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 Mat (gymnastics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These mats may be stacked to provide a protective surface for gymnasts working on the low balance beam, or provide a means for a gymnast to reach the bars or rings.
Mats are used for safety in gymnastics, and in training new skills.
Mats come in a range of sizes, from very small mats used on the beam, to very large mats, used in the foam pits. /wiki/Mat_(gymnastics)   (499 words)

 Mat Hoffman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mat Hoffman (born Jan 9, 1972 in Edmond, Oklahoma) is considered one of the best vert-ramp rider in the history of the sport of BMX.
In 1985, Hoffman entered the Freestyle BMX circuit as an amateur at the age of 13.
Hoffman is a true innovator, defining the sport with the invention of more than 100 revolutionary tricks like the 900; Flip fakie (backflip which includes landing backwards); and Flair (backflip with a 180 degree turn). /wiki/Mat_Hoffman   (1125 words)

 Mat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Matting of various kinds is very extensively employed throughout India for floor coverings, the bottoms of bedsteads, fans and fly-flaps, etc.; and a considerable export trade in such manufactures is carried on.
Such a mat might typically be used when mounting a heavy machine which vibrates, onto a concrete floor; in the absence of the anti-vibration mat, the machine tend to erode the floor through abrasion.
In the United Kingdom, under the name of "coir" matting, a large amount of a coarse kind of carpet is made from coconut fibre; and the same material, as well as strips of cane, Manila hemp, various grasses and rushes, is largely employed in various forms for making doormats. /wiki/Mat   (1007 words)

 Prayer mat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During prayer the supplicant kneels at the base of the rug and places his or her hands at either size of the niche at the top of the rug, his or her forehead touching the niche.
A prayer mat or prayer rug, sometimes referred to by its Arabic name, sajada, is a piece of fabric (often decorated) used by Muslims during their five daily prayers (Salat).
Prayer rugs are usually made in the towns or villages of the communities who use them and are often named after the origins of those who deal and collect them. /wiki/Prayer_mat   (325 words)

 Bouldering mat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are various sizes and makes, but the most common type is a folded mattress that when unfolded measures about 1 * 2 metres.
A bouldering mat or crash pad is basically a small /wiki/Bouldering_mat   (325 words)

 Bouldering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bouldering is climbing without a rope on large
The term bouldering is also used for horizontal climbing, usually close to the ground, in artificial set-up climbing environments.
Bouldering is a pursuit in its own right as well as being used for training by climbers — as pioneered by /wiki/Bouldering   (325 words)

 Mat article - Mat District Mat Albania (language) Lexington, Massachusetts fabric -
Such a mat might typically be used when mounting a heavy machine which vibrates, onto a concrete floor; in the absence of the anti-vibration mat, the machine tend to erode the floor through abrasion.
A mat is a generic term for a piece of fabric or flat material, generally placed on a floor or other flat surface, and serving a range of purposes including:
A bath mat is a device used on the floor of a bathroom to provide a warm non-slip surface, and to absorb small amounts of water, much like a towel. /encyclopedia/Mat   (583 words)

 Mat Cauthon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mat and his coterie escape Seanchan territory by means of Valan Luca's Travelling Menagerie, and during their journey Mat began to court Tuon in earnest, seeming to finally accept his fate.
Mat is a general, and one of Odin's divine domains is war.
Mat's horse is named Pips (after the dots on a die), which could refer to a high roll of six or eight pips. /wiki/Mat_Cauthon   (1548 words)

 Misty Mountain : Scratch Mat: Bouldering , Bouldering Gear, Rock Climbing, Rock Climbing Gear
Misty Mountain : Scratch Mat: Bouldering, Bouldering Gear, Rock Climbing, Rock Climbing Gear
Besides doubling as a floor mat in your truck, the scratch mat is great for wiping shoes and keeping them clean prior to sending. /scratchmat.htm   (1548 words)

 Mat Rogers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mat Rogers (born February 1, 1976 in Sydney and educated at The Southport School) is a former Rugby League player with the Cronulla Sharks Rugby League Club and the Australian Kangaroos until his switch to rugby union in 2002.
Following his switch Rogers was an immediate success in Rugby, which had struggled to find a player of his calibre since the retirement of Tim Horan from Australian Rugby at the conclusion of the 1999 Rugby Union World Cup.
Several times Rogers has found himself the focus of media scrutiny after several comments regarding the state of Australian club Rugby in comparison to training for the Wallabies and after an alleged altercation outside a Glasglow nightclub with a fan in 2004. /wiki/Mat_Rogers   (497 words)

 Mat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Such a mat might typically be used when mounting a heavy machine which vibrates, onto a concrete floor; in the absence of the anti-vibration mat, the machine tend to erode the floor through abrasion.
One common purpose of such mats is to provide a thermal and phsyical barrier between that which is places on the table, and the table itself - for instance, to stop hot objects from changing the physical appearance of the table.
A bath mat is a device used on the floor of a bathroom to provide a warm non-slip surface, and to absorb small amounts of water, much like a towel. /wiki/Mat   (497 words)

 Dance pad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most dance pads are divided into a 3×3 matrix of square panels for the player to stand on, with some or all of the panels corresponding to directions or actions within the game.
A dance pad, also known as a dance mat or dance platform, is a flat electronic game controller used for input in dance games.
They are good for a beginner's introduction to dance games, but they have a tendency to move around and wrinkle up during gameplay (unless "modded", such as by gluing or taping them to the top of a piece of plywood or the bottom of a transparent office chair mat). /wiki/Dance_mat   (669 words)

 Gymnastics - Search View - MSN Encarta
Rhythmic gymnastics consists of several events in which the gymnasts use objects such as balls and hoops while performing choreographed routines, which are scored separately and then added together to determine an overall winner.
Artistic gymnastics consists of prescribed sets of events, such as the vault, which are scored separately by judges to determine individual winners.
In ancient Greece, three distinct programs of gymnastic exercise were developed: one for the maintenance of good physical condition, another for military training, and a third as part of the conditioning regimen for athletes. /text_761567192__1/Gymnastics.html   (1809 words)

 Morphix Bouldering Mat from Bendcrete
Bouldering Mat Karabiners Belay, Abseil and Ascenders Harnesses Nuts on Wire Accessories
The outer layers are much denser than the inner layers allowing the pad to be used either way up (over a boulder for instance) and this also means it provides the best protection from grounding out through the pad.
The foam padding is a sandwich of 3 layers. /climbing/morphix/bouldering-mat.html   (1809 words)

 Salah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apart from the five daily obligatory prayers, there are also several Sunnah prayers, which are between the other prayers' times and an early prayer (between midnight and Fajr) where two or more raka'ahs may be performed.
These five prayers are obligatory and must be performed by every muslim male or female in all conditions except for insanity or unconsciousness.
W Lane): prayer, supplication, petition, oration, eulogy, benediction, commendation, blessing, honour, magnifiy, bring forth, follow closely, walk/follow behind closely, to remain attached, to contact or to be in contact. /wiki/Salat   (1250 words)

 Joe Maneri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maneri was impressed by the music of Arnold Schoenberg and organized a jazz ensemble that performed some twelve tone music.
Maneri continued his teaching, but performed and recorded rather rarely until the early 1990s, when his son Mat Maneri coaxing him into more public appearances: "I had an experimental microtonal sextet about 15 years ago, which would practice in my house.
Maneri has taught at the New England Conservatory of Music since 1970, leading one of the only microtonal composition courses in the United States. /wiki/Joe_Maneri   (452 words)

 Burrel, Albania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is the centre of the District of Mat.
Burrel (Albanian: Burrel or Burreli; alternate forms Burelë, Mat) is a city in North-West Albania (41.63 degrees North, 20.62 degrees East), 91 km from Tiranë.
The city used to be the site of one of the most terrible prisons of the communist regime where ordinary criminals and political prisoners such as Bashkim Shehu and Fatos Lubonja or the catholic priest Dom Simon Jubani were held. /wiki/Burrel,_Albania   (204 words)

 Mat (language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Depending on context, as in languages besides Russian, speaking it may have the effect of conveying disrespect, congeniality or chic, cynicism, intensification, or self-assertion.
Although it is commonly believed that the name derives from mat′ (Russianмать, "mother", where the prime represents the soft sign, which signals palatalization of the preceding t) the term comes from a word meaning "loud yell", which is now only used in a few expression such as благим матом.
The mat belongs to the ancient layers of the russian language (the first written mat words date to Middle Ages). /wiki/Mat_(language)   (754 words)

 Bacterial lawn - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
Bacterial lawn is a term used by biologists to describe the appearance of bacterial colonies when all the individual colonies on a petri-dish merge together to form a mat of bacteria.
Although it is occasionally used as a synonym for biofilm, the term primarily applies to the simple, clonal, unstructured mats of organisms that typically only form on rich laboratory growth media.
Biofilms—the aggregated form of microorganisms most commonly found in nature— are generally more complex and diverse and marked by relatively amounts of extracellular structural matrix relative to the cellular biomass. /encyclopedia/Bacterial_mat   (147 words)

 Bouldering Dictionary
Boulderers climb problems not routes, implying that the boulderers task requires more thinking, consideration and solving than simple route climbing.
Bouldering grades can be used to measure your progress, impress your friends or inflate/deflate your ego.
Once you have climbed the hardest grade you are free to disown the whole grading process and take a spirituality angle. /bschool/definitions/dictionary.html   (147 words)

 Climbing how to get started
Bouldering can be practiced on indoor walls, along the bottom of a route but perhaps best when performed on a proper Boulder (which are usually under 12 foot).
Bouldering is great fun, requires little in the way of equipment, can be a very good introduction to the sport of trad climbing, and provides an ideal way to practice technique and build strength.
A portable crash mat (i.e a bouldering mat) is often used to protect fallers and the climber should stay within a height where is safe to fall from without injury. /climb1/start.html   (147 words)

 Shabd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sant Baljit Singh, a contemporary Sant Mat Master, uses the term "Light and Sound Current." He describes it as the connecting link between human beings and God.
Indeed, in Sant Mat the raison d’être for the human form is to meditate on the Sound Current, and in so doing merge with it until one’s own divinity is ultimately realized.
Adherents believe that a Satguru, or Eck Master, who is a human being, has merged with the Shabd in such a manner that he or she is a living manifestation of it at its highest level (the “Word made flesh”). /wiki/Shabd   (413 words)

 Sant Mat - Wikipedia
Sant Mat bedeutet "Weg der Sants" und ist ein Synonym für Surat Shabd Yoga.
Sant Mat betrachtet bestehende Religionen als die Hinterlassenschaft eines gestorbenen kompetenten Meisters.
Ein "Sant", Heiliger oder Meister des Sant Mat, sieht sich selbst als reines Werkzeug des göttlichen Willens, der göttlichen Weisheit und der göttlichen Liebe. /wiki/Sant_Mat   (362 words)

 Surat Shabd Yoga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sant Mat (Radhasoami) movement of Surat Shabda Yoga was established by Shiv Dayal Singh (1818-1878) in 1861 and named "Radhasoami Satsang" circa 1866.
Sant Kirpal Singh, a Sant Mat guru, stated that "Naam" ("Word") has been described in many traditions through the use of several different terms.
Sant Mat also has notable similarities to the more contemporary Quan Yin Method of meditation promoted thought the spiritual teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. /wiki/Surat_shabd_yoga   (1144 words)

 Sant Thakar Singh: biography
Sant Thakar Singh was born in a rural setting in the village of Kaithan in northern India on March 26, 1929.
Sant Thakar Singh's strong lifelong desire to find God culminated in 1965 when He attended the Sant Mat discourses and was initiated into the holy inner light and inner sound by Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974).
Sant Thakar Singh advocates Sant Mat meditation on the holy inner light and holy inner sound, a simple life, lived by honest work and service to humanity according to the principles of Sant Mat, the way of the saints. /sant_thakar_singh_biography.htm   (265 words)

 Mat Rogers, catching the toffs on the hop: A few home truths - On Line Opinion - 5/10/2004
Mat Rogers ruffled more than a few feathers in the upper echelons of “the game they play in heaven” with his entirely reasonable observations about the standard of club rugby union in Australia.
Admittedly Rogers doesn’t have a hyphenated name, perfect elocution or a regular barber - but what he does have is phenomenal talent and a superb record of achievement in both codes - not to mention the capacity to contribute to future Australian rugby success in a way his trio of critics don’t.
Mat Rogers has caught the toffs on the hop, which can only be a good thing. /view.asp?article=2618   (836 words)

 Ackland Art Museum - Five Faiths Project
The prayer niche or mihra, the central design element at the head of the prayer mat, symbolizes the heavenly gateway to Paradise, which is opened to believers who pray.
Prayer mats are used by Muslims to ensure the ritual purity of the surface on which they pray.
Al-Salat, the Muslim canonical prayer, consists of prescribed gestures and words which express praise, adoration and invocation of God. /fivefaiths/06_04_01.htm   (156 words) Interviews
MAT MANERI: My relationship to him is a funny one, being that we were both in Boston, of course, he started out earlier than I did, obviously, but I remember seeing him once at a gig in like the Eighties and I think I even opened up for him once.
MAT MANERI: I started as a classical violinist at age five and by the time I was thirteen or fourteen, I wanted to get into jazz and I did so by quitting music for a little while and becoming an art student.
MAT MANERI: That to me is really, I really enjoyed that record so much cause originally, the idea was to do a Miles Davis tribute record, which I wasn't crazy about the idea initially. /interviews/mmaneri.htm   (2403 words)

Joseph Gabriel Maneri (born 1927) was suddenly and belatedly saluted as one of jazz's great originals, a strange twist of fate for a musician whose idiosyncratic microtonal improvising and composing had been resolutely ignored by the jazz establishment for decades.
With typically paradoxical flair, Joe Maneri likes to point out that he was a late arrival even in his own band, assuming leadership of it in the early 90s, some years after the unit was originally founded by his violinist son Mat; drummer Randy Peterson was also on the strength from day one.
Maneri's Quartet, however, is the reedman's priority and has a longer history, although the precise date of its launching is somewhat foggy. /Background/Background_1617.php   (1040 words)

Disambiguation is apt: at a time when "ecstatic jazz" has become a marketing label for empty bluster, this quartet's concentration on precise quarter-tones produces a new, if sombre, light.
Disambiguation is far too complex and far too worthy a disk to confine to one interpretation.
The verb "disambiguate" is defined in Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary as follows: "to establish a single semantic or grammatical interpretation for." If applied to this disk, then, the title suggests that Pandelis Karayorgis is attempting to define his music in a single interpretation. /Pages/CDPages/Disambiguation.html   (1040 words)

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