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Topic: Magic

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  Map And Geographic Information Center, UConn's Map Library
The Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC), the University of Connecticut's Map Library, collects maps, atlases, gazetteers, aerial photographs, and digital geospatial data, as well as resources on the history and current state of cartography.
MAGIC has received an original Clark and Tackabury 1859 topographical wall map of Connecticut, of which only a handful of copies are known to exist.
The Connecticut State Library & MAGIC have scanned and georeferenced the mosaiced set of the 1934 Fairchild Aerial Survey.
magic.lib.uconn.edu   (345 words)

  Magic (paranormal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Manifest and Subtle magic typically refers to magic of legend rather than what many individuals who practise the Occult claim to use as magic, where Manifest magic is magic that immediately appears with a result, and Subtle magic being magic that gradually and intangibly alters the world.
When dealing with magic in terms of "traditions," it is a common misconception for ousiders to treat any religion in which clergy members make amulets and talismans for their congregants as a "tradition of magic," even though what is being named is actually an organized religion with clergy, laity, and an order of liturgical service.
Magical practicioners on the Disc are rare, and often innate (with exceptions - the eight son of an eight son must become a wizard, even if the son is a daughter), and do require some form of training (again, with exceptions - see Sourcery).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magic_(paranormal)   (4849 words)

 The Llewellyn Encyclopedia: Magic and Ritual
Altar At the center of the circle is placed the altar, which magically represents the center of the universe and the center of the self.
Candle Magic “The use of candles in magic dates back many centuries, but the specific system of magic in which colored, anointed candles are the primary tools is a relatively recent innovation, developed in the nineteenth century out of Catholic devotional practices using candles of various kinds.
Magic Magic is the art of affecting the manifest through the Unmanifest.
www.llewellynencyclopedia.com /subjects.php?gen_sbj=Magic+and+Ritual   (13367 words)

 Magic, witchcraft, witches, typical rite of magic, a rite of withcraft
Magic tries to "change it", the present and the future of persons, and nature: Heal the sick, kill an enemy, change the weather...
The main difference between Magic and Christianity is that in Magic "the devil" is the center of the ritual; in Christianity, it is "God.
The "magic of love", may be made of manure cooked in urine of a bull, with blood from the menstruation, plus sperm...
religion-cults.com /Occult/Magic/MAGIC.htm   (1862 words)

 Magic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Magic (illusion), also known as stage magic, street magic, and sleight of hand; the art of entertaining audiences by performing illusions and tricks
Magic (cryptography), the codename for U.S. intelligence obtained from cryptanalysis of Japanese diplomatic transmissions during World War II Magic square, a square of numbers with identical row, column, and diagonal sums
Magic (programming), a general term for hiding complexity, as well as a UNIX command for "magically" determining unknown filetypes
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magic   (400 words)

 MAGIC - Introductory site
MAGIC is an imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope or IACT that has started measuring since the commissioning ended in late 2004.
MAGIC, in particular, with its emphasis on optimal light collection will be able to probe more deeply into the earlier part of the developing universe: the lower the energy threshold, the larger the observable redshifts (see related diagram).
MAGIC will participate in multi-wavelength campaigns (simultaneous observations) wherever promising, and is also preparing for a close collaboration with several X-ray, optical, and radio experiments.
wwwmagic.mppmu.mpg.de /introduction/index.html   (1949 words)

 HPL: Magic
Magic is what sets folks in the wizarding world apart from their Muggle neighbors.
Magic is the heart and soul of the wizarding culture in the same way that science and technology are the heart and soul of Muggle culture.
It is for this reason that promising young witches and wizards are sent off to Hogwarts and other schools of magic to refine their craft and learn the art and responsibility of their power.
www.hp-lexicon.org /w_spells.html   (486 words)

Magic 7.1 is yet another upgrade of magic.
This version is an attempt at consolidating all the patches made to magic since version 6.5 so as to prevent the source tree from fragmenting.
Magic 7.1 is distributed along with the GNU readline library so as to keep it self-contained.
vlsi.cornell.edu /magic   (518 words)

 Rune Tips :: Magic Guide
Magic is a very multi functional skill, it can be used to make money, to kill other people or monsters and many more things.
Ahrim is 1 of the 6 brothers you kill during the barrows minigame.
Magic attacks will normally only give you magic and hitpoint experience, however if you use a staff defensively you will also get a small amount of defence experience.
tip.it /runescape/?page=magic_guide.htm   (4086 words)

 Magic Encyclopedia - Encyclopedia Shop
The Magic Encyclopedia Volume One … To an adventurer, the most prized treasure of all is magic.
Encyclopedia: Magic (illusion) …; took his stage name from Robert-Houdin and developed a range of stage magic tricks, many of them based on escapology.
Earvin "Magic" Johnson was one of the marquee basketball players of his era.
www.ecaseload.com /magic-encyclopedia.html   (428 words)

 The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle
The Magic Castle is the world's most famous club for magicians and magic enthusiasts and home to The Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.
The Magic Castle is the showplace for some of the greatest magicians from around the globe.
Dinner is served at the Magic Castle in an atmosphere of Victorian elegance.
www.magiccastle.com   (296 words)

 MAGIC - The MAGIC Telescope Project
MAGIC also observed, during 55 h, the Mkn 501 blazar, and found it in a comparatively low state for most of the time.
MAGIC has taken data on a number of supernova remnants: VHE gamma-ray emission from the SNRs HESS J1813 178 and HESS J1834-087 (W41) was observed, and the results confirmed SNRs as a well-established population of VHE gamma-ray emitters.
MAGIC is constructed light-weight to permit fast slewing, and regularly observes potential GRB sources after being alerted by satellites (mostly by Swift).
wwwmagic.mppmu.mpg.de   (833 words)

 New Zealand Bus Travel Magic Travellers Network New Zealand Backpackers Bus NZ
Magic is New Zealand's trusted transportation for backpackers and independent travellers.
Our fantastic driver/guides on the Magic bus offer an activity and accommodation booking service – choose from a wide range of backpackers and youth hostels in each place.
Magic shows you all the great adventure activities and scenery New Zealand has to offer – hiking in National Parks, bungy jumping in Queenstown, whitewater rafting, kayaking, ski holidays as well as getting you close to the unique wildlife - seals, penguins, kiwis, dolphins, whales and our very own mascot, the tuatara.
www.magicbus.co.nz   (323 words)

 Magic Mountain Ski Resort, Londonderry, Vermont, downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, New England, family ...
Magic Mountain is where skiers and boarders seeking adventure can soar past their limits on some of Vermont's most challenging and interesting slopes.
Here at Magic, our sole purpose is to deliver an authentic New England skiing experience offering classic Vermont-cut trails in a relaxed, intimate and family friendly atmosphere.
At the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo, November 15-18.
www.magicmtn.com   (114 words)

 Magic Johnson combats AIDS misperceptions - USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The sad irony of the Magic Paradox is that Johnson has worked so hard to raise AIDS awareness among fls.
A routine Associated Press story reported, "Without Magic Johnson, the Lakers lost their exhibition game to the Utah Jazz, 107-103, Friday night at the New Delta Center." The Lakers had attributed his absence to an undisclosed illness.
Earvin "Magic" Johnson, an NBA Hall of Famer who starred with the L.A. Lakers in the 1980's, speaks during a press conference in Los Angeles, in which he announced that he is HIV positive.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2006-11-30-magic-aids_x.htm   (1489 words)

 magic - Wiktionary
French magique, reborrowed from Latin magice, borrowed from Ancient Greek μαγική (τέχνη) magical (art), derived from μάγος mage from magos magus, sorcerer, of Iranian origin; akin to Old Persian maguš sorcerer.
This is used in some methods of formal specification to allow leaving things unspecified (with the intent of later specification, as magic in this sense cannot be implemented).
magic numbers = constants used to identify certain file types.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/magic   (208 words)

 The All Magic Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The spectator shuffles the deck, selects a card, returns it, then mentally turns the chosen card over in Reversed, a one move miracle as far as the magician is concerned.
Coins appear by magic at the finger tips with the help of Allan Shaw's Superior Coin Production, an alternative to the usual handling from the other King Of Coins.
Magic considers the many variations of effects that tear paper and restore it.
allmagic.com /allmagicguide   (148 words)

 Eject! Eject! Eject!: MAGIC
It’s only later, when the magic is over and you’re walking to your car, only when the narrative flow has released you to swim to the shore of reason, that some people begin to ask some questions.
But when magical ideologies are put forward as political positions of equal weight and value, as a chart to sail the ship of state, when assertion carries the same weight as proof, we will surely lose our way.
Magical thinking is the long established term for a psychological phenomenon wherein a person is convinced that his merely thinking of something will make it happen in actuality, and is the sort of thinking common with children, in dream states, and in certain psychoses.
www.ejectejecteject.com /archives/000051.html   (18599 words)

 The Complete Encyclopedia of Magic Review -- Book-Reviews.info
Magic the gathering is the only good card game.
It even summarizes all of the Magic the Gatherig books that have been published.When I got it I was amazed that how many things it had on magic.I had never even dreamed about how many things that someone could write down and publish about Magic the Gathering.I think you should realy buy this book.
It's great to have all these Magic cards in just one volume, instead of so many seperate ones.
www.book-reviews.info /Magic_Book_Reviews/1560254432.shtml   (439 words)

The overall goal of MAGIC is to check conformance between component specifications and their implementations.
Using MAGIC, the problem of verifying a large implementation can be naturally decomposed into the verification of a number of smaller, more manageable fragments.
We are attempting to develop better technques for mitigating the statespace explosion that arises out of the interleaving of multiple processes or threads of control and of the complexity that arises out of shared memory based communication.
www-2.cs.cmu.edu /~chaki/magic   (908 words)

 Magic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you are interested in trying out for the Magic you should send an email directly to the webmaster or visit Newmarket Soccer Club's "rep page".
Winter Soccer Update:The Magic is looking to put a team into an indoor rep' league program for the winter of 2006/07.
The Magic will then complete their 2006 outdoor season on Sept 16/17 at the Richmond Hill Tourney.
eteamz.active.com /newmarketyorkunited97boys   (485 words)

 Magic's magic Paws
However, Magic is nothing like Shaman; he is a real joy to have around, he enjoys the company of other dogs and people, and he's doing well in his obedience and handling classes.
On Wednesday, October 30, 1996, Magic graduated from his Level 1 Obedience Class (at the Commonwealth Dog Obedience Training Club in Virginia).
Here's a rather cute photo of Magic (left) and his sister, Meg (aka Meglet, aka Cosmic Eclat de Cygne Noir) when he was visiting.
www.goof.com /~pmurphy/magic.html   (408 words)

History of Magic - "The aim of this Web site is to cover a very brief outline of the history of magic within a timeline framework.
Interactive Magic - From Siegfried and Roy....play these two games, but even when you control the mouse, magic controls the results.
The College of Magic - Read about how magicians train to practice their skill.
webtech.kennesaw.edu /jcheek3/magic.htm   (569 words)

 FOX Sports - NBA - Orlando Magic Team Front
Anderson, who retired four years ago, doesn't impress easily, but he is totally sold on what he has seen of Magic center Dwight Howard.
News: The Heat may be interested in re-acquiring Keyon Dooling from the Magic.
Impact: The Magic have a lot of depth at point guard and could be interested in moving Dooling, and the Heat are said to be interested.
msn.foxsports.com /nba/team?statsId=19   (431 words)

 Magic Times - Magic's Leading Source For News
Taken during the intermission of "The Christian Fechner Magic Collection - Part 3" held on October 25 at the Swann Galleries in New York City.
The event has been running since the 1930s and continues to draw large fans of magic who in addition to a good meal and stage show get to see around a dozen close-up magicians perform at their tables.
Magic Times is a division of Meir Yedid Magic.
www.magictimes.com   (436 words)

 Magic the Gathering - Index
Magic the Gathering decks, news, MTG strategies, MTG online play info, Magic the Gathering rules area with judges and answers to your questions, active forums, software, MTG trading area to trade cards, and some links to the finest MTG shops of the world to buy or sell your Magic cards online!
Magic 4 You is always looking for more people who like to write strategy or articles about their favorite card game; Magic the Gathering.
Because not all visitors have the same metagame in their local Magic the Gathering scene, we made a new section called Visitor MTG decks.
www.magic4you.nu   (739 words)

The Orlando Magic obtained the draft rights to forward Milovan Rakovic (RACK-oh-vich) (60th overall) and cash considerations from the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for the draft rights to forward Reyshawn Terry (44th overall).
Earlier in the day, the No. 54 pick was traded to the Houston Rockets in exchange for cash considerations.
Jameer Nelson scored eight straight points in less than a minute Tuesday, sparking the Magic to a come-from-behind 76-74 victory at Houston.
www.nba.com /magic   (136 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Performing Arts: Magic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cain's Magical Site - Magical entertainment and instruction from magician Ron Cain, magic shop tricks and mystical merchandise, advice on leading a magical life, and information on magical and monstrous creatures.
Magic and Illusion - About.com guide to magic, including news, chat, original feature articles and links.
Magic Plans - Dedicated to Bad Magic, magic photos, and magic jokes; providing a sarcastic view on the Magic industry.
dmoz.org /Arts/Performing_Arts/Magic   (448 words)

 The Magic of Mandalas: Introduction (Ars Circuli-The Magic of Mandalas)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mandalas are extremely well suited as a foundation for magic rituals and strictly speaking these fascinating patterns have influenced me to practice magic in the first place.
I would like to show you a particularly effective form of mandala magic here, but to be able to follow these instructions, you must already have a little knowledge about ritual magic.
Should real magic be completely new to you, it is a good idea if you first read a book about wicca or about white ritual magic.
www.magic-mandalas.com /magic-1.html   (116 words)

 Magic Wallet. As seen on tv leather wallet.
As seen on TV, this leather Magic Wallet is very handy to store up to 10 credit cards and keep your receipts and bills secured.
The Magic Wallet Plus has six additional pockets in a second fold, while the Professional model contains a full-length bill-holder in addition to a clear picture ID holder.
The Coin Pocket Magic Wallet incorporates a handy coin holder and the Magic Wallet functionality.
www.magicwallet.ws /mws   (184 words)

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