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 Baka pygmy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Baka who marry outside of their ethnic group typically adopt the lifestyle of their non-Baka spouse, so some scholars predict that the pygmies will one day be completely assimilated into other groups.
Baka Pygmies of Cameroon  ( http://www.pygmies.info/) by Mauro Campagnoli
The Baka practice traditional medicine, and their skills are such that even non-Baka often seek out pygmy healers for treatment.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ba'aka

 Emmanuel Kendemeh, Baka Pygmies Want Civil Status Registry
Baka pygmies dispersed in settlements deep inside the forest in Upper Nyong Division of the East Province are gradually understanding the need for complete social integration.
Pygmies do not feel at ease to trek to Dimako and queue up in front of this centre in quest of birth certificates for their children.
He also said that the pygmies need to be treated as equals and a positive image given to their knowledge, talents and potentialities as a way of effectively supporting them in their integral development efforts.
www.hartford-hwp.com /archives/35/203.html

 Wychwood Festival 2005
The Baka Pygmies are an indigenous people from southeast Cameroon, and their musicality, creativity and culture are a constant reference point for the band, providing the perfect context in which to bring music from different cultures together.
Baka Beyond, the band renowned for its intoxicating brew of Celtic, Gaelic and West African music, come to Wychwood with their new album entitled 'Rhythm Tree', which marks a landmark collaboration between band members and the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon.
The Baka are renowned throughout Africa as masters of dance, and anyone who has witnessed Baka Beyond live will testify to the amazing levels of energy and passion which have enthused audiences across Europe and the USA in recent years.
www.wychwoodfestival.com /artists_bakabeyond.php

The Bangando, Baka, Bakwélé, and Mbomam of southeastern Cameroon feel utterly isolated from the rest of the nation, except for the resounding and bitter sense that their forests are being rapidly drained of both trees and animals by the greedy and extractive markets of the rest of the nation (and beyond).
Baka and Bangando alike are engaged as “compassers,” as their profound knowledge of and ability to navigate within the forest offer valuable skills to a timber company.
Baka were often simply identified as “pygmies,” and were assumed to be uncountable, unverifiable, and uncontrollable because of their seemingly transient and intractable communities.
www.abdn.ac.uk /chags9/1Rupp.htm

 The Lift Festival: Baka Beyond
Baka Beyond are made up of musicians from up to six countries on the Celtic fringes of Europe and the west coast of Africa, including the wild Breton fiddler Paddy le Mercier whose exquisite playing ranges from Celtic to gypsy jazz and shades of Jimi Hendrix.
They travelled to the rainforests of Cameroon to live with the Baka pygmies and thus began an extraordinary musical and anthropological adventure out of which Baka Beyond was formed.
The Baka pygmies receive a share of the royalties from record sales.
www.liftglobal.com /baka.htm

 East Province, Cameroon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The earliest inhabitants of the region were the Baka, Babaya, or Babinga pygmies, part of the larger Twa group who may be descendants of the pygmies mentioned in Egyptian and Classical sources.
The rest of the province, that which is covered by thick forests and not serviced by roads, is inhabited by the Baka, Babaya, or Babinga pygmies.
This relationship is not always equal, however, and Bantu sometimes take advantage of the Baka, exploiting them for labour or ceding their territory to logging companies without compensation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/East_Province,_Cameroon

 Baka Beyond
Seckou plays the drums for Baka Beyond although his first instrument is the Kora.
Baka Beyond are back with their unique upbeat acoustic dance music.
Baka Beyond are world musicians in the truest sense of the word.
www.leaffestival.org /events/baka.htm

 Cameroon: Saving The Spirit Of The Forest DW-RADIO Deutsche Welle
The Baka pygmies of Lobeke are acutely aware that their way of life and a centuries old culture is at risk of being lost forever.
The Baka's knowledge of the rainforest is greatly superior to that of other tribes who have settled more recently in the region and mainly live off agriculture - the Banganado and the Bodjumbo.
Together with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), the government of Cameroon and Germany's development agency GTZ, the Baka pygmies contribute towards the protection of Lobeke National Park.
www.dw-world.de /dw/article/0,,579280,00.html

 African Tribes - Pygmies People
Pygmy Music The original inhabitants of the Ituri Forest of Zaire are the Bambuti Pygmies.Traditional music among the Pygmies is vocal and rich in polyphonic harmony.
Pygmy Music is perhaps best described as bursts of harmonic yoldeling, intertwining in a dynamic, rhythmic fashion.
'Pygmy' peoples see their rainforest homes threatened by logging, and are driven out by settlers.
www.africaguide.com /culture/tribes/pygmies.htm

This film, made for Channel 4 Television, is about the Baka Pygmies and their life in the tropical rain-forest in Cameroon.
The film crew, who are not anthropologists, prepared for the filming in a classic anthropological manner, spending two years with the Baka and using the first six months to learn about the culture and language before they began to film.
Baka focuses on character development in a way that is usually reserved for fiction films.
www.therai.org.uk /film/catalogue_2/13_baka.html

 Aldershot News and Mail Online
Baka Beyond are one of the few groups who ensure that they put as much back into the culture that inspires their music as they take out.
The band continue to keep in contact with the Baka Pygmies and have created a special music performance space, which is entirely funded by royalties from Baka Beyond’s performances around the world.
Baka Beyond are one of the world’s best fusion bands and we are delighted to have them back here again,” said Barney Jeavons, West End Centre director.
www.aldershot.co.uk /story.asp?intid=2426

Baka are unique by comparison to the three other forager groups as only 2 of the 15 ethnic groups with whom Baka have social and economic relations speak languages from the same linguistic family.
Consequently, the Baka and Aka are often described as speaking their own language, which is unintelligible to their farming neighbors, while the Mbuti and Efe are often said not to have a language of their own, which means they speak the same or similar language of their farming neighbors.
The Baka in these more densely populated areas relatively close to the capital are are more likely to have started farming; most Baka live to the south and east of Lomie where intermarriage is less common.
www.vancouver.wsu.edu /fac/hewlett/cultdiv.html

 Rykodisc Catalog - Spirit Of The Forest - Baka Beyond
All performance and composition royalties due to the Baka for both SPIRIT OF THE FOREST and HEART OF THE FOREST will be collected for them and used to sustain their culture and protect the forest.
The recordings that came out of Cradick's trip into the rainforest are the basis of his studio project, SPIRIT OF THE FOREST, by Baka Beyond and its companion album of field recordings, HEART OF THE FOREST: MUSIC OF THE BAKA FOREST PEOPLE OF SOUTHEAST CAMEROON.
Baka Beyond features Cradick, his wife Su Hart, ex-Outback violinist Paddy Le Mercier, and various Baka tribespeople who played with Cradick in the forest.
www.rykodisc.com /rykoindex/catalog/dump/rykoalbums_126.asp

 Nature and Human Development Among the Baka Pygmies
One of the most important differences between the Baka pygmies and their Bantu associates is the fact that they owe their total existence to the countless natural resources which nature has endowed on their habitat, the rain forest.
Moreover, Baka mythologies, ritual techniques, social organization and systems of value significantly testify that the focus of their knowledge is upon the opportunities and limitations of their ecosystem and how they socialize in it.
There is a rich wealth of traditional knowledge that links Baka culture and other African cultures to their nature which, if properly understood and used by outsiders as the insiders have done, could provide a solid basis for the challenges of the future.
ignca.nic.in /ps_05020.htm

When in 1989 I stayed two months among the Baka Pygmies, I had no theoretical preconceptions about their music; I just enjoyed it as an enthusiast and attentive listener.
But soon I realized that trying to understand what was going on in Baka music was much more fun than using is as an ingredient for some superficial musical collage.
I believe these differential notes to be consciously produced and considered as musically significant in Baka music.
infohost.nmt.edu /~jstarret/pygmies.html

 La Stampa - This is how I became a Pygmy
A group of young Baka Pygmies, who live in the South of Cameroon, almost near the border of Congo: they are Mauro Campagnoli's «brothers» and are from the same clan he has become part of after the initiation.
Mauro Campagnoli is the first white man to be allowed by the Baka Pygmies, a group of Pygmies living in Cameroon's Southeastern forests, to take part in an exceptional rite of initiation - i.e.
Besides, Pygmies are decimated by many viral diseases (AIDS is one of them) which make their traditional medicine useless and of which they are often unaware.
www.maurocampagnoli.ethnoway.com /publ/lastampa1_en.html

 Baka Pygmies
Within the Baka culture, hunting is one of the most important activities, not only for its role in providing food (Baka Pygmies live mainly by gathering and fishing), but above all for the symbolic meanings and the prestige traditionally attached to it...
Dam fishing, a prevalently female activity, is the most popular fishing technique used by Baka Pygmies, especially during dry seasons, when the water level is low and it is easier to drain the streams and find fish in the mud...
Baka men, the only holders of Pygmies' initiation knowledge, are evasive and mysterious when they are asked about this subject.

 Baka Beyond Homepage
Baka Beyond's latest album, "Rhythm Tree" available now.

 TVE's Earth Report: Blood Timber
Baka are trained to use GPS, or global positioning system, to map out the coordinates of their sacred sites and hunting grounds as a first step to claiming land rights.
The Baka's intimate knowledge of the forest is also being put to use in a participatory mapping project run by the Centre for Environment and Development, or CEDE, a small non-governmental organisation working to restore Baka rights.
Cameroon in Central Africa is consistently coming out in the watchdog Transparency International's assessments as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and it's been a graveyard for well-meaning attempts to conserve the forest, the home of the Baka pygmies.
www.tve.org /earthreport/archive/doc.cfm?aid=1352

The BAKA PYGMIES are found in the South-East region of Cameroon.
Due to the nature of the roads here, a 4x4 vehicle is required to do the expedition to the pygmies and track the gorillas.
to the Kombo camp base where other activities will be organised such as hut construction by the pygmies, hunting, and also the performance of the Jengi ritual dance(special request).
www.camtours.org /index.php?page=pages/bakapygmies.php

 ULB - APFT/Newsletter
Baka Pygmies, estimated at more than 30, 000, are dispersed over several hundred square kilometers of forest.
Mixed results characterize all the initiatives, because the Baka relationship to space (motivated by the relationship of people amongst themselves), is in contradiction with development projects which rely most of all on the relationship of men to cultivated plants.
Few forest populations have, as much as the Baka Pygmies, been the subject of development projects, that is to say of co-ordinated actions which are often motivated from the outside.

 Pygmy - Network Live
Pygmies are smaller because in their early teens they do not experience the growth spurt normal in most other humans.
Bayaka is preferred to Pygmy, as it refers to the people and not only to their stature.
polyphonic complexity of Pygmy music was reached in Europe in the 14th century, yet Pygmy culture is unwritten and ancient, some Pygmy groups being among the oldest known cultures in some areas of Africa.

 RIGHTS: For Cameroon's Pygmies, No Forest Is Impenetrable Enough
For the Baka pygmies, however, the position of the south-eastern settlement is more ambiguous: too accessible for loggers, but too remote for the benefits of modern life to make themselves felt.
"Most Baka pygmies survive by hunting and gathering in the forest, their ancestral home and the epicentre of their world: the only place their existence can take root, and in which they have always lived in peace," Clementine Assiga Ndongo, a member of the Centre for the Environment and Development (CED), told IPS.
But, the relative isolation of the Baka means that most have practically no access to modern health care or formal education, and that they neither speak nor read French, one of the two official languages of Cameroon.
www.ipsnews.net /africa/interna.asp?idnews=28557

 Baka Beyond: Willing spirits
There is a complex relationship whereby the Baka are vitally important for religious ceremonies and initiations for the Bantu, and the Bantu are important for the Baka because they provide easy food from their farms and a source of metal tools and other things not available in the forest.
Baka Beyond's music is different in that the Baka's approach to music is always an underlying ideal.
It is probably less work for a Baka to work for a few hours in a plantation and to come home with a load of plantains than it is to go into the forest and find, for example, wild yams.
www.innerviews.org /inner/baka.html

 Baka Beyond Albums
But Baka Beyond has strong roots in both Cameroon (where the group has been close with the Pygmies) and Scotland, and both show up on this disc....
The most noticeable elements are Celtic, exemplified by the fiddle of French musician Paddy LeMercier, and of course Baka.
Others constructed later in London set guitar, violin and other instruments to rhythmic ideas from the pygmies, creating a non-derivative style that avoids trying to either duplicate or dilute the songs of the Baka, while still...
www.mp3.com /baka-beyond/artists/35670/discography.html

 BBC NEWS World Africa House of the Baka Beyond
The Baka pygmies of southern Cameroon are hunter-gatherers.
Their latest project has been to build a "music house" for the Baka, paid for by royalties the band owed the community for their influences and music.
They lent their name and music to Baka Beyond, a multi-ethnic group founded by guitarist Martin Craddock in 1992.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/low/world/africa/4351479.stm

 BBC - Radio 3 - World Music - Baka Pygmies
Baka Beyond's new CD, which includes recordings from the Music House, will be released in March 2005.
On this visit, at the request of the Baka, the band are taking a timber-frame builder to build a Music House in the forest.
The Baka are treated with disrespect by the local Bantu people because they are Pygmies.
www.bbc.co.uk /radio3/worldmusic/bakamusic.shtml

 BBC - World Review - Baka Beyond, Rhythm Tree
Whilst Baka Beyond do skirt the boundaries of new age global hippy fusion, their music is virtually immune to cynical negativity, so forceful is its optimistic energy.
Recorded in the field and at home in the Baka Beyond studio, Rhythm Tree is blessed with a scintillating production, pressing the largely acoustic sounds deep into the ears.
Guitarist Martin Cradick and singer Su Hart began their collaboration with the Baka pygmies of Cameroon in 1992, releasing Spirit Of The Forest the following year.
www.bbc.co.uk /music/world/reviews/bakabeyond_rhythm.shtml

 Foster Parents Plan — Birth Certificates for Baka Pygmies
Ensuring that Cameroonians, and in particular Baka Pygmies, are given the right to an identity is a priority for Foster Parents Plan in Cameroon.
Ensuring that Cameroonians, and in particular the Baka, are given the right to an identity is a priority for Foster Parents Plan in Cameroon.
But there are still many practical and cultural barriers to overcome before all Baka parents are convinced that registering their children is worthwhile, as one group of youngsters explained:
www.fosterparentsplan.ca /DisplayPage.asp?PageID=ARCH199826

 The Baka Project, Cameroon, West Africa - for the Baka Pygmies
The goal of the project is emancipation of the Baka Pygmies in their traditional environment — camps in their forest.
The Baka are traditionally semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers that live in the tropical rainforest of south-eastern and southern Cameroon.
The Baka Project is funded entirely by well-wishers in various countries.
baka.sitewala.net /english

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