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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Luri language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Luri and the rest of the Persid languages belong to the southwestern subbranch of the western Iranian languages branch.
Luri is mainly spoken in the Iranian provinces of Lorestan, Ilam, Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari, Kohkiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad and parts of Khuzestan.
Luri is also a commune of the Haute-Corse département in France, on the island of Corsica.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Luri   (149 words)

 Gary McCue: Tashi Kabum
Tashi Kabum and Luri caves both have frescoes of religious figures painted along the lower wall panel opposite to the cave entrance, as well as in the dome of the ceiling.
The Luri cave has more frescoes along the wall panel and the deities and teachers are different, yet every figure in the wall panels of both caves is framed by an almost square, decorative robe design which extends from the shoulders, then falls in near identical stylized folds to the sides.
Luri also has a temple and adjacent rooms built onto the cliff face near the cave entrance, though it is possible Tashi Kabum may also have had an adjacent temple, or other rooms or enclosures built onto the cliff, but long ago crumbled away from their moorings.
www.asianart.com /articles/tashikabum/index.html   (1794 words)

 People Group Profiles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Luri speak a language, also called "Luri," that is very similar to modern Persian, or "Farsi." Since the Luri men regularly have contacts outside their own communities, they are generally bilingual.
Luri society is dominated by those possessing the largest herds and the most money.
The Luri live in a constant state of political unrest, and there is a tremendous need for true inner peace.
test.fbchsv.org /missions/global/guide/PG_profiles.html   (1476 words)

 Down A Different Road
Luri was dancing around the other man; he had a short sword out and was teasing her with it, laughing nastily.
Luri’s night vision was excellent and she took care to wear a light colored shirt, so Riaka could follow her even with just starlight, or when clouds obscured the moon.
Luri had already taken more ibuprofen than was good for her, but it had finally taken the edge off the pain.
www.geocities.com /tainry/DADR01.htm   (20332 words)

 Chapter II: Journeys
Luri was lifted several meters from the floor, then her relative position became stationary, while the water column continued to rise to the darkness of the ceiling.
Luri obeyed her natural inclination to climb and soon found herself out on a covered balcony that ran the length of the building on the side opposite the front of the Palace.
Luri and her Seishi, as guests of honor, were installed on soft pillows up front to one side along with Lord Shidu and his immediate family.
www.geocities.com /tainry/DADR02.htm   (19576 words)

 Turkotek Salon
Complicating the differentiation of Luri weavings from their neighbors is the fact that, according to Opie, “Design similarities in Luri and Qashqa’i kilims, saltbags, and many rugs reveal the extent to which Qashqa’i tribes absorbed Luri elements during past centuries, thereby acquiring traditional Luri patterns.”
The composition of the Luri rugs, although indeed similar and the reason for much of the confusion and wrongful attribution, are less complex in form.
We use the Luri label when certain elements occur in combination and form a network of probabilistic cues, none of which would be inadequate by itself to justify the classification.
www.turkotek.com /salon_00097/salon.html   (4151 words)

 The Trouble With Tribbles #42
Luri, seeing an ugly situation developing and caught in the middle, tells Captain Kirk that the grain is important and asks if he couldn't spare a couple of guards to post by it's storage.
Luri images fades in at his desk as Kirk begins to warn him of the presence of the enemy nearby.
Luri pulls Kirk off to the side for a moment and tells him that he (Luri) doesn't want the Klingons here but he doesn't have the authority to refuse them.
www.fortunecity.com /lavender/hoskins/85/ep-42.htm   (5449 words)

 Luri -- Luri is een Iraanse taal. Het behoord samen met onder andere het Koe...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Luri wordt voornamelijk gesproken in de provincies Lorestan (in het westen van Iran, met de hoofdstad Khoramabad), maar ook in de Iraanse provincies: Ilam, "Chahar Mahaal en Bakhtiari", "Kohkiluyeh en Buyer Ahmad" en in delen van Khuzestan.
Bij de Roma is er een groep die 'Luri' genoemd worden.
Mogelijk omdat hun voorouders zich in Perzië hadden gevestigd nadat zij India verlieten, en zo de taal Luri oppakten.
luri.nl.tracking24.net   (114 words)

 LURI rugs lori rugs LURI carpets Armenian rugs Antique tribal Persain rugs Oldcarpet.com Information about oriental ...
LURI (LORI) rugs are usually mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet).
Dark red, blue and orange are the major colors of LURI (LORI) rugs and carpets.
LURI (LORI) rugs are among the finest quality tribal rugs, so expect to pay $5-$15 Per Square Foot (PSF) for a carpet from LURESTAN.
www.oldcarpet.com /luri.htm   (231 words)

 Foundation For Endangered Languages Issue 23.
The next record of Luri is in CAPRO (1995: 260-262) which was based on research by Patience Ahmed conducted in 1992.
She records the name of the language as Luri or Zagsi (presumably a version of Zakshi) and says that Luri was still spoken when she visited.
Luri is quite similar to Nyamzak and probably should be treated as a dialect of it.
www.ogmios.org /236.htm   (2154 words)

 Luri Gompa
The treasure of Luri is the inner chamber, a rounded space that was hollowed out or enlarged and smoothed within the cave.
In the center of this chamber is a chorten, six meters high, with painted figures on all sides of its rectangular base, on its dome, and also beneath the ritual parasol atop the dome.
The Mahasiddhas were historical persons, yogic masters, and their collective name has sometimes been translated as "great adepts." This refers not to a group of scholars but rather to promulgators and practitioners of tantrism, employing ritual and incantation, and legends ascribe magic powers to them.
www.brown.edu /Research/BuddhistTempleArt/LuriGompa.html   (497 words)

 LURI TRIBE,LORI RUG,Oldcarpet.com,Tapetes Persas Originales   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Luri people have lived as nomads for over 600 years.
In the spring, the Luri live in fl goat hair tents.
The are built with boulders and 2/3 of the area is covered by roofs of branches and sods.
www.oldcarpet.com /de/luri.htm   (206 words)

 The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Others suggest that they immigrated there from Syria during the seventh century A.D. Most of the Luri are nomadic shepherds, traveling with their flocks from place to place.
Like most other shepherds of the Zagros, the Luri live as nomads, traveling six to eight months out of the year and living in fl goat-hair tents.
One hindrance in reaching the Luri with the Gospel is the fact that they are a nomadic people who travel from place to place.
www.ksafe.com /profiles/p_code/1837.html   (765 words)

 Luri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Comune di San Luri Panoramica delle risorse culturali, ambientali ed economiche oltre a delibere, atti ed informazioni ufficiali proposte dall'amministrazione comunale.
Laborall Produce portoni sezionali ed offre i servizio di curvatura infissi.
A Renula Location dans une maison de village, sur la commune de Luri.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Luri.html   (189 words)

 Dom Research Center - Reprint Series - Romanies in the Middle East
In Iran they are considered a distinct people from the Koli who do speak a variety of Romani and are part of the later larger wave of emigration from India.
I suspect that their languages, like that of the Luri, might 'better be called dialects of Beluchi than of Romani.
In East Iran, at least, children have a form of slang, similar to English schoolboys 'egg-language' that they call Zargari, presumably because the Zargar (unlike the Luri and Koli) can be heard speaking an incomprehensible language among themselves (It has of course no connection with the Romani of the Zargar).
www.domresearchcenter.com /reprints/body1.html   (1156 words)

 Luri -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Luri is a dialect of (Click link for more info and facts about Persian language) Persian language.
Some scholars use the term (Click link for more info and facts about Persid) Persid for the group of languages to which Persian and Luri (as wll as (Click link for more info and facts about Bashkardi) Bashkardi, Larestani and (Click link for more info and facts about Kumzari) Kumzari) belong.
Luri and the rest of the Persid languages belong to the South-eastern branch of the (The modern Persian language spoken in Iran) Iranian languages.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/l/lu/luri.htm   (140 words)

 Tribal_Caucasian Luri..Rare All Over Animal Motiff 292 - ALL RUGS... CLICK HERE!, ***NEW ARRIVALS, Caucasian, Shiraz, ...
The Luri are one of the most important nomadic tribes of Iran and inhabit the western and southern parts of the country.
Unlike the Kashgay who speak Turkish, the Luri are of Iranian origin and their language is similar to Persian.
Various pressures in the 20-century have forced many Luri to abandon the nomadic life and settle down in villages.
www.discountpersianrug.com /DisplayDetail.aspx?which=432   (249 words)

 Animal Figures in South Persian Rugs, Part II
Detail from a Luri khorjin (saddleback) panel, early to mid-19th century.
animal-heads in Luri bags have horns extending from the tops of their heads ind some examples include blocks of color indicating eyes (Illustration 16).
The possibility of a direct link between this specific seal image (Illustration 19) and Luri woven figures (Illustrations 17 and 18) is remote.
www.rugreview.com /122a2.htm   (1287 words)

 Ethnologue report for Iran
Bakhtiari is on a dialect continuum between Northern Luri and Southern Luri.
Lexical similarity 75% with Southern Luri (Mamasani), 86% with Southern Luri (Boyerahmadi), 73% with Northern Luri (rural), 78% with Northern Luri (Khorramabadi), 76% with Western Farsi.
Southern Luri is on a continuum between Bakhtiari and Western Farsi "dialects" such as Bushehri and Fars Province varieties.
www.ethnologue.com /show_country.asp?name=Iran   (1874 words)

 TurkoTek Discussion Forums - Luri vrs. Kurd
I don't think we've ever had anyone do a salon on Luri weaving, although there are some of our number who take an interest in it.
Moreover, they will further argue that Kurds, and by extension the Luri, are the product of five distinct civilizations - the Halaf, the Ubaid, the Hurrian, the Aryan and the Semetic/Turkic in the western Zagros and eastern Anatolia.
I did mean to confess that I didn't know that Luri and Kurdish weavings are often confused.
www.turkotek.com /salon_00094/s94t9.htm   (1784 words)

 Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Luri speak two dialects in their language: Laki and Bairanvand.
To be accepted by Allah, have success, and avoid evil, the Luri feel they must obtain "divine grace." This divine grace is found at the tombs of the saints.
www.peopleteams.org /luri   (469 words)

Luri dialect(s) in Fars is (are) close to the local dialect(s) of Persian (Farsi) spoken in the region.
Mazun was raised to follow in the occupation of being a mirza in the region.
Most of Mazun's poems are composed in Qashqai Turkish, though some are in Persian and a few are in a Luri dialect of the region, which is similar to Persian.
mazun-turkce.blogspot.com   (3454 words)

 Re: Vincent Keer's "Anahit": Image
I also thought it could be Luri, but the rendering of the humans and other details in the rug isn't Luri.
Luri rugs are more often cruder in design and the elements scattered on the field are rarely organized.
Look to how human are simply and naively woven in the Luri rugs illustrated in Opie and Housego books : The human clothes drawn in Wendel's rug aren't very helpful in attribution.
www.turkotek.com /salon_00023/messages/73.html   (707 words)

 Project Himalaya Nepal | Upper Mustang trek   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Kingdom of Mustang, tucked away from the rest of the world, lies just north of the main Himalayan range of Nepal in an area known to the explorers of old as the Trans-Himalaya.
North of Lo Monthang are many villages that require a special permit to visit, and we will spend several days wandering high up in these valleys, visiting these isolated villages and their renowned gompas.
We return by trekking southeast from Lo Monthang along a remote route via Luri Gompa, passing through Tangye and the fortified village of Tetang, and crossing a spectacular high pass, the Cha Cho La, en route.
www.projecthimalaya.com /trek-mustang-luri.html   (3032 words)

 Luri Gompa
Luri Gompa is perched atop eroded 100 meter high cliffs.
It's inner chamber is an enlarged cave with one small south-facing window and an entrance door on its southeast, communication with an outer room.
The outer chamber, a mud brick structure that appears to have been added to the inner chamber, contains lesser paintings that appear to have been executed much later and a shrine.
www.brown.edu /Research/BuddhistTempleArt/Luri.html   (126 words)

 Tribal rugs... at rimea
One of the most well known tribes of Iran are the Luri.
Most Luri tribals are designed similarly to the Qasgai, but use dramatically different motifs and tend to use vivid colors which contrast sharply.
It has one flaw, a hold in the back of the bag, that can be seen in the second picture.
www.rimea.net /luri.htm   (163 words)

 The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Pray that God will provide contacts, strategies, and wisdom for the missions agencies that are trying to reach the Luri.
Pray that Iran's present condition of political unrest will cause the Luri to begin searching for true peace.
Ask God to raise up a strong local church among the Luri by the year 2000.
www.ksafe.com /profiles/p_code/1950.html   (773 words)

 200402.mbox: By Thread
Luri Darmawan (Fri Feb 20 2004 - 20:34:45 WIT)
Luri Darmawan (Sat Feb 21 2004 - 08:36:04 WIT)
Luri Darmawan (Fri Feb 27 2004 - 20:54:16 WIT)
diskusihosting.com /archive/200402   (2806 words)

 Luri of Iran   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The name Luri is used very broadly and is often used incorrectly by non-Iranians.
Group 3: Bakhtiari in the south who speak a language that some call Luri and is very close to other Luri languages.
The family in these fotos are Laki but have learned Luri since it is the trade language where they live.
www.nomadplace.com /luri   (294 words)

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