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Topic: Mail art

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Mail art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mail art is art which uses the postal system as a medium.
Mail art is also, simultaneously, a message that is sent, the medium through which it is sent as well as one of the longest-lasting art movements in history.
Mail artists like to claim that mail art began when Cleopatra had herself delivered to Julius Caesar in a rolled-up carpet (although this was neither mail nor art).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mail_art   (1570 words)

 Mail Art: an Overview
Mail art is a system that incorporates interaction between and among many active and passive participants.
Mail art is a popular form of art; that is, mail art is being "done" by people who have never considered themselves to be artists but just plain folks.
Mail art as mail art is currently expanding all the time through the increasing numbers of mail art shows.
ariel.adgrp.com /~ghb/ort/mailart.html   (1844 words)

 MAIL ART: A BRIEF HISTORY - Sztuka Fabryka   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mail Art is a recent evolution in the arts.
Mail Art is a movement which stands for the democratization of the arts for artists and non-artists.
As a reaction on this, Mail Art has grown out to a worldwide "network" of people who correspond with each other on a creative way, mainly by the classic postal system, but today also modern techniques are used such as fax and computers.
www.vorticeargentina.com.ar /escritos/mail_art_a_brief_history.html   (787 words)

 The Austin Chronicle: Pushing the Envelope
The man was mail art pioneer Ryosuke Cohen, and when Honoria sent him something, she got back a "Braincell," a weekly collage project and one of the longest-running mail art projects.
Ronsen, who describes himself as "kind of a shy person," likes mail art because "you don't need to have gone to school or be in a club, you just have to produce interesting stuff." Since he is a musician, Ronsen's "interesting stuff" will sometimes be a piece of taped music he has made.
Ronsen acknowledges that the mail art culture is "insular," because it is impossible to be a passive participant.
www.austinchronicle.com /issues/dispatch/2001-03-23/arts_string_all.html   (1603 words)

 Mail-Art Phenomenon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The only thing that is common to all Mail Artists of the world (their number goes to 10,000) is that their art is realized through mail, that is to say that their communication goes through PTT (Post Telegraph and Telephone) channels, which is still the best way of linking people in the widest geographic plan.
According to this, Mail Art is familiar to all kinds of motives and styles in visual arts, with the difference that messages are visually and semantically accentuated.
That's because the mail artist is working with the aim of getting a reply to his mail, and he is going to get it only if his work is attractive enough to induce someone's reaction (which is not obliged in Mail Art at all).
members.tripod.com /~aaart/m_a_phenomenon.htm   (816 words)

 Aspects Of Mail Art
The appearance of mail-art in the history of art is to be viewed primarily in connection with the world boom in communication systems (telephone, radio, more rapid surface, sea, and air mail traffic, and starting with the 60s, television, satellites, computers, lasers), which was reflected in terms of artistic creativity.
Circumstances were thus created for the appearance of an essentially new form of artistic expression - the art of communication, which comes into existence by mutual interaction and exchange between creative personalities at distant points of the globe in the field of the visual arts, the arts of sound, movement and of written words.
Thus his art becomes a part of the global network of artistic communication (the mail-art network), which represents, we may say, a single work of art, one pulsing spiritual creation - a new phenomenon encompassing the whole planet.
members.tripod.com /~aaart/aspects.htm   (1596 words)

 E-mail art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When exhibited, e-mail art can be either displayed on a computer screen or similar type of display device, or the art can be printed out and displayed.
There is an ongoing debate among some artists as to just what the relationship of e-mail art to mail art should be considered to be.
Other criticisms of e-mail art from a mail artist's perspective have focused on the lack of dimensionality of the attachment, the lack of intimacy as opposed to real mail [1].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/E-mail_art   (280 words)

 Learn more about Mail art in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mail art is art which uses the postal service in some way.
As an art form the early genre produced low- and high-minded works ranging from the comic and satirical through commercial and industrial advertising to the promotion of socially worthy causes such as free trade, world peace and brotherhood, and the abolition of slavery.
Each was therefore an unique artifact, and thus could arguably be considered to have been a part of the mail art movement (see also Cassette culture).
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /m/ma/mail_art.html   (945 words)

 Mail art at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
To be precise, an amorphous international mail art network evolved of thousands of particpants in over fifty countries between the 1950s and the 1990s from the work of Ray Johnson and influenced by earlier groups, including Dada, the Surrealists and Johnson's contemporaries in the Fluxus group.
There is a common legend that mail art began when Cleopatra had herself delivered to Julius Caesar in a rolled-up carpet.
However, perhaps the initial genesis of mail art was in postal stationary, from which mail art is now typically distinguished (if not defined in its broadest sense).
www.wiki.tatet.com /Mail_art.html   (1234 words)

 Mail Art Pathfinder : What is Mail Art?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Many mail artists aver that it is impossible to define mail art.
is a mail artist and librarian who has been instrumental in documenting the mail art movement through his indispensable annotated bibliography, essays, and other writings.
This article by Belgian mail artist Guy Bleus was published in Dutch in 1981 as the accompagnying prospectus of the mail art show in the Cultural Centre De Warande in Turnhout (Belgium).
www.infomuse.net /kristina/courses/605pathfinder/WhatIsMailArt.shtml   (363 words)

 Mail Art : A Pathfinder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Due to its intrinsic variety and heterogeneity, it is impossible to definitively define exactly what mail art is; however, the term mail art generally describes a variety of artwork forms that are sent or exchanged through postal or other delivery services.
The Futurists, Surrealists, and Dadaists of the early 20th century used some mail art techniques, but Ray Johnson, founder of the New York Correspondance [sic] School in 1955, is commonly recognized as the father of mail art.
The mail art network is open to anyone willing to invest the time and energy to become involved.
www.infomuse.net /kristina/courses/605pathfinder/index.shtml   (318 words)

 Call For Mail Art - The First International April Fool's Day Mail Art Exhibition
The purpose of this call for Mail Art is that artists contribute (donate) one or more piece of their work which is drawn, printed or painted onto an envelope, parcel or postcard to the Tate Modern Gallery, London on or before April Fool's Day.
Hoyland Nether, UK (PRWEB) March 6, 2006 -- The purpose of this call for Mail Art is that artists contribute (donate) one or more piece of their work which is drawn, printed or painted onto an envelope, parcel or postcard to the Tate Modern Gallery, London on or before April Fool's Day.
Mail Art is major sociological phenomenon which has been under-represented in the art world for too long.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/3/prweb353709.htm   (408 words)

 E.EuropeanMailArt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
It's clear that in the first place mail art is a communicative form and only secondly an art which sees the postal system as often being the only possibile venue through which to create a connection to the world at large, in which other -- legal -- possibile outlets were obstructed or prohibited.
Russian mail art that sprang up a decade later, however, found no connection to that earlier development; in fact was considered by mail artists to be part a of elite art.
It is commonly accepted that mail art was part of the civil rights and democratic opposition in the communist countries, strongly dependenct on the viability of the opposition in their regions.
www.leftcurve.org /LC21WebPages/eeurmail.html   (2306 words)

 Mail Art
The person credited with being the father of mail art as we know it was the late Ray Johnson.
The Mail Art pieces can also be sent to members in the network with either instructions to add to the piece or to create a new piece and send it on to others.
Another form of Mail Art is to "test the post office" where as objects of different types are stamped up and sent through the mail such as toilet plungers,coin purses,plastic fish and beach balls.
www.dragonflydream.com /MailArt.html   (1152 words)

 Mail Art Sampler
Art is not the product of an individual, but the product of communal awareness.
Accomplished (for the most part) without the direct exchange of money for product, mail art is an alternative (and therefore freeing) system of making art for art's sake, simultaneously between creators and appreciators.
Mail art will exist as long as the need for art exists, as an Eternal Network with constant change in the number and diversity of participants, for as long as human society can sustain postal and electronic methods of exchange.
www.raggededgepress.com /pages/mail_art.htm   (455 words)

mail art is art of arts sake that subverts the conventional art world by reaching you through your mailbox.
MAIL ART CALL is open to the general public but i am especially interested in receiving pieces from those with narcolepsy, as i have it myself.
the subject matter of your mail art must be related to sleep and/or dreams that could be a photograph, a poem, painting or story, piece of your pillow case, or anything else that amounts to a postcard, size 8-1/2 x 7 (thats one half legal size paper).
community.livejournal.com /mailart   (2085 words)

 ASN Mail Art Calls with Deadlines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mail art can be two or three-dimensional works of art posted 'uncovered' and those put into an envelope (or other 'cover') whether they are drawings, graphics, photos, paintings, art stamps, seal prints, art books, objects or other works of art connected to the topic stated.
Mail Artists from around the globe are invited to participate in an International Mail Art Exhibition on the theme "By the River..." that will be shown during the month of September 2006 at the sociocultural institution "Kulturhaus Pusdorf" in Bremen, Germany.
A mail art call for artistamps to exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest in April 2007, from the archivists at the Artistamp Museum of Artpool.
www.artistampnews.com /datedcalls.html   (8586 words)

 MAIL ART calls for Kiyotei's Den of active and ongoing mailart projects.
The Madness of mail art: Ten ways to tell if you are a mailartist.
Mail art is hard to define, and is not sacred to any one country.
This mail call is an attempt to capture the momentum of the form.
art.net /~kiyotei/mailart   (637 words)

 Mail Art!
Mail Art really is quite marvellous, but exactly what it is is difficult to comprehend if you are not involved, or possibly even if you are.
Some early manifistations of mail art type goings on included Marcel Duchamp's postcard project "Rendezvous of 6 Febuary, 1916", and the activities of various Fluxus artists in the 60's onwards.
TAM, master mail artist/archivist; his interviews with a large number of mail artists and his 'thoughts on mail art' are particularly interesting.
www.cultivatetwiddle.com /mailart.htm   (749 words)

 Mail-art networking
During and after the two world wars, artists got aware for need of a new playground and attitude of art activity, to be able for keeping alive the relationship between art and social reality within a new 20th Century context.
After three decades, artists realized that art institutions were not motivated to handle the enormous offer of multivariable, intended as 'not for sale' art, which circulated into the mail-art network and its adjoining disciplines.
Today, after about 10 years, all who are still active are daily surprised by all the messages, images and traffic that is exchanging by mail, fax, telephone, e-mail, audio and videotape and they feel that it is important for their and other cultures.
users.skynet.be /infomam/mail-art.htm   (809 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Visual Arts: Mail Art and Artistamps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Art by the Yard - Descriptions of mail art techniques, methods and materials to transform ordinary correspondence into art and faux postage.
The Art of Notta Caflisch - The mail art and visual art of Notta Caflisch of Chur, Switzerland.
Mail Art Postcard Exhibition - A blog by Mick Boyle of Pennsylvania detailing various mailart calls and correspondence.
dmoz.org /Arts/Visual_Arts/Mail_Art_and_Artistamps   (1132 words)

 mail art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mail art has a long and proud history of pranks, games, false identities and humorous deception.
I was quite surprised to realize that it bore a postmark for a country other than Denmark and the handwriting of the address matched that of one of my oldest mail art friends from that same "non Danish" country-- and it matched it quite well.
One should make mail art for the reward of making art and sharing it with others.
members.aol.com /satpostman/mail_art/fake_projects.html   (980 words)

 Blackspecs Mail Art from Around the World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Today he is exchanging Mail Art with people from Japan, New York, South Korea, Australia and all over Europe.
He has been greatly inspired by the German illustrator and mail artist Sibylle Schwarz, who he considers to be a master and great teacher of the subject.
Mail Art Gallery 2 some of the very first work to be penned and posted by Blackspecs
www.blackspecs.de /mailart.html   (232 words)

 Mail art Page
Mail art is to be included in a book about shame.
Make a piece of mail art….send it to me with a message that you want me to add your address to the list and I will do soAll art must be 4 inches x 6 inches or smaller and clearly state that you want your address added to the Postal Press Swap Stop.
Four years ago, we organised a mail art work-shop in direction of the prison for women of Montlluc (next to Lyon, France) and permitted a consequent mailing between the prisoners and more than two hundred illustrators.
www.zyarts.com /zybooks/mailartpage.html   (2720 words)

 mail art, rubber stamp art, john held jr., kruchenykh, mayakovsky   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Art and spirituality: after decades of pressure against religions, the pendulum of mass consciousness has swung in the opposite direction.
As a practitioner and historian of Mail Art, I began seeing Kruchenyhk as a role model; wanting to traverse his path in closer proximity.
Also a younger artist presents me with a Mail Art exhibition catalog in the form of a postcard set.
www.art-themagazine.com /pages/siberi12.htm   (1880 words)

 MAILART, MAIL ART calls, exhibits and collaborations at Kiyotei's Den
Check out the list of active mail art calls with a deadline and ongoing calls and send a little something special today to another artist like you.
Artwork is mailed from one location to another and the addition of post marks, stamps, damage, and routing marks is considered part of the character of the art itself.
Mail artists treat their art as a free exchange of creativity from one person to another.
www.art.net /~kiyotei/mailart.html   (213 words)

 Wanted: Mail Art
I have been away from this mail art blog for quite a while.
This interesting piece of mail art was sent from M. Hesler in Houston, Texas, USA.
Mail Art sent from Meredith M in Northgate, Australia.
snailmailart.blogspot.com   (655 words)

 Answers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Term applies to art sent through the post rather than displayed or sold through conventional commercial channels, encompassing a variety of media including postcards, books, images made on photocopying machines or with rubber stamps, postage stamps designed by artists, concrete poetry and other art forms generally considered marginal.
You can become a mail artist by sending a piece of your own creativity through the snail mail to names and addresses you find through links to current mail art invitations by searching for "mail art exhibition" and "mail art invitation" using an Internet search engine or on mail art messsage boards such as www.plexus.org/chalkboard/oneworld.
By the mid-1990s art networkers had experimented with wave after wave of popular communication tools: mail, offset printing, photocopy, fax, tourism, personal computers, and increasingly used the Internet.
www.actlab.utexas.edu /emma/faq/faq2.html   (381 words)

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