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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Abyss : Jeremiah Store : Luke Perry
Luke Perry as Stu Sheridan, Dan Cortese as Tommy Devane, Olivia d'Abo as Charlotte 'Charlie' Duval and Dorian Harewood as Captain Louis Morgan.
A beautiful CIA agent (Olivia D'Abo) and the scientist's son (Luke Perry) are now in a race against the clock to rescue his father and prevent the use of the deadly weapon.
Luke Perry as Lane Frost, Stephen Baldwin as Tuff Hedeman, James Rebhorn as Clyde Frost and Carrie Snodgress as Elsie Frost.
abyss.hubbe.net /jeremiah/shop/perry.html   (1206 words)

 Luke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Luke is a name given to males that is fairly common among Christians.
Luke Perry, the hero and narrator of the Sword of the Spirits trilogy of novels
Luke, a village in Kriva Palanka municipality in Macedonia
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Luke   (204 words)

 Luke Perry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Luke Perry (born Coy Luther Perry III on October 11, 1965 in Mansfield, Ohio to Coy Luther Perry II and Ann Bennett) is an American actor best known for his role in the TV series Beverly Hills 90210.
Perry voiced himself in an episode of Family Guy.
Perry is currently separated from his wife Minnie, with whom he has two children, Jack and Sophie.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Luke_Perry   (222 words)

 Luke Perry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Perry made his feature film debut in a starring role in 8 Seconds, the remarkable account of champion bull rider Lane Frost, which was directed by John Avildsen.
In addition, Perry's serious devotion to the inspirational legend of Lane Frost led him to train vigorously for 18 months in order to master the techniques of bull riding and to be able to perform many of his own stunts during production.
In 1989, Perry was chosen for a starring role on the internationally popular television series "Beverly Hills 90210," in which he portrayed the brooding but sensitive Dylan McCay.
www.dirtthemovie.com /luke.html   (197 words)

 Luke Perry: biography and encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Luke Perry (born October 11, EHandler: no quick summary.
Luke Perry voiced himself in an episode of Family Guy Family Guy quick summary:
Perry sued the Griffins but dropped the suit after giving an interview to Meg.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/l/lu/luke_perry.htm   (841 words)

 Classic TV & Movie Hits - Luke Perry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Biography: Luke Perry, birth name Coy Luther Perry III, (born October 11, 1966) is an American actor, is best known for his role as the brooding rebel Dylan McKay in the TV series Beverly Hills 90210.
According to The Simpsons Luke Perry is Krusty the Clown's half-brother.
Luke Perry voiced himself in an episode of Family Guy in which Peter published a story in Meg's name in the school paper saying Luke Perry is gay.
www.classictvhits.com /cast.php?id=3421   (243 words)

 Jeremiah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Luke Perry, who rose to international fame as moody surfer Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills 90210, has since appeared in such films as Luc Besson's operatic sci-fi thriller, The Fifth Element, and the movie 8 Seconds, in which he played real-life champion bull rider Lane Frost.
Perry recently spoke by phone with the MGM SCI-FI NEWSLETTER from the Vancouver set about his new role as the title character in the new MGM series, created by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), Jeremiah.
In fact, it was Priestley and Perry who first realized the impact of their series head-on when the pair had to be sneaked out of a shopping mall - hidden inside a linen cart -- where they had just made a public appearance.
www.jeremiah.tv /news.html   (3122 words)

 Dragon*Con Biography: [Luke Perry]
A versatile and talented actor, Luke Perry is one of the most charismatic performers of his generation.
Perry is currently shooting the new sci-fi television series, Jeremiah for Showtime, based on the popular comic book series of the same title.
Perry made his feature film debut starring in 8 Seconds, the remarkable account of champion bullrider Lane Frost, which was directed by John Avildsen.
www.dragoncon.org /people/perryl.html   (211 words)

 An Interview With Luke
Luke Perry is short for Coy Luther Perry III.
Luke: I've had tons of odd jobs, but I think that I would probably be a fireman because you get to see the results of your job.
Luke: When I was a kid, I was at a bowling alley and I ran into a soda machine.
www.geocities.com /TelevisionCity/2079/lukeinter.htm   (804 words)

 Luke Perry Raises the Roof - May 18, 2004 - E! Online News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
May 18, 2004, 1:10 PM PT Here's a switch: Luke Perry was trying not to bring down the house during a stage show.
According to British media reports, Perry was channeling Billy Crystal to Alyson Hannigan's Sally in the production when chunks of plaster broke loose from the roof the restored 18th century Theatre Royal in Haymarket and struck several people in the crowd, at least one seriously.
Perry leapt from the stage and ran into the auditorium to help tend to the injured and then evacuate cast and audience members from the scene.
www.eonline.com /News/Items/0,1,14130,00.html?newsrellink   (432 words)

 Star Struck - Luke Perry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
You might have been too middle-school during Luke Perry’s first go-round as Dylan McKay on "90210," but nine years ago he was so fine that his personal appearances turned into riots.
Next in the pipeline for Perry is a series of his own, part of his "90210" comeback deal.
When Luke left "90210" in ’95, he was involved with an old girlfriend played by Shannen Doherty who also resurfaced on TV this year.
www.americancheerleader.com /backissues/aug99/starstrucklp.php   (357 words)

 TV Tattler: Luke Perry of 'Windfall' - AOL Television
June 7 -- In the last few years, Luke Perry has made an effort to move as far away from 'Beverly Hills' as possible.
Perry plays Peter Schaefer, a devoted husband and father of two, whose marriage is tested by the newfound wealth.
In a wide-ranging interview with AOL Television, Perry talked about the new show, his teen heartthrob days and whether more money really means more problems.
television.aol.com /tv-celebrity-interviews/luke-perry   (944 words)

 Luke Perry's New Babe :: Hollywood.com
Perry, 33, is a two-time father following the birth of daughter Sophie on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, the actor's publicist has announced.
She is joined in the Perry family by mom Minnie and older brother Jack, now 2.
Perry, who signed off on "90210" last month, is currently at work on the indie thriller "The Enemy" with Roger Moore.
www.hollywood.com /news/detail/id/312479   (186 words)

 USATODAY.com - Luke Perry, wife decide to separate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Actor Luke Perry and his wife of nearly 10 years, Minnie, announced their separation on Monday.
Perry and former co-stars Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris are among the actors who will discuss their memories of the show that turned them into teen idols.
Perry, 36, a former daytime soap opera star, portrayed rich-kid rebel Dylan McKay on the popular teen soap-opera of the 1990s.
www.usatoday.com /life/2003-04-28-perry_x.htm   (231 words)

 VH1.com : Movies : Person : Luke Perry : Biography
Ohioan Luke Perry did well enough on the high school baseball team, but he was a somewhat lackadaisical student, with no real aim in life except for a vague desire to become an actor someday.
In 1990, Perry was cast in the Fox Network's Beverly Hills 90210 in the supporting role of Dylan McKay.
Audience response to Perry was so overwhelming that, by the time 90210 swung into its second season, he was not only one of the series' leading characters, but a full-fledged teen idol.
www.vh1.com /movies/person/49552/bio.jhtml   (225 words)

 The Stranger | Seattle | Columns | I Love Television | I Love television
Common Life Experiences Shared by Luke Perry and Evel Knievel, But Not by a Meatball: Luke and Evel share common small-town backgrounds, and both were mediocre students in high school.
Luke excelled as his high school's team mascot "Freddie the Bird," for which he dressed up in yellow tights, red feathers, and big yellow feet.
It's highly likely that the most dangerous thing Luke Perry has ever done in his life is undergoing surgery for hair implants.
www.thestranger.com /seattle/Content?oid=1776   (384 words)

That's what actor Luke Perry is asking his 90210 fans to do when they see his new number -- as inmate #00C966 in the land of Oz.
And while Perry is the first to admit quality was not the "No. 1 issue" on 90210, he's not ashamed of where he's been.
Though likably straightforward and affable, Perry politely refuses to answer questions about his wife of seven years, Minnie Sharp, who stays home in Los Angeles with the couple's young son and daughter.
www.usaweekend.com /01_issues/010114/010114perry.html   (800 words)

 TMZ.com: News - Luke Perry Seeks Restraining Order
According to the documents, filed April 4 in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Luke is seeking protection for himself and his two children Jack, 8, and Sophie, 5.
Luke claims in the documents that he has learned the woman has "a history of psychiatric issues and has had similar issues recently."
Luke also alleges the woman has showed up at events where Luke has made public appearances, including a speaking engagement in Palm Springs where he had to be assisted out the door by security.
tmz.aol.com /article2/_a/luke-perry-seeks-restraining-order/20060418141809990001   (274 words)

 Jeremiah, Luke Perry, J. Michael Straczynski, Hermann Huppen
Fifteen years later, Jeremiah (Luke Perry) is a quiet loner trying to rise above the looking-out-for-number-one mentality of most survivors.
Luke Perry delivers a fine, understated performance as Jeremiah, and gels nicely with Malcolm-Jamal Warner's self-centered but sensitive Kurdy.
The world of post-Big Death America is vividly conceived, and the pilot episode (in typical Straczynski style) asks many questions which beg to be answered as the series unfolds.
www.scifidimensions.com /Mar02/jeremiah.htm   (455 words)

 Luke Perry -- Queer Lesbian Gay Arts & Entertainment: Celebrities -- Gay.com
Gay.com > Arts & Entertainment: Celebrities > Luke Perry -- Luke Perry may not turn heads or inspire fits of teenage frenzy the way he did when he played "90210" hunk Dylan McKay, but that doesn't make his mid-career comeback any less captivating.
Luke Perry may not turn heads or inspire fits of teenage frenzy the way he did when he played "90210" hunk Dylan McKay, but that doesn't make his mid-career comeback any less captivating.
In the end, it was television that gave Perry a second chance.
www.gay.com /entertainment/celebrities/package.html?sernum=172   (473 words)

 Luke Perry Interview at iVillage.com
What would Luke Perry do with $20 million?
Luke Perry wears boxer briefs, hates people who don't stop at stop signs and still chooses Kelly over Brenda.
But the Beverly Hills 90210 star has come a long way from his days as brooding bad boy Dylan McKay — after all, the show wrapped six years ago.
entertainment.ivillage.com /features/0,,9c2t909x,00.html   (217 words)

 When Luke Met Harry & Sally - Dec 01, 2003 - E! Online News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Dec 1, 2003, 2:00 PM PT Luke Perry's swapping ZIP codes--and continents--to star in a theatrical version of When Harry Met Sally...
Indeed, imagining former teen heartthrob Perry assuming the mantle of New York nebbishness displayed by Crystal in the Oscar-nominated flick has produced some critical snickers, but producer James Tod remains unaffected.
Of course, Perry's experience also extends to the seminal role of brooding Dylan Walsh on 90210, which made him a household name.
www.eonline.com /News/Items/0,1,13015,00.html   (432 words)

 Luke Perry Photos - Luke Perry News - Luke Perry Information
Luke is best known for his role as the brooding bad boy Dylan McKay in "Beverly Hills 90210." In early 2004, Luke made his West End debut starring in a stage adaptation of "When Harry Met Sally" opposite former-"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Alyson Hannigan.
Luke voiced "Sub-Zero," the most popular Mortal Kombat character in the animated series.
Luke was voted "Biggest Flirt" by his high school classmates.
www.tv.com /luke-perry/person/3195/summary.html   (388 words)

 FOX23 News - Coverage & Convenience Luke Perry Declared a Hero After Theater Catastrophe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Fortunately, a chandelier - which was threatening to fall down upon the crowd - was dragged away by a safety rope - but many credited Perry's calm reaction for saving people from further injury.
Perry then helped staff evacuate the theater and comforted frightened audience members.
Ten people have been treated and released from the hospital but one woman remains under medical care with "facial injuries." No-one was fatally injured.
www.fox23news.com /entertainment/story.aspx?content_id=d33b8fa3-d126-4929-b94d-391a02ed4896   (297 words)

 X-E - Luke Perry and Jason Priestley's WILD Adventure!
Luke might be middle aged, but he's still a teen dream.
Jason might've got chunky by season 132 of 90210, but this comic came out when they were only in the 8th year of high school, so he was still Teen Beat material.
Stupid puzzles with rules apparently made up by a special team of retarded monkeys in a real rush to meet their deadline.
www.x-entertainment.com /messages/429.html   (1138 words)

 Amazon.ca: 8 Seconds (Widescreen/Full Screen): DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Luke Perry is an underrated actor, and he balances an "aw-shucks-ness" with an internal spark that makes that salt-of-the-earth stuff not so salty.
Luke does a nice job in his portrayal of Lane Frost, but I feel that Stephen Baldwin does just as good a job as Tuff Hedeman and is somewhat overlooked in conversation regarding this movie.
The acting is fine, and that's really Luke Perry on some of those bulls.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00002SSKG   (747 words)

 Luke Perry
Whether that love was of a very private nature or a relative who Luke adored and looked up to is hard to define.
Pretty Boy Perry is also a mystery man for although planet Pluto oozes sex appeal by the bucket-load it also tells me that Luke has a secretive side and what you see is not necessarily what you get.
It predicts a period of confusion and lack of direction and I figure that Luke will be going through this very soon if not already.
www.live-astro.com /content/celebrity/luke_perry.shtml   (194 words)

 Luke Perry Current Month TV Schedule
Starring Shannen Doherty, Luke Perry, Carol Potter, James Eckhouse, Joe E Tata, Heather McAdam.
Starring Kristy Swanson, Donald Sutherland, Paul Reubens, Rutger Hauer, Luke Perry, Michele Abrams, Hilary Swank, Paris Vaughan, David Arquette, Randall Batinkoff.
Luke Perry guest stars as a bird-watcher who Jack sees as a 'hot gay nerd.' Also, Grace has a hot date with a new beau (Edward Burns).
www.tv-now.com /stars/lukepery.html   (629 words)

 Luke Perry News Stories - Luke Perry Headlines - Luke Perry Rumors
Priestley, Garth Reunite on 'What I Like About You' (external) "The WB's 'What I Like About You' staged a mini-'Beverly Hills, 90210' reunion last year by having Luke Perry guest-star as a love interest for Jennie Garth's Val.
Windfall lands on NBC NBC has picked up Windfall, a rags-to-riches drama that was dropped by Fox this spring.
Dylan and Kelly Reunite on The WB (external) "The Friday, Feb. 25 episode of The WB's 'What I Like About You' will briefly reunite 'Beverly Hills, 90210' stars Luke Perry and Jennie Garth, which must mean that somewhere out there, Shannen Doherty is storming off in disgust." Source: Zap2It, Monday, January 24, 2005
www.tv.com /luke-perry/person/3195/news.html   (189 words)

 On the Tube: Luke Perry starts the world over after the 'Big Death' in 'Jeremiah'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Sort of like Bruce Willis, Perry's too-cool-for-the room, laid-back image is something he can't (or won't) out-act.
He got closest to breaking the Perry mold in his role on HBO's "Oz," but in the new Showtime series "Jeremiah" (8 p.m.
Jeremiah is part of the first generation growing up since the Big Death, which has rendered society, well, pretty much like the post-apocalyptic society on Fox's "Dark Angel." There's no government, bartering is key, and marauding gangs wander the streets causing trouble.
www.post-gazette.com /tv/20020301owen2.asp   (1046 words)

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