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Topic: Maiesta

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In the News (Wed 20 Feb 19)

In Roman mythology, Maiesta was the goddess of honor and reverence.
She may be equivalent to Maia and therefore be the source of the name for the month May.
The text of this article is licensed under the GFDL.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ma/Maiesta.html   (49 words)

Maia was one of these graceful sisters, and the great Zeus fell in love with her, making her mother of the god Hermes or Mercurius, the god with the golden wings.
Maia was identified as the goddess Maiesta by the Romans.
Maiesta was the companion of Vulcano and announcer of the Spring; in fact Maia or Maiesta gave the name to the month of May=Maius.
www.ediwell.com /tecno/maia.htm   (796 words)

 Maia Maiesta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
You might not be the Maia Maiesta qualified candidate for every job, but your résumé might be better than the competition.
Once the check is processed, you're asked to sign a receipt authorizing the merchant to present the Maia Maiesta to your bank electronically and deposit the Maia Maiesta into the merchant's account.
Before you sign a contract to purchase or finance the car, consider the Maia Maiesta of the financing and evaluate whether it is affordable.
maia-maiestas.ask.dyndns.dk /Maia-Maiesta   (355 words)

 May in Roman calendar history.
Zeus and Maia produced Hermes (Roman god, Mercury), who was known as the swift messenger of the gods and as the god of commerce, trade, and theives.
The Romans considered the Greek Maia as a vague Roman goddess of spring, known as Maia Maiesta, to whom the priests of Vulcan, the god of fire, offered sacrifices on the first day (Calands) of May.
To make things more confusing, Maia Maiesta was sometimes connected with Bona Dea, the “good goddess” of fertility in both the earth and in women.
www.wordquests.info /may-history.html   (663 words)

 Another Fasti
The second fragment posed that the month of Maius was named for the goddess Maia, who he said was the wife of Volcanus, and pointed out that it was the flamen Volcanalis who offered sacrifice on the kalends of this month to Maia.
BTW Piso disputed this, saying instead that the wife of Volcanus was Maiesta.
A third fragment said the month of Junius that followed Maius was originally named among the Latins after the god Junionus, and offered as proof that the month was still called by this name at Aricia and Praeneste.
www.ancientworlds.net /aw/Post/338567   (281 words)

 The Writer's Almanac from American Public Media
MAY DAY is one of the oldest holidays known to man. In ancient Celtic times women rose on this day before sunrise to wash their faces in the dew, a practice believed to beautify the skin.
Romans worshipped a spring goddess called Maia Maiesta.
Today the TIVOLI GARDENS IN COPENHAGEN open for the season, to stay open until September 17.
writersalmanac.publicradio.org /programs/2000/05/01   (3073 words)

 May   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The "merry month of May" has two possible name origins: from the Greek goddess Maia, mother of Hermes, or from the Italian goddess of spring, Maia Maiesta, to whom sacrifices were made to insure the growth of crops.
This month has traditionally been associated with dancing, singing, loving, and general rejoicing over the return of spring.
He is also a member of Knights Templar, Shrine, and Allied Masonic Degrees, a patron of the Eastern Star, and a senior advisor to the International Order of DeMolay.
www.srmason-sj.org /council/journal/may99/oneill.html   (377 words)

Op de eerste dag van mei werd geofferd aan Mercurius.
De Indiase naamgenote van Maia Maiestas, Maha Maya, was de moeder van Siddhatta, de latere Boeddha, die eveneens in mei werd geboren.
Dit gebeurde met volle maan, dus halverwege de maand, terwijl zij stond onder een bloeiende boom.
www.nissaba.nl /godinnen/beschrm.shtml   (6522 words)

 Schedules to make the most of your time
Sapphire and Diamond is a name derived from the Greek work adamas, meaning "unconquerable" because its tertiary carbon structure formed from high pressure makes it extremely hard.
Maiesta, the Roman goddess of honor and reverence, or
Maia, Goddess of Growth, since plants grow most during this month.
www.wilsonmar.com /1sched.htm   (2314 words)

 The Honored Maidens of the Merry Mary Month, Metamorphosis, May 2004
She was said to have been elevated to goddess status after being murdered by her husband, based on his unfounded jealousies.
The Bona Dea or Maia Maiesta Festival in her honor on May 1 in Roman times was therefore celebrated by vestal virgins and respectable matrons, with no men allowed.
During her festival, Bona Dea would convey prophecies.
consciousevolution.com /metamorphosis/0405/merrymay0405.htm   (2042 words)

 [No title]
Pencil and paper ready: For 10 points, what is the base ten equivalent of the hexdecimal number 3D?
For 10 points, in Gothic and Renaissance art, what does the term "madonna maiesta (my-AYST-uh)" mean?
She wrote this book, her most famous, when she was just 21.
www.stanford.edu /group/CollegeBowl/archive/mit92/mit_bran_ascii.txt   (2242 words)

 maytrivia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
What is the origin of the name given to the fifth calendar month?
A. To honor "Maiesta", the Roman goddess of
B. To honor "May of Teck", a German princess who
www.greendesert.net /maytrivia.html   (394 words)

 Hart 205: Gothic Sculpture Image Directory
Chartres Cathedral, West Facade, Central Portal, Maiesta Domini
Chartres Cathedral, West Facade, Central Portal, Maiesta Domini, detail
Last Updated by December 9, 1996 by David M. Cunningham
www.owlnet.rice.edu /~hart205/Gothic/ndx.html   (524 words)

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