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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Macedonian Heritage: An online Review of the Affairs, History and Culture of Macedonia
Skopje airports, statues and the Bible: A new dish of Macedonian salad by Evangelos Kofos (edited version of op.
A detailed tour of the Macedonian wineries along with an overview of the history and the cultural significance of wine production and vine cultivation in Macedonia.
Unsigned texts reflect the views of Macedonian Heritage.
www.macedonian-heritage.gr   (459 words)

  Macedonian language, alphabet and pronunciation
Macedonian is a southern Slavic language with about 3 million speakers in the Republic of Macedonia (Република Македонија;), Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, the USA, Canada and Australia.
Macedonian became the official language of the Republic of Macedonia in 1944.
Literary Macedonian is based on the dialects of the West Central region (Prilep, Kičevo, Bitola, Kruševo and Lerin).
www.omniglot.com /writing/macedonian.htm   (302 words)

  Macedonian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Macedonian language belongs to the eastern sub-branch of the South Slavic branch of the Slavic branch of the Indo-European family of languages.
Macedonian is largely mutually intelligible with both Bulgarian and south-eastern dialects of Serbian, notably the Torlakian dialect.
In Macedonian the perfect tense is formed by a clitic which agrees in number and gender with the object of the sentence, followed by има "to have", and the passive participle of the verb in its uninflected form.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Macedonian_language   (3177 words)

 Macedonian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ethnic Macedonians, (referred to in English usage as "Macedonians", and sometimes "Macedonian Slavs"), typically associated with the Republic of Macedonia.
Bulgarians associated with the Blagoevgrad Province (Pirin Macedonia) or descendants of refugees from the wider region of Macedonia.
Ancient Macedonians, inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Macedon.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Macedonians   (227 words)

 Macedonian - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Macedonian   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Macedonians are predominantly members of the Greek Orthodox Church and write with a Cyrillic script.
The Macedonian language and ethnic identification have been subject to repression, especially in Bulgaria and Greece.
The son Of Macedonian Philip had ere these Won Asia, and the throne of Cyrus held At his dispose; young Scipio had brought down The Carthaginian pride; young Pompey quelled The Pontic king, and in triumph had rode.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Macedonian   (249 words)

Macedonian belongs to the east sub-group of the South Slavic group of the Slavic branch of Indo-European languages.
While Macedonian is used as a medium of instruction in elementary and secondary schools, there is lack of textbooks at the university level, resulting in the use of Serbian textbooks.
Macedonian is considered to be a Category II language in terms of difficulty for speakers of English.
www.nvtc.gov /lotw/months/december/macedonian.html   (861 words)

 Macedonian Heritage - FAQ
Subsequently, by monopolising the Macedonian name for the new language, nationalist activists, most significantly throughout the Diaspora, began to put forward the claim that the Macedonian language of the ancient Macedonians, was by no means a Greek dialect, but, indeed, a distant relative of the current Macedonian language of the Slavs of FYROM.
Their choice of the term “Slav Macedonian” has helped, on the one hand, to preserve the distinction of the Macedonian language of the Ancient Macedonians, and on the other, to define the official language of FYROM in a more precise way- by simply underlining its doubtless slavic character.
The fact that Macedonian culture became known to the west as a Balkan salad does not necessarily imply that its ingredients are not or were not identifiable.
www.macedonian-heritage.gr /FAQ.html   (3688 words)

 Macedonian Language
Macedonian is an Indo-European language from the family of Slavic languages belonging to the South-Slavic group.
Macedonian is taught as a subject in several university centres in the world, at the appropriate faculties in Moscow, Voronyezh, Minsk, Ivanovo, Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Lodz, Krajova, Prague, Vienna, Halle, Lund, Paris, Naples, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Bradford, Portland, Budapest, Istanbul and Toronto.
Macedonian is being taught in all universities of the former Yugoslavia.
www.mymacedonia.net /language/official.htm   (1027 words)

 Macedonian Orthodox Church
The Macedonian nation and people, who only a few centuries before defended the western civilization in Europe, conquered Persia with it's ruthless and tyrannical rule over almost all of Asia, now were pleading to the apostolic disciple St. Paul, to come to Macedonia to bring and introduce the new illumination born in Asian Christianity.
Its purpose was to inform the Macedonian priests of the negative attitude of the Serbian Orthodox Church towards the strong desire of the Macedonian people to have their own autocephalous church, to which they had both a historical and canonical right.
The autocephalous Macedonian Orthodox Church is steered in accordance with the Bible, the Holy Traditions, the Apostolic Rules, canons of the holy ecumenical and indigenous councils and the Constitution of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.
www.macedonianchurch.org /HistoryofMacedonianOrthodoxChurch.htm   (13956 words)

 UCLA Language Materials Project Language Profiles Page
Macedonian is the official language of the Republic of Macedonia, formerly the Yugoslavian Socialist Republic of Macedonia; it has a total of 2 million speakers including 1.4 million in Macedonia and about 200,000 in Greece.
Macedonian is a Slavic language belonging to a group of South Slavic languages that includes Old Church Slavonic (a liturgical language), Slovene, Serbian/Croatian, and Bulgarian.
Macedonian has only five short vowel phonemes, but a fairly rich consonantal system of 28 phonemes; stress is placed on the fist syllable of bi-syllabic words and on the antepenult in words of three or more syllables.
www.lmp.ucla.edu /Profile.aspx?LangID=42   (1429 words)

 Third Macedonian War Life story @ LaunchBase.com (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Third Macedonian War (171 BC - 168 BC) was a war fought between Rome and King Perseus of Macedon.
In 179 BC King Philip V of Macedon died and his talented and ambitious son, Perseus, took his throne.
The Macedonian king tried to win Eumenes of Pergamon and king Antiochus III the Great of Asia over to his side but he failed.
www.launchbase.com /encyclopedia/Third_Macedonian_war   (478 words)

The second Macedonian, a 36‑gun frigate, was rebuilt from the keel of the first Macedonian at Gosport (later Norfolk) Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Va., beginning in 1832; and was launched and placed in service in 1836, Capt. Thomas ap C. Jones in command.
Macedonian was assigned to the West India Squadron to cruise in the West Indies and along the west coast of Africa from 1839 to 1847 as a continuing deterrent to Carribean pirates.
In 1852 Macedonian docked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to be razed and converted to a sloop‑of‑war for the expedition to Japan, 1852 to 1854.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/m1/macedonian-ii.htm   (495 words)

 Macedonia for the Macedonians
Macedonian construction companies built this church according to the best national traditions and Macedonian painters painted its frescoes and icons which remain as a legacy for the future.
Macedonian literature has its roots in the rich heritage of Slavonic literacy and the distinguished literary schools of the Macedonian monasteries.
The Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, established in 1944, is the oldest cultural institution in the field of music.
www.makedonija.info /culture.html   (2582 words)

Macedonian is the native language of more than 1,500,000 inhabitants of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and the second language for Albanians.
Bulgaria denies the existence of a Macedonian language, classifying the spoken language as a southwest Bulgarian dialect and the written language as a "regional norm" of Bulgarian.
Many scholars in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, on the other hand, consider dialects spoken in Bulgaria and Serbia to be part of the Macedonian language.
www.flw.com /languages/macedonian.htm   (131 words)

 Macedonia, Macedonian, Pan-Macedonian Association USA, Inc.
To unite all Macedonians and all other Hellenes and Philhellenes, to protect the Hellenic origin of the name, history, and culture of Macedonia, to counter falsifications and distortions of history, to promote our Hellenic history and culture, and to strengthen the educational and cultural ties between the United States of America and Greece.
Otherwise, in the eyes of the Macedonian people the whole mission of achieving Macedonian autonomy will remain with Tito and you will get the criticism.
That a Macedonian consciousness has not yet developed among the population is of no account.
www.panmacedonian.info   (607 words)

 Why Macedonia and the Macedonians had Never been Greek?
The Greeks in the Macedonian army however were commanded by Macedonians, their contribution in the conquest was insignificant and miniscule, and modern historiography calls them nothing but Macedonian "hostages" who would ensure a good behavior of their friends and families back in Greece (Peter Green, Urlich Wilcken, Ernst Badian, Eugene Borza, A.B. Bosworth).
Ironically, despite the fact that the ancient Macedonians committed a real genocide against the ancient Greeks, the ancestors of today's Greeks, despite the fact the Macedonians in Greece are oppressed by them, and despite the fact that the Greeks moved in Aegean Macedonia as majority only 75 years ago.
Despite of it, the Macedonians continue to exist in Greece as majority in the northern half of Aegean Macedonia and as minority in the southern half, and peacefully continue to demand their human rights.
www.historyofmacedonia.org /ConciseMacedonia/MacedoniansNotGreeks.html   (1824 words)

 Macedonian Endgame - by Christopher Deliso
The Macedonian National Library, said Ida, was full of Macedonians studying; the Albanians, on the other hand, went there to sleep.
Like many Macedonians, she does not believe that the NLA is fighting for "human rights." She reminded me of the rights that Albanians enjoyed before the violence began this March.
A Macedonian demand that the rebels disarm when the treaty is signed was rebuked by NATO as being a "deal-breaker" ("Macedonia Peace Talks hit Roadblock," Reuters, 8/10/01).
www.antiwar.com /deliso?articleid=209   (2591 words)

 Macedonia and the Macedonian People
It is this fate of the Macedonian culture that contributed to the fact that, in the case of Macedonia, national culture grew as a key element of what we can call a Macedonian ideology.
It was a period in which the Macedonians finally succeeded in establishing a Macedonian state, though only in a part of the historical, ethnic and cultural territory of Macedonia.
There are only rare examples written in favour of the defeated Macedonians, the people who had to express their defeats in folk song or tale, in legend or story, or in an unfinished testament.
www.makedonika.org /Macedonian_People_1.htm   (1711 words)

 Macedonian History - Canadian Macedonian Historical Society
The exodus of Macedonians from northern Greece was to continue in the aftermath of WWII and the Greek Civil War (1947-49).
Macedonian entrepreneurs and their descendants eventually employed their numerical strength within the food service industry as a catapult into a variety of larger and more sophisticated ventures.
The children of Macedonian immigrants are integrated in the mainstream of Canadian cultural life, and also figure prominently in the professional fields of law, medicine, science and technology, education, sports and recreation, and the arts and entertainment industry.
www.macedonianhistory.ca /index.html   (1260 words)

In 340 Philip assembled a large Macedonian army and invaded Thrace, leaving his 16 years old son with the power to rule Macedonia in his absence as regent, which shows that even at such young age Alexander was recognized as quite capable.
The Macedonian Sun is undoubtedly the oldest symbol in the world that still survives as cultural symbol of the Macedonians.
The Macedonian sun is found in the icons and frescoes in the churches throughout the whole territory of divided Macedonia, and speaks of volumes of tradition as the Macedonian nation had cherished it for centuries.
members.tripod.com /giorgi10   (1398 words)

 Macedonian Air Force
The Macedonian Air Force was first formed on 10 June 1992, with one UTVA-66 and four UTVA-75A-21 aircraft leased from the Makedonski Vozduhoploven Sojuz (Macedonian Aeronautical Union).
According to the Macedonian Ministry of Interior, Albanian insurgents in Macedonia posess a large quantity of anti-aircraft weapons that include a number of FIM-92 Stinger and Strela-2M (NATO: SA-7b Grail) man-portable low-altitude SAM systems, 100+ anti-aircraft canons and 500+ anti-aircraft heavy guns.
Despite this quantity of anti-aircraft weapons in the hands of the insurgents, not one aircraft of the Macedonian AF was lost as a result of anti-aircraft fire.
www.aeroflight.co.uk /waf/fyrm/macaf2.htm   (1388 words)

The Macedonian king Alexander the Great was not understood by the Greeks when he shouted an order in his native tongue and the Greek commander Eumenes needed a translator to address the soldiers of the Macedonian phalanx.
Macedonian and Greek were related but different, but it is not certain whether they were different languages (which means that they have a different grammar and syntaxis) or dialects.
Evidence for the pronunciation of Macedonian in the second half of the fourth century can be found in the cuneiform texts from Babylon.
www.livius.org /maa-mam/macedonia/macedonia.html   (1336 words)

 BBC Education - Languages   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Macedonian, with Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovene and Bulgarian, is a Southern Slavonic language.
The language is written in the Macedonian Cyrillic script.
The first texts that distinguish themselves as Macedonian, rather than some other Slavonic language, are 10th century religious codices, written in Glagolitic script.
www.bbc.co.uk /languages/european_languages/languages/macedonian.shtml   (143 words)

 Macedonian Herald - United Macedonians Organization of Canada
The purpose of the United Macedonians Organization is mainly one, and that is to unite all Macedonians of the North American Continent, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic origin, political opinions or affiliations.
The Macedonian people should be proud that one of their leaders was able to foresee over seventy years ago, not only the problems of the Macedonian people, but also the solution to the problems of the whole world.
The Macedonian people are very closely related to their church as they were forcefully deprived of their religious institutions for a very long period of time.
www.unitedmacedonians.org /newspaper/dec99/first.html   (3268 words)

 The Macedonian Language
Macedonian is a South Slavic language divided into two large groups, the western and the eastern Macedonian dialects.
The Macedonian literary language was based on the central dialects of Veles, Prilep, and Bitola.
The Cyrilic alphabet that the Macedonian language uses, was developed by the Macedonian brothers from Solun (Salonica), St.Cyril and St.Methodius (Sveti Kiril i Metodij), in the IX-th century.
www.cs.earlham.edu /~dusko/language.html   (176 words)

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