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Topic: Maintenance

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  Software maintenance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Software maintenance is one of the activities in software engineering, and is the process of enhancing and optimizing deployed software (software release), as well as remedying defects.
The software maintenance phase involves changes to the software in order to correct defects and deficiencies found during field usage as well as the addition of new functionality to improve the software's usability and applicability.
The software maintenance phase is an explicit part of the waterfall model of the software development process which was developed during the structured programming movement of computer programming.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Software_maintenance   (464 words)

 Maintenance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maintenance is a legal term of art that is used to describe child support, alimony (also called spousal support), and champerty.
Maintenance is an industry term that is used to describe software maintenance in the computer software industry
Maintenance is an industry term that is used to describe preventive maintenance in manufacturing, e.g.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Maintenance   (157 words)

 Mastercam : Products
The Mastercam X Maintenance Program is a software delivery plan designed to provide you with the most recent enhancements, the latest software tools, and the best new features.
Two Maintenance Releases and one major release are scheduled per year, and are all part of the package.
Maintenance notifications will be posted regularly on www.mastercam.com and in the Mastercam Notes Customer Newsletter.
www.mastercam.com /Products/Maintenance   (414 words)

 APICS - Certification Maintenance
The program recognizes that individuals are at various levels in their careers, come from a variety of industries, have differing educational needs and career goals, and have varying degrees of access to continuing education.
The certification maintenance program runs in five-year intervals, commencing from the date of initial certification and ending on the last day of the month that initial certification was received.
Once you have earned the correct number of professional development points, submit your completed 2003 Certification Maintenance Application or 2004 Certification Maintenance Application, 2005 Certification Maintenance Application, Professional Development Journal, and processing fee no later than the last day of the anniversary month in which you were certified.
www.apics.org /certification/maintenance   (344 words)

 corrosion maintenance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Maintenance experts have pointed out that there may be a "natural tendency" to intuitively follow this approach, even though it may be (cost) ineffective in ensuring reliability.
Ideally, the planned intervals of preventive maintenance are arranged so that corrective action is taken just before significant damage would set in otherwise.
The aim is to minimize (or even eliminate) unnecessary maintenance and inspection activities and to focus maintenance efforts when and where they are most needed.
www.corrosion-club.com /maintenance.htm   (357 words)

 Maintenance Troubleshooting
Root cause analysis details from that maintenance study were soon to combine with data from other loss events to reveal a critical risk factor that existed broadly within the company, and that was producing losses routinely throughout the company’s operations.
Maintenance simply could not rely upon a system that would allow such inconsistent and vulnerable information to impact decisions and planning.
The root cause analysis maintenance troubleshooting methodology and tools are a mature system that has been validated in the field by maintenance and operations professionals.
www.rootcause.com /maintena.htm   (2417 words)

 Maintenance software for tools and machines
As a result planned maintenance is never missed through lack of information on completed run-times and the tasks can be carried out at the most convenient and cost-effective times, e.g.
It also provides information on machine run-hours left before machine maintenance is due and indicates the hours left to complete the current job.
For planned maintenance tasks these can be configured into kits of parts and any shortages are highlighted in the Inventory Exception Report so that work is not delayed due to shortage of materials.
www.maintenance-software.co.uk   (984 words)

 WildPackets - Maintenance Programs
Maintenance programs provide each owner with a customized MyPeek account through which they register their product, receive product updates and upgrades as they occur, receive free utilities (including the Ethereal Decode Enabler), and gain access to newsletters and resources that are not available to the general public through our web pages.
Maintenance for EtherPeek SE, EtherPeek NX, AiroPeek SE, and AiroPeek NX EtherPeek NX, EtherPeek SE, AiroPeek NX, and AiroPeek SE are available with two levels of maintenance.
Standard Maintenance is available for twelve or twenty-four months and can be purchased with your product on our Web site or extended by contacting sales@wildpackets.com.
www.wildpackets.com /support/maintenance   (405 words)

 Software Maintenance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Maintenance is a set of software engineering activities that occur after software has been delivered to the customer and put into operation.
More than two-fifths of maintenance activities are extensions and modifications requested by the users.
The activities required to accomplish the maintenance phase and the impact of a software engineering approach (or lack thereof) on the efficacy of such activities.
hebb.cis.uoguelph.ca /~dave/27320/quality/maintain.html   (529 words)

 Calvert Painting Company: The Guide to Painting, Maintenance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Maintenance usually begins after the first year the paint project is completed.
Maintenance is not terribly pain-staking if it is kept up with, providing homeowners have not cut corners.
If maintenance is neglected, the homeowner will pay for it in the end.
calpaint.home.mindspring.com /8main.htm   (138 words)

 STRACfast Maintenance universal maintenance manager for all types of vehicles, equipment, or machinery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Calculating when maintenance is due is referred to as performing a maintenance check.
The maintenance check can also be performed by any maintenance operation type and provides selective maintenance checking by tracking unit or date interval.
Once maintenance operations are entered for an object, they can be imported into other objects of the same type to avoid re-entering the operations.
www.mtcpro.com /stracmtc.htm   (729 words)

 Aircraft Maintenance - TNT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
TNT Aircraft Maintenance services is a division of TNT Express Worldwide (UK) Ltd and was formed in September 1991 as a UK CAA approved maintenance organisation.
TNT Aircraft Maintenance Services is located at London-Stansted Airport and manages the Maintenance activities carried out at various locations including Cork, Belfas, Shannon, Teesside, Liege (Belgium) where the Line maintenance is performed.
This is achieved by providing line maintenance support at various TNT airports and full technical support for the fleet of BAe 146, A300 aircraft and B727.
www.tnt.com /country/en_ta/about/operations/aircraftmaintenance.html   (235 words)

 LJ Maintenance's Journal
We're watching closely, and in the event of hitting an error please open a support request with details of the problem.
Users on cluster 7: Bear (Where am I?) will be unavailable for about 15 minutes at around midnight PDT (-7 GMT) while I perform some unplanned maintenance on that database.
We're working on a method for doing this maintenance without the having to take the journals read-only but it's not ready at this time.
www.livejournal.com /community/lj_maintenance   (871 words)

 Fleet Maintenance Pro software system tracks preventive and repair maintenance on vehicles and equipment
This maintenance tracking software can also be customized to track the types of information that are important to you and your business, and print out detailed, easy to read reports so that you know where you stand at any given time.
In addition to the 80 pre-defined maintenance services, ranging from checking the tire pressure to performing an engine tune-up, you can define your own maintenance services for your vehicles and equipment according to your company's needs and requirements.
When any form of maintenance is carried out, Fleet Maintenance Pro keeps track of the date, mileage, parts, labor, service provider, costs, and comments.
www.mtcpro.com /fleetmtc.htm   (964 words)

 Aviation Maintenance
Among the goals under consideration for prioritization are: increased focus on legislative and regulatory advocacy; elevating the public image of the aviation maintenance technician; gaining air carrier support for PAMA’s goals; increasing educational opportunities; and assisting members with legal counsel and insurance options.
ISO accreditation for its Heavy Maintenance division is targeted for the end of this calendar year.
Nominate only someone for a "specific act of maintenance safety." This might include spotting a hard-to-find crack just as the airplane is about to leave the hangar, or catching a fuel leak as the airplane pushes back from the gate, or preventing a catastrophic accident by making sure the aircraft is airworthy.
www.aviationtoday.com /cgi/am/show_mag.cgi?pub=am&mon=1002&file=1002news.htm   (5244 words)

 IMC_2003_Homepage_for_the_International_Maintenance_Conference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
IMC-2003, the 18th International Maintenance Conference is an event where maintenance and reliability professionals can learn from each other through a series of informative presentations, question and answers sessions, networking opportunities and a selection of full day and half day workshops.
This year we are adding a complete PdM/Condition Monitoring track as well as a half day of maintenance basics to expand the breadth and experience of the participants.
There are four presentations tracks and three workshops to meet the needs of everyone in a typical maintenance department.
www.imc-2003.com   (624 words)

 Maintenance, Maintenance management, reliability, preventive maintenance, planning and scheduling, RCFA, root cause ...
Maintenance training and maintenance seminars can also be found in the Events section.
Maintenance management jobs and special reliability events are occasionally posted on the home page in between the articles.
Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) is central to just about every type of manufacturing facility—with responsibilities that usually encompass both facilities maintenance, and machine repair and maintenance.
www.maintenanceworld.com   (1057 words)

 Industrial Maintenance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The instructional materials and lab experiences in the industrial maintenance program are relevant to the specific job the student is training for.
This program is a one-year (full-time) sequence of courses that prepares students for employment as industrial maintenance electricians or industrial maintenance mechanics.
This program is an eighteen-month sequence of courses that prepares students for employment as industrial maintenance technicians.
www.griftec.org /pages/imtdex.html   (555 words)

 Maintenance management, PLC Training, books and software.
Handbook for Machining Equipment Maintenance - This 244 page ebook is a compilation of information for you to refer to during the process of achieving better results while dealing with machine tools and precision machining equipment.
In addition to onsite PLC training, we also provide a valuable online resource for maintenance management and engineering professionals in the manufacturing industry.
Maintenance - Engineering Books, CDs and Publication has reduced their prices under new ownership.
www.bin95.com   (1090 words)

 Maintenance Platforms for Helicopters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Maintenance technicians, who service aircraft high above the hangar floor, are at risk.
Maintenance platforms to service Sikorsky H-60 Helicopters, including the Black Hawk, the Sea Hawk, the Jay Hawk, the Pave Hawk, the Fire Hawk, and the S-70, are available.
Maintenance platforms to service Sikorsky H-53 Series Helicopters (including the CH-53D Sea Stallion, the HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant, the MH-53J Pave Low III, and the MH-53E Sea Dragon) are available.
www.precision.rotor.com /trialpgs/platforms.shtml   (302 words)

 Maintenance Management, Maintenance Management Consultant, Maintenance Consultant, Maintenance Audit, Reliability ...
IDCON is a reliability and maintenance management-consulting firm, sometimes known as a management asset firm.
A maintenance management philosophy emerged through the IDCON experience of implementing better reliability practices in plants all over the world.
The philosophy is based on common sense and basic maintenance asset management principles.
www.idcon.com   (249 words)

 Computer Maintenance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
On-site IT maintenance with only one low monthly charge with no contract to sign and *including* all parts and labour.
On-site maintenance includes home as well as business computers and networks - hardware plus operating system software.
IT support and network management, with more than 600 staff operating across a nationwide network of support and logistic centres, COMAG and associates provide an unrivalled Computer and network maintenance service to maintain maximum uptime and productivity for your business.
www.go-computer-maintenance.co.uk   (377 words)

 Maintenance Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This tutorial provides a framework for managing maintenance with options that allow decision makers to select the most successful ways to manage their businesses.
Maintenance professionals are being asked to wring more and more out of plant assets with fewer resources than ever.
You will also learn how Maintenance and Reliability practitioners can determine where they stand relative to the current skill-set of the profession as well as what certification as a Maintenance and Reliability Professional can mean to you.
www.maintenanceresources.com /ReferenceLibrary/MaintenanceManagement   (1009 words)

 Vehicle Maintenance
Tracks cars, trucks, and equipment with gas or diesel engines that require scheduled maintenance to be performed on on routine basis.
New Report - Detailed Scheduled Maintenance Work to Do - prints out the expanded description of the maintenance work that needs to be done soon.
Oil Costs (oil changes or oil added during the maintenance functions) can now be entered as a separate field on the maintenance work done screen.
www.taylor-business.com /TBSVehicleMaint.htm   (235 words)

Performs all basic landscape maintenance tasks such as turf maintenance, pruning of scrubs and trees, mulching, raking, fertilizing, trash/debris removal, reporting irrigation problems and pest problems.
Under the general supervision of the town administrator, this job entails the cleaning and maintenance of assigned buildings and grounds.
Maintenance Tech Supports all plant and grounds maintenance for all the facilities belonging to and being leased by Catholic Charities.
grounds.maintenance.jobs.jobsearchsite.com   (3250 words)

 CMMS - Preventative Maintenance Software for Equipment, Fleet Maintenance, & Vehicle Preventive Maintenance Management
When you install EZ Maintenance, you can set the software to use the full inventory module, to use inventory pricing only, or to not use the inventory module at all in day to day maintenance operations.
If you set EZ Maintenance to use the full inventory module, you will have at your command a full inventory control section which will deduct maintenance materials from inventory when work orders are issued.
Maintenance Calendars: EZ Maintenance CMMS not only produces print outs of all preventive maintenance schedules for all or any piece of equipment, but will produce actual monthly calendars showing all scheduled preventative maintenance, and the days on which it is to be done.
www.ez-maintenance.com   (928 words)

 Boating Maintenance Videos - Bennett Marine Video
Each of these easy to follow videos covers everything from engine maintenance, and electrical systems, cosmetic gelcoat and fiberglass repair, varnishing and painting, haul out and bottom work and safety gear maintenance.
Spring commissioning and fall lay-ups are the times when most of the maintenance on boats should be preformed, however boaters must take the time during the middle of the season to check the conditions of belts, hoses, batteries, plumbing, filters and safety equipment to ensure everything is working well and properly maintained.
This program provides a "check-list" of procedures that should be completed during the mid-season in order to keep your boat in good condition and information on "what to look for" and "what to do" if and when something needs attention.
www.bennettmarine.com /maintenance.html   (860 words)

 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Total Productive Maintenance Total Productive Maintenance By Terry Wireman Completely revised and updated, this new edition of a classic reference focuses on the financial approach to the subject—a methodology that produces quantifiable results allowing a TPM program to be sustainable - requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.
Reviewing the most likely ways that equipment will fail has been a major concern in reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) to ensure that proactive, predictive and preventive maintenance activities during turnaround could be planned and carried out.
Uptime at Minimum Cost in the Process Industries This paper attempts to share some of the key learning points, realized over a period of twenty years in the Brewing/Paper and Pulp industry with implementation experience at nineteen plants on a wide range of continuous process equipment.
www.plant-maintenance.com /maintenance_articles_tpm.shtml   (941 words)

 Posting Boards - Powered by Groupee Community
This message posting board is focused on strategies and techniques for improving maintenance and reliability practices.
This message posting board is focused on technologies, strategies and techniques for predictive maintenance and machinery condition monitoring.
This message posting board is focused on strategies and techniques for improving your use of SAPĀ®-PM Plant Maintenance and EAM Software.
maintenanceforums.com /eve/ubb.x   (645 words)

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