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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  The SML.NET compiler
ML is a programming language originally developed at the University of Edinburgh around twenty years ago.
ML is a high-level language that abstracts away from the machine so that the programmer doesn't have to worry about low-level details like memory management, data representation and pointer chasing.
ML is particularly good for language-processing, hence its widespread use amongst the research community in compilers, interpreters, program analysis tools, theorem provers and formal verifiers.
www.research.microsoft.com /Projects/SML.NET/index.htm   (183 words)

 Standard ML
ML has higher-order functions: functions can be passed as arguments, stored in data structures, and returned as results of function calls.
ML supports information hiding, so that one can implement a data type whose representation is hidden by an interface that just exports functions to construct and operate on the type.
The ML language is clearly specified by The Definition of Standard ML (Revised) (Milner, Tofte, Harper, MacQueen, MIT Press, 1997), which defines the language in 93 pages of mathematical notation and English prose.
www.smlnj.org /sml.html   (778 words)

 ML (programming language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ML is a general-purpose functional programming language developed by Robin Milner and others in the late 1970s at the University of Edinburgh, whose syntax is inspired by ISWIM.
Historically, ML stands for metalanguage as it was conceived to develop proof tactics in the LCF theorem prover (the language of which ML was the metalanguage is pplambda, a combination of the first-order predicate calculus and the simply-typed polymorphic lambda-calculus).
ML is often referred to as an impure functional language, because it permits side-effects, and therefore imperative programming, unlike purely functional programming languages such as Haskell.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ML_programming_language   (563 words)

 Comp.Lang.ML FAQ [Monthly Posting]
ML (which stands for Meta-Language) is a family of advanced programming languages with [usually] functional control structures, strict semantics, a strict polymorphic type system, and parametrized modules.
ML has many thousands of users, is taught at many universities (and is the first programming language taught at some).
The ML Kit with Regions was developed by Mads Tofte, Lars Birkedal, Martin Elsman, Niels Hallenberg, Tommy H{\o}jfeld Olesen (all at DIKU) and Peter Sestoft and Peter Berthelsen (both at KVL).
www.faqs.org /faqs/meta-lang-faq   (4974 words)

 The ML language
ML (which stands for Meta-Language) is a functional language which, unlike conventional (procedural) languages, is mathematically "pure".
ML is a "strict" language, unlike "lazy" languages such as Haskell, although lazy ML dialects (e.g.
A company which provides a range of ML software and documentation, including a free ML implementation for Windows.
burks.bton.ac.uk /burks/language/ml/index.htm   (275 words)

 Extended ML
The semantics of Extended ML: a gentle introduction.
An improved and extended version of this is: The definition of Extended ML: a gentle introduction.
I would particularly recommend Formal specification of ML programs (an elementary tutorial about specification and proof) and Formal program development in Extended ML for the working programmer (a presentation of EML for people who want to use it without bothering about the theory behind it).
homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk /dts/eml   (1099 words)

 ML - TunesWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
ML comes in two traditions: Standard ML and CAML.
"Standard ML of New Jersey" (abbreviated SML/NJ), a compiler for the Standard ML '97 outputs fast but memory-hungry binaries.
"ML Kit with regions", memory management made user-accessible introducing the concept of region.
tunes.org /wiki/ML   (222 words)

 ML - A mail program for X and IMAP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
ML is a mail program and message processing system currently available for the 'X' Window System using Motif.
Here is an ML demo page showing logical views in action, along with some of the other program features (from 1.2, some things have changed recently).
ML has a mailing list for general questions, release notifications, or anything else that relates to ML.
smi-web.stanford.edu /projects/imap/ml   (761 words)

 Main Page - Successor ML   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Successor ML Standard ML, being incapable of evolution, is dead.
The purpose of successor ML, or sML for short, is to provide a vehicle for the continued evolution of ML, using Standard ML as a starting point.
The intention is for successor ML to be a living, evolving dialect of ML that is responsive to community needs and advances in language design, implementation, and semantics.
www.successor-ml.org   (285 words)

 Comp.Lang.ML FAQ [Monthly Posting] FAQ
Version 1.42 of Moscow ML * is somewhat faster * provides support for writing CGI scripts * automatically includes all required libraries when linking Moscow ML implements much of the SML Basis Library, follows the 1997 revision of Standard ML, and can produce compact stand-alone executables (a la Caml Light).
It was written by Sergei Romanenko (roman@keldysh.ru) at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow, Russia, and Peter Sestoft (sestoft@dina.kvl.dk) at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark.
Poplog ML --------- Standard ML is one of four languages included with the Poplog system, the others being Pop-11, Prolog and Common Lisp.
www.non.com /news.answers/meta-lang-faq.html   (4576 words)

 KingFisher mL - Thermo Electron Corporation
The KingFisher mL is ideally suited to high-volume samples of 50 μl to 1 ml, with up to fifteen samples per run.
Thermo KingFisher mL allows all purification and processing steps of extended volumes to be carried out in a strip of five tubes.
Additionally, KingFisher mL is ideal for clinical and research laboratories that isolate larger amounts of genomic DNA with magnetic particle methods.
www.thermo.com /com/cda/product/detail/1,1055,12616,00.html   (216 words)

 Programming in Standard ML
The Definition of Standard ML (Revised) by Robin Milner, Mads Tofte, Robert Harper, and David MacQueen (MIT Press, 1997) constitutes the official definition of the language.
It is supplemented by the Standard ML Basis Library, which defines a common basis of types that are shared by all implementations of Standard ML.
Concurrent ML is an extension of Standard ML with primitives for concurrent programming; it is available as part of the Standard ML of New Jersey compiler.
www.cs.cmu.edu /People/rwh/introsml   (232 words)

 Standard ML SourceForge Project
The Standard ML project supports coordination between different implementations of the Standard ML (SML) programming language by maintaining common tools and resources such as standard test suites.
Dave Matthew's Standard ML compiler (formerly sold by Abstract, Inc.) is now available as a free, open source implementation.
Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ) A free, open-source implementation of SML '97 that generates native code for a broad range of platforms.
www.standardml.org   (272 words)

 ML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
mL or ml (sometimes mℓ in older usage) may stand for:
in storage, MultiLevel Recording (as in ML CD-R or ML CD-RW)
ml is the ISO 639-1 code for the Malayalam language.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ML   (206 words)

 Ml Language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The FunctionalProgrammingLanguage ML was originally developed by RobinMilner (TuringAward 1991) and was the first language to include PolymorphicTypeInference, together with a type-safe exception-handling mechanism.
ML is a StronglyTyped, StaticallyTyped language with semantics somewhat resembling those of the SchemeLanguage.
Unlike Haskell [HaskellLanguage] (and like LispLanguage and Scheme), ML is strict: the arguments to a function are always evaluated before evaluating the body of the function (see StrictEvaluation and LazyEvaluation).
c2.com /cgi/wiki?MlLanguage   (146 words)

 Functional Programming Languages
ML (which stands for "meta language") is a family of programming languages characterized by functional control structures, strict semantics, a strict polymorphic type system, and parametrized modules.
Standard ML of New Jersey is distributed with source under a
A byproduct of its implementation is that its documentation has a pretty comprehensive list of bugs and grey areas in the SML language definition.
cbbrowne.com /info/functional.html   (1538 words)

 Sample: Description of Standard ML   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
These rules are intended to serve as documentation for programmers, and could be useful to compiler writers.
The ML Functor meets the same need to generate special cases of code from a general form that generics do in Ada and templates do in C++.
Tobias Nipkow(nipkow@informatik.tu-muenchen.de) has translated Larry Paulson's BNF syntax for Standard ML into diagram form.
www.csci.csusb.edu /dick/samples/ml.syntax.html   (454 words)

 2005 ML Workshop
The ML family of programming languages, whose dialects include Standard ML, Objective Caml, Alice ML, and nML, has inspired a tremendous amount of language research, ranging from type inference to module systems to operational semantics and implementation.
Languages from the ML family have alse been successfully applied in areas ranging from compilers and theorem provers to low-level system software, web applications and video games.
You should follow the instructions on that page by downloading a copy of the generic ENTCS Macro Package linked near the top of the page, and also a copy of the file prentcsmacro.sty that is linked in the listing for the ML workshop in the Table at the bottom of the page.
ttic.uchicago.edu /~blume/ml05   (290 words)

 Debian -- ml-burg
Code generator generator for Standard ML ml-burg generates a Standard ML program to perform bottom-up rewriting of an input tree.
Cost information associated with each rewrite rule is used to derive the minimum rewrite cost for the entire tree.
Lexical analyzer generator for Standard ML ml-lex (>= 110.51) [i386]
packages.debian.org /unstable/devel/ml-burg   (158 words)

 Moscow ML Home Page
Moscow ML Moscow ML is a light-weight implementation of Standard ML (SML), a strict functional language widely used in teaching and research.
Aug 8, 2005: Now there is a self-extracting installer for Moscow ML 2.01 for Windows.
Niels Kokholm at the IT University of Copenhagen (Moscow ML for.Net),
www.dina.kvl.dk /~sestoft/mosml.html   (315 words)

 On-line Information about Standard ML   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Bob Harper has substantially revised his Introduction to Standard ML and formatted it for the web.
Four Lectures on Standard ML Part 1, part 2, and part 3.
Compilers for the Caml dialect of ML are available from Projet Cristal at INRIA Rocquencourt.
www.cs.cmu.edu /afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/fox/mosaic/sml.html   (116 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
This works in SML (Standard ML of New Jersey).
% sml Standard ML of New Jersey, Version 0.93, February 15, 1993 val it = () : unit - print("hello world!\n"); hello world!
The only parts I typed in where the sml invocation and the program
www2.latech.edu /~acm/helloworld/ml.html   (45 words)

 Standard ML of New Jersey
Standard ML of New Jersey (abbreviated SML/NJ) is a compiler for the Standard ML '97 programming language with associated libraries, tools, and documentation.
Although we have not "blessed" it as a full release, we strongly recommend using one of our recent working versions.
Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).
www.smlnj.org   (617 words)

 Mexican League (ML) Affiliated Baseball on OurSports Central
Mexican League (ML) Affiliated Baseball on OurSports Central
CANCUN - Mexican League baseball will be returning to Cancun in 2007 after a one-year absence.
Sports Handicapping information at Cappersinfo and Sports Picks at MVPCapper
www.oursportscentral.com /sports/?l_id=56   (286 words)

 AFRL Materials & Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/ML) (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.virginia.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Welcome to the AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (AFRL/ML).
As one of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 10 technology directorates, ML develops materials, processes, and advanced manufacturing technologies for aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, rockets, and ground-based systems and their structural, electronic and optical components.
Air Force product centers, logistic centers, and operating commands rely on the directorate’s expertise in metallic and nonmetallic structural materials, nondestructive inspection,
www.ml.afrl.af.mil.cob-web.org:8888   (548 words)

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