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Topic: MEMS

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Caltech Micromachining Laboratory
Successfully developed MEMS devices in Dr. Tai's lab include pressure sensors, shear-stress sensors, hot-wire anemometers, magnetic actuators, microphones, microvalves, micromotors, and so on.
System-level MEMS research projects include integrated M3 (microelectronics + microsensors + microactuators) drag-reduction smart surface, flexible smart skin for the control unmanned aerial vehicles, and micro fluid delivery systems.
Tai is also interested in MEMS sciences such as MEMS material (mechanical and thermal) properties, micro fluid mechanics, and micro/nano processing issues.
mems.caltech.edu   (149 words)

  What is MEMS Technology?
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a common silicon substrate through microfabrication technology.
MEMS is an enabling technology allowing the development of smart products, augmenting the computational ability of microelectronics with the perception and control capabilities of microsensors and microactuators and expanding the space of possible designs and applications.
Because MEMS devices are manufactured using batch fabrication techniques similar to those used for integrated circuits, unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, and sophistication can be placed on a small silicon chip at a relatively low cost.
www.memsnet.org /mems/what-is.html   (249 words)

 Welcome to MEMS Optical!
MEMS Optical is currently seeking a Business Development Manager
MEMS Optical, Inc., is a leading supplier and manufacturer
Gaussian Generator optics transform non-Gaussian laser beams into well defined, reproducible Gaussian far-field profiles.
www.memsoptical.com   (58 words)

 Home - MEMS Industry Group
The MEMS Industry Group (MIG) is the premier trade association representing the MEMS and Microstructure industries.
MIG strives to be the unifying voice of the commercial MEMS industry.
MEMS breed a new batch of consumer-pleasing devices
www.memsindustrygroup.org   (238 words)

 MEMS and Nanotechnology Clearinghouse
An information resource for the MEMS and Nanotechnology development community hosted by the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange, the nation's leading provider of high-quality foundry and consulting services
By laser-treating ink consisting of coated nano-particles of metal, scientists in Switzerland are able to manufacture a wide variety of equipments for printed microelectronics.
Using Databases And Computer Simulation To Understand And Predict Mems Failures...
www.memsnet.org   (174 words)

 Microsystems Industry
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology is at the center of a rapidly emerging industry combining many different engineering disciplines and physics: electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical, material, chemical, and fluidic engineering disciplines.
As the smallest commercially produced "machines," MEMS devices are similar to traditional sensors and actuators although much, much smaller.
Putting Analysis to Work: Multiphysics Tools for MEMS
www.ansys.com /industries/microsystems.asp   (341 words)

 Sandia MEMS Home Page
MEMS Optical Microphone, Nano-Grating Based Low-G Inertial Sensor
MEMS Layout and Design Tools, Facilities, MEMS Shortcourses,...
SUMMiT V™, Facilities, SwIFT™, Passive Waveguide, Si AlN for RF MEMS, Bulk Micromachining, Molded Tungsten, 3D Photonic Lattice...
www.mems.sandia.gov   (171 words)

 MEMS Products
While MEMS is an amazing technology, there are a number of real products emerging
Detail View of MEMS Mirror Edge prior to Final Polish of Mirror Surface
These pictures serve the complexity that can be achieved in a state of the art Surface Micromachine technology.
www.memx.com /products.htm   (56 words)

 CU MEMS - About Us
Our multidisciplinary group is committed to developing novel fabrication processes and devices that advance the field of micro- and nano- electromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS).
Our current research projects can be found here.
mems.colorado.edu   (119 words)

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