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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Lucozade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lucozade Sport is a sports drink containing glucose, first produced in 1990.
Lucozade Sport is a major sponsor of events, teams and athletes in the UK and Ireland including the FA Premier League, England Rugby Football Union, The Irish Football Team, The London Marathon, Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Damien Duff, James Cracknell, and Jonny Wilkinson.
Lucozade is a quick-acting carbohydrate that may be used to treat hypoglycaemia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lucozade   (486 words)

 GlaxoSmithKline - Lucozade Sport - Increasing Customer Awareness, 5th Edition
Lucozade is synonymous with energy, and due to the fast pace of life, consumers constantly need to recharge.
Lucozade Sport's eye-catching pack designs have also served to distinguish the brand that retails in vibrant blue and yellow shades, complete with action-packed graphics, including a running man. Theses graphics are used throughout all advertising and point of sale to create strong impact especially at the point of purchase.
Lucozade Sport's isotonic formulation that optimises fast fluid absorption and counteracts dehydration, which can result in overheating during sport, was highlighted in the advertising message.
www.business2000.ie /cases/cases/case4.htm   (1955 words)

 Lucozade Sport Powder -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Lucozade Sport is a scientifically formulated sports drink, designed to meet the body's energy and fluid demands.
This mix of fuel, fluid and electrolytes means that Lucozade Sport actively rehydrates the body, whilst giving the working muscles a boost of carbohydrate energy when they need it most.
If you are not used to drinking Lucozade Sport on a regular basis, you should begin by consuming a little at a time, gradually increasing the amount you drink until your body becomes accustomed to drinking whilst exercising.
www.muscle-shop.co.uk /product/asp/ProdID/1421/af/page.htm   (592 words)

 Animal Logic: Commercials - Lucozade - Get the Energy Edge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It not only extends the life of the Lucozade campaign but adds dimension to the Lara Croft character.
She was a no-nonsense, high energy character who could always extricate herself from tricky situations.
Lucozade, of course, remains the ultimate star of the commercial.
www.animallogic.com /commercials/lucozade_energyedge/index.html   (335 words)

 Essay: Reading Media Text: Lucozade Adverts. - Coursework.Info
Reading Media Text: Lucozade Adverts Lucozade is a product which over the years has totally changed the target audience and its impact on the market.
At the start of its production life it was marketed as a drink which helped aid recovery for sick children, so the obvious target market was mothers who would be encouraged by the commercial to buy the drink for their children.
The first advertisement studied was an original commercial which advertised Lucozade as a drink which aids recovery from illness; aimed to be bought by mothers, and promoted very much as a 'happy family' drink.
www.coursework.info /GCSE/Media_Studies/Reading_Media_Text_Lucozade_Adverts_L61856.html   (262 words)

 FAI announce Lucozade deal || Off the Field || eleven-a-side.com
The FAI concluded the new commercial contract after successfully negotiating a new sponsorship agreement with Lucozade Sport, covering the period up to the World Cup in 2010.
Lucozade Sport have been consistent supporters of the FAI and this new commitment will continue to contribute to the success of football in Ireland.”
Jocelyn Emerson, Marketing Director for Lucozade Sport, said: “We are delighted to be renewing our partnership with the FAI, especially in light of their track record of supporting sports people when training and competing at all levels.”
www.eleven-a-side.com /offthefield/irish_soccer_detail.asp?newsid=17951   (515 words)

 eBay.co.uk - Lucozade, lucozade sport, Diecast Vehicles, Cycling items at low prices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Lucozade Recovery Drink Large Tubs X 8 Expire 03/07
Lucozade Energy Original display stand + 6 mats
Lucozade stunning 7" 6 fl oz Bottle 1950s
search.ebay.co.uk /Lucozade_W0QQfclZ4QQfnuZ1   (245 words)

Lucozade Sport is isotonic, it is specially formulated to be in balance with your body's own fluid. It quickly delivers a boost of carbohydrate energy to the working muscles and supplies fluid fast, which together help maximise performance and endurance.
Lucozade Sport sports drink formulation is the Official sports drink for the London Marathon and will be available around the course in these packs.
Used regularly Lucozade Sport is your insurance policy against dehydration, energy depletion and poor recovery.
www.energy4sport.com /acatalog/Lucozade_Sport_drinks.html   (229 words)

 MobHappy: A Mobile Marketing Winner from Lucozade and Return2Sender (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Interestingly, Lucozade are also supporting the initiative with a WAP site - something that we'll see happening more and more.
And to Lucozade for having the vision to do the unusual, rather than the safe and boring.
Sales shot up exponentially and the commercials produced for them were well ahead of their time, showcasing a strong brand integration within the realms of a videogame environment.
mobhappy.typepad.com.cob-web.org:8888 /russell_buckleys_mobhappy/2005/08/a_mobile_market.html   (549 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner - Lucozade boost for swimming - Wednesday | June 2, 2004
ENERGY Drink company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), under its Lucozade Sport brand, boosted the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica's (ASAJ's) fund-raising drive for the 15th Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships (CISC) with a $500,000 contribution yesterday.
Jamaica will be hosts of the CISC for the third time from July 1-6 at the National Stadium Pools.
Swimming, water polo and synchronised swimming are the events that will be contested over the six-day championships which have been sanctioned by FINA, the world governing body for swimming, as a qualifying event for the Olympics in Athens, Greece, August 12-29.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20040602/sports/sports3.html   (365 words)

 Extinct Beverage: Lucozade
This may actually be because of test market results which indicate that pictures of Lara Croft are usually a big hit with men between the ages of 14 and 108.
It reminiscent of all the nasty medicines me loved as a kid!" We, on the other hand, were disappointed, because Lucozade defies expectation by not being like orange jello at all.
Nate makes an effort to catch a bird to catch the spider to catch the lucozade that is poisoning his very soul.
www.lanceandeskimo.com /chefelf/bev_lucozade.shtml   (831 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner News - Lucozade sponsors junior champs - Friday | July 14, 2006
LUCOZADE SPORT'S injection of $200,000 has accommodated Jamaica's hosting of the prestigious Caribbean Junior Squash Championships which are set to get under way this month.
With the competition set for the Liguanea Club from July 26 to August 2, Lucozade announced its sponsorship yesterday at the competition's launch at the New Kingston club.
The championships were initially set for the Bahamas, but that country pulled out and Jamaica stepped up.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20060714/sports/sports7.html   (371 words)

Commenting on the new relationship, Lucozade Sport Science Academy Performance Director, John Brewer said, ‘The new partnership with British Judo highlights our commitment to work closely with athletes from all sports to gain an insight into how we can help maximize performance in their respective disciplines.
The Lucozade Sport Science Academy (LSSA) works closely with elite athletes and sports associations to increase its knowledge of the impact of nutrition on sporting performance.
It is this commitment that athletes have come to rely on when choosing to use Lucozade Sport’s scientifically proven formulations during training, in competition and for recovery.
www.britishjudo.org.uk /home/lucozadesport.php   (551 words)

 Does this mean i can have my favourite drinks? - Ummah.com
Lucozade and Ribena are non-alcoholic drinks as defined by EU legislation.
Alcohol based flavourings are not used in the Lucozade Energy sparkling orange glucose drink.
„h In the Lucozade Sport drinks range, the pink grapefruit and mixed berry flavours and the Lucozade Sport Hydroactive range, contain trace amounts of alcohol from the carrying agent for flavourings used.
www.ummah.net /forum/showthread.php?t=53889   (717 words)

 Lucozade 330ml Can - New!
Description: Lucozade Energy - Original lucozade sparkling glucose drink.
Lucozade is ideal to boost energy when you are exhausted from working or playing hard.
Lucozade is also used as an enrgy boost when recovering from illness.
www.britishdelights.com /detail.asp?product_id=dr75   (36 words)

 Caffeine in Lucozade (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Lucozade Energy is a popular drink from pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline.
Lucozade Energy comes in a number of flavors including Original, Apple, Orange, Lemon, Wild Berry, and Tropical.
Lucozade contains 3.58 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (12.10mg/100mls).
www.energyfiend.com.cob-web.org:8888 /caffeine-content/lucozade   (191 words)

Lucozade Energy is launching an on-pack competition on 60m bottles to find the best amateur rally drivers.
The latest activity for Lucozade Energy gives ‘lucky’ winners the chance to get chucked out of a window, perform at something they know next to nothing about in front of an expectant crowd or drive off road at simply petrifying speeds.
Across all promotional bottles Lucozade Energy drinkers are being asked if they are ‘Up for the Lucozade Challenge’.
www.budweiser-beer.net /lucozade.htm   (1430 words)

 Lucozade Sport Shop: buy Lucozade Sport online, sports drinks, bars, powders and gels
Sports nutrition on the move: re-fuel with Lucozade Sport carbohydrate gels and energy bars.
The Lucozade Sport range of sports and recovery drinks in powdered form, as sachets or tubs.
Lucozade Sport and The Lucozade Sport Academy Range can help.
www.thelssa.com /shop   (252 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Lucozade is formulated with glucose syrup, a unique carbohydrate that provides a concentrated, well-tolerated and readily absorbed source of food energy for the body.
Lucozade is available in three flavours: original, lemon and orange.
Note: Information on this site is not intended to replace the advice given by your doctor or other health professional.
www.lucozade.co.nz   (88 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | London | Goodbye to M4 Lucozade landmark
A landmark neon Lucozade sign greeting motorists entering London is to be taken down on Tuesday after 50 years.
The 1950s landmark beside the M4 in Brentford depicts the drink being poured into a glass with the slogan "Lucozade replaces lost energy".
It sits on the side of a now derelict building which is being sold for redevelopment into the Audi UK HQ.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/london/3612090.stm   (286 words)

SmithKline Beecham is one of the world's leading makers of prescription medicines, but has a highly profitable range of non-medical products as well, among them toothpastes and drinks like Ribena, Horlicks and Lucozade.
The company is the result of a 1989 transatlantic merger, which set a world-wide trend of pharmaceutical company mergers.
The company has also been a pioneer in the development of gene mapping technology, which was one of the precursors of the human genome project.
www.solarnavigator.net /sponsorship/lucozade.htm   (667 words)

 Lucozade Sport Science Academy: expertise in sports nutrition and sports hydration
The Lucozade Sport Science Academy is 100% dedicated to improving sports performance.
Materials developed by the Lucozade Sport Science Academy, and dedicated to sports nutrition and sports hydration research and understanding.
Our aim is to use expertise in sports nutrition and hydration to help advance the understanding of their role in driving sports performance.
www.thelssa.co.uk /lssa/home/home.asp   (256 words)

 Death Fall | Lucozade 'Gargoyles'
In this, the fourth of the highly successful Lucozade ads, we see yet more improvements in the animation of the sexy adventuress, Lara Croft.
In moves that look so easy in the digital realm, the technologically advanced heroine escapes the dogs by the skin of her Lucozade with a series of twists, turns, forward rolls and backflips, to land on the neck of a gargoyle that has come to life.
What sets this particular spot apart from the previous are the 3D techniques that have been used to evolve the breadth of movement of the Lara character: "The model was never originally designed to do the complicated moves the Director wanted her to do in these sequences," says Jones.
www.deathfall.com /article.php?sid=2413   (610 words)

 Animal Logic: Commercials - Lucozade 'Lara'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In making the Lucozade spot it was an obvious advantage.
He worked on creating random and realistic looking foliage, unlike the previous Lucozade commercial 'Lara Goes to the Dogs' (produced for Singleton Ogilvy and Mather in Sydney last year), where straight geometry was required to create a tomb environment.
Sarsfield, who comes from a product design background with Mambo, had to create a number of different plants and then apply numerous variables to the designs to achieve a satisfactory amount of species diversity.
www.animallogic.com /commercials/lucozade_02/index.html   (713 words)

 Lucozade Sport Science Academy: New @ the Academy
Lucozade Sport scientists are committed to improving athletes all round performance, which is why they have developed the new Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink.
Prepare for the next challenge as soon as the last one is over by incorporating it into your training program.
Thus Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink, containing a blend of both carbohydrate and protein, is scientifically designed to help improve recovery after exercise.
www.thelssa.co.uk /lssa/new/spotlight.asp   (337 words)

 Lucozade Sport Science Academy: About the Academy
Furthermore, we are dedicated to providing education on the latest advances in sports science and nutrition to help participants at all levels get the most out of their sport.
From the original Lucozade Sport Body Fuel powder to specialised powder products, bars, gels, sportpack pouches and drinks bottles the shop has been developed to cater for all your sports nutrition needs.
It offers a quick and easy way of purchasing Lucozade products, with guaranteed next day delivery anywhere within the UK on orders placed before 14:00 on the previous day.
www.thelssa.com /lssa/main.asp   (373 words)

 Lucozade Sport Hydro Active women's challenge in association with Puma
Lucozade Sport Hydro Active women's challenge in association with Puma
Congratulations to those who successfully made their way around their respective Hydro Active Women’s Challenge courses on 3rd September.
Paula Radcliffe set the runners on their way in London where the elite race was claimed by Berhane Adere.
www.womenschallenge.co.uk   (94 words)

 Runner's World Competition - Lucozade Sport Competition
Runner's World and Team Lucozade Sport are giving our readers three opportunities to run the Flora London Marathon free of charge.
Guaranteed free race entry and free supply of Lucozade Sport to last throughout your training to the race itself including powders, gels and bars
LUCOZADE, LUCOZADE SPORT and the Winner device are trademarks of the GlaxoSmithKline groups of companies.
www.runnersworld.co.uk /comp/comp.asp?c=32   (437 words)

 British Judo announce Lucozade Sport partnership - 8th October 2006 SportFocus news
The modern Olympic sport of Judo has received a major boost with the announcement that British Judo, the national governing body for the sport in the UK, has entered into a unique partnership with Lucozade Sport that will help players prepare for major international events.
‘The new partnership with Lucozade Sport is a great boost for all involved in the sport and will help club players and members of the National Performance Squad to perform at their peak as they challenge for medals at all levels.’
By simply visiting the shop and entering British Judo’s unique code, members can claim this exclusive benefit and have a range of products delivered direct to their door the following day.
www.sportfocus.com /newspub/story.cfm?ID=20732   (507 words)

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