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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Magician in the UK - Magician Mark Cairns
And when this UK based magician's ability to astonish is combined with his congenial personality and slightly irreverent wit, the stage is set for awesome one-on-one entertainment for your valued guests.
As one of The Magic Circle's full-time professional UK magicians specialising in magic for adult audiences, magician Mark lets his track record and references speak for themselves.
If you are not sure how to go about booking magicians, Mark has written a UK specific "How to" section to help you hire magicians and put them to work at your event.
www.markcairns.co.uk   (358 words)

  Meaning of the Magician Tarot Card
Standing for someone other than the querent, the Magician could be a skillful doctor, scientist, inventor lecturer, salesman, or con-man. It's important to remember that the Magician can as easily be clever as skilful, a trickster as well as a magician.
The handkerchief is draped over an empty box, the Magician waves his wand, *presto!*--now there is a dove in the box.
The Magician card does the same for the Querent--only what it reveals is not birds or rabbits but NEW ideas.
www.aeclectic.net /basics/magician.shtml   (660 words)

 Magic (illusion) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The greatest celebrity magician of the nineteenth century (or possibly of all time), Harry Houdini (real name Erich Weiss, 1874 - 1926), took his stage name from Robert-Houdin and developed a range of stage magic tricks, many of them based on escapology (though that word was not used until after Houdini's death).
The magician snaps their fingers and a coin disappears; places a dove in a cage, claps his hands and the bird vanishes, including the cage, stuffs a silk into his fist and opens his hands revealing nothing, or waves a magic wand and the Statue of Liberty magically "goes away".
The magician links two apparently solid steel rings, or the cup and balls trick in which the foam balls appear to pass through the cup are penetration illusions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magic_(illusion)   (3534 words)

 Riftwar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Magician describes the adventures of a young man (Pug) and his friend (Tomas) during the Riftwar.
Pug and Tomas stay together for the first half of the book, but they are split up by a mishap, which leads to Pug eventually being captured by the Tsurani, and spending four years on their homeplanet as a slave.
Silverthorn is the sequel to Magician — another tale of the magical worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan, peopled with princes, kings, squires, and warriors.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magician_(novel)   (757 words)

 Magician - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the work entitled Magician by Raymond E. Feist, see Riftwar.
The term magician can refer to a practitioner of either paranormal magic or illusionism.
In most cases there is little to differentiate a magician from similar fictional and folkloric practitioners of magic such as an enchanter, a wizard, a sorcerer, a necromancer, or a thaumaturgist.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magician   (98 words)

 Encyclopedia: Magician   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Magician can refer to: The Magician (1926 film), is a horror film directed by Rex Ingram The Magician (1958 film), is a film by Ingmar Bergman The Magician (television series), an American television series that ran during the 1973–1974 season The Magician (Maugham novel), a novel by Somerset...
Magician : One of the trumps of the Major Arcana of the tarot.
But that the magicians had power that was real and great is not so much as called in question.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Magician   (446 words)

 [No title]
Magicians in Armarillo as well as magicians in san antonio Company event co-odinators and progam planners say walter blaney is the texas entertainer for your corporate party or banquet.
magicians in san antonio and dallas entertainer for dinner theater know walter blaney is a texas comedian for banquet speakers.
THE SILENT MAGICIAN, MORTON A. Morton A. Feldman is a deaf magician.
www.lycos.com /info/magician--audiences.html   (424 words)

 Faydwer Magician
Magician pets are also relatively cheap to cast, both in terms of components and mana, even at high levels.
The challenge of the Magician class is learning how to effectively use your pets; What is the right pet for each scenario, and how often you can use other damage spells without becoming the primary target of the enemy.
The Magician class is well suited for those who enjoy something a little bit different, but one that can try your patience at times with its difficult research or if your pet misbehaves.
mywebpages.comcast.net /bigdragon7/faydwersbrethren/classes/magician.htm   (549 words)

 The History of the Magician Card
Although the two visions of the magician can mix and interact in fascinating ways, it is accurate to say that in modern decks we usually see the magus; in the historic decks we usually see the stage magician.
The lemniscate over the Magician's head in modern decks is a consequence of French occultist Elpiphas Levi's musings on the shape of the Magician's hat in the old decks.
The Magician in the historic decks is connected with another archetype as well; that of the craftsman or artisan, as we see in the Tarocchi del Mantegna prints.
www.tarothermit.com /magician.htm   (1743 words)

 THE MAGICIAN: The TV Show   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Anthony Blake is a very compassionate and wealthy magician, who uses his talents as an illusionist and escape artist to help people in trouble.
Max Pomeroy, a friend who is a syndicated columnist, describes him as "One of the few individuals in this age of numbness, who can still regard the suffering of a fellow human being as his own." He is motivated to help because he had been falsely imprisoned in South America for espionage.
Magician Anthony Dorian helps a woman who comes to one of his shows.
pages.prodigy.com /Magician/spirit.htm   (1285 words)

 Amazon.com: Magician (Riftwar Saga): Books: Raymond E. Feist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Magician follows their tale from humble beginnings to a struggle that depends on their untapped potential to resolve.
Magician is a classic, and any fan of fantasy has a duty to read it.
The story of young Pug - the apprentice magician and his amazing tale of how it came to be that a poor peasant was taken in by a master magician and soon goes on to acquire land, and fall in love with a princess.
www.amazon.com /Magician-Riftwar-Saga-Raymond-Feist/dp/0586217835   (2432 words)

 Flyff: Fly For Fun - Class Magician
You will be able to job change to a Magician from the Vagrant class at level 15.
Magician is a job class that involves dealing magical damage from a distance by casting spells.
As a Magician you will use staves and wands to cast magic spells.
flyff.gpotato.com /game_info/magician.php   (154 words)

 Raymond E. Feist, Magician, volumes 1 and 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Also to readers of the first edition of Magician, this comment by the author: "To those readers who have already discovered Magician, who wonder if it's in their interests to purchase this edition, I would like to reassure them that nothing profound has been changed.
The protagonists of Magician: Apprentice are a young keep boy and his friend, who have come of age to be chosen by Craftmasters as apprentices.
As Pug follows his studies of magic he falls in love with the Princess Carline and darkens his boyhood friendship with Roland, a squire of the court who is also smitten with the young beauty.
www.greenmanreview.com /riftwar.html   (829 words)

 Naked Magician Reveals All!
The magician and his lovely assistant both turn around to let the audience see that the handkerchief is not hiding in some cleverly concealed stash on the body.
The magician oh-so-gingerly prods the outside of the body, near the rear opening, attempting to get the tip of the handkerchief to become visible.
While again assuring the comfort of his lovely assistant, the magician gently teases the handkerchief further out from between the volunteer's buns.
www.phdtop.com /magic   (764 words)

 Search The Llewellyn Encyclopedia: Magician
Magician: One of the trumps of the Major Arcana of the tarot.
In the system of the Golden Dawn, The Magician corresponds to the Hebrew letter Beth and the planet Mercury.
The Magician's Workbook: Practicing the Rituals of the Western Tradition
www.llewellynencyclopedia.com /term/Magician   (123 words)

 Magician Class
Magicians are sort of a cross between a fighter and a wizard, because they can fight with their pet elemental and stand back and cast like a wizard.
Thus, while not as strong as a wizard or fighter in their specialty field, magicians are able to to do more than either one alone, and the combination of pet and direct damage spells actually means the Magician can deal more damage over time than either a fighter or a wizard.
In fact, magician is one of the few classes that can continue to solo effectively even at higher levels.
everquest.allakhazam.com /classes/Magician.html   (168 words)

 Search Results for magician - Encyclopædia Britannica
Called the “dean of magic” and “the most beloved magician in history,” he was the most popular magician from 1896 until 1908.
French magician who is considered to be the father of modern conjuring.
He was the first magician to use electricity; he improved the signalling method for the “thought transference” trick; and he...
www.britannica.com /search?query=magician&submit=Find&source=MWTEXT   (475 words)

 The Magician - BPAL Madness!
ETA: The Magician then disappeared!! The floral and incense disappeared after a couple of hours, then the wood vanished about 30 minutes later.
First I should disclose that I would wear The Magician no matter WHAT it smelled like, because the energy of the card is something I often need to harness and bring into my life.
The Magician started off for me all anise and herbs, and as it dried down, it picked up a sweet berry and aquatic tone -- all in all, I really like it.
www.bpal.org /index.php?showtopic=1477   (2370 words)

 magician.htm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The novels are set in an alternate universe, which branches off from the X-Files episodes at about the end of the second US season, and are for the most part set in a magical kingdom.
For those new to the series, I hope you will download The Magician, Book I and prepare, as Mulder and Scully were, to be enchanted by a very different world.
An investigation into the appearance of a bizarre creature in a lab at MIT is the portal into a fantastic alternate universe, where Mulder and Scully must save a world to save themselves and their new-found bond.
home.earthlink.net /~ecksphile/magician.htm   (456 words)

 Magician (Giant Man (Pym)/Wasp foe)
Giant-Man's trusty ant brigade warned him about the Magician and the party, and he used a flying ant-driven sleigh to go there, but he was too late.
The Magician showed up as expected, but there was no party, merely a trap set by Giant-Man. The Magician blinded Giant-Man with a large cloth and escaped back up into his blimp.
The Magician figured she would not be able to resist the temptation to see the show.
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix/magician.htm   (681 words)

 Close up Table Magician UK for Corporate/private events & weddings - London, Yorkshire, Manchester
Rob James is a contemporary UK based close up magician specialising in providing astonishing interactive magic entertainment for events across the country.
Magician UK As one of the UK's only full-time professional magicians Rob spends several days a week on the road so the location of your event is often not too much on an issue.
So if you are looking for a close up magician in Liverpool, a table magician in Newcastle, a street magician in York, a mind reader in Manchester, a sleight of hand magician in Hampshire, a wedding entertainer in Warwickshire get in touch.
www.rob-james.com   (531 words)

 Magic Tricks .Com: The Magician's Magic Shop | Professional Tricks and Equipment, Magic History, Magic Library, Museum, ...
View the Traveling Magician, the world's most famous magic statue.
used on stage by famous magicians, and then tossed out to the audience at the end of the show.
Since 1971, magicians have come to us for advice, ideas and of course to purchase great magic tricks.
www.magictricks.com   (312 words)

 John Granrose PhD: The Archetype of the Magician
The magician in general is a person of power in the spiritual world (as contrasted with the power of the king or tribal chief in secular affairs).
In his Roman equivalent of Mercury he appears in the center of the seal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and is regarded as the patron of magicians and as a magician himself.
Magicians also use the Tarot for magical purposes, especially for divination, one of the traditional functions of magic and one with close ties to psychology.
www.mythinglinks.org /magic~granrose.html   (18861 words)

 Magic Directory: Ricky Jay
Jay was onstage by the age of four for the Society of American Magicians.
I'm pretty sure that is one reason he is an expert at the cups and balls.
There is a whole chapter about this 19th century magician in his newly republished book, Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women.
www.magicdirectory.com /jay   (616 words)

The typical image of a magician is someone characterized by the figure of Merlin, a wizened old man in flowing robes, wearing a pointed hat covered in stars.
Although many of us envision the wise old magician to be essentially good, in medieval times anyone labeled a witch or sorcerer would suffer the consequences.
Today, a man who practices magic for the good of mankind may be thought of as a white witch or white magician, whereas a man who practices magic with evil intent may be considered a fl magician, more properly called a sorcerer.
www.occultopedia.com /m/magician.htm   (824 words)

 1 - Magician
The Magician, the King of the Saturnalia (Saturnalicius Princeps), is chosen by lot, and during his seven-day reign his whim is law, and other people will be made kings or beggars, winners or losers, by his caprice.
The Magician (I) is the alchemical Mercury who will unite the Salt of the Empress (II) and the Sulphur of the Emperor (III); he will preside over the marriage of the lunar High Priestess (IV) to the solar High Priest (V), oversee its consummation in Love (VI), and deliver the child Temperance (VII).
The Magician's two extended fingers, which match the snake eyes, show that he has been chosen by lot to be the King of the Saturnalia.
www.cs.utk.edu /~mclennan/BA/PT/M1.html   (2673 words)

 Hire A Magician, Corporate Magician, Magicians, Party Magician, Professional Magicians
Close-up magic, or "strolling magic" is suitable for smaller more intimate audiences such as banquets, cocktail parties, and hospitality suites.
Grand Illusion magic shows are performed by magicians on larger stages, and feature more elaborate magic acts such as sawing a person in half, making an audience member disappear, and escape artist tricks.
Professional magicians can also perform a "kids magic show" suitable for birthday parties and other events.
www.gigmasters.com /Magician/Magician.asp   (460 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with magician
NEW Explore and refine magician photos with our brand new clustery goodness!
Hire a magician for your birthday party or corporate event, from a vast network of skilled...
Magician Peter Morrison has dazzled corporate and private audiences all over the country....
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/magician   (165 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Magician (Riftwar Saga): Books: Raymond E. Feist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Feist's two sequels to Magician, Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon complete the richly conceived Riftwar Saga, and Feist has gone on to chronicle other aspects of his invented worlds.
With Janny Wurts he wrote the Empire trilogy, which charts the rise, through the rigid patriarchy of the Empire of Tsuranuanni, of a remarkable female heroine, a woman who eventually reaches the heights of the imperial throne itself Daughter of the Empire, Servant of the Empire and Mistress of Empire.
The first quarter of Magician is dotted with references to the love triangle between Pug, Carline and Roland, which Mr.
www.amazon.co.uk /Magician-Riftwar-Saga-Raymond-Feist/dp/0586217835   (1905 words)

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