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Topic: Magnetic pole

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  magnetic pole - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
MAGNETIC POLE [magnetic pole] the two nearly opposite ends of the planet where the earth's magnetic intensity is the greatest, as the north and south magnetic poles.
For the magnetic north, it is the direction from any point on the earth's surface linking the horizontal component of the magnetic lines of force with the observer and north magnetic pole; it is similar for magnetic south.
The best hypothesis to date for the origin of terrestrial magnetism is the self-exciting dynamo theory, where the earth's magnetic field is generated by the interaction of motion and electrical currents in the earth's liquid outer core.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/m1/magnet-p.asp   (361 words)

 Definition of Magnetic Pole from dictionary.net
Such a point is called the pole of that circle; as, the pole of the horizon; the pole of the ecliptic; the pole of a given meridian.
Poles of the earth, or Terrestrial poles (Geog.), the two opposite points on the earth's surface through which its axis passes.
Poles of the heavens, or Celestial poles, the two opposite points in the celestial sphere which coincide with the earth's axis produced, and about which the heavens appear to revolve.
www.dictionary.net /magnetic+pole   (228 words)

 magnetic pole - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about magnetic pole
The north pole of one magnet will be attracted to the south pole of another, but will be repelled by its north pole.
Low-flying planes often "glue up" when near the Magnetic Pole, and there is no reason in science why the same disability should not be experienced at higher levels when the Auroras are "delivering" strongly.
Indeed, at the distance they were from the earth, the magnetic pole could have no perceptible action upon the apparatus; but the box placed on the lunar disc might perhaps exhibit some strange phenomena.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /magnetic+pole   (225 words)

 Science & Technology at Scientific American.com: Ask the Experts: Geology: Are the Earth's magnetic poles moving? ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The North magnetic pole is at a point where a dipping compass--a compass that allows the needle to move freely in a vertical plane (as opposed to the horizontal needle movements seen in most compasses)--points straight down into the earth.
The North magnetic pole is located to the south in Northern Canada; the geographic South pole is at the center of the Antarctic continent, but the magnetic pole is hundreds of miles away, near the coast.
On any given day, the magnetic pole may be as much as 80 kilometers away from its average position, depending on the geomagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere and magnetosphere.
www.sciam.com /askexpert_question.cfm?articleID=000444EF-BC2B-1C71-9EB7809EC588F2D7   (524 words)

 Magnetic pole   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Such materials consist of atoms or molecules that have each have a magnetic field (resulting from the spin angular momentum of electrons within them), but objects composed of these materials have magnetic fields only to the extent that thesemicroscopic magnetic fields are positioned to reinforce rather than cancel each other.
The poles are not a pair of things on or inside the magnet,but rather, for the purposes of this article, the two areas on the surface that look as they do in the image.
Note thatsince the north pole of the magnet is attracted to the south pole of another magnet, the Earth's geographic north isactually a magnetic south.
www.therfcc.org /magnetic-pole-118349.html   (690 words)

 CNN.com - North Magnetic Pole could be leaving Canada - March 20, 2002
The magnetic pole, which has steadily drifted for decades, has picked up its pace in recent years and could exit Canadian territory as soon as 2004, said Larry Newitt of the Geological Survey of Canada.
The magnetic pole is currently 966 kilometers (600 miles) from the geographic one.
Because the magnetic pole lies in the Arctic Ocean, scientists attempting to pinpoint its precise location must visit during a brief window in the spring.
www.cnn.com /2002/TECH/space/03/20/north.pole/index.html   (655 words)

 BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Is the Earth preparing to flip?
Placing magnetic sensors on the ice the expedition attempts to surround the magnetic pole and triangulate its correct position.
Measurements of magnetic poles position in 1904 by explorer Roald Amundsen put it in roughly the same place as an earlier though less accurate measurement made in 1831 by the British explorer John Ross.
Magnetic measurements made on the surface suggest that a region of the Earth's core under South Africa is of a different polarity to the rest of the magnetic field in the core.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/sci/tech/2889127.stm   (832 words)

 The Earth's Magnetic Flip   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Our planet's magnetic field is in a constant state of change, say researchers who are beginning to understand how it behaves and why.
Earth's magnetic field comes from this ocean of iron, which is an electrically conducting fluid in constant motion.
Magnetic lines of force near Earth's surface become twisted and tangled, and magnetic poles pop up in unaccustomed places.
www.firstscience.com /SITE/ARTICLES/magnet.asp   (1008 words)

 Magnetic Pole   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Because the earth's magnetic field is continuously changing, the magnetic north pole is a "wandering pole", which changes position.
Over the past 100 years, the north magnetic pole has moved roughly 15 km northwest each year, but there is no way of predicting its future path.
Because the magnetic and geographic north poles are not in the same position, navigation by compass at high latitudes is misleading.
www.arctic.uoguelph.ca /cpe/environments/land/magpole/magpole.htm   (344 words)

 Integrated Geophysics Corporation - Gravity/Magnetic Glossary
Magnetic basement is usually equated to crystalline (felsic and mafic) or sometimes, metamorphic basement.
A mathematical transformation of the total magnetic intensity (TI) field at its observed inclination (I) and declination (D) to that of the north magnetic pole (i.e., I=90°, D=0°).
For 2-dimensional modeling, the density and susceptibility models of the geology and the observed gravity and magnetic anomalies for the model are assumed to be semi-infinite.
www.igcworld.com /gm_glos.html   (2687 words)

 Geomagnetism - North Magnetic Pole
The Earth's magnetic field is shaped approximately like that of a bar magnet and, like a magnet, it has two magnetic poles, one in the Canadian arctic, referred to as the North Magnetic Pole, and one off the coast of Antarctica, south of Australia, referred to as the South Magnetic Pole.
At the North Magnetic Pole the Earth's magnetic field is directed vertically downward relative to the Earth's surface.
In addition, the North Magnetic Pole is the eventual destination for a traveller who follows his or her compass needle from anywhere on Earth.
gsc.nrcan.gc.ca /geomag/nmp/northpole_e.php   (203 words)

 Earth's North Magnetic Pole - Positive or Negative   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The N seeking pole of a compass needle will be repelled by the N marked pole of an English or German bar-magnet, and will be attracted by the N marked pole of a French magnet.
Note that since the north pole of the magnet is attracted to the south pole of another magnet, the Earth's geographic north is actually a magnetic south.
The South Magnetic Pole lies in the northern islands of Canada, and the North Magnetic Pole lies in Antarctica.
edhiker.home.comcast.net /North_Pole_Positive_or_Negative.html   (515 words)

 Magnetic Pole Shift May Be Underway
Since the northern lights are mostly in the north polar regions because of the location of the magnetic pole which serves as a high energy particle trap, we will begin to see the northern lights more visible father south as well.
To use a magnetic compass acurately, one must know the amount of variation at his or her location and what variation correction must be made in reading the compass.
The 'north magnetic pole' is the farthest point on the earth in the direction of magnetic north.
www.rense.com /general51/mag.htm   (2231 words)

 SARBC - North Magnetic Dip Pole
The North Magnetic Pole - of interest to navigators for centuries - but no one knew exactly where it was.
From 1973, when the pole position was last determined, to late 1983, the movement has been approximately 120 km, an average of 11.6 km per year, only slightly more than the 80 year average.
At the end of 1983, the magnetic north pole was north of Bathurst Island, south of King Christian Island, and east by southeast of Lougheed Island at Latitude 77.0°N, longitude 102.3°W, and moving northwest at about 11.6 km per year.
www.sarbc.org /pole.html   (498 words)

 Magnetic Therapy: Plausible Attraction? (Skeptical Inquirer July 1998)
Magnetic belts containing sixteen or more magnets are purported to ease back pain, and similar magnetic wraps are offered for almost any part of the body, including hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and feet (magnetic insoles are particularly popular).
Many years ago the FDA approved the use of pulsed magnetic fields in "bone growth stimulators" for the treatment of fractures that were slow to heal, and research on "magnetic stimulation" -- pulsed magnetic fields applied to the brain or other components of the nervous system -- has grown rapidly in recent years.
For example, the magnetic back braces used by many senior golfers may help ease their back pains through providing mechanical support, through localized warming, and through constant reminder to the aging athletes that they are no longer young and should not overexert their muscles.
www.csicop.org /si/9807/magnet.html   (3812 words)

 Pole shift ?
There is some evidence to support this: For example, the poles, over time, may make the planet "top heavy" with the accumulation of ice and thus, in conjunction with the natural wobble in the rotation of the Earth, combine with this to tip the axis over.
The key is the magnetic field of the Earth, which is what we use to interpret who and what we think we are and also to store our memory.
According to prophetic and channelled writings, the pole and dimensional shifts are simultaneous (but this may not necessarily be the case-as in all things, discernment of all information is the key).
www.crawford2000.co.uk /mag.htm   (1943 words)

 Directory:Earth's Magnetic Pole Shift - PESWiki
Wandering Poles (http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/research/1282336.html) - The mystery of the Earth's magnetic field reversals may at last be solved.
Pole Shifts (http://www.crystalinks.com/poleshifts.html) - Many researchers believe that the Earth's poles are going to shift in the near future.
Magnetic Pole Shift May Be Underway (http://www.fourwinds10.com/news/04-environment/C-earth-changes/2004/04C-04-27-04-magnetic-pole-shift-may-be-underway.html) - Ted Twietmeyer reports local fluctuations in the orientation of the magnetic field.
www.peswiki.com /energy/Directory:Earth%27s_Magnetic_Pole_Shift   (335 words)

 NASA - Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field
The dipole moment, a measure of the intensity of the magnetic field, is now 8 x 1022 amps x m2.
The North Magnetic Pole -- (Geological Survey of Canada) find out where the north magnetic pole is now, and much more.
Earth's North Magnetic Pole -- (APOD) The North Magnetic Pole is currently located in northern Canada.
www.nasa.gov /vision/earth/lookingatearth/29dec_magneticfield.html   (1095 words)

 mp::Pete::Magnetic Pole Reversal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The tragedy of magnetic pole reversal is a hidden controversy in modern society.
The Earth's magnetic poles have been reversing themselves for billions of years according to magnetic signatures found in the rock of the ocean floor.
The effects of a magnetic pole reversal are varied and argued.
pete.magneticpole.com /mpr/?oldpath=   (3296 words)

 Problem with the "MAGNETIC" Pole Locations on Global Charts
Magnetic Dip Poles are of importance for ionospheric physicists because radiowave behavior in the region responds to the nearby magnetic fields.
The pole positions at the Earth's surface are moving westward (secular variation) several tenths of a degree per year (at speeds depending on such things as the number of harmonics included in the analysis).
Under the generic term "Magnetic Poles" there are many pole positions that have more exact names appropriate to the type of analyses used in their definition or unique to a special scientific discipline.
earth.agu.org /sci_soc/campbell.html   (1648 words)

 Magnetic Pole Reversal - Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
As the third dimensional atom is electric and perfectly dovetails with fourth dimensional magnetism, the fifth dimension density dovetails with the fourth.
A gradual decrease of magnetism is a way of dismantling the nefarious activities of the lower astral without causing everything to crash at once.
The magnetic field of the Earth could be changed in a single day by reversing the ring current but even the planet could not survive that considerable torque.
www.educate-yourself.org /zsl/magpolereversal22nov03.shtml   (726 words)

 The road to the magnetic north pole
Assembled here are almost all observations of the magnetic field up to that time along with maps and the attempt to build a mathematical model in which the observations might be reproduced by a system of magnets within the Earth.
The conclusion was that one magnet was insufficient to describe the Earth’s field, two being required, giving four magnetic poles in all, the two new poles being located north of Siberia and in the south-easterly Pacific.
It was normal to carry instruments for magnetic observations on such expeditions at that time, and so Ross succeeded and at 70° 5´ N, 96° 47´ W the magnetic field was determined to be quite vertical as far as the instruments’ accuracy could show.
geo.phys.uit.no /articl/roadto.html   (2502 words)

 Geotimes - May 2002 - North Magnetic Pole
The team measured the declination — the angle between true geographic north and magnetic north — and the inclination, or angle between the horizontal and the direction of Earth’s magnetic field, as well as the total field intensity.
“And the pole is the spot where the inclination is, in the case of the magnetic field, pointing straight down.
She says that many researchers place too much significance on the magnetic poles for determining what is happening in the fluid core.
www.geotimes.org /may02/NN_pole.html   (1113 words)

 Magnetic Pole Shift? - Satellites Showing Radiation Damage
This forthcoming revolution is a reversal in the Earth's magnetic field, an event that occurs every 500 000 years or so.
Eventually, on past form, the field will reappear but with magnetic north and south pole changing places, as they have done for billions of years.
Commenting on the New York Times report, Kotze said that the decay in the Earth's magnetic field was becoming increasingly apparent in "the South Atlantic anomaly", a huge deviation in the Earth's magnetic field discovered with the help of the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory.
www.rense.com /general54/pole.htm   (633 words)

 Magnetic North Pole
Earth's magnetic north pole is where the magnetic field lines are oriented vertically and plunge into the surface of the earth i.e.
The pole varies in position on a yearly basis due to secular variation (or drift in Earth's magnetic field).
Below is a figure of the magnetic north pole based on the reference fields from 1900 to January 1st 2000.
deeptow.whoi.edu /northpole.html   (200 words)

 Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field
Left: Magnetic stripes around mid-ocean ridges reveal the history of Earth's magnetic field for millions of years.
Using the equations of magnetohydrodynamics, a branch of physics dealing with conducting fluids and magnetic fields, Glatzmaier and colleague Paul Roberts have created a supercomputer model of Earth's interior.
Magnetic Field of the Earth (hyperphysics) an explanation of the dynamo effect
science.nasa.gov /headlines/y2003/29dec_magneticfield.htm   (1175 words)

 Anomalies hint at magnetic pole flip - 10 April 2002 - New Scientist
The Earth's magnetic poles might be starting to flip say researchers who have seen strange anomalies in our planet's magnetic field.
The magnetic field is created by the flow of molten iron inside the Earth's core.
But the way minerals are aligned in ancient rock shows that the planet's magnetic dipole occasionally disappears altogether, leaving a much more complicated field with many poles all over the planet.
www.newscientist.com /article.ns?id=dn2152   (341 words)

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