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Topic: Lucky Cow

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Chapter 14
Lucky's eyes were closed, but he didn't sleep.
Lucky noticed that his mom's prized lilacs and azaleas were ripped out and replaced with small, green shrubbery.
Lucky sat back on his elbows with a straw between his teeth and laughed at Emily's reaction as she twisted and squirmed and craned her neck trying to free herself from the cold, slippery ice.
members.core.com /~atrob/Devo14.htm   (1550 words)

 London Cow Parade Lucky   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Lucky is made of ceramic and measures 4" x 6." This very
The UK London cows are distributed by European licensee, James Winchester Export, LTD. It has a single sided tag, includes special insert leaflet, and has London 2002 printed on the outside of the box.
We have made it possible to have a limited supply of this cow figurine by purchasing them from stores in London.
www.musiccitycardsandgifts.com /scstore/p-6006.html   (87 words)

 Alta sires strong at Koe-Expo
Lucky Mike daughter Lage hoeve Els 1 and Dante daughter FE Hotske 1085 provided further Alta success with Els claiming a 2nd prize in her class and Hotske Reserve Champion award in the Intermediate section.
Her Dam Zwartkop 365 (by Lucky Leo) easily won the Senior Champion and the Overall Champion Title of the Koe-Expo for the third time in a row.
She was one of the few first crop daughters from a sire that made it to the final.
www.altagenetics.com /English/WhatsNew/20050122Koe-Expo.htm   (480 words)

 Angelic Dreamz  - Cow Parade Chicago Cow Parade Cows
Cow parade is sponsored in major cities around the USA and is now traveling internationally.
This cow was intended by the artist to represent a satirical commentary on the pop-culture-driven milk industry.
Cow Parade Beefeater - a gorgeous cow...vibrant colors and detailing; from the London Herd, dressed as a Beefeater soldier - which actually is a true British soldier uniform.
www.angelicdreamz.com /store/cow_parade.html   (1315 words)

 Cow Parade Standard Size Replicas
Cow Parade is a unique art exhibit that is being featured in many cities.
Cow Parade consists of life-sized fiberglass cows painted and decorated by professional and amateur artists.
The Cow Parade exhibit is made possible by combined efforts of the city sponsoring the Cow Parade, the local art community and corporate sponsorship for each Cow Parade design.
www.funtocollect.com /cowsonparade.html   (384 words)

 [No title]
Cows escaping slaughterhouses paid for by their tax dollars, and when I say tax dollars, I'm talking about your money, money the government took from you to build roads for cows to run away on.
I envision a world where all cows of all color will be free to escape from the slaughterhouse without having their motives called into question.
SIGMUND FREUD The fact that you are at all concerned that the cow used her id, ego, and superego to escape and save her enormously grotesque udders from a butcher's knife reveals your underlying sexual insecurity.
www.notmilk.com /cowrun.txt   (846 words)

 Iraqi In America: First A Cow, Then A Dog
Last week, they recruited a cow to carry out their dirty work.
The cow was arrested by the IP before it completed its homicidal operation.
Lucky cow, she was placed in the Cattle Protection Program.
fayrouz.blogspot.com /2005/05/first-cow-then-dog.html   (552 words)

 Cow Country - Cow Decorations, Cow Sculptures, Kitchen Cows, Farm & Cow Decor, Collectible Cow Figurines
Doug agrees with the plaque that says cows "Nobly deserve the title, 'Foster Mother of the Human Race.'" Mike says it's a false pagan idol, and that we should leave.
This fiberglass resin cow parade statue is made for indoor/ outdoor use.
The Lifesize fiberglass Cow can add contrast to your existing garden or be a fine starting point for a new garden.
www.cowstatues.com   (678 words)

 Dash Dot
The cow is typically tied to a tree or post and is usually under a nice shady tree (if the cow is lucky).
The cow and the person are in position by morning 9 a.m.
Instead of the cow remaining idle in the stable, the cowherd "leases" it to the feeder who acts like an "agent".
dashdot.blogspot.com   (4056 words)

 deseretnews.com | Leisure reading
Former Utahn Mark Pett has struck gold with "Lucky Cow," a daily comic strip (which runs in the Deseret Morning News) that lampoons the fast-food industry and slacker teens, as well as a number of, ahem, sacred cows.
Arguably the funniest are those in which angry teenager Clare, who works for her father at the Lucky Cow franchise — and who is absolutely certain that the world owes her a living — does things her own way, often to the detriment of regular customers.
Pett has his finger on the pulse of a national phenomenon with "Lucky Cow," poking fun at anyone who has ever eaten in a fast-food joint.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,600149963,00.html   (481 words)

 FSA NEWS -- January 2001 -- Cow Comfort -- American Style   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Cows can now enjoy a massage of their own thanks to the Happy Cow Cleaning Machine, a four-foot-long, hour-glass-shaped brush that’s turned by an electric motor.
When a lucky cow walks under the brush, a sensor is triggered that starts the motor, and stiff bristles remove parasites and dirt from the cow.
The German-made machine is popular in large dairy barns where cows often sleep on rubber mats and wear computer chip necklaces to monitor their health and milk production.
www.fsa.usda.gov /pas/fsanews/html/2001/jan2001/cowclean.htm   (164 words)

 Universal Press Syndicate: Characters
With more than 20,000 restaurants in the U.S. alone, Lucky Cow is by far the world's premier burger franchise.
Teenaged Clare resents being "forced" to work at Lucky Cow for her spending money.
An avowed vegetarian, she serves as a moral compass and voice of reason for co-worker Clare.
www.amuniversal.com /ups/features/lucky_cow/chars.htm   (190 words)

 Petals - Original Cow Page on the Web
Allen tells me he has a herd of cows outside his office - he collects Gateway boxes and has a photocopy of a cow head he tapes on each box.
I haven't counted my cows recently, but at last count there were over 200 cow collectables in my kitchen, family room and powder room.
I have 2 cow icons that a friend made for me, a cow mousepad and a cow pen I use at my desk.
www.neptune.net /~petals/petals4old.htm   (367 words)

 Cow Parade It's A Smooll World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The artist worked with the sponsor on the design concept, which was using children's hands on the cow, as if they are reaching to touch the world.
Many of the corporation-sponsored cows were painted after several meetings within their administrative staff to determine that special look which would accurately represent the company identity.
Each cow entry was sketched based upon a previously approved design and then painted with lavish colors and detail.
www.foximas.com /ky/2187904.html   (411 words)

 Articles on Health: Commercial Milk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
If I were to ask you to picture a cow, you would most likely see in your mind a cow grazing in an open pasture, like one you'd probably seen before on a small family farm.
The cows were kept in intense confinement with a choice of either eating their grain mixture while standing on hard cement coated with manure, or laying on sawdust bedding in their own individual stalls.
A cow's natural diet consists mostly of grass, but since there isn't enough grass to go around on the factory farm, today's factory cow is fed a diet of mostly grain, and “other things” that it would not normally eat.
www.wellbeingjournal.com /commercial-milk.htm   (2175 words)

 If you'd like to get away before your big day, this could be your lucky break. - Cow & Gate
All you need to do is register and you’ll be entered into our free prize draw to win a weekend of romance and relaxation for 2 in Paris.
Or 1 of 10 cute and cuddly cows for your little one’s crib.
Whether you’re pregnant, have just given birth or are already weaning, our website is designed to adapt to your exact stage of pregnancy or parenthood.
www.cowandgate.co.uk /en/article.asp?chco_id=1541&chli_id=   (303 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
My friend had told me it was a very lucky cow and not to be disturbed in any way.
If the cow got nervous, bad luck would follow the one who had caused the nervousness.
I lived the same time as the cow and the cow apparently had no idea that there even was such a thing as time.
personal.inet.fi /hima/saturnina/lit/shorts/thecow.txt   (272 words)

 Blogger: Email Post to a Friend   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In case you haven't seen it yet, Mark Pett has a comic strip called Lucky Cow.
He is currently having a contest where readers submit story ideas for the strip.
Lucky Cow: A microcosm of America set in a fast-food restaurant, Lucky Cow tells the story of a father and daughter running their own fast-food franchise.
www.blogger.com /email-post.g?blogID=12540456&postID=112438484418349672   (108 words)

 Welcome to uComics Web Site featuring Born Lucky - Online Comics, Editorial Cartoons, Email Comics, Political Cartoons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Created by award-winning editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante, Lucky is the star of BORN LUCKY, a cartoon that will make every outdoorsman chuckle in self-recognition.
Whether he's mistaking stink bait for potted meat or hooking yet another radial tire, Lucky reminds every sportsman of the hilarious misadventures that are an inevitable part of pursuing the perfect prey.
But he also reminds all of us that in outdoor sports, as in life, what matters most is a belief in the promise of each new day.
www.ucomics.com /bornlucky   (158 words)

Shortly after uploading my web page entitled "Seeking the psychic cow" I was invited to draw caricature and perform mime at an event in Medina, Ohio whose guest of honor requested to be drawn with his pet cow.
Lucky (the cow) looked just like the cow on my page!
The family had 21 fl and white cows (just like lucky and the psychic cow) placed on the front lawn to commemorate the event.
members.tripod.com /~EmpressEmpress/amazing.htm   (209 words)

 Market Wire News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
If selected, your story will become part of his "Lucky Cow" comic strip.
Universal Press Syndicate syndicates Lucky Cow to about 75 newspapers, reaching more than 12 million people daily.
The winner's story will become a Lucky Cow strip and the winner will receive the signed original, as well as a free-signed copy of Pett's latest comic collection from Andrews McMeel Publishing, "Lucky Cow," now available in book stores and online.
www.marketwire.com /mw/release_printer_friendly?release_id=93273&category=   (244 words)

 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Features /2005/08/31/
Cartoonist Mark Pett is collecting real-life fast-food restaurant adventures for his comic strip, "Lucky Cow," which runs in the Star-Bulletin on Sundays.
"Lucky Cow" centers on a father and daughter running their own fast-food franchise.
Send name, address, phone number, e-mail address, date of entry and the newspaper where you read "Lucky Cow." Send your entry to Andrews McMeel Publishing, care of Dept. DM, 4520 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 64111.
starbulletin.com /2005/08/31/features/stuffs.html   (388 words)

 Lucky in Danger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Stalin didn't even smell him because Lucky had rolled over on a lawn that had just been covered with cow manure.
Lucky hoped he didn't smell like a dog right now.
If Stalin smelled lucky he'd jump in the can and hurt him because Stalin didn't want anyone on his territory.
members.aol.com /tenkids10/chapter1.htm   (228 words)

 Boston Baked Theatre/Jack and the Beanstalk/Page 1
She told him to take their cow to the village market and sell her.
The cow, Lucky, had been in the family for years.
The man offered Jack a trade; in exchange for the cow, he would give the boy some magic beans.
www.basictheatre.org /btc/BBT/Jack/story1.shtml   (352 words)

 deseretnews.com | Financial advice pops up in funny places
My wife, who reads all of the comics (she can tell you the current plot-line of "Rex Morgan," which, frankly, scares me a little), first noticed this trend and brought it to my attention.
For example, within the past few months, "Lucky Cow" by Mark Pett featured a storyline about one of the teenage employees of the fast-food restaurant in the strip taking out a so-called payday loan.
In one "Lucky Cow," the employee who takes out a payday loan comments that she's rich.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,600114468,00.html   (658 words)

 CBBC Newsround | ANIMALS | Silly moo's pool plunge
This is the story of a brave cow named Masie wanting a drink.
Most cows in her situation would head over to the herd's water trough.
But Maisie decided to follow her nose and it led her to a back garden swimming pool.
news.bbc.co.uk /cbbcnews/hi/animals/newsid_2097000/2097782.stm   (142 words)

Lucky the cow excaped from her pasture and walk over a weak septic tank cover which collapsed dropping her into the tank. 
Responders from Charleston County Rescue Squad, St. Pauls Fire Dept., Emergency Preparedness, S.O. Sheriffs Office and Animal Control, Edisto Equine Clinic responded to assist in the rescue.
Two day later Lucky gave birth to a calf which the farmer named "Lucky Kenny" after its mom and Kenny Mercer, the primary rescuer on this mission. 
www.homestead.com /chasrescue/lucky.html   (141 words)

 Cow Parade London 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This cow figuirne is a humorous pun on the bridge going to infamous London Tower.
Absolutrly gorgeous, Jubilee is a commermorative cow for Queen Elizabeths Golden Jubilee in honor of thr 50th year of her current reign.
This very interesting cow features a continent contour-style map of the world.
www.greenwichcollectables.com /shop/page166.htm   (235 words)

 Figurines: Mary s Moo Moos 1998 We re In Purr-fect Harmony MIB
Cows on Parade "A Starry Night in Texas" COW MINT
Cow Parade Moo Jersey Diner MIB RARE Retired HTF
Cow Parade Mooooonwalk RARE NASA version Moonwalk MIB
www.avocadoisle.com /figurines,c40038,1.html   (544 words)

 10 Years of Media Professionals Communities!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
You must have an active Creative Cow account and be a member in good standing whose account has not been terminated.
Creative Cow shall not be liable nor responsible in any way for lost packages or damage in shipping.
The CD was produced by Creative Cow's Ron and Kathlyn LIndeboom and Steve Crimmel.
forums.creativecow.net /cgi-bin/new_page_wrapper.cgi?forumid=1&page=http://www.creativecow.net/about/10_year_anniversary/index.html   (1350 words)

 Russian cows get new feed: marijuana - Peculiar Postings - MSNBC.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
MOSCOW - Russia’s long winter will just fly by for a herd of Russian cows which, a newspaper reported on Tuesday, will be fed confiscated marijuana over the cold months.
Drug workers said they adopted the unusual form of animal husbandry after they were forced to destroy the sunflowers and maize crops that the 40 ton of marijuana had been planted among, Novye Izvestia daily reported.
You see, the fields are planted with feed crops and if we remove it all the cows will have nothing to eat,” a Federal Drugs Control Service spokeswoman for the Urals region of Sverdlovsk told the paper.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/8967307   (343 words)

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