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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Internet Archive: Wayback Machine
We will archive the site you have submitted and you will be able to view it in the wayback machine within 6 months.
You will be transported to any historic versions at the Wayback Machine.
Re: Wayback Machine updates, transient service interruptions possible
www.archive.org /web/web.php   (961 words)

  Machine Learning
The notes concentrate on the important ideas in machine learning---it is neither a handbook of practice nor a compendium of theoretical proofs.
Machine learning of grammars finds a variety of applications in syntactic pattern recognition, adaptive intelligent agents, diagnosis, computational biology, systems modelling, prediction, natural language acquisition, data mining and knowledge discovery.
Machine Learning is a scientific field addressing the question 'How can we program systems to automatically learn and to improve with experience?' We study learning from many kinds of experience, such as learning to predict which medical patients will respond to which treatments, by analyzing experience captured in databases of online medical records.
www.aaai.org /AITopics/html/machine.html   (3806 words)

  First World War.com - Weapons of War - Machine Guns
Machine guns of all armies were largely of the heavy variety and decidedly ill-suited to portability for use by rapidly advancing infantry troops.
As the war developed machine guns were adapted for use on tanks on broken ground, particularly on the Western Front (where the majority of machine guns were deployed).
Light machine guns were adopted too for incorporation into aircraft from 1915 onwards, for example the Vickers, particularly with the German adoption of interrupter equipment, which enabled the pilot to fire the gun through the aircraft's propeller blades.
www.firstworldwar.com /weaponry/machineguns.htm   (1049 words)

  Machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A machine is any mechanical or organic device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of tasks.
The mechanical advantage of a simple machine is the ratio between the force it exerts on the load and the input force applied.
Machines used to transform heat or other energy into mechanical energy are known as engines.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Machine   (281 words)

 Machine - MSN Encarta
Machines can make a tough job seem easier by enabling a person to apply less force or to apply force in a direction that is easier to manipulate.
Some common examples of simple machines are the shovel (a form of lever), the pulley at the top of a flagpole, the steering wheel of an automobile (a form of wheel and axle), and the wheelchair ramp (a form of inclined plane).
Because simple machines increase mechanical advantage by increasing the distance over which the effort is applied, one way to compute theoretical mechanical advantage is to divide the distance the effort is applied by the distance the load actually travels.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761562252/Machine.html   (1138 words)

 sewing machine - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Two types of machines, the lockstitch and the chain-stitch, operate on the same principle; an eye-pointed needle, raised and lowered at great speed, pierces the material lying on a steel plate, casting a loop of thread on the underside of the seam.
In the lockstitch machine a second thread, fed from a shuttle under the plate, passes through the loop and is interlocked with the upper thread as it is drawn tightly up by the rising needle.
In the chain-stitch machine, which uses a single thread, the loop is held under the seam while the needle rises, the cloth is fed forward, and the needle descends again, engaging the loop and drawing it flat under the cloth.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/s1/sewingma.asp   (671 words)

 Turing Machines (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
The action of a Turing machine is determined completely by (1) the current state of the machine (2) the symbol in the cell currently being scanned by the head and (3) a table of transition rules, which serve as the “program” for the machine.
The complete state of a Turing machine at any point during a computation may be described by the name of the state that the machine is in, the symbols on the tape, and the cell that is currently being scanned.
The action of this machine is to repeatedly change one of the original ones into an A, and then write a new ‘1’ to the right of all remaining ‘1’ on the tape, after leaving a zero between the original block and the copy.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/turing-machine   (5463 words)

 Machine Vision Online
Over the years, machine vision-based sensors were substituted for the original electro-optical sensors.
Applied Vision, the leading provider of machine vision inspection systems for the container manufacturing industry, has selected Dubai-based NDH Technical Services as the exclusive provider of full-service sales and technical support services for two-piece container manufacturers in the Middle East.
Navitar’s world leading machine vision optics are now available through their patented online search tool the “Optical Wizard”.
www.machinevisiononline.org   (558 words)

 Machine Design Home
TwinForce squeezes V8 performance from a V6, Machine Design Editor Lee Teschler: Why bridges fail, "Go fly a kite" takes on a whole new meaning, and Luxury in the sky: New aircraft is a mobile executive suite
Machine Design's Whitepaper Library brings you free PDFs to save and use as a reference for your projects.
The Machine Design CAD Library includes millions of configurable 2D and 3D CAD models of components and assemblies downloadable for easy use in new and existing designs.
www.machinedesign.com   (1020 words)

 VST Plugins, Audio Unit Plug-ins, Audio Effects, SFX Machine Pro and RT for OS X and Windows
The most advanced member of the SFX Machine family of audio effects plug-ins, SFX Machine Pro™ lets you create your own audio effects from scratch.
In addition to its unprecedented range of effects, SFX Machine RT can also be used as a "Swiss Army Knife" of audio utilities.
Spectral Machine™ is a frequency domain plug-in featuring a wide range of unique spectral effects.
www.sfxmachine.com   (608 words)

 Son of Citation Machine
There will be copies in your school or public libraries.
Citation Machine is an interactive web tool designed to assist high school, college, and university students, their teachers, and independent researchers in their effort to respect other people's intellectual properties.
The Citation Machine enjoyed major revisions in January, 2004, and
www.citationmachine.net   (391 words)

 Machine Embroidery | Design business policies
Whenever possible we try to source/purchase appropriate machine embroidery designs from our own machine embroidery design database.
Embroidery Crafts We reserve the right to make a small charge for this if deemed necessary due to the amount of time spent on sourcing the design.
fleece baby blankets etc: this process often involves many hours of computer design work to digitize the embroidery design in readiness for use on our sewing machine Our minimum charge for this service will be £15 up to a maximum cost of £60 for more intricate embroidery designs.
www.machine-embroidery.co.uk /index.cfm?sid=1589&pid=24008   (355 words)

 Apple - Apple - Mac OS X - Leopard Sneak Peek - Time Machine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With Mac OS X Leopard and Time Machine, not only can you back up and preserve everything on your Mac — including priceless digital photos, music, movies, and documents — without lifting a finger, you can go back in time to recover anything you’ve ever backed up.
And that’s what makes Time Machine different from any backup application you’ve ever tried.
With Time Machine, you can restore your whole system from any past backups and peruse the past with ease.
www.apple.com /macosx/leopard/timemachine.html   (472 words)

 Welcome to The American Presidency
With the lever voting machine, the mechanical counters that record the action of the levers (votes) must be inspected and set at 000 before the polls open; then the machine adds the votes as they are cast.
These devices, or apparatuses, are not true voting machines because they merely hold a paper ballot and enable the voter to record his or her choices by means of a punch (pointed object) applied to the card's surface at the spot indicated for casting a vote.
Although there are admitted economies in the use of the voting machine over the paper ballot, there are expenses in connection with the machine in addition to the initial cost: storage, insurance, upkeep, replacement, and the education of election officials and voters.
ap.grolier.com /article?assetid=0406930-00&templatename=/article/artic...   (1403 words)

Machine was formed in New York in 1977, when the disco-era was in full swing and most RandB, disco, and funk lyrics were escapist in nature.
The members of Machine were big fans of the RandB message songs of the early 1970's, and they regretted the fact that after 1975, many RandB artists had gotten away from social and political commentary.
Machine wasn't a big seller, but those who did acquire the album agreed that the band had enormous potential.
www.discomuseum.com /Machine.html   (554 words)

 Machine: a reading series at the Kelly Writers House featuring electronic literature
MACHINE is a series in which writers of electronic literature come to the Kelly Writers House to read from and demonstrate their work, and to discuss the literary uses of the computer with area writers and members of the Penn community.
MACHINE includes both all-digital events and readings by digital writers that are part of a general poetry, fiction, or other writing event.
MACHINE is a series at the Kelly Writers House, co-sponsored by the Electronic Literature Organization.
www.writing.upenn.edu /wh/events/machine   (290 words)

 Emerging Technologies Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
Machine Learning, Machine Vision, and the Brain (AI Magazine)- The problem of learning is arguably at the very core of the problem of intelligence, both biological and artificial.
Machine Learning, Part I: Types of Learning Problems (aihorizon)- Before launching into a series of tutorials on different machine learning algorithms, it can be helpful to understand the background material--what each algorithm is aiming to do, and where it fits into the world of artificial intelligence.
Machine Learning, Part III: Testing Algorithms, and The "No Free Lunch Theorem" (aihorizon)- Now that you have a sense of the classifications of machine learning algorithms, before diving into the specifics of individual algorithms, the only other background required is a sense of how to test machine learning algorithms.
emergingtech.ittoolbox.com /topics/t.asp?t=317&p=317&h1=317   (840 words)

 LMI K-Machine   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The hardware was significantly debugged by April 1986 and an effort to port the legacy Lisp Machine code to the K-machine was underway.
A 3 address machine, however, requires a much wider instruction than a stack machine because the arguments to a stack machine operation are implicit.
Thus the primary data paths in the machine are composed of a two-stage pipeline.
home.comcast.net /~prunesquallor/kmachine.htm   (5986 words)

 Z-machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the Infocom virtual machine.
The Z-machine is a virtual machine that was developed by Joel Berez and Marc Blank in 1979 and used by Infocom for its text adventure games.
Infocom compiled game code to files containing Z-machine instructions (called story files, or Z-code files), and could therefore port all its text adventures to a new platform simply by writing a Z-machine implementation for that platform.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Z-machine   (497 words)

 machine - Wiktionary
a mechanical or electrical device that performs or assists in the performance of human tasks, or is used for amusement (like a pinball machine).
a person who seemingly acts like a machine, a person who is very proficient at a task.
Bruce Campbell was a "demon-killing machine" because he made quick work of killing demons.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/machine   (109 words)

 Free Energy - The N-Machine
His N machine, as it is called, is said to release the "free energy" latent in the space all around us.
This is ironic when one considers that the idea for the N machine came directly from a famous experiment performed by Michael Faraday in 1831.
This insight led to his N machine, essentially a one piece rotating magnetized flywheel, "Instead of having a rotor and a stator, as do conventional generators, the n machine only has a rotor..
www.mufor.org /nmachine.html   (3320 words)

 Machine Learning
You will have a knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of different machine learning algorithms (relative to the characteristics of the application domain) and be able to adapt or combine some of the key elements of existing machine learning algorithms to design new algorithms as needed.
You will have an understanding of the current state of the art in machine learning and be able to begin to conduct original research in machine learning.
Machine Learning - Com S 573 - is a 3-credit, introductory graduate course on Machine Learning offered by the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University.
www.cs.iastate.edu /~cs573x/homepage.html   (857 words)

 Simple Machines
When a machine produces an increase in force, there is always a proportional decrease in the distance moved.
The wheel and axle is a simple machine consisting of a large wheel rigidly secured to a smaller wheel or shaft, called an axle.
In this case, the total mechanical advantage is equal to the circumference of the simple machine to which the effort force is applied divided by the pitch of the screw.
www.uark.edu /depts/aeedhp/agscience/simpmach.htm   (2029 words)

 What is machine language? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
While easily understood by computers, machine languages are almost impossible for humans to use because they consist entirely of numbers.
Programs written in high-level languages are translated into assembly language or machine language by a compiler.
Assembly language programs are translated into machine language by a program called an assembler.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/M/machine_language.html   (152 words)

 PhotoMann Travel Photgraphy - Images of Japanese Vending Machines
It is common for the machines to have 'curtains' to shield the contents during the day.
This condom vending machine was conveniently located between the drink and porn machines.
The machine dispenses a receipt with a claim code which is used to get the prints when they're ready.
www.photomann.com /japan/machines   (1328 words)

 Amazon.com: Machine: Music: Static-X   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Though not exactly an innovative musical departure or creative step forward for the band, anybody with ears should be able to tell you (from listening to just the first thirty-seconds of this disc) that Static-X turbo-charged their sound at least three-fold.
Be warned: "Machine"'s harsh, maniacal, crushing, discordant, amelodic sound, one-dimensional vocals, and typically depressing lyrics will surely be hard for some people to swallow.
Machine is just more of a straight edge Alternative Metal album.
www.amazon.com /Machine-Static-X/dp/B00005J79E   (1699 words)

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