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Topic: Lunar conjunction

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Hebrew calendar
It is based upon both lunar months and a solar cycle (which defines its years) and so is a lunisolar calendar.
The Hebrew month is tied to an estimate of the average time taken by the Moon to cycle from lunar conjunction to lunar conjunction.
Twelve lunar months are about 354 days while the solar year is about 365 days so an extra lunar month is added every two or three years in accordance with a 19-year cycle of 235 lunar months (12 regular months every year plus 7 extra or embolismic months every 19 years).
publicliterature.org /en/wikipedia/h/he/hebrew_calendar_1.html   (1362 words)

 Lunar conjunction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A lunar conjunction is the moment when the earth, moon and sun, in that order, are approximately in a straight line.
(See conjunction (astronomy) for a precise definition.) It is sometimes referred to as the new moon, though traditionally new moon refers to the first visible crescent of the moon.
The period of time between two lunar conjunctions is the synodic month, which is a basic unit in most lunar and lunisolar calendars such as the Islamic calendar and the Hebrew calendar (known in that context as the molad in Hebrew).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lunar_conjunction   (149 words)

 Solar Eclipse April 19, 2004, and Lunar Eclipse May 4, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Lunar Eclipse of May 4 originated on May 10, 1427 from the Southern Hemisphere and this is its 33rd eclipse of the series.
Since the Lunar Eclipse Moon was in Scorpio, we could unconsciously be drawn to the retention of past hurts, guilt feelings or jealousy without understanding the "whys" or "whens" associated with these feelings.
While Mercury is forming that Conjunction to Saturn in the original Solar chart, it is also forming a Conjunction to Venus in the original Lunar chart.
www.lunarliving.org /saros119.shtml   (1026 words)

 Lunar Prospector Mission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Its purpose was to map the elemental abundances of the lunar surface.
Used in conjunction with the Electron Reflectometer, it helped locate and measure the strength of the weak localized magnetic fields on the lunar surface.
In conjunction with the Magnetometer instrument, it helped locate and measure the strength of the weak localized magnetic fields on the lunar surface.
www.lpi.usra.edu /expmoon/prospector/prospector.html   (1013 words)

 [No title]
To be sure, the lunar geologic environment is very different from the terrestrial, and the possible consequences of the Moon's low oxidation state and waterlessness for generating useful concentrations of elements must be addressed.
The dielectric constant of the lunar regolith can potentially be estimated from the ratio of the backscatter in the local vertical and horizontal directions for areas where the radar signal is dominated by volume scattering.
Input parameters to the model are the radar wavelength, the radar incidence angle, and the dielectric parameters of the pyroclastic layer and the regolith substrate.
www.lpi.usra.edu /meetings/programs/lratwwa.txt   (17685 words)

 Stellar Highways and Byways: Volume 3, Number 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Though the lunar conjunction to the sun that marks the new moon and the start of a new lunar cycle.
Conjunction orbs are rather small, usually only 1 — 3 degrees, but in the framework of a stellium, this is likely rendered moot.
Conjunctions are certainly fickle aspects and unfortunately for such a potentially good aspect they can turn out rough especially in the area of ego with conjunctions affecting first house matters.
www.stormpages.com /ejourney/articles/astrology/stellarhwy/sh011202.htm   (5885 words)

 Lunar Republic : Lunar Links and Resources
Clementine Lunar Image Browser -- The extraordinary lunar imaging project, conducted as a joint venture of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), along with the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), produced some of the finest images ever of the Moon.
Lunar Sections -- One of the finest online photographic references, melding excellent lunar surface photographs from NASA and amateur astronomers into a sectional directory of the Moon, keyed to the essential "Atlas of the Moon" by Antonín Rükl.
Lunar Settlement Initiative -- Providing an open-source legal framework for organizations that offer land claims on the Moon in order to finance private and/or commercial Lunar settlement and development projects.
www.lunarrepublic.com /info/links.shtml   (655 words)

While the present calendar (Gregorian) had its roots in the lunar cycle as evidenced by the length of the months and even the word "month" itself, it was adjusted to the solar year in order to maintain the seasonal references - its relation to the lunar phases was eventually abandoned.
Since the moon is in conjunction with the sun when it is "new", its first crescent is most readily observed just after sunset on the evening of the conjunction, but the actual conjunction may have occurred many hours before.
The duration between the true conjunction and the observation of this first crescent is a complex calculation which takes into account the season, the lunar latitude and the geographical latitude and longitude of the place of observation.
www.lespenner.com /cal_hist_and_rules.htm   (3985 words)

 Where No Man Has Gone Before, Appendix 3c   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
It was clearly recognized at the conference that Apollo lunar surface experiments packages or their derivatives such as Emplaced Scientific Stations or Remote Geophysical Monitors would be used on essentially all AAP landing missions.
Many scientific experiments appear very promising for lunar exploration but are not feasible now because (1) detector systems have not been developed to the point of having the desired sensitivity, or (2) theoretical problems have not been fully investigated to insure proper design of the experiment or full interpretation of the results.
Because of the rapid development of suitable launch capability and the growth of an extensive body of photogeologic maps of the lunar surface and because of the lead-times required for development of selected systems, the working groups felt that such analyses are urgent.
lunar.arc.nasa.gov /archives/documents/SP4214/app3c.html   (3520 words)

 lunar eclipse concept from the Astronomy knowledge base   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
partial lunar eclipse (2 facts) - An eclipse in which the Moon passes through the shadow cast by the Earth, the Moon passing partially through the Earth's umbra at maximum eclipse.
penumbral lunar eclipse (3 facts) (appulse) - An eclipse in which the Moon passes through the shadow cast by the Earth, the Moon passing only through the Earth's penumbra.
total lunar eclipse (2 facts) - An eclipse in which the Moon passes through the shadow cast by the Earth, the Moon passing completely through the Earth's umbra.
www.site.uottawa.ca:4321 /astronomy/lunareclipse.html   (140 words)

 An Astronomical Hebrew Calendar (conjunction+24h)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Lunar crescent visibility varies with weather conditions, clouds, atmospheric dust and clarity (especially in the westerly direction), temperature, humidity, nearby and westerly light pollution, and local elevation with unobstructed view of the horizon.
Even with the progressive drift of the Molad later and later with respect to the actual mean lunar conjunctions, the Traditional Hebrew Calendar will continue to have a higher frequency of lunar crescent still not visible by the start of the second day of most months even beyond the 9th millennium.
Abandoned because starting months so near to the conjunction had the effect that the new lunar crescent was rarely visible on the first and most often not even on the second day of the month, which would probably be socially unacceptable.
individual.utoronto.ca /kalendis/hebrew/astro.htm   (8435 words)

 The Earth-Moon And Temple Astronomy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Essentially, a fixed seven-squared set of lunar phases precisely interfaces with a seven-squared set of years as long as the count of one lunar-phase (the 'ot') is specially counted-apart at the boundary of each third year.
Essentially, if only one-half of the lunar cycle (in the waning stages) was counted in terms of the day-unit-starting-with-sunrise, then it could also be that in the other half of the lunar cycle (in waxing stages), the day-unit was conversely counted from sunset.
Some early literature seems to indicate that the formally counted lunar half-cycle was not always oriented toward the new and full phases of the lunar cycle, but rather show that the lunar-half-cycle was oriented--at least at times--to the first and third quarters of the lunar cycle.
www.hope-of-israel.org /crnotes.htm   (13535 words)

 Lunar Republic : The Bush Space Plan
Purchase a lunar land claim to help return humans to the Moon.
The Lunar Republic Society, in conjunction with the Kennedy II Lunar Exploration Project, also wishes to return humans to the Moon.
We raise funds for space exploration by selling lunar land claims to individuals and companies throughout the globe.
www.lunarrepublic.com /info/bushplan.shtml   (551 words)

 Indianz.Com Message Board - Moon wobbles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The powerful contact occurs when the Sun and either the North or South Lunar Nodes are in the same sign, which is the conjunction, or when the Sun is square, 90 degree angle to the Lunar Nodes.
The Sun in Scorpio is in the South Lunar Node conjunction.
What made me predict a terrible earthquake during July of 1976 was that the North Lunar Node was in Scorpio conjuncting Uranus, square to the Sun in Leo conjuncting Saturn in Leo, while Jupiter and the South Lunar Node were in Taurus (Taurus, the Sign of the land and mother nature).
www.indianz.com /board/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=21765   (1537 words)

 Eid on Monday !!! - Ummah.com
Hmm, from what I heard, the moon was not sighted anywhere in the world due to a lunar conjunction.
Since he is a graduate of Astronomy, I have every reason to believe his depiction of the fact of the lunar conjunction occuring recently, and that the Saudis are using calculations, even though in this case, it rejects science (as a result of the lunar conjunction) and Islaam.
As far as I know, the crescent moon was sighted in Riyadh (near it, rather) and this was known by a number of people (including the imam of the masjid I was praying in) since he held up the tarwee until he had confirmation.
www.ummah.net /forum/showthread.php?p=460111   (1346 words)

 Lunar Embassy Baltic
Lunar Business Systems, LLC may at one time or another assign responsibility for resident agents within specific countries to provide services in those countries as this need arises.
Lunar Business Systems, LLC in conjunction with The Lunar Embassy and Aim High!, Inc. can also provide web site hosting for as little as $50.00 per year.
The Lunar Embassy has had numerous requests from our customers to have a group created that is different from the rest of the property owners.
www.lunarbaltic.lv /news3_lv.html   (2482 words)

 APOD Search Results for "earthshine"
The sunlit crescent is over-exposed revealing the rest of the lunar surface illuminated by faint earthshine.
The Solar Corona, the Sun's outer atmosphere, is visible shining brightly behind the lunar limb while the Moon's surface is illuminated by Earthshine, sunlight reflected from the Earth to the Moon.
As pictured, the part of the Moon in shadow is the lunar farside, the side not visible from Earth.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /cgi-bin/apod/apod_search?earthshine   (1737 words)

 Election 2004: Lunar Return and Ennead Charts for the Candidates
The Sun is on the IC conjunct natal Mercury which is square to natal Neptune/MC on the lunar return ascendant.
The inauguration ascendant is conjunct Edwards' solar return part of fortune, and the Moon at the scheduled time of swearing-in is conjunct solar return Mercury, which in turn conjoins natal Moon-Jupiter.
A fascinating feature of this tri-wheel is that in all three charts—the 2004 solar return chart at the center, the inaugural transits in the middle and the natal planets in the outer wheel, is that the nodes in all three charts fall on the Ascendant/zenith solar return angles.
www.snowcrest.net /sunrise/election2004-charts.htm   (2560 words)

 What is the Biblical New Moon?
The lunar conjunction is the moment in time each month, when the moon moves most directly between the Earth and Sun and the side of the moon turned toward the Earth is dark.
A lunation, or synodic month, is the period of time from one lunar conjunction to the next.  The mean average lunation is just under 29.53059 days[6].  However, the moon’s orbit is not perfectly regular; therefore lunar months vary in length.
The full moon may follow the lunar conjunction by as little as 13 days, 21 hours and 53 minutes, or by as much as 15 days, 14 hours and 30 minutes.  Consequently, no method of determining the new moon could precisely satisfy such a requirement.
www.belovedofgod.org /paper-calendar2.html   (5383 words)

 Order of Nazorean Essenes
lunar phases, it is ultimately possible to determine the length of the annual solar cycle (in the
the length of 49 lunar cycles (or seven-squared lunar cycles).
equivalent to 7 lunar quarter-phases, or to the length of one-seventh part of the annual cycle.
essenes.net /astronomy2t.html   (6871 words)

 The Lunar Planner: Sun-Jupiter
The Sun-Jupiter conjunction also occurs in the "Manifestation and Demonstration" phase of this Lunar Cycle (just after the Disseminating Moon), emphasizing its time to live the transition (eclipse), to concretize and make it real.
In yet a greater context, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction marks the climax point in the 399-day Jupiter Synodic Cycle.
The current Jupiter-Synodic theme was presented in detail in the March 10, 2005 Lunar Cycle text.
www.lunarplanner.com /Snippets/snippet.05.10.21.html   (757 words)

 The Molad Drift
...these calculations determine the conjunction of the sun and the moon only according to their average rate of progress, and do not reflect their true positions...
The difference between the period of the molad and the above given astronomical value of the mean lunar conjunction is 0.0000 052 827 days per mean lunar period.
Because of the constantly widening gap between the time of the molad and the time of the astronomical mean conjunction, as well as the unknown value of the time of the Hebrew calendar's first molad, it is very difficult to suggest the geographical location over which any molad takes place.
www.geocities.com /Athens/1584/moladot7.html   (365 words)

 British-Israel.us - Lesson 7 - What's Wrong With The CALENDAR?
First, we should use the crescent rather than the conjunction because the ancient Hebrews had no almanacs or telescopes to figure out when the lunar conjunction would occur.
And she brought forth a man child." This is the constellation Virgo when the sun's path crosses through her body in mid-October, the exact time of the Feast of Trumpets in many years.
Since John SAW the moon under her feet, it couldn't have been the lunar conjunction.
www.british-israel.us /07.html   (1273 words)

 Hebrew Calendar Science and Myths
The Hebrew calendar is constructed from the simple multiple of a constant value for the mean lunation period.
The mean lunation period is an averaging of the time taken by the moon to cycle from lunar conjunction to lunar conjunction.
12 * (29d 12h 793p) = 354d 8h 876p and the lunar length of all leap years is 13 * (29d 12h 793p) = 383d 21h 589p.
www.geocities.com /Athens/1584/molmath.html   (2754 words)

 Capowski's RPG-Related Translation Junk Drawer - Other Lunar
An in-progress translation of the charming Game Gear Lunar side story about two girls and their adventures at a magic school (visit Naflign's Ego or Kizyr's Lunar: Walking School, the Walkthrough for more info).
These manga were the first job Funato landed in conjunction with Lunar, I believe, and it's interesting to see compare this relatively early style to those of Younenki no Owari and Vheen Hikuusen Monogatari.
Lunar, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Rudra no Hihou, Estpolis, Seiken Densetsu, Chrono Trigger, and all other trademarkable names and assorted official paraphernalia are the property of their respective creators and companies; this page is not not not not not affiliated with any of the above.
home.att.net /~RCgamusic/olunar.htm   (1379 words)

 in conjunction with lunar eclipse... ... - Burning Man - tribe.net
Actually unless I am confused, the lunar ecplispe in Monday Night...Tuesday am..but this sounds cool.
My vision of the lunar eclipse is that a lot of us are going to be in the deep Playa to get away from as many lights as possible anyway.
but the lunar eclipse is going to be on people's minds -- and so people will already have some awareness of it, and it answers the question "what's in it for me to turn off the lights?" -- because what's in it is to see the eclipse in a way not really possible elsewhere.
bm.tribe.net /thread/7347b99c-a100-4057-a5c8-aedae60609fa   (2304 words)

 Moon phenomena
Images (more than 400) there have been collected from the vast archive of lunar phases.
Lunar phases - Growing crescent to first quarter
Lunar phases - Vanishing from last quarter to crecent
www.polarimage.fi /moon/moon.htm   (356 words)

 www.irishastronomy.org :: View topic - Lunar Conjunction with Jupiter
Tonight's effort was geared at more in setting up the equipment in a sort of production mode configuration with the conjunction of the moon with Jupiter representing a means to test various aspects of the configuration.
The dramatic difference in the apparent diameter of the Jovian satellites with that of the moon is so great that it poses a further challenge in itself, not to mention the equally dramatic difference in magnitudes.
I was just looking at the conjunction here a half hour or so ago, and it makes a nice image.
www.irishastronomy.org /boards/viewtopic.php?p=12228   (1537 words)

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