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  MCG - Home
MCG Tours operate between 10.00am and 3.00pm on all non-event days.
The MCG Super Store is open on non-event days from 9.30am - 4.30pm (Mon-Fri), 10am - 4pm (Sat) and 11am - 3pm (Sun) at Gate 3 in the Olympic Stand.
The MCG has played host to many great moments during its 154-year history.
www.mcg.org.au   (0 words)

  MCG Capital Corporation - Investor Relations
MCG Capital is committed to the highest ethical standards and to conducting our business with the highest level of integrity.
Each employee of MCG Capital, as a condition of employment or continued employment, will be required on an annual basis to acknowledge in writing that he or she has received a copy of this Code, read it, and understands that the Code contains certain expectations of MCG Capital regarding employee conduct.
MCG Capital is committed to providing equal opportunity in all of our employment practices, including the selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, and compensation of all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, color, sex or gender, religion, age, national origin, handicap, disability, citizenship status, or any other status protected by law.
investor.mcgcapital.com /conduct.cfm   (2153 words)

  Institute for Family-Centered Care - Profiles of Change - MCG Health System
The MCG Medical Center and the MCG Children's Medical Center are academic health centers in Augusta, Georgia, affiliated with five schools at the Medical College of Georgia-medical, nursing, dental, allied health, and graduate studies.
As part of MCG's senior management team, she is responsible for ensuring that patient and family perspectives are represented in all aspects of the health care experience for both children and adults.
Three members of the MCG Health Partners Council who have neurological conditions had key roles in the development of this center, which was created to serve as a model for patient- and family-centered care within the hospital.
www.familycenteredcare.org /profiles/prof-mcg.html   (1550 words)

MCG has provided custom software on a fixed-fee, pay-on-delivery model for a decade and now we can extend our customer relationship and development model to include custom software on a service basis.
MCG can provide you with a custom application that includes hosting and support services for a single monthly fee or for a 36 and 60 month term.
MCG has spent the last decade building and maintaining the highest quality development staff possible in order to create and maintain software applications, solutions and systems that meet today’s ever-more-complex business needs.
www.mcgware.com /about_us.html   (589 words)

 Untitled Document
MCG Jazz is a division of Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, a non-profit arts and learning center on the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA. This multi-discipline, minority-directed center provides hope and life skills to youth and adults in urban environments through jazz, visual arts, vocational training and business partnerships.
MCG Jazz, a specialty recording label, captures the magic of many of the jazz artists who perform at the center every year.
With over 18 years of service to the Pittsburgh community and jazz aficionados worldwide, MCG Jazz is one of the longest-running jazz subscription series in the nation, releasing top-quality recordings year after year.
mcg.nidhog.com /mcgcrm/crm/mainsite/Editor/pages/news.htm   (1921 words)

The MCG, or the "Gee" as it is affectionately known, is the "Mecca" for Australian Rules Football (along with
Although the Melbourne Cricket Club members were instrumental in the formation and codification of Australian Football, the MCG was not initially allowed to be used for football for fear that it would damage the wicket area.
A trial game against the police was played on the MCG in 1869 but it was not till 1879, after the formation of the VFA, that the first official match was played on the ground.
www.footystamps.com /ot_mcg.htm   (521 words)

 dOc Scenes Interview: A Charlie's Angels McInterview with director McG
McG: Well, I knew Drew Barrymore was out there and that she was attached to it, and I'm a big fan of hers both personally and professionally.
McG: There was the scenes where the baseball hits him in the mouth to reactivate the radio, and then the whole sort of greatest hits of the prison movie, with The Birdman of Alcatraz and The Great Escape and all those things mixed in there, and the way he conversed with the bird.
McG: Well, you know, she had that kind of faith in Spike [Jonze, director of Malkovich], and the faith in herself, I mean, to make it funny in Spider-Man UnderRoos and everything else that went with it.
www.digitallyobsessed.com /showinterview.php3?ID=15   (3104 words)

 About MCG - Overview : MCG Health System
MCG Health System is composed of three separate yet affiliated organizations -- MCG Health, Inc. and the clinical services offered by the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia and the members of the Physicians Practice Group.
MCG Health, Inc. was formed to support the research and education mission of the Medical College of Georgia and to build the economic growth of the CSRA, the state of Georgia and the Southeast by providing an environment for delivering the highest level of primary and specialty health care.
The MCG Medical Center complex forms the core of MCG Health System's facilities and includes a 478-bed adult hospital, an Ambulatory Care Center with more than 80 outpatient clinics in one convenient setting, a Specialized Care Center housing a 13-county Level I regional trauma center and a 154-bed Children’s Medical Center.
www.mcghealth.org /About_MCG/index.html   (296 words)

 Ask McG
Current MCG faculty, staff and students, and MCGHI employees may obtain a library barcode by presenting their current MCG or MCGHI ID badge at the library information center desk on the first floor of the library.
Although MCG or MCGRI is the legal recipient of the grant, Principal Investigator (PI) is the individual with responsibility for the technical, administrative, and fiscal management of a project, including any applicable subcontracts.
Remember all MCG property is assigned to a particular room on the property register.
ask.mcg.edu /kbase32/print.asp?id=0&Lang=1   (5796 words)

 A Message from the Chairman of the Board
For over fifty years, it has been an honor for the MCG Foundation to serve as a link between the Medical College of Georgia and those in our community who desire to uphold the institution's vital education, research and patient care mission.
We are extremely proud that the MCG Foundation has the third-largest endowment in total dollars of any University System of Georgia institution and is ranked 14th nationally for public university related foundations per student enrolled.
At the heart of the MCG Foundation is a 46-member volunteer Board that oversees Foundation operations.
www.mcgfoundation.org /chairman.html   (350 words)

MCG brings together a group of highly professional and competent personnel possessing long and diversified experience in their respective areas of expertise.
We are conscious of the growing concerns for good governance, gender mainstreaming and poverty alleviation, and have the capacity to incorporate these crosscutting themes in all areas of training and research.
MCG is able to provide highly personalized services with great emphasis on client satisfaction and quality control.
mcg.com.pk /index.htm   (441 words)

 'Charlie's Angels': McG   (Site not responding. Last check: )
McG: Drew hired me, and she and I were intent on reaching out to Cameron Diaz (since she's the consummate Angel).
McG: That is certainly just media talk, but in Hollywood people do get paid as a function of their box office appeal.
McG: The key to the sexiness is that they're so inviting and comfortable in their own skin.
www.usatoday.com /community/chat/1110mcg.htm   (1140 words)

 Melbourne Cricket Ground - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The MCG was one of the venues for the first bicycle race in Victoria, in July 1869.
Donald Bradman's record at the MCG is an average of 128 runs in 17 innings.
The first baseball game recorded being played at the MCG was in October 1885, by a team from the USS Enterprise, against an MCC chosen team (and the MCG also recorded the largest crowd ever at a baseball game (over 100,000) for an exhibition match during the 1956 Olympics).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Melbourne_Cricket_Ground   (3157 words)

MCG consultants are experienced at creating customized Solutions to address a variety of non-standard, mission-critical initiatives that require effective behavior change.
MCG helps you to identify the critical business and personal impacts of a proposed change, we pinpoint the behaviors needed for success and shape those behaviors so that major change is executed with minor disruption.
MCG designed a series of services tailored to the needs of high potential employees given their stages in life, levels in the organization and speed with which they will need to prove themselves.
www.mcg.cc /mcg/about_mission.asp   (682 words)

 MCG Physician Directory : MCG Health System
At MCG Eye Care, our patients receive the expert care of board certified ophthalmologists equipped with the latest in diagnostic and surgical technologies and yet experience all the ease and convenience of an efficient outpatient facility.
MCG Health System's pediatric trauma team specializes in the treatment of traumatic, critical care injuries 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
The MCG Children's Medical Center is the region's only pediatric tertiary care referral hospital and our physicians include subspecialists in all areas of pediatrics.
mcg.photobooks.com /specialty/definitions.asp   (3038 words)

 MCG Architecture
As the retail market continues to evolve, MCG is actively expanding its scope of services to include emerging trends from location-based entertainment to hybrid entertainment/retail destinations.
With MCG's nine regional offices across the United States the firm is able to offer clients the individualized attention of a boutique firm supported by the resources of the 150 member staff.
“MCG project teams are driven by the ideology that the firm is able to contribute to the financial and emotional success of client projects,” says Rick Gaylord, CEO.
retailtrafficmag.com /mag/retail_mcg_architecture_2/index.html   (763 words)

 MCG - Official AFL Website of the Richmond Football Club
Nonetheless, the MCG has a special place in the hearts of all football fans in Victoria.
The Tigers made the short journey across Yarra Park to the MCG in 1965 and since then have made the ground their own with the atmosphere at Richmond home games truly unique.
The move to the MCG heralded the start of tremendous success for the Tigers, who ended a 24 year premiership drought by winning the 1967 premiership and quickly added the 1969, 73, 74 and 80 flags as well.
www.richmondfc.com.au /TheClub/Grounds/MCG/tabid/7755/Default.aspx   (638 words)

 About MCG, Inc.
MCG has an extensive history in motion control dating back to its founding in 1961 as Tachtronic Instruments, and later with the merger of Control Motion Inc.
MCG has provided customers with valued solutions, whether in quantities of one, or up to 250,000 units / year.
MCG supplies to numerous diverse industries including: industrial automation, medical device, semiconductor fabrication, measurement and laboratory equipment, avionics and defense, HVAC, electric vehicle, robotics, packaging, pumps, power tools and sporting equipment.
www.mcg-net.com /about.html   (194 words)

 MCG : Microcomputer Consulting Group, inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In addition, MCG is hoping to roll out use of our popular Client Organizer system for tracking issues and managing client assets.
Added:3/2/2006 12:58:23 PM MCG, makers of U-Vault, will be sponsoring the cocktail party at the Midwest Regional Conference of EDUCAUSE.
Added:12/22/2005 10:23:52 AM MCG has partnered with Vera Wang to assist the business with the selection of new software to handle the purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and finanace of their products.
mcgnet.com /content.asp?ContentType=News   (475 words)

 MCG Records: Lee Williams & Spiritual QC's win 5 Stellar Awards
Atlanta, Ga. – MCG Records is proud to announce the signing of Helen Baylor to an exclusive recording contract.
Her partnering with the Atlanta-based MCG, also home to Gospel superstars Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s represents the reuniting of Baylor with MCG President/CEO and industry titan James Bullard, who discovered and signed Baylor to her first recording contract in 1989.
Baylor will co-produce her MCG debut, set for a mid-2005 release, with Jerry Peters, MCG’s vice-president of AandR, and for over 30 years one of pop and Gospel music’s most highly renowned producers, songwriters, arrangers and instrumentalists.
www.mcgrecords.com /baylor.html   (677 words)

 MCG - History
Cricket at the MCG - A Historical Perspective
Don Bradman's record at the MCG is astonishing, averaging 128 in 17 innings with four not outs, and failing to score a century in only two of his 11 Tests.
Boxing Day Test cricket at the MCG is one of the hallmark events on the Australian sporting calendar.
www.mcg.org.au /?pg=history   (295 words)

 LJWorld.com / Date with the 'Angels'
McG confesses there were many adjustments between directing videos and crafting his first feature.
McG was just 6 years old when the "Charlie's Angels" TV series first aired.
Part of the regimen McG's angels had to endure to prepare for the role included 6 to 8 hours of daily workouts with Master Yuen for four months.
www.ljworld.com /section/archive/story/31902   (1341 words)

With nationwide offices staffing qualified architects, planners, designers and support personnel, MCG is able to successfully adapt projects to divergent demographics while designing projects that exceed client expectations.
MCG's vast experience has given it the understanding and flexibility to deal with the complexities of various project types from vertical mixed-use projects in urban areas to a very successful history of neighborhood, power, lifestyle and regional mall centers in both urban and suburban communities.
To experience more of MCG's many varied project types, log on to www.mcgarchitecture.com or contact an MCG office in your area.
retailtrafficmag.com /mag/retail_mcg_architecture_4/index.html   (537 words)

 Australian Stadiums :: Melbourne Cricket Ground
The MCG is an extremely busy venue accommodating International Cricket, Australian Rules Football, Rugby League and Union, Soccer, as well as Concerts, Dinners and other major functions on its natural turf arena.
The MCG is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar redevelopment which include re-building about 55% of the ground.
Jolimont (otherwise known as MCG Station) is north of the ground and offers a five-minute stroll through Yarra Park to the ground.
www.austadiums.com /stadiums/stadiums.php?id=71   (732 words)

 MCG - IceRocket Tag
topics: tv · nbc · chuck · comiccon · mcg · adam baldwin · josh schwartz · zachary levi · joshua gomez [more...
topics: mcg · aussie rules · cheer squad · australian football league · collingwood football club [more...
Love him or hate him, McG has taking his slick MTV style approach to directing and produced enough eye candy to keep one entertained for a few hours.
blogs.icerocket.com /tag/MCG   (790 words)

 Exclusive: We Are Marshall Director McG! - ComingSoon.net
McG: I get it, but for me to change my name, "Well, I'm going to go by Joseph Nichol," that would be the ultimate compromise.
McG: Well, to me, if you're smart, you use it as an opportunity to like I say, shoot a lot of film, develop an imprint, get used to the rhythm of making your day, understanding how to interface with actors and camera departments.
McG's football drama We Are Marshall opens everywhere on December 22.
www.comingsoon.net /news/movienews.php?id=17957   (2594 words)

 MCG : Microcomputer Consulting Group, inc.
MCG is already an authorized dealer for Dell equipment, and resells selected IBM Unix servers and laptops.
MCG helped move the company to its brand new offices in Chelsea and Stamford, CT. Since then Charles Nolan has started to utilize redBoomerang for its off site date protection and depends on MCG to keep its systems running.
MCG Inc., 65 West 36th Street, Suite 302, New York, NY 10018
mcgnet.com   (205 words)

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