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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Mainstream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mainstream films can best be defined as commercial films that know a wide release and play in first run theatres (A movie theater that runs primarily mainstream film fare from the major film companies and distributors, during the initial release period of each film).
Mainstream suggests middle-of-the-road and implies commercial viability, sometimes implying that the commercial viability is tantamount to a loss of artistic creativity.
Mainstreaming in education, also known as inclusion, is the process of grouping disabled students with general education students in the classroom.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mainstream   (385 words)

 Mainstream Ventilation Systems For Manufactured Housing and Mobile Homes
It is particularly suitable for elderly occupants who can not tolerate drafts, are concerned about the effects that poor ventilation has on health, and do not want to have to replace the bathroom fan every year.
Mainstreams meet and beat the strict HUD and even stricter Bonneville Power Authority codes for whole house ventilation systems.
The Mainstream is as simple as a traditional bathroom fan or as complete as an integrated, whole house ventilation system.
www.tamtech.com /mnstream.htm   (400 words)

 Mainstream Vouchers - Vouchers for Persons with Disabilities - HUD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mainstream program vouchers enable families having a person with disabilities to lease affordable private housing of their choice.
Mainstream program vouchers also assist persons with disabilities who often face difficulties in locating suitable and accessible housing on the private market.
Nonprofit disability organizations are encouraged to seek out PHAs in their geographic area to develop cooperative contractual relationships under the mainstream program and to enhance services to families with a disabled person.
www.hud.gov /offices/pih/programs/hcv/pwd/mainstream.cfm   (720 words)

 Mainstream Supported Employment Programme   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mainstream is a two-year, subsidised employment programme for people with significant disabilities.
Awards for the 2005 Mainstream Employer of the Year, and Mainstream Placement Specialist of the Year were presented by the Minister of State Services Annette King at an award ceremony on 15 December.
Recent Mainstream participants, and current participants who have been working in their Mainstream placements for at least six months are invited to nominate their employer for the Mainstream Employer of the Year Awards for 2005.
www.ssc.govt.nz /display/document.asp?NavID=85   (764 words)

The combined influences of both strains constitute mainstream culture.
Representing the prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society or group: mainstream morality.
Blogstream is a play on the term mainstream that references the alternative news and information network growing up around weblogs and user driven content mechanisms.
www.jahsonic.com /Mainstream.html   (229 words)

 Read/WriteWeb: Mainstreaming of Web 2.0
As it passed into its childhood years in 1999 and 2000, the population went mainstream; women reached parity with men online, lots more minority families joined the party, and more people with modest levels of income and education came online.
Mainstream adoption will(maybe, probably)be driven by mobile and cross-platform applications.
I'd call such sites fully mainstream, and I think that the big year-to-year changes we see from inside the bubble appear to be a smooth decades-long gradation from ground-level.
www.readwriteweb.com /archives/mainstreaming_o.php   (1059 words)

 Technorati Tag: Mainstream
Mainstream 2006 Swimwear New 2006 swimwear in sizes 8 to 18 by Mainstream.
Mainstream Find Deals on mainstream and other Computer Networking at DealTime.
Mainstream: Compare Prices Find Bargains on Mainstream and other Swimwear.
www.technorati.com /tag/Mainstream   (528 words)

Mainstream is an innovator in exciting educational programming and career change options for mature adults.
COLLEGIUM for Lifelong Learning is a membership organization created in 2004 under the aegis of Mainstream by Community College volunteers seeking to combine serious study and social exchange.
For a fee of $150, any adult may join and register for up to four of the seven or eight weekly courses offered during a six-week semester.
www.sunywcc.edu /continuing_ed/mainstream/mainstream.htm   (248 words)

 Article 10: Exile On Mainstream
If the word 'mainstream' means anything in the context of comics, it denotes those comics that come closest to reaching that sort of mass awareness - the ones at the mainstream end of the spectrum.
Back in the dark, dark days before the manga boom, some indie purists used to argue that indie comics were actually more mainstream than superhero comics, because superheroes with a marginal genre, while indie books did drama, and comedy, and horror, and so forth, all of which were far more mainstream.
A story that might be thoroughly mainstream if told as a novel or a TV show is immediately banished to the cultural wasteland when told as a comic.
www.ninthart.com /display.php?article=1102   (1398 words)

 The Mainstream Band
For over 20 years, Mainstream has been one of greater Cincinnati's (southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky) top bands, playing their music for Clubs, Summer Festivals, Conventions, Country Clubs, Weddings, and Dinner Dances.
The name "Mainstream" references the type of music that the band plays, including top hits from the 60's, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
Mainstream provides fun and danceable music with entertainment on stage that makes the crowd feel like they are a part of the event.
www.themainstreamband.com   (183 words)

 Mainstream Computer Systems - Repair   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Training videos are easy and convenient to use but you would like one-on-one instruction and don't have the time to sign up for a computer class.
Mainstream Computer Systems is an authorized agent of Shentel internet services.
At Mainstream Computer Systems, Inc., we'll be happy to discuss any of our services in greater detail.
www.mainstream-computers.com /mainstream_repair.htm   (657 words)

 Night Shade Books Discussion Area: Mainstream
I know there's a movement or twelve out there that try to hoard the term literary based upon their aspirations and agendas, but the term only means that the writing has an introspection and thoughtful sensibility that otherwise puerile forms of expression lack.
When it was rejected, I figure the reason was that it was mainstream instead of literary.
Unless there was a note on your rejection saying, "this wasn't literary enough for us" or "this was too mainstream," I highly doubt that that was the reason for your rejection.
www.nightshadebooks.com /discus/messages/378/4764.html?1123622638   (1560 words)

 Sankrant Sanu's Blog - Sankrant Sanu web blogs, Sankrant Sanu blogger in India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In a world of religious conflict, it becomes particularly important that children are given balanced viewpoints of mainstream beliefs and practices of all religions.
We can speculate that derogatory mainstream portrayals of Hinduism, quite different from what they have seen or experienced first hand, would at the very least be confusing, and ultimately damaging to the self-esteem of such children.
Doniger is certainly free to pursue her specific areas of interest and scholarship in Hinduism, we do not believe that her article represents the mainstream of Hindu thought in both the selection of content and its interpretation, which would be appropriate for a widely read source such as Encarta.
www.sulekha.com /column.asp?cid=245733   (6554 words)

 Mainstream Loudoun - A Voice for Moderation
Mainstream Loudoun is a nonprofit, nonpartisan grassroots organization.
Mainstream Loudoun is governed by a board of directors which includes officers and chairs of standing committees.
With contributions of $25 or more, you will be considered a member of Mainstream Loudoun and will receive our monthly newsletter.
www.loudoun.net /mainstream   (445 words)

 Mainstream Engineering Corporation Home Page
Mainstream originally began as a thermal-science R&D company solving NASA and DOD problems related to thermal control, replacement working fluids, and advanced heat pump development.
Mainstream has in-house facilities to transition an innovation from its initial laboratory proof-of-concept experiments t o extensive field tests or to development of a customer's turnkey manufacturing facility.
Mainstream's engineering staff consists of Ph.D., Master's and Bachelor's level mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers and scientists.
www.mainstream-engr.com   (392 words)

 Seattle wedding bands, Washington wedding bands, Mainstream, live music, entertainment
With their unique blend of rock, swing, RandB, and ballads, Mainstream knows how to get your guests on the dance floor and in the mood.
Mainstream’s specialty is variety, so whether your favorite song is It Had To Be You, or What I Like About You, this is the band for you.
Mainstream’s proven track record is based on sure-fire dance hits.
www.pro-ent.com /Mainstream.htm   (327 words)

 Mainstream Media
Michael Brown and Ali Abunimah expose the blatant racism of Mainstream Media's coverage of the conflict in Palestine.
A central tenet of Mainstream Media is its support for corporate capitalism.
A constant barrage of pro-capitalist propaganda, including the burying of any and all critiques are integral to its survival.
www.zmag.org /watching_mainstream_media.cfm   (580 words)

 COTA - Accessibility Services - Project Mainstream
Project Mainstream is COTA’s ADA paratransit service for eligible persons who are unable to use the fixed route service as a result of their disability.
Guidelines for COTA Project Mainstream eligibility are based upon the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
All COTA Project Mainstream passengers receive a copy of the guide upon certification of their eligibility.
www.cota.com /COTA/Cotaweb/main.xml?intPageID=28&intSectionID=2&SubSubMenu=2   (488 words)

 Mainstream Media Introduction - Global Issues
It is, therefore, important that mainstream media be objective and present accurate and diverse representations of what goes on around the world.
The mainstream media of the developed and freer, nations pose an often unmentioned or poorly analyzed problem: the lack of objective reporting that is not influenced and, to a growing degree, controlled by elites to advance their interests.
And with some of the recent political protests such as that of the WTO in Seattle, in November 1999, of the IMF and World Bank in April 2000, etc, and the increased media coverage, some independent journalists have been finding that censorship is taking a more violent form even in Britain and the US.
www.globalissues.org /HumanRights/Media/Intro.asp   (4532 words)

 The American Spectator
The use of "mainstream conservative," and its more odious ancestor "mainstream," opens up yet another front in the fight over the judiciary: the battle over language.
No talking point shows the genesis of "mainstream" or "mainstream conservative." Yet its prevalence is undeniable.
Perhaps the press is interested in maintaining the fiction of the mainstream.
www.spectator.org /dsp_article.asp?art_id=8436   (777 words)

 The New Mainstream
She has been charged by the Executive Minister to follow-up on stories of ministry and mission in the name of Jesus Christ as they are happening in the American Baptist Churches of the Great Rivers Region.
The new Mainstream will be formatted to allow churches to use it as a bulletin insert.
The new Mainstream will be sent out to churches by US Postal Service.
www.abc-grr.org /mainstream/index.asp   (312 words)

 . :: Mainstream - Indigovision :: .
Mainstream™ is a matched suite of IP modules for implementing a complete solution for digital video compression, decompression and transmission systems in silicon.
It comprises of encoders and decoders, such as MPEG-4 and H.264, as well as video capture and display modules, DMA, SDRAM host and AMBA interfaces.
Silicon Verification: Mainstream™ MPEG-4 Video Codec IP has been silicon verified, including through the UMC foundry 0.25 process.
mainstream.indigovision.com /onlinetour/mainstream.html   (185 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com :: Justice Janice Brown: "Out of the Mainstream"...for France by Ann Coulter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
According to the Times, Brown has "declared war on the mainstream legal values that most Americans hold dear." What the Times means by "mainstream legal values" is: off-the-charts unpopular positions favored by NAMBLA, the ACLU and The New York Times editorial page.
I guess if your "mainstream" includes Roman Polanski, Michael Moore, Howard Dean and Jacques Chirac, then Brown really is "out of the mainstream." This proverbial "stream" they're constantly referring to is evidently located somewhere in France.
Fortunately for liberals, soccer moms hear that a nominee is "extreme" and "out the mainstream" and are too frightened to ask for details.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=10566   (870 words)

 About CALLERLAB Dance Programs
This progam is intended to not only provide certification but also to improve a caller's teaching skills.
This document provides the Mainstream Definitions in both English and Danish.
This document provides a list of items which the Mainstream committee highly recommends be taught to dancers.
www.callerlab.org /programs/lists.asp   (341 words)

 Welcome to the Talk.Origins Archive
The Talk.Origins Archive is a collection of articles and essays that explore the creationism/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific perspective.
In other words, the authors of most of the articles in this archive accept the prevailing scientific view that the earth is ancient, that there was no global flood, and that evolution is responsible for the earth's present biodiversity.
The archive's policy is that readers should be given easy access to alternative views, but those who espouse alternative views should speak for themselves.
www.talkorigins.org /origins/welcome.html   (781 words)

 AlterNet: MediaCulture: Redefining 'Mainstream'
It is less clear, however, on exactly which issues John Kerry is out of the mainstream.
So surely a majority of the American people can't be "out of the mainstream" – unless "mainstream" doesn't mean what we think it does.
Goldberg grossly distorted a poll of convention delegates in an effort to make them appear "far to the left of the mainstream." Goldberg claimed that "5 out of 6 say the war on terrorism and national security aren't that important." This, of course, is absurd.
www.alternet.org /mediaculture/19406   (1050 words)

 Mainstream Computer Systems - Pets   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
We'll probably be hard at work napping, playing or eating, but it's okay if you want to interrupt our busy schedule to give us a pat on the head or talk to us.
Mainstream Computer Systems, Inc. is sharing in the effort to improve the Page County Animal Shelter and to provide good, loving homes for homeless animals in Page County.
While we support this effort, Mainstream Computer Systems, Inc. is not directly affiliated with A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation (AFH), its fundraising efforts.
www.mainstream-computers.com /mainstream_pets.htm   (243 words)

This new bus doubles the bandwidth of AGP 8x delivering over 4GB/s in both upstream and downstream data transfers.
With a GeForce FX or PCX mainstream GPU inside your PC, you can experience cinematic-quality effects, studio-quality color, and the industry-leading performance and rock-solid driver stability you expect from NVIDIA.
The only DirectX 9 compatible GPUs in their class, the GeForce FX 5200 and GeForce PCX 5300 models are engineered for compatibility with the latest gaming and multimedia software.
www.nvidia.com /page/fx_5200.html   (295 words)

 Mainstream Media Project
The Mainstream Media Project is a public education organization that acts as a catalyst for breakthrough conversations and collaborative problem solving by increasing the diversity of approaches, voices, and perspectives heard in the media.
Join us to hear how young people from Beirut to Boston, Pittsburg to Morocco, perceive one another across the great divide that their elders have created.
Founded in 1995, the Mainstream Media Project is a nonprofit public education organization that places top policy analysts and social innovators on radio and television stations across the country and around the world.
www.mainstream-media.net   (194 words)

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