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Topic: Lulav

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  MyJewishLearning.com - Holidays: Lulav and Etrog
While it is customary for each individual to have a lulav and etrog, many synagogues leave some sets in the synagogue sukkah for the use of their members.
The lulav is a single palm branch and occupies the central position in the grouping.
With the backbone (the solid spine) of the lulav facing you and this holder in place near the bottom, two willow branches are placed in the left extension and three myrtle branches are placed in the right.
www.myjewishlearning.com /holidays/Sukkot/Overview_Sukkot_Community/Lulav_basics.htm   (705 words)

  Sukkos - the Jewish Festival of Booths   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When speaking of the lulav and esrog we refer to the four species of plants mentioned in the Torah; the lulav, an unopened date-palm frond; hadassim, myrtle branches, aravos, willow branches; and an esrog, the fruit of the citron tree.
The general custom is to bind the branches so that when the lulav is held with the spine of the lulav facing the holder, the hadassim are to the holder's right and the aravos are to the holder's left.
The lulav (with the hadassim and aravos attached) is taken first with the right hand and then the esrog is taken with the left hand and held upside-down, with the cut end facing upwards (some have the custom not to take the esrog until after the blessing is recited).
members.aol.com /LazerA/sukkos.htm   (1775 words)

 Deluxe Esrog/Lulav Set   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You need 1 Lulav - It should be straight; the leaves should be together; it should not be dried out, the top should not be cut off and it should be at least 15 inches long.
You need 3 Hadasim for each Lulav - It should be green and not dried out; the top of the branch should be whole and the leaves toward the top should be in clusters of three.
You need 2 Aravos for each Lulav - It should have long and whole leaves; the edge of the leaf should be smooth and the top leaf should be intact.
succah.safewebshop.com /deluxe_esrog_lulav_set.html   (186 words)

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