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Topic: MSN Messenger

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In the News (Fri 22 Jun 18)

  MSN Messenger
Msn Messenger is an ICQ/AOL Instant Messenger type program that seems to work well generally (though not as full featured as ICQ -- which probably is a blessing) and for NetMeeting users allows call initiation something that though promised always seemed out of reach with ICQ.
MSN has published an FAQ for MSN Messenger that may be useful to you.
Using MSN Messenger requires that you have a hotmail, MSN or Passport account (the account is used as a unique identifier) and allows similar (to ICQ) tracking of people in your buddy list.
www.meetingbywire.com /msnmessenger.htm   (596 words)

 MSN Messenger 6.2 Instant Messaging reviews - CNET Reviews
MSN Messenger accounts won't work within other IM clients, unfortunately, but you can use software such as Trillian to mix messengers.
MSN Messenger is an attractive but busy interface intended more for everyday users than business types.
MSN Messenger can also access chat rooms, send voice messages (with your computer's microphone and speakers), videoconference with Webcams, and send e-mail (a premium service at $19.95 per year).
reviews.cnet.com /instant-messaging/msn-messenger-6-2/4505-9237_7-30975252.html   (716 words)

 Messenger Beta
Messenger Beta is the next-generation MSN Messenger and, as always, it is free to download.
It has everything you already love about Messenger — your contact list, emoticons, and plenty of ways to access to your friends via text, voice and video — plus new ways to connect and share documents with magical ease.
When you move to the new Windows Live Messenger, it will be like upgrading from one MSN Messenger version to the next.
www.msn.co.uk /messengerbeta/Default.asp?MSPSA=1   (298 words)

 MSN Messenger partial outage: Day 7 - CNET News.com
MSN Messenger users started experiencing trouble Tuesday, with the most commonly reported glitches being connection problems and missing buddy lists of friends.
Microsoft estimated that about two-thirds of MSN Messenger customers currently have full access to the service but acknowledged that some people would continue to experience connection problems and lost buddy lists until the service is fully restored.
Erick Houli, an MSN Messenger user from Caracas, Venezuela, said he had access to one of two accounts and that his "buddy list seems to be intact." Houli, who started having service trouble last Monday, criticized Microsoft's customer-service operation.
news.cnet.com /2100-1023-269529.html   (2202 words)

 MSN Web Messenger
Note: MSN Web Messenger is the official way to communicate with your MSN Messenger contacts using a web browser.
MSN Messenger is a fully featured instant messaging program that you install on your own computer or one you have permission to install on.
MSN Web Messenger enables you to quickly and easily use basic instant messaging features on a web browser on any computer without installing any software.
webmessenger.msn.com   (285 words)

 MSN Messenger - OldVersion.com
MSN Messenger is an instant-messaging program that notifies you when your friends are online so you can send messages or chat with several friends at once.
In addition, MSN Messenger notifies you when you have new e-mail in your Hotmail account and allows you to access your inbox with the click of a button.
Recently, MSN Messenger has made it mandatory to upgrade to newer versions.
www.oldversion.com /program.php?n=msnm   (197 words)

 Messenger Tools.NET > MSN Messenger 7.5: Download MSN 7.5 - Leaked Beta of MSN 7.5 and more
MSN Messenger 7.5 will automatically adjusts font colors to be clearly visible when you load a dynamic background, and most of the animations so far are not very annoying (as you might expect).
MSN Messenger 7.5 comes loaded with 2 default dynamic backgrounds (not enabled by default), with several others available for free from BlueMountain, but they are expected to be mostly premium (not free) content in the final release of MSN 7.5.
This original MSN Messenger 7.5 article is copyrighted to Messenger Tools and may not be used in any way without prior written permission by Contacting Us.
www.messengertools.net /MSN-Messenger-75.html   (1218 words)

 Description and Availability of MSN Messenger Service
MSN Messenger Service is an instant messaging program that tells you when your friends are online so that you can send an instant message to a friend or "talk" with several friends at once.
MSN Messenger Service is on the public Internet and operates over a TCP port that is enabled by Socks proxies or a firewall that permits open ports (port number 1863 or 443 should be enabled for MSN Messenger service).
MSN Messenger Service adds a button to the Standard Buttons toolbar and an MSN Messenger Service command to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer.
support.microsoft.com /kb/240063   (550 words)

 An MSN Messenger Log Listener - The Code Project - C# Programming
Messages are queued because it takes time to connect to the MSN Messenger (usually 3-4 seconds depending on the connection speed).
The last step before logging the message is to ensure we have a valid connection to the MSN Messenger server and a valid MSN conversation with at least one recipient connected.
I had to have my wife log into MSN Messenger using her account, then configured the listener to use my account as the Sender account.
www.codeproject.com /csharp/MsnMessengerLogListener.asp   (1453 words)

 FileForum | MSN Messenger for Windows
MSN Messenger lets you see when your friends are online and exchange instant messages with them.
MSN Messenger is the worst IM in the world (only comparable with Jabber but no M$).
Strange i tried to update via the normal MSN Messenger page and that is still 7.5.0322 Anyway i personally feel this is the best IM client going, you could use trillian et al but people i know who are using thoose are always getting it crash out.
fileforum.betanews.com /detail/MSN_Messenger_for_Windows/942840565/1   (417 words)

 Microsoft MSN Messenger GIF Image Processing Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - Symantec.com
Microsoft MSN Messenger is reported prone to a remote buffer overflow vulnerability when handling malformed Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) images.
MSN Messenger 6.2 and MSN Messenger 7.0 beta are vulnerable to this issue.
MSN Messenger communicates over TCP port 1863 when a direct connection is established.
www.symantec.com /security_response/vulnerability.jsp?bid=13114   (418 words)

 Urban Dictionary: MSN Messenger
MSN Messenger msn messenger im im client instant messenger microsoft aim n00b n00bs windows live messenger chat icq msgr windows annoying bitch bsn camelcase chatroom cool idiot idiots illegible linux m$ micrapsoft micrapsoft corporation pansy ass shit spyware teenage dumbasses trillian wlm yahoo messenger yawa
microsoft began to incorporate msn messenger into it's operating system, forcing its consumers to use this program and to sign with a "passport" to login.
this "passport" could be used for other msn features such hotmail, etc. msn messenger is used worldwide by people of all ages, not just teenagers as has been previously described here.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=MSN+Messenger   (556 words)

 Venky's World
In other words the commands are in pure English !!!.The first phase involves connecting to an MSN messenger server.In this case we shall connect to the server on port 1863(MSN messenger works through port 1863).
Our previous connection to the MSN messenger server must be kept as it is. If we lose connection with that server we would log out.
Our previous connection to the MSN messenger server must be kept as it is. If we loose connection with that server we would log out.
www.venkydude.com /articles/msn.htm   (1607 words)

 MSN Messenger Protocol - Resources - Projects
This MSN messenger V1R3 for Plan 9 R4 is distributed as is in a binary form for testing purpose.
TMSNC is a MSN client written in C. It is an opensource project which is released under the IR Public Domain License which basically is a modification of the BSD license.
Personal Messenger is a FREE Windows software designed to run in your own computer as a MSN Messenger client and a Wireless Village Server to connect your mobile device (cell phones, etc) via GPRS.
www.hypothetic.org /docs/msn/resources/projects.php   (3393 words)

 MSN Messenger (Pocketpc) - Download
MSN Messenger allows you to check if your friends are connected, send and receive instant messages, talk with multiple friends at the same time and control who can see you and who can connect with you.
Also, MSN Messenger allows you to connect with other people who are using the AOL IM or ICQ services, which use similar protocols.
MSN Messenger will help you stay in continuous contact with your friends online.
msn-messenger.en.softonic.com /pocketpc   (216 words)

 MSN Messenger Center at BigBlueBall - Everything About Instant Messaging and Chat
MSN Messenger is the fastest growing instant messaging program, and currently ranks #2 (behind AIM/ICQ).
Messenger TV is set to change all that," said John Mangelaars, the vice-president, EMEA, of consumer and online for Microsoft.
This feature allows skins to be directly applied to messenger without having to over-write any files or do the difficult file crossing/copy-n-pasting that you had to do in the good 'ol days.
www.bigblueball.com /im/msn   (1706 words)

 MSN Messenger Protocol - Home Page
It is written primarily for programmers that want to write software that uses the MSN Messenger protocol.
If you're an MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger user, and have a problem with the program on your computer, please look at the links page.
Some (optional) parts of the Messenger protocol require an understanding of other technologies like HTTP and XML, but you can implement the most important part of the protocol without these.
www.hypothetic.org /docs/msn/index.php   (303 words)

 Most Frequently Asked Questions
If you can't sign in to MSN Messenger, the connection settings in MSN Messenger might be preventing you from connecting to the Microsoft®.NET Passport or Microsoft®.NET Messenger Service.
Remember that in MSN Messenger you decide who is on your contacts list and who you want to receive messages from.
When you are signed in to MSN Messenger, you may appear offline to people who connect to these programs and have you listed as a contact.
messenger.msn.com /Help   (2970 words)

 Free Download MSN Messenger 7.5 - chat online with your friends in several ways
Along with everything you already love about Messenger, your contact list, emoticons, and instant access to your friends, there are brilliant new ways to connect and share photos (and other stuff).
msn is very good and exciting with lots of things to do on it.
This class is capable of connecting to the MSN messenger network and downloading...
www.download3000.com /download_15516.html   (631 words)

 Télécharger MSN Messenger 7.5
Télécharger MSN Messenger 7.0 français - 15 avril 2005
MSN Messenger 8.0 version bêta - 27 octobre 2005
A voir aussi : Télécharger MSN Messenger MSN 7.5
www.essentielpc.com /actualites/637-telecharger-msn-messenger-msn-7.5.html   (3038 words)

 MSN Messenger for new intel iMac - Topix
MSN Messenger is now Microsoft Messenger 5.1.1 available here: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads.aspx?p...
There are also other MSN Messenger clients that you can try: http://www.versiontracker.com/php/search.php?...
MSN Messenger for Mac is very, very far from great (and there is no native Intel version) but luckily there are alternative MSN clients, such as Adium (www.adiumx.com), which work very well.
www.topix.net /forum/com/aapl/T3I1SEFCS1DLVVB6O   (779 words)

 MSN Messenger goes dark | CNET News.com
Passport, the linchpin of many of MSN's personalized services--including the Hotmail e-mail service--suffered a brief time-out as a result of server networking glitches, according to the company.
MSN users on Monday also complained of an inability to access Messenger and Hotmail in recent days.
He said that people can visit MSN's support page to get an update on the service problems and find out when it will be restored.
news.com.com /2100-1023-979303.html   (401 words)

 MSN Messenger 7.5 Final - Build 0299
The MSN Messenger team have just released version 7.5 of the client to the masses.
MSN Messenger offers a radio, but it is (to be generous) useless, and at worst aggravating.
I think the MSN Messenger team should push a more "useful" (as opposed to "fun") version of MSN Messenger; I think they've done enough work on the "fun" side for the moment.
channel9.msdn.com /ShowPost.aspx?PostID=103631   (784 words)

 Inside Windows Live Messenger:
The i'm Initiative is the most exciting piece of news I have had to share with Messenger users since I started working on Messenger over 3 years ago and there has been tons of exciting news over the last 3 years.
That is where the i'm Initiative steps in - it enables Windows Live Messenger users to make a difference by directing a portion of Messenger's advertising revenue to a cause of their choosing.
A bit of context: As many of you now know, the reason I traveled to the east coast last week was to take my daughter to spend time w/ my mother and stepfather because my stepfather (and the only grandfather she knows on my side of the family) is terminally ill and quickly fading.
spaces.msn.com /members/MessengerSays   (5578 words)

 Sherv.NET - Animated MSN Emoticons - Free Animated Emoticons, MSN Icons, MSN Smileys & MSN Emotions for MSN ...
Not only are the free MSN Emotion Icons and MSN smileys completely compatible with MSN Messenger 6.2, 7.0 and MSN 7.5, you can also use them in your emails and other chat programs including Yahoo Messenger and AIM.
The animated emoticons and icons for MSN Messenger are brought to you by Smiley Central.
MSN Messenger (MSN 7.5 and 7.0) and Windows Live Messenger 8.0 are properties of Microsoft.
www.sherv.net /Animated-MSN-Emoticons.html   (420 words)

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