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Topic: MNaghten Rules

She may claim that her severe clinical depression was a 'disease of the mind' within the meaning of the MNaghten Rules which resulted in her not knowing that her conduct was morally wrong: Porter,.
Alternatively, the prosecution may rely on the felony murder rule, with the felony being the attempted murder of Matt.
Consideration of the application of the ruling that D's conduct is voluntarily if the final (involuntary) conduct ought to have been in her or his contemplation as a possible result of D's earlier conduct.
www.law.usyd.edu.au /~library/lawx/Aug00/crim_c.htm   (2274 words)

 Landmark cases by specialty
The Court ruled that the Smith Act did not prohibit "advocacy of forcible overthrow of the government as an abstract doctrine." The convictions of the indicted members were reversed.
The court ruled that the information did not represent a clear and present danger to national security and that the governments attempt to suppress the information was an attempt at censorship and a violation of first amendment rights to freedom of the press.
In this case, the law that compelled the evolution doctrine to be removed from the course of study was passed to agree with the religious point­of­view of certain fundamentalists.
www.cyberparalegal.com /famous_cases_by_specialty.htm   (15592 words)

 M naghten Intelligence Regarding M naghten We Secured This Entire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-16)
In Oklahoma, for example, juries determine the sanity of the accused by employing a yardstick called the M'Naghten rule, which was developed in British courts in 1843.
The most popular rule used in court is the M'naghten rule, which is, "insanity exists when a mental disorder makes a person unable to distinguish from right and wrong,"(Weiten, 593).
The M'Naghten Rules are no longer useful and should be replaced with rules along the lines of more contemporary ideas of mental disorder.
stratosphereinsanity.setsstratosphere.com /mnaghten   (1013 words)

Evidence, most clearly open to this objection, and on the admission of which the event of a most important trial probably turned, was received in the case of The Queen v.
M'Naghten, tried at the Central Criminal Court in March last, before the Lord Chief Justice, Mr.
In cases even where the course of practice in criminal law has been unfavourable to parties accused, and entirely contrary to the most obvious principle of justice and humanity, as well as those of law, it has been held that such practice constituted the law, and could not be altered without the authority of Parliament.
wings.buffalo.edu /law/bclc/web/mnaghten.htm   (1320 words)

The Court ruled: "When the question involved is outside the range of common experience or knowledge, then [experts] are needed; the thing from which the deduction is made must be sufficiently established to have gained general acceptance in the field in which it belongs.
The question the Supreme Court addressed is whether statements the officer made to her therapist during the counseling sessions are protected from compelled disclosure in a federal civil action brought by the family of the deceased.
On June 13, 1995 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that the communication between a licensed psychotherapist and a patient (for diagnosis or treatment) is PRIVILEGED and that the therapist cannot be compelled to reveal the content of such communication in a Federal court without the patient's consent.
www.lawandpsychiatry.com /html/landmark.html   (9804 words)

 M naghten
Durham rule (formerly test in DC and NH): Defendant's conduct is a product of a mental illness...
M'Naghten: disease of mind caused defect of reason such that D lacked the ability at the time of actions to know the wrongfulness of his actions or understand nature & quality of his acts (cognitive...
Basin (Department of History) Scott Carson University of Texas, Permian Basin (Economics) From MíNaghten to Yates ñ Transformation of the Insanity Defense in the United States ñ Is It Still Viable...
insanitydefense.mopydefense.com /mnaghten   (784 words)

 M'Naghten Rule: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-16)
also known as McNaughten or Macnaughton rules are a set of guidelines for an insanity defense[for more info, click this link] formulated by the Judges of the House of Lords (The upper house of the British parliament)
As they were a precedent of England and Wales' court of last resort (The supreme court in some countries, provinces, and states, is the highest court in that jurisdiction and functions...)
Daniel M'Naghten (Daniel mnaghten was by all accounts, a textbook example of insanity....)
www.absoluteastronomy.com /ref/mnaghten_rule1   (1456 words)

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M'Naghten : Stedman's Online Medical Dictionary, 27th Edition [home, info]
Phrases that include mnaghten: mnaghten rule, mnaghten r, mnaghten rules
www.onelook.com /?w=mnaghten   (88 words)

The course presumes a working familiarity with a high-level number manipulation language (e.g., FORTRAN V), and will consider the problems and implications of making the rules of psychological models explicit enough to be programmed for, and tested by, computer.
Some existing computer-testable models of personality, learning, language, and conversational time patterns will be examined as exemplary of possible directions and methods.
Topics include the implications of psychological theory and research for evaluating legal testimony, for cross-examination procedures, and for jury selection, plus the MNaghten Rule, the concept of personal responsibility, and the penal institution as an instrument designed to alter behavior.
userpages.umbc.edu /~jack/umbc/umgsb/catalog/Psychology.html   (4258 words)

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