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Topic: Macau

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  Macau - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Macau prospered as a port and was the subject of repeated attempts by the Dutch to conquer it in the 17th century.
The general requirements of suffrage for direct election in Macau is an adult at or over 18 years of age and he or she must be a permanent resident in that region.
The growth of population in Macau is mainly relying on Chinese immigrants from mainland China and the influx of overseas workers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Macau   (4369 words)

 Macau (10/05)
Macau has ten higher education institutions, including the University of Macau; 85.5% of the University of Macau’s 4,708 students are local and 14.5% from overseas.
The city of Macau and the islands of Taipa and Coloane each had a municipal council until January 1, 2002, when the Civic and Municipal Bureau was formally established to replace the two municipal councils.
Macau's foreign relations and defense are the responsibility of China.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/7066.htm   (2269 words)

The city of Macau is built on the peninsula; two bridges of 2.5 kms and 4.5 kms respectively link it to its nearest island of Taipa, which in turn is joined to Coloane by a 2.2 km-long causeway.
Macau also served as a vital base for the introduction of Christianity to China and Japan, an activity which provided the city with some of the most glorious, and tempestuous, moments in its history.
Macau is derived from the name of a Chinese goddess, popular with seafarers and fishermen, known as A-Ma or Ling Ma.
www.asiatravel.com /macau/macauinf.html   (2847 words)

Macau, a 13 square mile enclave on the south China coast, reverted from Portuguese to Chinese administration on December 20, 1999 (the handover).
Macau Radio broadcasts in both Portuguese and Chinese (Cantonese and Standard Chinese).
Macau returns an average of 444 illegal Chinese migrants to China each month.
www.freeserbia.net /Documents/Macau.html   (4988 words)

 Travel Advice for Macau - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australians of Chinese descent who were born or have resided in Macau should obtain an appropriate visa to enter the Macau SAR on their Australian passport, declare their Australian nationality to the Macau SAR immigration authorities and present themselves as Australians at all times.
Australians intending to travel to Macau for shorter periods are at much lower risk of infection but should discuss the risk of avian influenza with their doctor as part of their routine pre-travel health checks.
Australians in Macau should monitor the travel advice and travel bulletin on Avian Influenza for updated information and advice, and ensure that their travel documents, including passports and visas for any non-Australian family members, are up to date in case they need to depart at short notice.
www.smartraveller.gov.au /zw-cgi/view/Advice/Macau   (1586 words)

 Macau Travel Guide: Macau Hotel, Map, Climate, Pictures, Bus, Tour, Pictures...
Macau Jockey Club's horse racing attracts numerous gamblers from the nearby areas and Hac Sa Bay and Bamboo Bay are two breathtaking natural scenic areas with the best seaside bathing places in Macau.
Macau is the paradise for gourmands with a wide range of delicious cuisines from all over the world including unparalleled Macau-style Portuguese cuisine, traditional Cantonese cuisine, exotic food from Italy, France, Brazil, India, Japan, and Korea...
Macau, a famous destination with prosperity and peace, fashion and history, oriental and western cultures, is deserving of a visit and a stay here is sure to revitalize the weary traveler.
www.travelchinaguide.com /cityguides/macau/index.htm   (1175 words)

 Macau travel guide - Wikitravel
Macau (also spelt: Macao) (澳門, Ou3mun4 in Cantonese, Àomén in Mandarin; [1]) is a territory located in southeast China, and was until 1999 administered by Portugal as an overseas province.
At the Macau Tower, a 338.8m tall structure (3 and 8 are Cantonese lucky numbers!) with a revolving restaurant at its top and a convention and shopping centre at its base, the visitor to Macau can savour a different kind of excitement: New Zealander AJ Hackett's company [3] offers a set of adventure activities.
Established after the 1999 handover of Macau to China, courses are mainly taught in Chinese (Mandarin) by professors from the mainland, and a significant portion of its student population draws from the mainland too.
wikitravel.org /en/Macau   (5207 words)

 Macau News.Net
To the people of Macau, whose history is deeply linked with the sea, her festival is one of the most important of the year.
Later, when her brothers returned, they told the story that at the height of a terrible storm the vision of a beautiful girl had reached out to save them but was unable to hold onto their fathers boat and thus he had perished.
Macau News.Net is part of an international network of news sites, dedicated to the major regions, countries and cities of the world.
macaunews.net   (1424 words)

 Macau SAR
With a population of approximately 469,800, Macau covers a 27.3 square-kilometer area including the peninsula of Macau, connected to the PRC, and the two islands of Taipa and Coloane linked by a highway 2.2 km long.
Although the pataca is the official currency in Macau, Hong Kong currency is commonly used in transactions, especially in tourist areas.
In addition to being subject to all Macau SAR laws affecting U.S. citizens, dual nationals may be subject to laws of Macau that impose special obligations on Macau citizens.
travel.state.gov /travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_955.html   (1985 words)

 macau map and map of macau information page
Macau (or Macao), about 60 km directly west of Hong Kong, consists of the Macau Peninsula (attached to mainland China) and the small islands of Taipa and Coloane; all connected by bridge or causeway.
Once a simple fishing village on the southeastern China coastline, it was colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century, and became the first European settlement in the Far East.
Landforms The Macau Peninsula, gradually formed by the Pearl River and West River estuaries, and by land reclamation, is mostly flat land, but there are a few elevated spots.
www.worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/asia/mo.htm   (701 words)

 World Travel Tips - Asia - Macau
Summary: Macau, a Special Administrative Region of China located in eastern Asia bordering China and the South China Sea, was the first European colony in Asia, colonized by Portugal in the 16th century.
Macau’s terrain is mostly flat, with two main islands, Coloane and Taipa, and the mainland bearing an open and prosperous economy based primarily on tourism, textiles and gambling.
Food: Macau food has been influenced by Cantonese and Portuguese styles, and tends to be seafood with spicy flavorings like galinha a Macau, Macau chicken baked in a coconut sauce, and bebinca de leite, a tasty Macanese coconut milk custard.
www.worldtraveltips.net /asia/view.cgi?country=Macau   (570 words)

 Macau Beer - Macau - Chinatown - Chinese Beer - Asian Beer - NYC - Manhattan - New York City - Long Island   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Macau pale lager is respected as a refreshing, very light, subtle, yet smooth tasting pale lager with just a hint of fresh malt and citrus flavor that tastes wonderful with food or just by itself.
A former Portuguese colony, Macau was the Hong Kong of it's time and used by European traders as a hub on their way to Southern China (Canton) and Japan.
Macau is a new brewery and therefore uses the most updated brewing techniques.
www.macaubeer.net /about_macau.htm   (339 words)

 Macau Travel Guide, Online Reservations for Hotels.
Colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century, Macau was the first European settlement in the Far East.
Pursuant to an agreement signed by China and Portugal on 13 April 1987, Macau became the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China on 20 December 1999.
Macau enjoys a high degree of autonomy in all matters except foreign and defense affairs.
www.eyeonmacau.com   (334 words)

With the reversion of Macau to China in 1999, a new heading was created (Macau (China : Special Administrative Region)) and the heading for the former Portuguese territory (Macao) was revised to Macau.
The official languages of Macau remain Chinese and Portuguese.
The MARC country code for Macau (mh) is no longer valid and will be deleted from the code list.
www.loc.gov /catdir/cpso/macau.html   (287 words)

 Macau on 43 Places
macau is consisted of small group of three island covering 27sq km land and surrounded by sea is the place to be.
macau is very different from hong kong or from mainland china.
Macau is generally pretty safe, there are seedy areas but overall you can hang out without a problem.
www.43places.com /places/view/199716   (741 words)

 The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - Giving Opportunities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Macau: Macau includes a tiny peninsula of southeast China and two small islands comprising less than 10 square miles.
Anna Moore serves the Lord as a missionary in Macau, where she is fulfilling her deaconess internship.
Sharon Owens serves as a missionary in Macau as director of English as a Foreign Language outreach.
catalog.lcms.org /GiveNow/Gift_Catalog.asp?Group=38   (568 words)

 Macau Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Expect the unexpected in the magical alleyways of Macau.
The Sun Sun is a perfectly respectable mid-range option in one of Macau's more interesting neighbourhoods by the Inner Harbour.
Macau may be firmly back in China's orbit, but the Portuguese patina on this Sino-Lusitanian Las Vegas makes it a most unusual Asian destination.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/asia/china/macau   (149 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: Asia: Macau: Business and Economy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Macau Entertainment and Tourism Card (MET Card) - A bonus point loyalty program to accompany spending paid by credit card or cash at participating merchants in Macau.
Macau Junior Chamber of Commerce - A worldwide federation of young professions and entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40.
Macau MBA Association - A non-profit organization whose purpose is to contribute to the competitiveness of business enterprises and Macau society at large.
dmoz.org /Regional/Asia/Macau/Business_and_Economy   (407 words)

 Macau Hotels
The Lisboa Hotel is located in the heart of Macau, a 5-minute drive to the Macau-Hong Kong Ferry Terminal.
Centrally located in the new business district, the Holiday Inn Macau is the only international four-star property in this vibrant city.
Taipa Hotel Macau is located at the heart of Taipa Island.
www.asia-hotel.net /macau   (282 words)

 Macau: City of Culture Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Macau (Macao) is the blending ground for Chinese and European culture.
The City of Culture Guide gives you the latest Macau travel news, history, attractions information (places like museums, landmarks churches, temples, parks and casinos!), shopping tips, visa information, transportation and dinning guide.
Macau, Macao, travel guide, travelogue, attractions, tour vocation, holiday, sightseeing, sights, church, temple, museum, landmarks, gardens, park, guide, travel book, history, tour, visa, accomandation, hotel, hints, tips, city map, buildings, architecture, transportation, bus, taxis, ferry, boat, airplane, helicopter, gamble, casino.
home.macau.ctm.net /~liox0001/travel/macau   (214 words)

 Macau Beer, mmmm it's all good   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Imported from Macau, a small island city located in the South of China.
You must be 21 years of age or older to enter this site.
Macau Beer asks those of legal drinking age to drink responsibly.
www.macaubeer.net   (63 words)

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