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  Pennsylvania Main Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Main Line was settled in the 1600's, when William Penn sold land to a group of Welsh Quakers for ten cents an acre.
The Main Line Railroad was constructed during the nineteenth century and traveled through the area from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.
Today the Main Line is another name for the western suburbs of Philadelphia along Lancaster Avenue (U.S. Route 30) and the former Pennsylvania Railroad mail line, extending from the city limits to approximately Malvern, Pennsylvania comprising an area of approximately 200 square miles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pennsylvania_Main_Line   (378 words)

 Midland Main Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Midland Main Line was built in stages between the 1830s and the 1860s, as three lines which met at the Tri Junct Station in Derby.
First to arrive was the line built by the Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway and its subsidiary the Stonebridge Railway from Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire, on the London and Birmingham Railway, to Derby.
The line was once the Midland Railway's route from London St Pancras to Manchester, branching at Ambergate Junction along the Manchester, Buxton, Matlock and Midlands Junction Railway, now known as the Derwent Valley Line.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Midland_Main_Line   (1017 words)

 Brighton Main Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Brighton Main Line is the British railway line from London Victoria and London Bridge to Brighton.
After the 1923 grouping the main line as far as Coulsdon North came into use using overhead conductors, but the new Southern Railway had by now decided upon the third-rail system, as adopted by another of its constituents, the London and South Western Railway.
The line is four-tracked, except along the Quarry Line, the section through the Balcombe Tunnel between Three Bridges and Haywards Heath, and from Haywards Heath to Preston Park which passes through Clayton Tunnel south of Hassocks.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brighton_Main_Line   (775 words)

 Chicago ''L''.org: Operations - Lines -> North Side Main Line
The southern half of today's Brown Line -- the portion between Belmont station and the Loop -- represents the trunk line of the old Northwestern Elevated and is often referred to as the North Side Main Line.
The Northwestern Elevated's charter from the city had stipulated that the main line to Wilson had to be in operation by 1897, but slow construction and a poor economy precluded this.
At Clark Junction, the Brown Line leaves the old North Side Main Line for the Ravenswood branch; the Red Line continues north on the inside tracks as the "local" and the Purple Line Express continues on the outside tracks as the "express".
www.chicago-l.org /operations/lines/northmain-brown.html   (10883 words)

 Urban Dictionary: main line
The diversity on the Main Line goes just about as far as what model BMW one gets for their 16th birthday, and old money maintains huge mansions and sprawling estates.
The main line is the outside of Philadelphia.
The main line is a collection of suburbs containing of douche bags that THINK (and only think) that they are better than the rest of the world, and they like to flaunt it all the time.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=main+line   (1682 words)

 History of the Second Line in New Orleans
A Main Line is the "main section or the members of the actual club, that has the permit to parade.
This was to signal the dismissal, and interment of the physical body, and the joyous event of the release, of the soul, to heaven.
Another aspect of change in the modern Main Line, is the arrival of floats, where a few years ago there were none to be found in the city's parades.
www.mardigrasdigest.com /Sec_2ndline/2ndline_history.htm   (1750 words)

 Missing mansions of the Main Line
Of the large Main Line homes that remain, only a few are open to the public, notably Chanticleer in Wayne, Pa., known today primarily for its spectacular gardens, which have been featured in The New York Times.
Groff's interest in the Main Line relates nicely to his professional duties as the executive director of Wyck, the home to a Quaker family, the Wistars and the Haines, from the 1690s to 1973.
The focus at Wyck, a modest dwelling in comparison to the typical Main Line mansion, is on presenting the life of the family, which lived comfortably, but not lavishly, in the 15-room house.
www.udel.edu /PR/Messenger/98/4/missing.html   (1021 words)

 Main Line Electrification
Because of the least cost philosophy adopted in its construction, and as a natural consequence of the terrain it passes through, the line is characterized by steep gradients and curves.
The Main Line Electrification Story illustrates the dilemma that arises when a government without close knowledge of a topic must make a major technical decision and advisors cannot agree because they have conflicting agendas.
Pierre in his study of the North Island Main Trunk refers to Lusty's inability to differentiate between urgency and mere haste, and points to the large number of new diesel locomotives he was forced to order in 1954.
www.techhistory.co.nz /Electricity/rail_electrification.htm   (3139 words)

 BRH: On The Main Line
Whilst hills and rivers usually dictate a railway's route to a certain extent, topography was not the main factor in determining the overall route of this line.
The promoters of the Southampton line may have been expecting opposition*, judging by the attempt to disguise their ambitions in that word, "branch." If the company's plans had come to fruition, the branch may well have become the main line.
The summit of the line is at Litchfield Tunnel, 400 feet higher than the ends of the line, which are both near sea level.
web.ukonline.co.uk /Members/cj.tolley/cjt-brhl.htm   (4343 words)

 Main Line Steam Trust - Index
Main Line Steam Trust is based at the Great Central Railway based in Leicestershire, England.
Locomotive 1264 hauls a passenger train, the new second line of the double track can be seen in the foreground.
The former Great Central main line between Leicester and Nottingham was chosen, and now we support both Great Central Railway (Loughborough - Leicester) and the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre (southwards from Ruddington, just south of Nottingham).
www.dapsites.com /mlst   (197 words)

 Main Line Stations
The part of the current Main Line from Jamaica to Greenport was the first actually built by the LIRR, in 1836-1844.
line pre-dates it by a few years (1834-1836), that line was built by the Brooklyn and Jamaica RR Co. and leased by the LIRR in 1836.
Rego Park- This station, which consisted of two outside platforms that only serviced trains coming or going to the Rockaway Beach line was located just west of White Pot Junction, where that line diverged to the south from the Main Line.
www.lirrhistory.com /mainsta.html   (1248 words)

 MLH - HR Career Opportunities - Home Page
Main Line Health fosters a work environment that allows employees to be all that they can be, plan for their futures and enjoy career satisfaction.
Main Line Health is a diverse healthcare system comprised of many hospitals, business entities and supportive organizations.
Main Line Health's Mission, Vision and Values guide all of us in what we do each day and set us apart from other healthcare organizations.
www.mainlinehealth.org /mlh/hprof/career/article_7053.asp   (490 words)

 Nectar, Berwyn -- Main Line Restaurant Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
When we arrived, although the room was 2/3 empty, we were placed at the table nearest the kitchen door and had to request a less busy location.
Their intentions were likely honorable, but there is a fine line between being helpful and being too aggressive.
My husband, who always has a criticism at most places we eat, especially here on the main line, thought that it was excellent.
www.mainlinedine.com /rest/nectar.html   (2612 words)

 Main Line Cycling Club - Home
Main Line Cycling, Inc. is a not for profit corporation.
Main Line Cycling is one of the most active racing and performance cycling organizations in Southeast, Pennsylvania.
Join Main Line Cycling for our annual Habitat for Humanity Race at the Norristown Farm Park.
www.mlcycling.com   (360 words)

 MLH - Nursing - About Us - Main Line Health Nursing Philosophy
Main Line Hospitals Nursing supports and upholds the organizational mission, vision and values of the Main Line Health System.
We take pride in participating in the education of the next generation of nurses, so that we may instill in them, not only our knowledge and philosophy, but the spirit and passion of those who have come before them.
The Web site for Main Line Health, its contents and programs, is provided for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice nor is it intended to create any physician-patient relationship.
www.mainlinehealth.org /mlh/hprof/nursing/article_8207.asp   (478 words)

 Main Line Real Estate | Wayne PA Real Estate
Armed with that information, John is able to use available technology and his expert knowledge of the Main Line real estate market to quickly narrow down the available choices to the homes that meet or exceed your expectations.
You need a Main Line real estate agent that asks the right questions and can provide immediate feedback and information on what it's like to live, work, and play in the greater Philadelphia area.
John Flanagan is a tech savvy, market wise Main Line Realtor that knows how to effectively advertise your home to a specific target audience using the marketing tools that will help to sell your home for top dollar value within the shortest possible time frame.
www.mainlinejohn.com   (606 words)

 YMCA of the Upper Main Line Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Lap Swimming is available for LCY members at the Woodmont Apartment Complex and at the Upper Main Line YMCA in Berwyn.
Construction at the Upper Main Line YMCA began at the end of March 2006.
©Copyright 2005-2006, YMCA of the Upper Main Line.
www.umly.org   (248 words)

 Main Line Chess Club, Gladwyne PA
I hope to be a member of this club for a very long time and with your professional and fun approach to chess it keeps my enthusiasm at it's highest.
My only regret is that I didn't find out about Main Line CC until May of this year while reading your articles at Chessville.com.
Co-hosted by the Main Line CC and Haverford College.
mywebpages.comcast.net /danheisman/Events_Books/Main_Line_Flyer_99.htm   (1333 words)

 Best of Main Line
Main Line Today invites you to join in the celebration of our ninth annual
On August 3 at QVC Studio Park in West Chester over 90 winners named in Main Line Today Magazine’s July Best of issue will be in attendance showing partygoers why they are the best.
Enjoy an evening of sampling the finest food and drink from reputable restaurants throughout the Main Line and Western Suburbs, while learning more about outstanding service providers in the area.
www.bestofmainline.com   (191 words)

 Main Line Today   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Pick up a copy of September's issue of Main Line Today to find 19 Main Line businesses that have some of the happiest employees around.
Also in the September issue: Meet the Main Line's most famous Paper Boy, Brian Tierney.
Writer Jim Waltzer talks to the new Inquirer boss, Brian Tierney, on the benefits of a prep school education, the downside of editorial meddling and why he won't be starting a blog anytime soon.
www.mainlinetoday.com   (134 words)

 Welcome to Our Main Line life: Montgomery, Delaware, & Chester Counties, Pennsylvania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Main Line in Penn's Greene Countrie is more than a train track, more than an historical highway, more than beautiful estates, more than upscale shops, more than horses - it's an attitude.
No longer rural, no longer just a vacation jaunt for the wealthy of Philadelphia, certainly not urban but refusing to be simply suburban, the Main Line in the '90s melds the warmth of small town living with the cultural advantages of a "big city".
The Main Line, true to the legacy of William Penn, abounds with parks - over 75 large and small ones plus the nearby Valley Forge Park and easily accessed Fairmount Park But residents by and large want more open space and most municipal leaders concur.
philanet.com /news/mainline/mainline.html   (364 words)

 Main Line | Philly Future - Philadelphia Blogs - The News YOU Write
First Friday, A Main Line ARTitude presented by Bryn Mawr Trust, is being driven by key representatives from the villages of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Ardmore, all motivated to spotlight our many Main Line cultural resources.
The Main Line is a fabulously interesting place full of neat stories and remnants of things past.
LOWER MERION - A wealthy Main Line woman who allegedly assaulted her housekeeper with a bag of carrots and a telephone handset after becoming miffed about the housekeeper's work habits is headed to court.
www.phillyfuture.org /taxonomy/term/107   (5431 words)

 The Perreux Variation of the Two Knights Defense - Main Line
The main line of the Perreux Variation can arise in a number of ways (see below), but generally follows either 5....Ne5 6.Qxd4 Nxc4 7.Qxc4 d5 8.exd5 Qxd5 9.Qe2+ or 5....d5 6.exd5 Na5 7.Qxd4 Nxc4 8.Qxc4 Qxd5 9.Qe2+.
The great advantage of the Perreux Variation is that White really only needs to learn a few lines since almost all roads can lead to the Main Line eventually (if White chooses).
Black can try to avoid the Main Line variations below in a number of ways and there are some alternatives for White as well.
www.rci.rutgers.edu /~goeller/urusov/perreux/main_line.html   (1291 words)

 Lower Merion Atlases
"Property Atlas Main Line Pennsylvania R.R. from Overbrook to Paoli Embracing Lower Merion, Haverford and Radnor Townships and Parts of Upper Merion, Easttown and Tredyffrin Townships." Compiled From Actual Surveys, Official Records and Private Plans, by Ellis Kiser and J.M. Lathrop, Civil Engineers.
"Property Atlas of the Main Line, Penna. Including the Township of Lower Merion and the Borough of Narberth in Montgomery County and the Townships of Haverford and Radnor in Delaware County." Complied from Official Records, Private Plans and Actual Surveys By and Under the Supervision of the Franklin Survey Company.
"Property Atlas of the Main Line, Penna. Including the Township of Lower Merion and the Borough of Narberth in Montgomery County and the Townships of Haverford and Radnor in Delaware County." From Official Records, Private Plans and Actual Surveys.
www.lowermerionhistory.org /atlas.html   (612 words)

 Best of Main Line   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Critics: Despite the abundance of fine dining on the Main Line, there are only a handful of prime spots for enjoying an elegant meal under an open sky.
The Main Line Special—that’s two eggs, two pancakes, a sausage and two slices of bacon for $5.95—tastes as good at 3 p.m.
The diver scallops, for example, are hand picked off the coast of Maine, caramelized, then served with an earthy mushroom vinaigrette.
www.bestofmainline.com /winners/2005/2005winnersA-F.htm   (6103 words)

 Main Line Fertility & Reproductive Medicine - Bryn Mawr, PA
Main Line Fertility and Reproductive Medicine - Bryn Mawr, PA Welcome to Main Line Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
Main Line Fertility is a reproductive endocrinology practice, located in the Philadelphia Metro area with offices in Bryn Mawr, Paoli and West Chester, Pennsylvania.
Copyright © 2000-2006 Main Line Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, Ltd. Terms of Use
www.mainlinefertility.com   (125 words)

 Main Line Mower - Home - (610) 647-6047
Family owned and operated for over 25 years, Main Line Mower has consistently offered the best products, service, and pricing available to the lawn and tree care industry.
Main Line Mower services most brands of outdoor power equipment including John Deere, Snapper, Sears, and MTD products.
Main Line Mower carries a full selection of STIHL chainsaws.
www.mainlinemower.com   (286 words)

 See Main Line Real Estate, Haverford, Bryn Mawr & Gladwyne Homes. Peter Clement
You will be personally guided by an experienced Main Line Real Estate Realtor who will give you local selling and buying tips.
Hiring me, a seasoned Main Line real estate professional, will help save you time and money.
I have sold Luxury Homes since1978 on the Main Line of Philadelphia.
www.mainlinephillyhomes.com   (294 words)

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