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Topic: MIDI

In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Musical Instrument Digital Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The MIDI standard was first proposed by Dave Smith in 1981 in a paper to the Audio Engineering Society and the MIDI Specification 1.0 was published in August 1983.
MIDI is almost directly responsible for bringing an end to the "wall of synthesizers" phenomenon in 1970s-80s rock music concerts, when musical keyboard performers were sometimes hidden behind banks of various instruments.
MIDI messages are extremely compact, due to the low bandwidth of the connection, and the need for near real-time accuracy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Midi   (3223 words)

 MIDI - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The MIDI standard was published in August 1983.
When a MIDI instrument is capable of producing several independent sounds simultaneously (a multi-timbral instrument), MIDI channels are used to address these sections independently.
Although nowadays most PC soundcards have the ability to terminate a MIDI connection (usually through a MIDI-IN/MIDI-OUT converter on the game port), the 1985 Atari ST was the first home computer to sport the original five-pin format — which made the ST a very popular platform for running MIDI sequencer software.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /midi.htm   (2047 words)

 What is MIDI?
In a nutshell, that's what MIDI is -- a set of commands that electronic devices digitally pass between their MIDI jacks to tell each other what to do (ie, what actions to perform).
Because MIDI is a digital signal, it's very easy to interface electronic instruments to computers, and then do things with that MIDI data on the computer with software.
The great advantage of MIDI is that the "notes" and other musical actions, such as moving the pitch wheel, pressing the sustain pedal, etc, are all still separated by messages on different channels.
www.borg.com /~jglatt/tutr/whatmidi.htm   (3097 words)

 MIDI Yoke Junction
The powerful nature of MIDI Yoke requires that a bit of care be exercised in its use: do not connect the outputs of one port to the same number inputs within a single application.
When this happens, any MIDI message sent to the output port is immediately routed back to the input port, which is then sent out the output port and immediately routed back to the input port...
MIDI Yoke attempts to detect this condition and will break the connection when it is detected.
www.midiox.com /myoke.htm   (2526 words)

 Making Music (and More) with MIDI
MIDI ring tones sound far better because they are polyphonic (play more than one note at one time) and because they use music synthesizers which produce a wider variety of sounds than possible before.
And since each instrument in a MIDI performance is separate from the rest, its easy to "solo" (listen to just one) individual instruments and study them for educational purposes, or to mute individual instruments in a song so that you can play that part yourself.
MIDI files are perfect for practicing with, as well as for performing when additional musicians are not available.
www.midi.org /about-midi/aboutmidi3.shtml   (1311 words)

 The Linux MIDI-HOWTO : Software.
Interest in Linux based MIDI is growing and this list will probably not reflect the true amount of MIDI software available, but should provide a reasonable selection of applications.
TiMidity is a MIDI to WAVE converter that uses Gravis Ultrasound(*)-compatible patch files to generate digital audio data from General MIDI files.
MIDI is supported, and it uses the standard OSS/Free sound output (/dev/dsp).
www.tldp.org /HOWTO/MIDI-HOWTO-8.html   (1420 words)

 MIDI Manufacturers Association
Consumers (coming soon): Use this web site to learn about all the different things that MIDI can do for you, from learning, playing, writing, and enjoying music to helping you to operate recording equipment, control stage lighting, or enjoy ringtones on your cell phone.
The MIDI Manufacturers Association (also known as "MMA") is where companies work together to create the standards that assure compatibility among MIDI products.
If you are a developer of audio content, tools, or technology for interactive multimedia applications, you are welcome to join the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group.
www.midi.org   (177 words)

 MIDI Papa´s - The MIDI FAQ by CC
MIDI worked alright, and the devices from different manufacturers could indeed communicate, but the results were sometimes unexpected.
When a MIDI message tells a synthesizer to use instrument number 12 (and that IS how it works) then one synthesizer would generate the sound of a vibraphone and another one would generate the sound of a violin.
So if you don't quantize the MIDI file to put all notes "on the beat" and make their duration a recognizable 1/32 or a multiple of that, it will be hard to read the sheet music.
members.aol.com /midipapa/midi_faq.htm   (11752 words)

 The Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Mighty MIDI a lightweight MIDI player for OS X. It requires at least Mac OS X 10.2 to run.
There is an option (in version 0.5 or newer) that allows you to use the resulting files with a MIDI sequencer as well.
Midi In - connects a MIDI input to the pipe
www.aitech.ac.jp /~ckelly/mmuig.html   (1046 words)

 The Woodshed - Christmas Midi Files   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
While I think that the idea of embedded files is neat in many respects, I do not like the idea of files being downloaded to a person's system without their knowing it, and this is what happens when a file is embedded on a Web page.
The MIDI files on these pages that were not sequenced by me were all found in public domain MIDI libraries.
MIDI authors: I strongly recommend that you include any info about usage of your files in the MIDI file itself in the track fields or marker fields.
deckernet.com /shed/xmasmidi.htm   (1229 words)

MIDI is the mid-infrared (N-band = 8 to 13 μm) instrument of the VLT interferometer.
MIDI features spectroscopic optics to provide visibilities at different wavelengths within the N-band.
The following items are available on all the MIDI pages, using the bar on the left.
www.eso.org /instruments/midi   (180 words)

 MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Even a picture, whose value is often equated to a thousand words, cannot match the scope of emotional and intellectual power unleashed by a stream of MIDI messages.
The MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center is a cyberplace dedicated to those individuals who wish to attain a higher level of existence than that of the plodding, MIDI-illiterate scum around them.
MIDI Rexx -- A MIDI development language for hobbyists
www.borg.com /~jglatt   (230 words)

 What is MIDI?
MIDI (short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a music industry standard communications protocol that lets MIDI instruments and sequencers (or computers running sequencer software) talk to each other to play and record music.
General MIDI 2 unites the GS and XG extensions to General MIDI.
Unit used to connect various parts of a MIDI system, such as computers, keyboards, sound modules, synch units, etc. Interfaces can be installed on a computer bus, or connected to a USB port.
www.midi-classics.com /whatmidi.htm   (666 words)

 What is MIDI? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
At minimum, a MIDI representation of a sound includes values for the note's pitch, length, and volume.
The MIDI standard is supported by most synthesizers, so sounds created on one synthesizer can be played and manipulated on another synthesizer.
Computers that have a MIDI interface can record sounds created by a synthesizer and then manipulate the data to produce new sounds.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/M/MIDI.html   (295 words)

 Classical Guitar Midi Archives
Information on how to create midi files and a tutorial on the tablature notation system is presented.
These guidelines will be used to judge the MIDI sequence realization, not the composition itself.
In general, the best MIDI arrangements will be those that can be played by --and that sound like -- real classical guitars.
www.classicalguitarmidi.com   (349 words)

 Lassen Technologies: Help yourself to MIDI
Blest Be the Tie that Binds (arrangement) (midi 7.18K)
Is Your All On The Altar (arrangement) (midi 13.3K)
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (midi 16K, 2:37)
www.snowcrest.net /lassen/midi.html   (1711 words)

 Composers Offering MIDI Files on the Net
MIDI Pieces by Keith Bramich [.mid] 60+ and growing.
Rbrav's Original MIDI Page [.mid] 20 Some are not his own compositions.
Ambrosia (MIDI Classical Music) [.mid] 120 EM, Some songs are not his own originals.
www.aitech.ac.jp /~ckelly/SMF.html   (791 words)

ExTRemE MiDI, the hottest or coolest place on the net where you will find many of the top wanted midis.
Cool pop midis for famous artists of the 21st centuary, check them.
Check the latest midi out and pick your favorite, and find out what's there in the world of Regge and blues.
www.geocities.com /SunsetStrip/Stage/4333   (189 words)

 Standard MIDI Files on the Net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Standard MIDI files are playable with MIDI plugins, MIDI players and MIDI sequencers.
MIDI files are sometimes mistakenly called MIDIS or midi's.
Using some of the major search engines, you can often find the MIDI file you are looking for.
www.manythings.org /midi   (358 words)

The Classical MIDI Connection is an endeavor to provide the classical music enthusiast with an easy method of accessing MIDI sequences of classical music.
If you're new to MIDI, start at the MIDI Basics page.
MIDI files sound best using either GM compatible synthesizers, sound modules or wavetable soundcards.
www.midiworld.com /cmc   (620 words)

Most people have pages full of MIDI files written by somebody else that they happen to like.
That's always seemed kind of pointless to me, so I've got on this site: (a) MIDI files I did myself, (b) CAL (Cakewalk Application Language) files I did myself, (c) other people's MIDI files that I absolutely can't stand, and (d) the little utilities above that ought to be on everybody's MIDI site.
Special villainies are noted, including people who advertise off topic (for example, they advertise their site on a.b.s.m.classical but have no classical music files on their site).
www.crispen.org /midi   (964 words)

 Free MIDI Zone - Free MIDI files, polyphonic ringtones
Free MIDI Zone has been relocated (again) to new server, this time much reliable and faster and now you are able to reach us via domain name.
We used this time to improve our scripts, update our MIDI database and we added few new features: MIDI tutorials (for you who wish to develop MIDI), MIDI software links and MIDI FAQ, where you can find answers to most commonly asked question.
You are also able to request MIDI files and we (or other visitors) will try to find MIDI file for you.
www.free-midi.org   (859 words)

 MIDI Delight - Free Downloadable MIDI Files
Home to over 1,300 free downloadable MIDI files and counting.
A new feature added this week to MIDI Delight is the preview before you download option.
On the artist pages, there is a link that allows you to preview the MIDI file prior to download.
www.mididelight.com   (377 words)

 VGMusic - 20,000+ Game Music MIDI files
I of course have no problem with people who wish to create video game MIDI sites, but often times they do so by downloading all the files they can - or all the ones they like - from VGMusic.com and posting them.
We may not be able to do anything about others using the tunes we've worked hard to sequence, but we can fllist them here, at the very least.
In addition to paving the way to faster updating in the future and taking the new-files directory back down to about the same level it was before I re-enabled the upload form, my script has led us to a major milestone.
www.vgmusic.com   (878 words)

There are a multitude of MIDI players available such as Media Player which, if you are using Windows, should be found in your C:\windows directory with the file name mplayer.exe.
If you would like to download the sequence, click on the title, and save it from your MIDI player or sequencer.
Every attempt possible has been made to verify that the sequences contained in The Classical MIDI Connection are free from any copyright infringement.
www.midiworld.com /cmc/index.htm   (620 words)

 MIDIsite - MIDI Search Engine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Our MIDI search engine will then give you a list of MIDI music pages which contain the free MIDI files you are looking for.
If you prefer to browse through the most popular MIDI pages indexed by this MIDI search engine, then just visit our MIDI Links page, or, for a more comprehensive list of sites with free MIDI files, we suggest you try Standard MIDI Files on the Net.
If you cannot find the MIDI file you are looking for today, bookmark this page and come back in a day or two.
www.midisite.co.uk   (168 words)

 Midi Central - The Best new MIDI files on the net
The standardization of MIDI by the major synthesizer manufacturers is partially responsible for the huge success of computers in the music profession.
On the other hand, midi to a musician has become a huge deal.
The way to make a midi file is to play it on a synthesizer, create it with your mouse on a computer with sequence software, or to use other midi devices, such as guitar midi converters.
animation-central.com /midi.htm   (379 words)

 AllRefer.com - Pic du Midi d'Ossau, France (French Physical Geography) - Encyclopedia
AllRefer.com - Pic du Midi d'Ossau, France (French Physical Geography) - Encyclopedia
Pic du Midi d'Ossau[dOsO´] Pronunciation Key, double peak, 10,322 ft (3,146 m) high, SW France, in the Pyrenees, near the Spanish border.
The village of Gabas lies at its foot.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/P/PicduMid.html   (151 words)

 MIDI and Music Technology Resources for Teachers
ABC's of Using MIDI Files on the Net No longer updated, but still a good quick guide for new MIDI users
MIDI on the Macintosh An excellent "how to" for Mac users by Twin Cities Midi
Their facilities consist of a computer training lab with the capacity to do hands on workshops or presentations and a keyboard/software display area.
www.isd77.k12.mn.us /resources/staffpages/shirk/midi.html   (382 words)

 Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Note: The following will often find pages with MIDI files, but sometimes the pages will not have MIDI files.
If you can't find it elsewhere, then make a request to this group with the subject "REQ: Song_title" ("Song_title" being the title of the song which you want).
It is acceptable, however, to "save it as source" to use from your own personal computer as long as you don't put it online.
www.aitech.ac.jp /~ckelly/midi/help/midi-search.html   (174 words)

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