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Topic: Madras, OR

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Madras Tamil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Madras Tamil or Madras bashai (Tamil: மெட்ராஸ் பாஷை), is a type of mixed language spoken in the city of Chennai, India (previously known as Madras).
Madras bashai is however not a type of Engrish, since it is not the result of trying to speak English correctly and then failing.
Madras bashai is used in a particular genre of music in Kollywood movies, called the gaana paattu.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Madras_bashai#Classification   (1310 words)

 Chennai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Madras High Court, whose jurisdiction extends across Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, is the highest judicial authority in the state and is located in the city.
Madras Veterinary College established in 1903 was the first institution of its kind in India.
Chidambaram Stadium (formerly known as Madras Cricket Club ground or Chepauk Stadium) in Chepauk and popularly called the MAC, is one of the oldest cricket stadiums in India built in 1916.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chennai   (4526 words)

 Madras (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Madras is a common name for Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state and India's fourth largest metropolitan city.
Madras (cloth), a type of cotton fabric originating in the Tamil Nadu area
Madras, Oregon, a city in Jefferson County in the US (named for the cloth, not the Indian city)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Madras_(disambiguation)   (207 words)

 Madras (cloth) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Madras is a lightweight cotton fabric with patterned texture, used primarily for summer clothing -- pants, shorts, dresses and jackets.
One style popular during the 1960s was called bleeding Madras.
It used dyes that were not colorfast in a typically plaid design, resulting in bleeding and fading colors that yielded a new look to the fabric each time it was laundered.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Madras_(cloth)   (113 words)

Within the confines of the archdiocese there are five exempted churches in Madras belonging to the jurisdiction of San Thomé, and on the other hand Adyar in the Mylapore confines is under the jurisdiction of Madras.
Leaving aside the larger high schools, convent schools, and European and native orphanages, there are in the archdiocese 3 English schools for boys, 2 for girls, and 4 mixed; 16 Tamil schools for boys, 6 for girls, and 5 mixed; 38 Telugu schools for boys, 6 for girls, and 15 mixed.
As regards indications of missionary progress, the estimated Catholic population in 1888 was 43, 587, as compared with 49,290 in 1908.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09515a.htm   (792 words)

 The Hindu : Madras: travelling back in time
`Madras - the official handbook of the Corporation of Madras', published by the Corporation of Madras in 1950 was in a particularly good condition when the civic agency's public relations officer found it: Not dog-eared and no torn pages.
The birth of Madras: the roots of the city go back to 1637 when British calico (heavy cotton) traders, unhappy with their earlier settlement in Masulipatnam, scouted for a new location.
A team led by Francis Day, which the book proclaims the `founder of Madras', signed a grant with the rulers of the region to hand the Britishers the village of Madraspatnam for two years.
www.hindu.com /lf/2004/08/23/stories/2004082311490200.htm   (702 words)

 Madras, India  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Located on the Coromandel Coast, a low and sandy region, the city is the commercial and manufacturing center of the surrounding area with chemical plants, tanneries, and textile mills.
Places of interest include the University of Madras (1857) and the Cathedral of San Thomé, said to have been built over the burial place of the Apostle Thomas.
Madras was founded in 1639 by the East India Company.
www.galenfrysinger.com /madras.htm   (137 words)

 Rediff. On The Net Travel; A travel feature on Madras in Tamil Nadu, India
Madras, more than the other metros, is India in microcosm.
Madras is, in a sense, a confused city.
Madras is one city where you get away with not wearing a suit or tie for a business meeting.
www.rediff.com /travel/1996/madras.htm   (566 words)

 City of Madras Oregon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Madras is a community of diversity and opportunity.
Incorporated in 1911, Madras and nearby towns of Culver and Metolius were all communities built as service centers for a growing agricultural sector and for the booming railroad industry.
Later in the century, Madras experienced another economic boom with the establishment of the US Army Air Base during World War II that was and still is capable of accommodating the B-17 Flying Fortress.
www.ci.madras.or.us   (172 words)

 A piece of injiri
The widespread use of the Madras cloth as headdress caused the assimilation of both the cloth and the headdress in the same word.
The word Madras was also used for the robes worn by the men and women in Nigeria.
It is called RMH or RMHK (Real Madras handkerchief) in India, Indian Madras in the U.S. and England, George by the Igbo in southern Nigeria and injiri among the Kalabari in their own language or Real India in English.
www.hinduonnet.com /folio/fo9906/99060360.htm   (1001 words)

 Madras News
When completed, the Deer Ridge Correctional facility in Madras is expected to house more than 18-hundred inmates and employ 500 workers.
The on-the-ground impact of Measure 37 in Central Oregon to date sits outside Madras, surrounded by 42 acres of farmland.
Madras Police investigators say Jesus Esquivel-Gonazalez was shot and killed my multiple.22 caliber gunshot wounds at Sonny's Apartment's on Brush...
www.topix.net /city/madras-or   (591 words)

 Madras. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
A cultural center, the city houses the Univ. of Madras (1857) and institutes of dance and music.
He is supposedly buried in Madras at the Cathedral of St. Thomé.
In 1996 Madras was officially renamed Chennai, its ancient name.
www.bartleby.com /65/ma/Madras.html   (228 words)

 Jefferson County   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Since 1985, Madras has more than doubled its population from 2,320 to more than 5,000 today — a trend that is expected to continue and even accelerate in the coming years.
Madras is home to a broad range of outdoor recreation opportunities.
Panoramic views in the Madras area and Jefferson County are among the region’s most dramatic — from many vantages, you can see all 11 of the snow capped mountains in the Central Oregon Cascades.
www.madraschamber.com /cities_madras.html   (1321 words)

 Chennai - Wikitravel
Chennai, also known as Madras, is the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, and is the country's fourth-largest city.
Under the British, the city of Madras grew to be a major city, It was the capital of the Madras presidency, a province that covered the parts of South India that were not governed by any of the other princely states.
After independence, it became the capital of Madras state, and when the states were reorganized on a linguistic basis, it narrowly escaped becoming the capital of Andhra Pradesh and became the capital of Tamil Nadu.
wikitravel.org /en/Madras   (6120 words)

 Madras Hotel - Accomodation in Singapore
Madras Hotel is ideally located right in the heart of Little India - a cultural heritage tourist spot of Singapore.
Within walking distance to the Bugis train station and the newly completed Little India train station, Madras Hotel is easily accessible from Serangoon Road via Campbell Lane opposite the Tekka Market or from Jalan Besar via Dunlop Street opposite the Sim Lim Tower.
Local bus transport is a short walk from the hotel and taxis are available readily in minutes.
www.madrassingapore.com   (194 words)

 Alliance Française - About Us
Founded in 1953, Alliance Française of Madras is a non-profit association.
Its objective is to teach French language in Madras and Tamil Nadu and above all, serve as a meeting point for French and Indian culture.
So, it is not only a school where you can learn French in the best conditions but also a cultural center that presents the different aspects of French cultural life by integrating it with the city's cultural life.
www.af-madras.org   (108 words)

 Madras Mahal
Guess What The Boston Globe says about us: "3) Madras Mahal, 104 Lexington Ave., 684-4010, a South Indian vegetarian establishment, has a wide array of Gujarati specialties.
The buffet is generous, and you can get a shatteringly crisp dosa (lentil-rice flour crepe) with filling and accompaniments for $8.95.
Madras Mahal introduces some new recipes to meet our guests’ need.
www.madrasmahal.com   (238 words)

 Madras Oregon. Welcome to the Madras Oregon Directory
If you are planning a visit to Madras, take a look at the local shopping, dining and lodging links.
The Cove Palisades State Park is a year-round recreational destination for the entire family.
The park is situated among towering cliffs that surround beautiful Lake Billy Chinook.
www.all-oregon.com /madras.htm   (687 words)

 Technorati Tag: madras   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Madras Real Estate - Prudential Madras homes starting at $80,000 and up to $5,000,000.
Compare Madras Home Mortgage Rates Free Madras mortgage loan, refinance and equity quotes.
Madras Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Find exactly what you want today.
www.technorati.com /tag/madras   (344 words)

 Madras Medical College 1990 to 1995
Madras Medical College - The Website of the Batch of 1990 to 1995
The Madras Medical College was founded in February, 1835.
The Institution is the leading tertiary referral centre for South India and is located at the heart of the bustling city of Madras {population 6 million and now renamed Chennai}.
www.geocities.com /mmc90_95   (215 words)

 Madras consultancy group: management consulting india,India management consultants,Indian market research,India B2B ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Madras consultancy group: management consulting india,India management consultants,Indian market research,India B2B research
Madras Consultancy Group (MCG), Chennai, India, was founded in 1985 to provide management consulting, and market research services.
MCG has carried out assignments in a wide range of industries, from steel and aluminium to telecom and automotive products.
www.consultmcg.com   (211 words)

 Suraj's Journal
Madras, Nalla Madras: Besides all the associated 'high' of being in madras, talking so "fluently" in Tamil to something as trivial as a shop keeper, all the instinctual high that I get when I see Madisaar maamis all over the place...
Here is the point I was trying to make about "that one thing that madras always does to me": Where there was once a pocket, now there is just a huge hole.
Here is the MySQL dump of my 'processed' Madras Music Season data.
sunson.livejournal.com /tag/madras   (1606 words)

 DGL Madras   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The next Half Yearly meeting of the DGL of Madras will be in Trivandrum on the 12th of August 2006
This list is available only for members of The District Grand Lodge of Madras.
Copyright © 2002 by District Grand Lodge of Madras.
www.freemasonsdglmadras.com   (282 words)

 The Madras Cafe - NYC Restaurant & Menu Guide. Menus, Ratings, Reviews. New York City, NY
I eat here frequently, I love the dosas (sambar is top notch) and the besibeli-bhat(sp?) is maybe my fav rice dish in the city.
My wife and I eat at Madras regularly, and though sometimes we get lazy and order our favorite, over and over, we're never disappointed when we experiment.
I have been trying to find an Indian restaurant that didn''t fill me with grease and butter and tempted my palate with beautifully mixed spices and delectable sauces, and I was really impressed withe the flavours and freshness of the vegetables and dosas from Madras Cafe.
www.menupages.com /restaurantdetails.asp?neighborhoodid=0&restaurantid=2588   (350 words)

 Madras Bloggers' Meet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Need some thing to joggle your brain, bring a warm feeling in the deep cockles of your heart.
That folks, is where all the pictures (from Lazy Geek's camera) of v4 of Madras Bloggers Meet is put up.
I'll be going there in the morning to book the lawn for us.
madrasblogmeet.rediffblogs.com   (1008 words)

 Sierra Trading Post: Custom Search
Blue and white Madras patches come together for a unique and versatile look.
Orvis' authentic handwoven Indian madras tee showcases vast versatility for your summer...
This Madras sport coat from Haspel is as fresh as a summer breeze.
www.sierratradingpost.com /Search/CallSearchEngine.aspx?SearchType=Glossary&Keyword=Madras   (265 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with madras
Madras homes starting at $80,000 and up to $5,000,000.
Free Madras mortgage loan, refinance & equity quotes.
Feed – Subscribe to photos tagged with madras
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/madras   (114 words)

 Madras Christian College - www.chennaibest.com
Among the first few institutions to be granted autonomy, the Madras Christian College is famous for its emphasis on work with practical orientation and curricular innovations.
Education, here, is made more meaningful and contemporary by the inclusion of new methods of learning.
Address: Madras Christian College (MCC), Tambaram, Chennai 600 059.
www.chennaibest.com /cityresources/Education/collegesas3.asp   (139 words)

 Madras, Oregon (OR) Detailed Profile - relocation, real estate, travel, jobs, hotels, hospitals, schools, crime
Madras, Oregon (OR) Detailed Profile - relocation, real estate, travel, jobs, hotels, hospitals, schools, crime
Madras, Oregon business data: stores, dealers, real estate agents, wholesalers, restaurants...
Additional information about hotels, doctors, dentists, jobs, apartments, real estate, travel attractions, weather, and many interactive features are coming soon.
www.city-data.com /city/Madras-Oregon.html   (837 words)

 chennai , madras , madurai , tamil nadu , India perl programmers association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
chennai, madras, madurai, tamil nadu, India perl programmers association
Welcome to the watering hole of the perl programmers in south India.This site is primarily intended as a place where perl programmers or php programmers or any programmer for that matter can unwind.
From time to time a few goodies will be added.
madras.pm.org   (135 words)

 Bloom India : The best flowers from Madras' premier florist
Madras Madurai Bangalore online flowers florists flower Delhi Hyderabad roses bouquet reliable economical gladioli
The city of Madras has many good flower shops and we are the best in flowers and gifts to India
Flowers and cakes to Madras with home delivery of gifts to your loved ones by a florist in India
www.angelfire.com /in3/cities/madras.html   (367 words)

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