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Topic: Magdalena Department

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The Village of Magdalena - jumping off point to the most remote region in the Land of Enchantment - the high country of New Mexico.
This is the land where the deer and antelope play - as well as the coyote, the mountain lion, the elk, the eagle.
(866) 854-3217, and the New Mexico Department of Tourism.
www.magdalena-nm.com /html/introFL.html   (144 words)

  COLOMBIA - LoveToKnow Article on COLOMBIA
The principal tributaries of the Magdalena are the Suaza, Neiva, Cabrera, Prado, Fusagasaga, Funza or Bogota, Carare, Opon, Sogamoso, Lebrija and Cesar, and the western the La Plata, Paez, SaldaIia, Cuello, Guali, Samana or Mid, Nare or Negro and Cauca.
Between the mouth of the Magdalena and Santa Marta is the Cinaga de Santa Marta, a large marshy lagoon separated from the sea by a narrow sand spit, having its boca or outlet at its eastern side.
The president is authorized to appoint the governors of departments, the intendants of territories, the judges of the supreme and superior courts, and the diplomatic representatives of the republic.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /C/CO/COLOMBIA.htm   (18986 words)

 Colombia - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Colombia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Although it does not have a fully federal system, Colombia is divided into 32 departments and one capital district, enjoying considerable autonomy, with governors appointed by the president and locally elected legislatures.
Although US military involvement in the country looked set to deepen, the US State Department announced in the same month that Colombia's human-rights record remained poor and that the army officers continued to collaborate with right-wing paramilitary groups.
Isaias Duarte Cancino, the archbishop of Cali, was shot dead by armed assailants on 17 March 2002 as he was leaving a church.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Colombia   (2530 words)

 Magdalena Department   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Fritz Neumeyer recordings of Praetorius are from an old Archiv LP that was one of my first introductions to "early music", and it can be charged that it was more enthusiastic t...
Magdalena Kozená - Le belle immagini (Mozart, Gluck, Myslivecek)
En este recital, Magdalena Kozêna (una de las cantantes mas de moda de los ultimos años) repasa las principales paginas para mezzo de las óperas de Mozart, Gluck, y su compatriota, el checo Myslivecek.Nadie va a descubir ahora los talentos de Mozart y Glu...
www.freeglossary.com /Magdalena_Department   (488 words)

 [No title]
We have summarized Magdalena’s comments in the body of the report and have included the response as Attachment B. GEAR UP is a discretionary grant program designed to increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.
Magdalena agreed that charges for the hotel of $1,776.00 and airline tickets of $1,293.00 were inappropriate.
Magdalena has established a GEAR UP Scholarship Trust Fund in the amount of $112,500 and established a formal system of management controls to ensure GEAR UP funds are only used to provide services to the cohort of eligible students.
www.ed.gov /about/offices/list/oig/auditreports/a06d0027.doc   (2039 words)

 El Defensor Chieftain: Schools improve, but stay on probation
Magdalena Elementary School was placed on probation for the third consecutive year, meaning that corrective action will be taken to bring the school back up to standards.
Magdalena Municipal Schools Superintendent Doug Hulce said he was disappointed with the rating but said they would continue to "tweak" the school's programs every year until they are able to improve the school's rating.
Hulce said that most likely, a liaison for the public education department would come to the school later in the year to help them review school data and provide helpful suggestions and strategies so that the school can meet their adequate yearly progress.
www.dchieftain.com /news/43986-09-01-04.html   (835 words)

 Awards and recognition
Magdalena Korczynska from the Albert Berghuis lab was awarded the ACA-IUCr Poster Prize for best poster from a graduate student form the North American continent.
Philip Branton, a former Chair of the department who is the Director of the Cancer Institute of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
John Bergeron, an Associate Member and Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill was named as the ninth Thomson Lecturer of the Department of Biochemistry.
www.mcgill.ca /biochemistry/department/awards   (1639 words)

 Virtual Andean Tourist Routes - The greatest ! - The Magdalena River, living testimony to the country’s progress - ...
This municipality in the valley of the middle Magdalena was founded on January 16, 1881 and developed through the efforts of the workers who built the railroad.
This port in the Department of Magdalena was originally inhabited by the Chimilas, who left behind them handsome pre-Colombian ceramic works in testimony to their everyday lives.
This rich stockbreeding territory in the department of Bolívar, dotted with swamps, offers an important river connection that takes visitors from Yatí to the bar of the noisy ferry on its idyllic route, permitting them to sail along any of the branches that stretch from the main river in all directions toward the surrounding territory.
www.comunidadandina.org /ingles/tourism/greatest/i_magdalena.htm   (1528 words)

 El Defensor Chieftain: Magdalena to receive sponsored squad cars
Magdalena Sheriff Larry Cearley approached the Magdalena Board of Trustees at the April 26 village meeting about the grant from Government Acquisitions Inc., a North Carolina company.
Magdalena Deputy Sheriff Scott Julian was looking through the law enforcement grant Web sites when he came across the car sponsorship proposal.
The Magdalena Sheriff's department has also had $8,000 worth of equipment donated by the Albuquerque Police Department, which will be used on the new cars.
www.dchieftain.com /news/40610-05-08-04.html   (449 words)

 Columbia Human Rights
On February 13, in Gaira, Magdalena department, DAS agents arrested Luis Fernando Teheran, who was suspected of murdering five DAS agents in Magangua, Bolivar department, in February 2002.
For example, the CCJ alleged that on May 11 troops of the 6th Brigade surrounded the towns of Montoso and Aco, Tolima department, accused various members of the population of being guerrilla collaborators, and causing the disappearance of Jose Maximiliano Gomez.
On July 21, police in Atlantico department captured Leonidas Ricardo Reyes, the AUC Southern Bloc's third-in-command, who was suspected of murdering several teachers and a student in Magdalena department.
www.multied.com /nationbynation/Columbia/Human.html   (19016 words)

 Magdalena River --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Until the mid-20th century the transportation system was organized around the Magdalena River, which handled most of the cargo and passenger traffic between the north coast and...
In the 1980s the generating capacity was greatly increased by projects in the upper Magdalena, Cauca, and Guavio rivers.
Colombia's physical backbone is the northern Andes mountain chain, which effectively separates the country's eastern lowland regions from the Pacific coastal lowlands in the west and the Caribbean littoral in the northwest.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9049975   (764 words)

 Statsvetenskapliga institutionen
Co-ordinator of the Sida sponsored Minor Field Study course at the Department of Government in Uppsala (November 2002-December 2003).
Magdalena Inkinen and Hanna Bäck, 2005, Diskriminering i politiken - en översikt av kunskapen om strukturella hinder och bemötanden bland förtroendevalda i Sverige, available at http://www.regeringen.se/sb/d/108/a/48955.
Magdalena Inkinen, 2002, "Mobilising the Scheduled Castes in Uttar Pradesh: Why the BSP succeeded and the RPI failed".
www.statsvet.uu.se /staff/default.aspx?action=visa&id=79   (625 words)

 Magdalena Abakanowicz (1930 - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Magdalena Abakanowicz - Four On A Bench 1990 burlap, resin and wo Hirshhorn Museum Polish
Magdalena de Passe, Latona changing peasants into frogs (aft.
Magdalena Abakanowicz Quote - Quotation from Magdalena Abakanowicz - Risk Quote - Wisdom Quotes - Magdalena...
wwar.com /masters/a/abakanowicz-magdalena.html   (762 words)

 Colombia Departments
The first and most notorious was the loss of its department of Panama, in a revolution encouraged by the United States to ease the way for the leasing of the Panama Canal Zone.
Colombia is divided into 32 departamentos (departments) and one distrito capital (capital district).
Bogotá, capital of the Republic and of the Department of Cundinamarca, is organized as the Capital District....
www.statoids.com /uco.html   (771 words)

 Consolidated Amended Complaint (5NTD01!.DOC;1)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Beginning in the late 1970s and continuing through the present day, the PHILIP MORRIS DEFENDANTS and BAT DEFENDANTS, in conducting one of their primary businesses of selling tobacco products worldwide, have launched and conducted a consistent and concerted campaign to increase their respective market shares in the countries in which their products are sold.
The Defendants have increased their market share by making their cigarettes available to the general public within THE DEPARTMENTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA at prices below those which could be charged by their competitors whose products are sold lawfully and which, therefore, are more expensive.
The mails and wires were used, or were caused to be used, in the furtherance of the above actions and the unlawful scheme to defraud Plaintiffs.
www.ash.org.uk /html/smuggling/rico/colombiarico.html   (1449 words)

 Plan Colombia and Beyond: "Swift-boating" the paramilitaries' critics
In the paramilitary-dominated Caribbean coast department of Magdalena, for instance, mayoral candidates for the October 2003 municipal elections ran unopposed in 14 of the province’s 30 towns, according to El Tiempo.
Week of January 9: President Uribe attended a meeting in the heavily paramilitarized department of Córdoba, where local political leaders were to appoint a new governor to replace one forced out by corruption charges.
Maloof, from Magdalena department, is believed to be an associate of “Jorge 40” (Rodrigo Tovar Pupo), the chief of the AUC’s powerful Northern Bloc.
www.ciponline.org /colombia/blog/archives/000206.htm   (1706 words)

 The Harbinger. Notes from Colombia.
On Thursday January 25th the President of the Magdalena Banana Workers Union (SINTRAINAGRO) was shot and killed by paramilitary assassins in the municipality of Cienaga, Magdalena department.
On January 21st Jair Cubides, an activist with the Workers of the Department of Valle Trade Union (SINTRADEPARTAMENTO), was killed by paramilitaries in the southern city of Cali.
Intense, and particularly well-documented, pressure from the U.S. State Department and the Embassy in Quito led to the appointment of a new puppet president, Gustavo Noboa.
www.theharbinger.org /xix/010206/colombia.html   (1492 words)

 Day 2: American Studies Association / Canadian Association for American Studies: 1997
Magdalena Zaborowska, Department of English, Aarhus University, Denmark
Lauren Berlant, Department of English, University of Chicago and Michael Warner, Department of English, Rutgers University
Signithia Fordham, Department of Anthropology, University of Maryland, Baltimore
asa.press.jhu.edu /program97/day2.html   (6207 words)

 ASM Kidnap and High-Risk Specialist Insurance
Echeverri said that the planned release has been delayed because of differences between the government and the guerrillas on how the handover should take place: the ELN insists on releasing its hostages one by one while the government says they should be released as a group.
The guerrillas’ demand that the government examine the condition of indigenous people in northern Magdalena department is little more than a token designed to obscure the real reasons for the hostages’ release.
Although neither the government nor the guerrillas will admit as such, their release is probably a reciprocal gesture following the granting of early parole for imprisoned ELN commander Carlos Arturo Velandia (alias ‘Felipe Torres’) earlier in October.
www.asm-uk.com /code/news.asp?ID=100   (309 words)

 UNI : Extermination of Union Activists Continues in Colombia
The assassination of the educator PACHECO EVERTO FIHOLL, affiliate of the Union of Educators of Magdalena (EDUMAG - FECODE), on November 3rd in the municipality of Pueblo Viejo.
The assassination of the educator NUBIA ESTELLA CASTRO, affiliate of the Union of Educators of Magdalena (EDUMAG - FECODE), on November 5th in the municipality of Tenerife, Department of Magdalena.
A vile attack on Sister BERTA LUCY DAVILA, an educator and Coordinator of the morning session of the Alfredo Garcia School, on November 13th in the city of Pereira, capital of the Department of Risaralda.
www.union-network.org /uniamericas.nsf/540f547cade568c8c1256b8f00347977/73fc2b10dd5ade98c1256dea0073e48e?OpenDocument   (359 words)

 CPJ News Alert 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Nidia Álvarez Mariño and Ramón Vásquez Ruiz of the Santa Marta­based daily Hoy Diario del Magdalena were abducted Thursday morning in Magdalena Department, said Mónica Pimienta, an editor at the paper.
According to a spokesperson for the Magdalena Departmental Police, all but four of the captives have been released.
Pimienta said the department's human rights ombudsman is talking with the rebels in an attempt to free the remaining captives.
www.cpj.org /news/2002/Colombia21may02na.html   (286 words)

 RIC Query - Colombia (20 May 2002)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Meanwhile, the three principal armed groups are expected to keep growing, as all continue to profit substantially from illegal drugs, kidnapping and extortion operations, and all are able to equip and in many case pay their fighters well.
Also on 18 March, Radio Caracol reported that the FARC had attempted to blow up two electrical towers in the department of Magdalena, and that security forces had prevented another attack on electrical towers in La Guajira, another Caribbean coastal department to the east of Magdalena (18 March 2002).
On 23 March, the Colombian daily EL COLOMBIANO reported heavy fighting between FARC units and the army in the departments of Atlántico and Magdalena, and the bombing by the Colombian air force of three guerrilla camps near the border between the two departments (23 March 2002).
uscis.gov /graphics/services/asylum/ric/documentation/COL02005.htm   (2219 words)

 Public Submission :: New Mexico Tourism Department
We will attempt to correct the issue but the submitter is expected to practice due diligence on their end.
The New Mexico Tourism Department reserves the right to edit or deny any submission based on content and appropriateness.
The New Mexico Tourism Department cannot be held responsible for the quality of images being submitted by external parties.
www.newmexico.org /submit/a/event/loc/calendar   (412 words)

 Antioquia Department (Colombia)
Universidad de Antioquia - founded in 1822), that nearly since its foundation had between its emblems a green and white flag that was hoisted in all its official acts.
In 1962, by order of the departmental Assembly it was decreed the use by the department of the same flag as that of the University of Antioquia.
Medellín and its Metropolitan Area - Medellín, the captial of the Department of Antioquia, together with other municipalities, form the "Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá, or Metropolotian Area of the Aburra Valley.
www.hampshireflag.co.uk /world-flags/allflags/co-ant.html   (225 words)

 Untitled Document
14 October: In Espinal, Tolima Department, Eduardo Hernandez Cabrera, a leader of the Espinal public sector workers' union was stopped and detained in a 'land cruiser' vehicle that was then driven away with the union leader inside.
The CUT was publicly and constitutionally at the forefront of the 'Active Abstention' campaign against the Referendum of the President.
The trade unionists say that their campaign is in defence of public services, claiming that the State has generated a humanitarian crisis by neglecting hospitals and using public funds to pay off debt and to pay for war.
www.ictur.labournet.org /Colombia-bulletin17.htm   (1505 words)

 Magdalena Pala's vita
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
Senior Lecturer and Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, Texas AandM University, College Station, Texas.
www.uwrf.edu /~mp28/vita.htm   (560 words)

 Magdalena Wiecek ( - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Magdalena Wiecek.
Nose ornament Body adornment Tairona A.D. 1000-1530 Gold alloy 2.3 x 2.4 cm (7/8 x
Magdalena Wiecek (1645 - 1703) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
www.wwar.com /masters/w/wiecek-magdalena.html   (434 words)

 Colombian Human Rights Abuses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
On January 17th 2001 CUT activist and vice-president of the Magdalena lottery workers union (Sindicato de Loteros del Magdalena), Tello Barragan Aldona, was assassinated in the city of Santa Marta, Magdalena department.
On January 12th 2001 an attempt was made to kill Ricardo Navarro Bruges in the city of Santa Marta, Magdalena department.
On January 11th 2001 a bomb exploded in the town of Yumbo, Valle de Cauca department, in front of the house of Ezequiel Antonio Palma Jimenez seriously damaging his house and destroying his brothers car.
www.labournet.net /world/0101/colomb2.html   (543 words)

 CASE NO. 1787/COLOMBIA (2003):Complaint against the Government of Colombia presented by: ICFTU%CLAT%WFTU%CUT%CGTD%CTC% ...
At the regional level, the Department with the most murders of trade union members was, in 2002, Antioquia (47), followed by Magdalena (13), Nariño and Santander (11 each) and Arauca and Meta (ten each).
Torres was a teacher at the El Peñol Municipality, Department of Antioquia, he was not assassinated in the exercise of, nor because of his trade union activities.
He was abducted on 6 April 2002 while travelling from the Municipality of Itsmina to the City of Quibdó, on the road between the Municipality of Atrato near the Doña Josefa corrigimiento and was released on 9 June to a committee of the diocese of Quibdó in the corrigimiento of Boca de Capaz.
www.oit.org.pe /sindi/english/casos/col/col200305.html   (13718 words)

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