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Topic: Macrophilia

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In the News (Mon 21 May 18)

  The Giants’ Club
I’m considering the possibility of a “weblog” here which would have non-fiction snippets—thoughts on writing, the fandom, macrophilia and the like.
The violence, such as it is, is highly cartoonish—the piece might earn an R rating for language, though!
While I liked it, it was rambling and a little unfocused—a first draft written without an outline, and it showed.
arilin.macrophile.com   (965 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is our goal to educate the general public to the nature and nuances of macrophilia, as well as provide a nexus for macrophiles to find other support locations on the web.
ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊMacrophilia is a fairly widespread trait, and is found in individuals of many different ethnic and social backgrounds.
ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊA simplistic view of macrophilia holds that persons who are of a submissive sexual nature often prefer to view themselves in the role of the tiny person interacting with a giant creature, whereas those of a dominant sexual nature view themselves as a giant.
www.gts2.net /stories/Macro.doc   (1108 words)

  Macrophile.com - MegaFurry FAQ
Macrophilia, by it's very nature, provides a giant scale of sexual organs and other related erotic zones are comparatively enormous in size, fnction, and action.
Macrophilia is a fairly widespread trait, and is found in individuals of many different ethnic and social backgrounds.
A simplistic view of macrophilia holds that persons who are of a submissive sexual nature often prefer to view themselves in the role of the tiny person interacting with a giant creture, whereas those of a dominant sexual nature view themselves as a giant.
www.macrophile.com /html/megafurry.html   (2603 words)

  Macrophilia Information
Macrophilia is not the opposite of microphilia, although it is close enough to be considered the opposite.
Macrophilia usually manifests itself in very early childhood, when children with macrophilic tendencies often experience a sexual or pseudo-sexual response to giants (e.g.-in fairytales, animated cartoons, movies, etc.) long before physical puberty -- but this is not commonly known, because the fetish has been (until recently) considered a “guilty pleasure”.
Another interest that shows up from time to time is a spin on voyeurism, where a tiny person is in the presence of a larger person who is unaware of his or her presence.
www.bookrags.com /Macrophilia   (1360 words)

 Writing.Com: Macrophilia 101
Even though humans come in a seemingly wide array of sizes, it is still insufficient to fully satisfy the conditions for macrophilia, which hinges on being at the absolute whim and mercy of the larger party, requiring the size disparity to be significant.
Macrophilia is, first and foremost, a sexual desire, and it was never my intention to indicate otherwise.
This describes a human society similar to that of ants or bees, featuring males, infertile female “workers,” and “queens,” the last of which perform all reproduction and are so much larger than the smaller members of the species that the males impregnate them by inserting their entire body into the Jows’ vaginas.
www.writing.com /main/view_item/item_id/744565   (11279 words)

 Macrophilia 101
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daypage.info /macrophilia-101.html   (1143 words)

 Anndee's Macrophilia
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trampage.info /anndee-s-macrophilia.html   (1292 words)

 Salon Urge | Urge: A giant fetish
Macrophilia -- it's one of those wonderful words that means exactly what you think it means.
This [macrophilia] is not so much a fetish as a disassociation from reality.
For some reason, women don't swoon over King Kong-size men, and their aversion may be more than a simple matter of taste.
www.salon.com /health/sex/urge/1999/05/22/macrophilia/print.html   (1216 words)

 Vorarephilia Information
The voreaphile typically has specific preferences concerning what roles they play in vore encounters, and some MUCKs allow them to list these preferences in an accessible table to help match compatible vorarephiles.
This fetish is often associated with macrophilia and microphilia, which makes it somewhat more plausible, as well as the furry fandom, where predation is more natural in roleplaying.
It is a popular fantasy with those who enjoy macrophilia and various back-to-the-womb fantasies.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Vorarephilia   (1009 words)

 rebecca's space: Macrophilia
I saw a compelling documentary on macrophilia (a love of giants) recently.
Given that macrophilia is a paraphilia, it is unsurprising that there is a wide assortment of adult art and literature devoted to the fantasy.
Often, artists will produce collages, in which an image of a woman is placed into an image of a cityscape of differing scale, or an image of one or more small men is inserted into another image of normal scale.
tilhumanvoiceswakeus.spaces.live.com /Blog/cns!66BB8A299E136105!1378.entry   (1388 words)

 The Jow Philosophy
I have been studying the sexual fetish of macrophilia as it exists on the internet, a macrophile is someone who loves giants; someone who finds the concept of a giantess erotic.
  The thesis is that the centrality of the female in biology is the root cause of macrophilia.
Did you know there is one specie on Earth, other than the human, that cultivates crops, it raises livestock, has a political command structure, sends out search parties, engages in warfare, it even builds nations.
www.geocities.com /jowlover2/jowtheory.htm   (2334 words)

 Lava Dome Five
INTRODUCTION TO MACROPHILIA by Samuel Ramses, M.D., Ph.D. The word macrophile is derived from the Latin roots macro, meaning “large”, and phile, meaning, loosely, “lover”.
It was initially coined to refer to a person who experienced a sexual response to situations involving creatures of greatly differing size.
In real-life, the Dinosorceror is known as Matt Matulaitis, who was born on November 4th, 1970 in a town just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America.
www.lavadomefive.com /aboutus.html   (3804 words)

 ☞ GAY MACROPHILIA: Tired of searching for Gay? This way!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And no gay macrophilia, you while he said gay macrophilia, is an issue of the Pink Pistols gun clubs themselves whether her partner DORIE TURNER Associated Press.
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Gayfriendly Day of a female saints rosary marriage licenses to support gay macrophilia, he opposes jailing homosexual but they are in the exclusionary position of the Left debate you may not a nationwide are before he says.
be2007.org /Gay-macrophilia.html   (1414 words)

 The xXx Files
If the notion of getting freaky with a woman whose head is literally in the clouds leaves a big wet spot in your Calvins, you my friend just may be a Macrophiliac.
Macrophile.com, a website dedicated to larger-than-life fantasy, tells us that "The terms macrophilia, and macrophile were coined by Dr. Samuel Conway, in an attempt to find a word to fit the definition of individuals who had a fascination for things, and most especially beings, larger than themselves, i.e.
In fact, it has been argued that Macrophilia may not be a fetish at all, but rather a fantasy substitute for normal sex.
www.bluefood.cc /xXx16.html   (483 words)

 Macrophile.com :: View topic - I'm doomed!
I mean, not enough to go to cons or wear fursuits, but enough to like the idea, to be able to say 'hey, that anthro fox is hot', and to be okay with the idea of being a furry.
I remember the third Macrophile SIG at Anthrocon where I stood up and yelled "Why am I the ONLY REAL GIRL in Macrophilia!?!" That was the year a certain tiger had invited a certain deer to join us loons for the annual dinner...
It's one thing to be 'used to being' the lone female in a male social group...
forums.macrophile.com /viewtopic.php?p=56837   (688 words)

 Macrophile.com :: View topic - sally acorn in china
In her defense, I think that most of this forum is designed around macrophilia, which in itself is a fetish.
If this was a normal board, then yes, saying that a picture of a giant/ess isn't necessarily sexual makes sense.
But considering that this forum is about macrophilia, I think it's safe to say that a giant/ess is often seen as a sexual object, or at least looked upon with an interest that is more than just casual.
forums.macrophile.com /viewtopic.php?t=4000   (605 words)

 Rexx Wolfe's Links!   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Well admit it you started to get interested in macrophilia very young, you liked those cartoons with giant animals in them for some reason.
The place to go to chat about macrophilia, furries, art, stories and so much more.
You will be welcomed with open arms and have a chance to meet other macro furry types that do not hang out on the mucks.
rexxwolfe.wuffpaws.com /links.html   (532 words)

 Macrophilia - =SSMB=   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I won’t rant a rave like most people do in topics concerning sexuality, but as I myself now realize I’m into macrophilia, I wonder if others have (and are) as well.
I've been into it ever since Rick introduced me to it.
I think that macrophilia is a big turn on for me, especially in women.
www.sonicstadium.org /board/index.php?act=findpost&pid=265061   (475 words)

 Macrophilia - Definition up Erdmond.Com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Macrophilia and Microphilia also refer to sexual attraction towards a person of particular size which is of a more human proportion.
These traits are almost universally possessed by both men and women, as many people regard height as playing a primary role in sexual attraction.
A copy of the license is included in the section entitled
www.erdmond.com /Macrophilia.html   (87 words)

 A Little Blair
But if anyone would like to lend a hand, let me know.
This is my tribute to Jim and Blair, mutants ala X-men, and macrophilia.
If you don't know what macrophiles are, just keep reading.
www.squidge.org /~peja/sentinel/ALittleBlair.htm   (1797 words)

 Work home business opportunity
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It operates two cruise gaints, the Anales Calanus and the Macrophilia Wonder along with work home business opportunity Scientology, a myxozoan island in the Quarterbacks, underpredicted as an motorised port of call for these liquids.
They rim of a itaewon, roughly 3rtr area of abst, typically between Visible and 300m in work home business opportunity, enclosed within a revenge-minded earthwork consisting of a ditch inside a work home business opportunity.
user.aol.com /zakolebal/work_home_business_opportunity.html   (806 words)

Air racing / Table Tennis / Zorbing / Unicycling / Lawn Bowling / Aquaphilia / Fury Macrophilia / Second Life / Jazzercising
Wayne and Wax, RNDM, Robotkid, Matt Boch, and on and on and on Boston pwnz.
Thank you for making it acceptable to give up all obligations and dance for seven hours straight.
www.myspace.com /loveduringwartime   (327 words)

 Macrophilia and Transformations - Giantesses, giantess fantasies, fetish drawings, collages, videos. Giganta.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Macrophilia and Transformations - Giantesses, giantess fantasies, fetish drawings, collages, videos.
Add some keys to search a web site in our directory:
Giganta.org was started in august 2001 as a giantess and fetish site for adult entertainment, and now is growing again with new projects, who will create a new era into the giantess fan community.
www.giganta.org /web.php?L=19   (157 words)

 YouTube - Cumulus and Spit
Join YouTube for a free account, or log in if you are already a member.
Male Foot Fetish Spitting Stomping Trampling Crushing Sneaker Feet Licking Macrophilia Microphilia
After making your selection, copy and paste the embed code above.
www.youtube.com /?v=YFEgAFYrSAw   (273 words)

 JoyScape Directory / Activities, Practices / Macrophilia / Giantesses   (Site not responding. Last check: )
JoyScape Directory / Activities, Practices / Macrophilia / Giantesses
Directory » Activities, Practices » Macrophilia » Giantesses
This Page is a picture gallery containing superimposed images of 10 to 500 foot tall woman and the tiny man at their feet
www.joyscape.com /main.php?a=list&sort=0&dir=461418   (73 words)

 JoyScape Directory / Activities, Practices / Macrophilia / Furry   (Site not responding. Last check: )
JoyScape Directory / Activities, Practices / Macrophilia / Furry
Directory » Activities, Practices » Macrophilia » Furry
At his smallest size, he's over 9 feet tall"
www.joyscape.com /main.php?a=list&sort=0&dir=762361   (45 words)

 Links To Other Macro Pages
Also has its own message board and a great new user friendly over all feel and look.
An awesome site which explains Macrophilia and has many links to other pages dealing with macro in humans and furries.
Mailing lists, videos and varied topics in the macro field can be found here
solo15.abac.com /temdant/macrolinks.htm   (405 words)

 Hardwood folding Chairs: great gifts from Belize Gifts!
It folds flat for easy shipping and storage and is made of the finest Mahogany in Belize.
Known as Honduran Mahogany, Sweetena Macrophilia is the #1 Mahogany in the world!
Airmail to anywhere in the 48 US States add US$75
www.belizegifts.com   (229 words)

 JoyScape Directory / Activities, Practices / Macrophilia / Stories   (Site not responding. Last check: )
JoyScape Directory / Activities, Practices / Macrophilia / Stories
Directory » Activities, Practices » Macrophilia » Stories
The story archive of Andrew Nellis, containing stories of a graphic, violent, sexual, and unrelentingly weird nature.
www.joyscape.com /main.php?a=list&dir=762362   (72 words)

Not only is this dragon one of the eldest members still posting on alt.fan.dragons, he is the author of Wyrmnet - a telnet program used for accessing mucks and the like, and he maintains the Dragon Code page.
Dinosorcerer's Lava Dome 5; home to the largest Macrophilia directory on the Internet.
You have to check out the ftp site that hosts over 100 artists.
stormdancer.net /links/lindex.html   (1419 words)

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