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In the News (Fri 14 Jun 19)

  Special report: The decline of mainline Protestantism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
But if the mainline traditions cannot reverse their course, the larger culture may lose a brave voice for social justice and interreligious understanding, not to mention a Christian tradition that today represents a rational, liberal, very New York approach to worship.
The mainline denominations themselves were arranged by socioeconomic status, with the leaders of government and industry worshipping in prestigious, many would say elitist, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches.
Mainline preachers spoke to the larger society about the major issues of their day, from unemployment to the threat of war.
www.thejournalnews.com /mainline/main01.htm   (2332 words)

 Stagecoach/Mainline Partnership
Mainline, which was created as an employee-owned company, is the successor to South Yorkshire Transport Limited, the municipal bus company owned by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority (SYPTA) whose operations were sold to Mainline in November 1993.
The strengthening of Mainline as a result of the merger situation may be expected to improve its quality of service, to increase reliability and stability in local bus services and to reduce congestion and pollution.
In view of the prospect that Mainline will re-establish a position of dominance in Sheffield, however, we believe it is essential that there should be a real potential for competition from substantial outside operators in order to provide a continuing stimulus for Mainline to maintain standards and keep down fares.
www.competition-commission.org.uk /rep_pub/reports/1994/stagemai.htm   (820 words)

 Albany Corridor Study : Concept Maps : Tandem Lots : Tandem Lots Matrix
Mainline barriers would be constructed at two locations: south of Interchange 23 at milepost (MP) 139 and west of Interchange 25A at MP 159.
Mainline barriers would be constructed at four locations: south of Interchange 23 at MP 139, between Interchanges 23 and 24 at MP 146 (SB only), between Interchanges 24 and 25 at MP 151 (WB only), and west of Interchange 25A at MP 159.
The Resolution is a binding contract between the Thruway Authority and the purchasers of its bonds and cannot be amended without the consent of a majority of the bondholders and approval of the Thruway Board.
www.thruway.state.ny.us /projectsandstudies/studies/albany/concept-maps/mainline-barrier-matrix.html   (1410 words)

 Midland Mainline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Midland Mainline (MML) is a British train operating company, created after the privatisation of British Rail.
Midland Mainline also operate to Scarborough during the summer on Saturdays only, with the service only operating to York on Sundays, and on other Saturdays all year round.
Midland Mainline also operate a Rail-Link Bus from the town of Corby to Kettering Rail Station.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Midland_Mainline   (306 words)

 Turning the Mainline Around - Christianity Today Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Mainline church leaders have long defended the legitimacy of liberal theology by claiming that true Methodism, or Presbyterianism, or Anglicanism allows for theological pluralism.
For years now, surveys have shown that the mainline laity are far more orthodox than their denominational leadership, as are the clergy in the local congregations.
McKinney and Finke's "Reviving the Mainline" study is available (with a free registration) as a PDF from The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.
www.christianitytoday.com /ct/2003/008/1.34.html   (4269 words)

 Christian Century: Mainline `quietly effective' - role of various religious groups - Brief Article - Interview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The lack of news notice of the mainline over the last 20 years has been matched by academia's lack of interest, he said, noting the plethora of books on the Religious Right and the relative paucity of studies on the mainline.
Mainline Protestants are "roughly twice as active" in such things as cooking at a soup kitchen or joining a walk against hunger or AIDS.
A decade or two ago, it was activist mainline clergy who took risks on national issues with political ramifications--the civil rights and nuclear freeze movements, and the move to make churches sanctuaries for refugees.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1058/is_11_118/ai_73443592   (1320 words)

 frontline: the jesus factor: evangelicals: evangelicals v. mainline protestants | PBS
Mainline Protestants tend to also believe that Jesus is the way to salvation.
But on many points, evangelicals and mainliners are sometimes hard to tell apart, because there are people in the evangelical tradition who are somewhat more modernist and tend towards the mainline.
It is viewed as the objective authoritative word of God, as opposed to the mainline Protestant view called neo-orthodoxy which holds, you see, that the Bible becomes the word of God in a kind of existential encounter with it.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/jesus/evangelicals/evmain.html   (986 words)

 Plant Equipment Hire from Mainline, Nationwide Deliverys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Mainline is a privately owned firm; its substance and flexibility owe much to Managing Director Keith Williams' early decision to plough any profits back into the company.
Mainline's hire fleet is large enough to contain its own fleets of plant, such as excavators, generators, dumpers, compressors and access kit.
Most importantly of all, although Mainline has the flexibility and ability to provide customers with the plant and tools they need, it's still small enough to be approachable and friendly.
www.mainline-hire.co.uk /company_profile.htm   (305 words)

 Mainline Safety - protective gloves and equipment for industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Mainline Safety aim to provide a comprehensive safety service to high-risk industries where specialist and often high tech safety equipment is required.
Mainline Safety are happy to advise on the correct glove for your application.
Mainline Safety have developed a revolutionary new glove range containing MicroSafe® fibres that have been proven in laboratory tests to inhibit the growth of Salmonella, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus and E-coli bacteria.
www.mainline-safety.com   (546 words)

 Mainline Automotive Equipment Pty Ltd
Mainline is committed to ongoing development of its product range and to remaining Australia's premier manufacturer of Chassis Dynamometers.
Mainline is committed to dyno accuracy, and takes the approach that the chassis dyno should determine a vehicle's power rather than the dyno operator.
Mainline dynos are recognised as the standard for accuracy and repeatability throughout the industry.
www.mainlineauto.com.au   (296 words)

 Pictures of the New Jersey Turnpike (Original Mainline via Car Lanes and Eastern Spur) (NJTP)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Note that from the original mainline (now the Eastern Spur), there is no access to Exit 14 from the car lanes; the traveller musts follow the truck lanes to exit.
Because of a lack of connections to both the North-South Freeway (NJ 42) on the turnpike mainline and to the Camden Freeway (I-295) on the New Jersey Turnpike Pennsylvania Extension (I-95), the southern turnpike is virtually disconnected from the freeways of southern New Jersey.
The southbound mainline, which was once parallel, was partially redesigned when the New Jersey Turnpike Northern Extension (I-95) was built, and now loops under the current mainline.
www.njfreeways.com /NJTPmainlinePictures.html   (4720 words)

 Amazon.ca: Books: Mainline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
As the action reaches a frantic peak, smugglers, cops, aliens and sea gods converge, and it seems ever more unlikely that Reva will be able to stay in the reality she knows, with the people she has grown to love.
I've just finished reading Mainline and found it truly masterful.  It has all the elements of suspense and action as well as character development that a reader hopes for in any science fiction book as well as delightfully creative worlds as invented by the author.
Mainline has some of the cheerful amorality of early Delany, and an interesting study of the implications of worldline-crossing in a many-worlds universe.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0812549082   (985 words)

 Mainline Baits - Carp Bait   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Mainline concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait and the carp a valuable food source, ensures that all our baits stand test of time when used on any water.
When Mainline Baits was founded it was a natural progression to look at the highest quality carp baits possible.
Mainline's contacts in the food and meat industries presented us with a whole wealth of opportunities in terms of research and product availability both at home and abroad.
www.mainline-baits.com   (465 words)

 Re: Setting up a "Mainline" UCM project
What is important is that once you have decided which is your mainline project, the all other projects deliver their baselines to it, and all new projects must start with baselines from the mainline only.
This method means that all new projects branch from the integration of the mainline project and any work considered important for other projects must be delivered to the mainline project.
The point is not necessarily that the mainline start with _initial, which would start it at main\0 for all elements, but to try and keep the integration branch as close to main as possible.
www.cmcrossroads.com /ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Number=32612   (324 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Are mainline churches anti-Semitic?
The Institute on Religion and Democracy, a monitor of the mainline denominations, says that of the 197 human-rights criticisms issued by the churches between 2000 and 2003, only 31 percent were aimed at countries other than the United States or Israel.
The tone and language of the mainline churches'; criticisms, the report says, convey the belief that the United States "is often a malignant influence in the world."
When U.S. policy cannot be blamed, the mainline denominations seem less interested in speaking up for the victims, the IRD says.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=40687   (1657 words)

 Mainline Mortgage Offers 100% Financing, 5% Down Second and Investment House Mortgages, Bad Credit Mortgages, and Cash ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Since 1992, Mainline has worked hard for people with less than perfect credit and those who are unable to document income or assets.
Mainline is committed to providing the best possible service in the industry..
Mainline offers a Cash Saver Arm starting at a minimum payment rate of 1.25% for a one year arm, and as low as 1.95% for a 5 year payment rate.
mainlineloans.com   (485 words)

 ICOC, ‘mainline’ leaders meet at Abilene Christian - The Christian Chronicle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Representatives of mainline churches apologized for using the word "cult" as a careless label in referring to the ICOC and for years of mistrust between the two groups.
Although the late-February meeting, billed “Faithful Conversations,” was not an attempt to merge the two groups, it provided much-needed dialogue between movements with common roots — movements that had grown distrustful of each other during years of little or no communication, said ACU president Royce Money.
The leaders detailed the apologies made to fellow ICOC members and members of mainline churches in the past year, many of which were posted on ICOC Web sites.
www.christianity.com /partner/Article_Display_Page/0,,PTID25485|CHID127205|CIID1743800,00.html   (592 words)

 Mainline Security - Ordering   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Compensation by Mainline If Mainline does not meet its obligations, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, compensation by it is limited at its option to; Repairing the faulty goods, or Refunding their purchase price.
Mainline's obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts and it will not be liable for loss of time, inconvenience or any other damage, consequential or otherwise.
The goods supplied by Mainline Security Products Pty Ltd are designed to reduce the risks of loss and/or injury to persons to the extent that is reasonably practical by use of its products.
www.mainline.com.au /terms.asp   (553 words)

 Crosswalk.com - Mainline Churches Say U.S., Israel Violate Human Rights
A new report on the human-rights advocacy of mainline Protestant denominations raises concerns about the anti-Semitic attitudes embedded in those churches.
"It is evident from the tone and language used by mainline church leaders in their statements and legislation that, as a group, they believe that the United States is often a malignant influence in the world.
Nelson, a research associate for the IRD's Episcopal Action program, says mainline churches should not be expending most of their energy criticizing one nation when their fellow Christians are suffering in oppressive nations like China, North Korea, and Cuba.
www.crosswalk.com /news/religiontoday/1288754.html   (469 words)

 Mainline Churches' Decline
Mainline Protestants reeling By GARY STERN THE JOURNAL NEWS (Original publication: May 4, 2003) http://www.nynews.com/newsroom/050403/a0104mainline.html
The mainline denominations themselves were arranged by socioeconomic status, with the leaders of government and industry worshipping in prestigious - many would say elitist - Episcopal and Presbyterian churches.
A 2001 study by Catholic sociologist Andrew Greeley and two colleagues found that low birthrates between 1903 and 1973 - especially compared with evangelicals - was an overlooked reason for the startling drop in mainline membership.
jmm.aaa.net.au /articles/8788.htm   (2196 words)

 Mainline Pressure Loss (Landscape Sprinkler Design Tutorial)
The mainline consists of all the pipes from your water source to your irrigation valves.
A 1" copper mainline then runs through the basement wall to a backflow preventer in the basement and then the copper goes back outside again (this copper pipe is also part of the "house mainline").
After the irrigation mainline is through the wall the metal pipe should extend another 12 inches beyond the edge of the wall, then you can change to plastic pipe.
www.irrigationtutorials.com /sprinkler09.htm   (3237 words)

 LANSA and Mainline Information Systems Announce Alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Under the alliance, Mainline will offer LANSA's software solutions that support all types of industries from manufacturing and distribution to government, retail, finance and healthcare.
Mainline Information Systems was founded in 1989 as a computer consulting firm.
Mainline Information Systems is an IBM Premier Business Partner.
www.lansa.com /press/20421.htm   (249 words)

 Business Wire: Mobius Japan and Mainline Korea Sign Distribution Agreement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Mainline plans to incorporate Mobius software with the technology and expertise they provide to their customers.
Mainline Korea is a member of Mainline Global Systems, C.V., founded in 1998 by Mainline Information Systems, Inc. (www.mainline.com) to serve as an IBM International Business Partner and provide consulting services and support to the Mainline companies opening in new markets abroad.
Mainline is a Premier IBM Business Partner, providing complete solutions including server and storage systems, systems engineering services, migration & installation services, and customer care centers.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2000_March_17/ai_60128868   (627 words)

Mainline is a blues/rock band now in its fifth year.
Mainline is well and truly a fulltime touring band and one of the hardest working to emerge from the local music scene in a very long time.
During 2005 Mainline added clubs to their ever increasing list of clients.
www.mainline.8m.com   (248 words)

 Scholar Finds Vitality in Mainline Protestantism -- Beliefnet.com
Bass, a savvy writer and scholar, says mainline churches suffer from "the Tevye Syndrome." Like the lead character in the famous play "Fiddler on the Roof," such churches struggle with tradition on the one hand and change and growth on the other.
Tell a new story of mainline Protestantism by identifying and describing congregations of intentional practice and by exploring which practices have fostered vitality and spiritual growth.
Educate and equip congregations to become intentional communities and assist mainline churches in recognizing their new historical and spiritual location.
www.beliefnet.com /story/130/story_13065_1.html   (798 words)

 Mainline Angling, for all your carp baits
Mainline Baits' reputation for quality and success needs no further introduction, other than your success is our success!
The Mainline concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait and the carp a valuable food source, ensures that our baits also stand test of time when used on any water.
No matter how big Mainline get we always remember that the customer is the most important part of our business.
www.mainlineangling.com   (372 words)

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