, one of the more distinguished italian cities comparable to a costly case containing invaluable historic and artistic treasures.
Martin Cathedral, St. Michael in Foro Church (the heart of this town) or St. Frediano Church are examples of the architecture typical of Pisa and Lucca.
The same emotion felt by the pilgrims arrived in Lucca following Via Francigena, as they knelt down in front of the Volto Santo, a wood cross (following the tradition it was taken in Lucca from Terrasanta).
www.vacanzeinversilia.com /eng/lucca.html   (342 words)

 In Italy Online - For the other Tuscany, try your luck in Lucca!
The citizens have nurtured a special pride that is evident in their many churches, especially the unique grand Romanesque cathedral.
Lucca deserves at least three hours of your time; don't leave town until you've had a chance to walk the ancient ramparts and enjoy a visit to the Puccini museum honoring the town's favorite son.
To experience the most striking natural terrain in all of Tuscany, head north from Lucca and enter the foothills of the Apuan Alps, the region known as the Garfagnana.
www.initaly.com /regions/tuscany/lucca.htm   (467 words)

 Appartamenti a Lucca, Apartments in Lucca, Location à Lucca, Ferienwohnungen in Versilia
A 3km negozi alimentari, 6 le spiagge di Marina di Pietrasanta, 10km Forte dei Marmi, 20 Lucca, 30 Pisa, 85 Firenze.
Lebensmittel-Geschäfte 3km, die Strände von Marina di Pietrasanta 6km, Forte dei Marmi 10km, Lucca 20km, Pisa 30km, Florenz 8 km.
- 7km Camaiore - 11km spiagge - 17km Forte dei Marmi - 32km Lucca.
www.affittareintoscana.com /lucca-tuscany.htm   (3742 words)

 Lucca hotel,Bed and breakfast style hotel in Lucca,Tuscany,Italy
Located in Via fillungo, the main street of the center of Lucca it is an ideal base to tour the city and to enjoy its special atmosphere.
The accommodation, an apartment recently renovated situated at the first floor of a 19 th century building, has been equipped rispecting its antique structure and charm.
This structure belongs to the chain "Lucca hotel", please check also the other accommodations, the "Sognidoro BandB" and the Casa dell'Angelo ones.
www.luccabed.com   (268 words)

 Lucca Italy - Lucca guide - Lucca hotels - Lucca hotel - Lucca Italy travel - guide to Lucca - holiday in Lucca - ...
Lucca, founded 180 B.C. on a lesser branch of the Auser, initially had the function of defending the surrounding territory that had been theatre of a violent conflict between Ligurians and Romans; for this reason the walls were rapidly built.
The discovery, during the demolition of some walls, of which we have news in the 19th century, of coins belonging to the reign of Emperor Claudius, suggests that work on the building was begun after the middle of the century.
Lucca's medieval and Renaissance features are enclosed in its thick sixteenth century walls, a characteristic of this beautiful Tuscan town on the left of the river Serchio.
www.travelplan.it /reg_tos_luc_page.htm   (1575 words)

 Lucca, Italy
The city from atop one of Lucca's historic towers.
Internationally known as the olive oil capital of the world, Lucca stands out as one of the most beautiful Italian cities that I visited.
The memories of Lucca give a warm feeling and the pictures can only attest to a small fraction of the beauty.
pkarle.tripod.com /lucca.htm   (276 words)

 Lucca Italy Hotels. Pisa Hotels Accommodations in Lucca Italy. Hotels in Lucca Accommodations Pisa Italy
Just 20 km from Lucca - Pisa, unique in the world for its architectural glories, lies on a hook of the river Arno, on the plain formed in the Middle Ages with the debris carried by the river.
Garfagnana, a wild rugged area which corresponds to the valley of the river Serchio, was in the past the bone of contention between noble families from Lucca, Florence and Rome.
It was defended by fortresses and citadels scattered in the green valley.
www.lucca-italy-hotels.com   (685 words)

 Lucca Hotels - Lucca Italy Hotel Reservations
The hotel is situated in a quiet residental area, just a few minutes away from the marvellous walls that surround the town of Lucca.
The hotel Noblesse born in an ancient palace of 1700 in the heart of Lucca.
A Palazzo Busdraghi, with its striking, period elegance, is a new 4-star hotel in Lucca, created from an old town house of the same name in Via Fillungo, the main s...
www.traveleurope.it /itinerari/l/lucca.shtml   (387 words)

 Hotels in Lucca, Italy - Hoteloverview.com
Lucca in Villa, a restored art nouveau villa preserving its epoch features, is situated nearby the wonderful historical centre of Lucca.
The Hotel is situated in a quiet residential area, just a few minutes away from the marvelous walls, surrounding the town of Lucca and the old centre.
La Principessa, located at the base of the hills surrounding Lucca, claims the most distant origins among all the villas of Lucca: it was, in fact, the home and court of Castruccio Castracani...
www.bookings.be /city/it/lucca.html?aid=303717;label=hotelleke   (220 words)

 DolceVita City Guides: Lucca City Guide
Lovely Lucca is a relatively unknown Tuscan gem with a wealthy past and proud rich present.
Lucca was once very prosperous due to its dealings in the silk trade in the 12th century and was, for the most part, always a fiercely independent city.
Perhaps the sense of tranquil well-being one senses in Lucca can be explained by the lengthy periods of peace that Lucca has enjoyed throughout history; a peace defended by the wonderfully intact 16th-century defensive walls that still embrace the city.
www.dolcevita.com /travel/guide/guidelu.htm   (318 words)

 Welcome to Lucca, Tuscany
Lucca is the most wonderful small town; its famous walls enclose a place that can be wandered or pedalled with ease yet remains full of secrets.
One of Italy's finest mediaeval treasures, the centre is relatively unspoilt and is sprinkled with palazzi, towers and almost countless splendid churches.
The surrounding hills produce some excellent wines and arguably the finest olive oil anywhere, whilst the beaches and nightlife are but a small hop away.
www.knowital.com /html/knowital_-_welcome_to_lucca.html   (88 words)

 Lucca hotels, Italy. Reservation and discounts.
Lucca Hotels provides you a selection of hotels bed and breakfast and apartments to help you find the best accommodation in Lucca.
Lucca Hotels is a free and easy powerful system to make reservations.
Advanced search form for all available hotels in Lucca on your travel dates that provides you a list of available Lucca hotels with category, location, facilities, images, prices that help you compare Lucca available hotels.
www.hotelslucca.com   (205 words)

 Hotels in Lucca - BOOKING.COM online hotel reservations
Lucca in Villa, a restored art nouveau villa preserving its epoch features, is situated nearby the wonderful historical centre of Lucca.… More
La Principessa, located at the base of the hills surrounding Lucca, claims the most distant origins among all the villas of Lucca: it was, in fact, the home and court of Castruccio Castracani...… More
A Palazzo Busdraghi, with its striking, period elegance, is a new 4-star hotel in Lucca, created from an old town house of the same name in Via Fillungo, the main street in the historic centre of the...… More
bookings.net /searchresults.html?aid=303836;label=tuscany;city=-120405   (528 words)

 Villas in Tuscany and Villas in Lucca. Your vacation rentals in Tuscany
Lucca Villas has a number of prestigious villa rentals in Tuscany.
We particularly specialise in villas in the Lucca area.
Lucca is a mediaeval walled city completely unspoilt and just twenty minutes from the international airport of Pisa.
www.luccavillas.com   (614 words)

 Lucca, Tuscany, Italy - everything about hotel, accommodation, travel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
From the green hills of the valleys of Magra and Vara, from the peaks of the Apuan Alps, from the beaches of Versilia, you pass to the palaces, monuments and majestic architectures of the great artistic centre of Italy.
Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Genoa, Parma, Bologna, but also Rome, Milan and Venice can be reached in a short time and by any means of transport
In this Network there are all the informations about Lucca and Versilia, the town is very close to Versilia, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, where there are a lot of nice hotels, and you can find here the right one and leave for a cultural excursion to Lucca.
lucca_italy.5terre.com   (228 words)

 Lucca - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.Com
A charming Tuscan town enclosed by massive red brick walls.
Duomo di San Martino - Lucca's finest Romanesque building, the impressive facade is a triumph of sculpture, carving and inlay work.
Church of San Michele in Foro - To be found in Piazza San Michele.
www.freefoto.com /browse.jsp?id=14-12-0   (184 words)

 Lucca Hotels, Lucca Bookings, Reservations, Accommodations in Lucca
Situated in Tuscany, Lucca is one of the most charming and civilized towns in the region.
The birthplace of one of the biggest composers of the 19th and 20th century - Puccini, Lucca definitely deserves your attention.
The city is dotted with well-preserved palaces and churches; it accommodates furthermore lovely broad promenades and elegant Art Nouveau facades.
www.hotelslucca.net   (117 words)

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