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Topic: Malachor V

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Malachor V - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - A Wikia wiki
Malachor was a taboo world in Mandalorian culture, something that the Jedi general Revan used against them in order to win the war.
During the Battle of Malachor V, Revan single-handedly slew Mandalore the Ultimate aboard a flagship.
Malachor's surface was transformed into a barren, lifeless wasteland, with all of Revan's enemies eliminated in a single stroke.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Malachor_V   (890 words)

 Malachor V - LibertyWiki
Malachor V is a desolate, barren planet where the last battle of the Mandalorian War was fought.
There were only few survivors of the Battle at Malachor V, including some which hated been fated for legendary status: Darth Revan, Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, Bao-Dur, Atton Rand, and, most telling of the atrocities of the battle, Darth Nihilus and the Jedi Exile.
From the ashes of Malachor V arose two immensely powerful Sith Lords: Darth Nihilus, the Lord of hunger; and Darth Traya, the Lord of betrayal.
wiki.dot-totally.co.uk /Malachor_V   (445 words)

 Battle of Malachor V - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - A Wikia wiki
The Battle of Malachor V was the battle which concluded the Mandalorian Wars in 3,960 BBY.
Following the victory at Malachor, Revan departed with a third of the remaining Republic fleet into the Unknown Regions, claiming that he was hunting down surviving remains of the Mandalorians.
From the ashes of Malachor V arose two powerful Sith Lords: Darth Sion the Lord of Pain and Darth Nihilus the Lord of Hunger.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Battle_of_Malachor_V   (623 words)

 Dxun | Encyclopedia of Speculative Fiction | Wizards.pro
The final battle of the Mandalorian Wars, the Battle of Malachor V, was yet to be fought.
In 3,956 BBY, Canderous Ordo took the title of Mandalore and gathered the remaining Mandalorians, most of which were mercenaries at the time, on the Dxun moon, in the rebuilt headquarters of the old Mandalore.
Later, during the Battle of Telos, Canderous and his Mandalorians helped the Jedi Exile destroy the former Republic capital ship Ravager, which had participated in the Battle of Malachor V and had been retrieved from the planet by Darth Nihilus himself.
encyclopedia.wizards.pro /index.php/Dxun   (545 words)

 Jedi Council Forums - The Sith Retcon: One True Sith Empire, a Killik Sith Lord, Centerpoint, the Maw, and the ...
Malachor V was once occupied tens of thousands of years ago by another, older order of the Sith.
Malachor V is likewise described by Kreia as "sitting right on the doorstep of the True Sith Empire's throneworlds," out in the UR.
Like the Malachor V Trayus Academy construction-dating, such estimates are sacrosanct for the purposes of the canon, and thus we might very well be looking at further examples of ancient True Sith personages, architecture, and artifactery, between Adas, the Killik Sith Lord, and Krayiss II.
boards.theforce.net /literature/b10003/23803387/p1/?67   (4470 words)

 GameBanshee Forums - View Single Post - What's Mass Shadow Generator?(Possible Spoilers)
My hypothesis is that the device somehow enhanced the gravitation of Malachor V, meaning that all the ships in the orbit were instantly pulled down to the surface; some of them the Remote discovers in the game.
When you leave Malachor V in the light side ending, you see the planet's components drifting apart, so the gravity which had kept them together for millennia at least seemed to have lessened considerably.
By "undoing the damage" he was probably referring on the one hand to exactly this reversal of the physical effects, but also to the destruction of the planet and the whole Trayus complex with it, which would be his atonement for the mass murder he had executed.
www.gamebanshee.com /forums/617385-post5.html   (331 words)

 Obsidian Forum Community -> What happens to Malachor V?
Because of course Malachor V is exactly the place where you'd find a prosperous, stable community where a business would succeed and grow.
I highly doubt we would actually return to Malachor V in the next game either way, but I also doubt that it wouldn't even be mentioned.
Malachor V's survival or destruction would probably just be mentioned offhandedly at times, as was the case with the Star Forge, or something anyway.
forums.obsidianent.com /index.php?showtopic=32308   (1034 words)

 Kotor Storyline
Journeying to the Outer Rim in the EBON HAWK, Revan is focused with a single purpose: locating the source of the dark power on MALACHOR V. Those awaiting Revan's arrival, including members of the Sith and the Jedi, are shocked when he fails to return from this pilgrimage.
Sensing his last location, she travels to Malachor V, but is unable to shield her emotions, and is completely consumed by the dark side of the Force.
She is lost to the Jedi, spending the next several years on Malachor V, learning its secrets, and eventually becoming The master of the Sith academy there.
www.angelfire.com /ca/coffeemeister/story.html   (1469 words)

 Star Wars: Blogs | Grapejuice Holocron | The Sith Lords: Traya Learned of Betrayal
Her teachings resulted in his journey to Malachor V, to combat the Mandalorian threat.
Although this was not the beginning of Traya's contempt for the Jedi, their teachings, and the Force itself, Traya felt betrayed, and her contempt evolved into a deep hatred of the Jedi and the Force.
They attacked Traya in the Trayus Academy, inflicting deep wounds both physical and mental, and left their master to die in the heart of Malachor V. So, as the master had taught pain and hunger to her apprentices, the apprentices taught betrayal to their master.
blogs.starwars.com /grapejuiceholocron/4   (955 words)

 The Unofficial KOTOR Fan Media Site » A Hero Rises Ch.2-Echoes of Malachor V
Malachor V was definitely not an easily navigatable planet.
There were bodies everywhere, some half-eaten by the giant monsters that roamed Malachor, others decayed or decaying, Armij looked at one, it had its arm chewed off…but there was a presence coming from it.
The canyons of Malachor V are identical to mine.” Sion broke the saber lock and jumped into the air, bringing down his lightsaber hard.
www.kotorfanmedia.com /?p=3722   (1442 words)

 [H]ard|Forum - KOTOR II Questions **SPOILERS!!!**
In another cut scene it shows it fall into a pit at Malachor V after being crushed by rocks.
First, i ran him around the arena and had him step on all the mines, then i used the glue grenade, and he'll be stuck to the spot, and then went to town on him.
On Malachor V, its much harder and there is no mines for him to step on.
www.hardforum.com /printthread.php?t=873887   (2028 words)

 History of the Jedi
One fateful day when Revan was flying around in space he encountered Malachor V. The Dark Side of the Force drew him in to the Trayus Academy, where dark jedi are trained.
Then, I left known space only to be found on Malachor V by my sister, the Exile jedi, Idrial aka Nisotsa.
After she killed Sion and Kreia aka Darth Trayus, Malachor V exploded.
www.orgsites.com /nh/jedihistory   (1320 words)

 starwars and beyond - Message Board - ezboard.com
Malachor v is an old sith establishment that was founded back in the mandalorioan war's and was facilitated by Revan, Nihilus, Traya, Scion, and Malak.
The student must be ready, because malachor prays on the weak willed, and those who are not strong enough will be broken into insanity.
Then when they have forged their saber, the student will be forced into a duel against their master, and through this, the master forces the student into finding the correct lightsaber style to beat the one the master uses.
p101.ezboard.com /bstarwarsandbeyond   (1156 words)

 organicmeatbag: [INFO] Background Information
During the war, Revan discovered the Sith-infested Malachor V and the ancient Trayus Academy.
Soon after, on Malachor V, Revan discovered traces of an invention known as the Star Forge; an automated factory, “capable of creating an endless supply of ships, droids, and other war material” (Wookieepedia).
With the help of the Star Forge, to which Revan bestowed the control of to one of his generals, the war ended with the crippling and exile of the Mandalorians.
organicmeatbag.livejournal.com /443.html   (936 words)

 The Unofficial KOTOR Fan Media Site » The Lost Jedi (Prologue) - Malachor V
A deep reverberating rumble arose from beneath the core of Malachor V, building and feeding off itself until the walls themselves began to crack.
She waited, hoping he was considering the horrors of slowly rusting in the poisonous fumes of a dead planet.
Arden headed slowly towards the starboard dormitory as the Ebon Hawk gathered speed, leaving the graveyard emptiness of Malachor V behind.
www.kotorfanmedia.com /?p=3417   (4735 words)

 bloggo chicago » Blog Archive » KotOR II - Some Storyline Clarifications
Malachor V is the planet where the Mandalorians were ultimately defeated.
My guess, and probably Carth’s, is that Revan went to Malachor V. Revan believed that something else was behind the Mandalorian War.
I ask him if I should tell him if I find signs of her on Malachor V, and he adamantly says no. Instead, he asks that I tell her that he’s waiting for her.
bloggochicago.com /2004/12/22/kotor-ii-some-storyline-clarifications   (544 words)

 Star Wars: Blogs | Grapejuice Holocron | The Sith Lords: Sion Learned of Pain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
What we do know, however, is that shortly after Darth Malak's death at the hands of Darth Revan, three powerful Force Sensitives arrived at the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, a place strong in the dark side of the Force.
Corrupted by the dark side energy of Malachor V that Darth Revan had used during the Mandalorian Wars, Sion, Nihilus, and Traya became deadly Sith Lords in the depths of the Trayus Academy.
Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus became apprentices of Darth Traya, as they continued to master the dark side on Malachor V. Traya favored Sion above Nihilus, and he became the most violent and brutal of the three.
blogs.starwars.com /grapejuiceholocron/2/comments   (887 words)

Bao-Dur is a Zabrak from Iridonia, and a technician who fought under the Jedi Exile in the Mandalorian War, hence his insistence as referring to the Exile as "General".
The Exile (who much later befriended Bao-Dur) gave the command, which sent massive echoes in the Force throughout the galaxy.
When the Jedi Exile goes to Malachor V, the Remote goes in search of and finds the mass shadow generator, Bao-Dur's old invention from the last battle of the Mandalorian War, in order to destroy Malachor V. G0-T0, not wanting Malachor V to be destroyed, abducts the Remote.
www.yourlit.com /Jedi/Bao-Dur.php   (430 words)

 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - Walkthrough - The Gamers Temple - Page 31
Malachor V - Endgame :MLCRV: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _____ / + \ ____ * - Downed Ship _
The "downed ships" you see around with their damaged consoles are used later, and not by you.
Mira vs. Hanharr If you got Mira, you'll get her sequence next.
www.gamerstemple.com /games5/000767/000767g131.asp   (2534 words)

 Jedi Council Forums - Revan's meditation on Malachor V
In the doorway stood the figurative silouhette of a young woman.
'We have reached Malachor Five, master,' her voice was cold like Revan's, but with a soft angelic tone that had been perfect to fool even the Jedi Council.
Summary: Darth Revan is searching for Carth Onasi and Mission Vao who abandoned him on Rakata, to help him he is travelling to Malachor V to help regain his strength and prepare for a final assault against the Republic.
boards.theforce.net /before_the_saga/b10475/21073143/p1   (1232 words)

 LucasForums - Knights of the old Republic III, The Unknown Regions
It has been five long years since the Exile left Malachor V in search of Revan in the unknown regions.
Because she had piloting skills, Mira had been the only team member to accompany the Exile to Malachor V along with the droids.
Both Bao-Dur's former probe and Goto's droid were destroyed when the mass shadow generator was activated-despite the fact that Goto tried to stop the probe.
www.lucasforums.com /showthread.php?t=166026   (1160 words)

 Allison : Damn, I'm so late getting this up.Title:
Deep in the heart of the Trayus Academy on the ruins of Malachor V, the door ahead of me slid open at my touch and I cautiously advanced through into the next room, a long wide gallery with pillars evenly spaced along the walls.
Even though my connection to the Force felt stronger than it had been in the days before my exile from the Jedi Order, fighting my way through the Sith in the halls of the Academy had taken its toll.
I had come to Malachor to finish what Kreia had begun, and I intended to see my mission through.
www.greatestjournal.com /users/starsfell/64598.html   (3527 words)

 Dxun information - Search.com
During the time of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords a new leader taking the name of Mandalore gathered the remaining Mandalorians, most of which were mercenaries at the time, on the moon of Dxun.
There they regrouped, later helping a Jedi Exile destroy the battle cruiser known as the Ravager, which had been resurrected from the long since destroyed world of Malachor V, by the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus.
Millennia later, the Sith Lord Darth Bane, fleeing the Battle of Ruusan, crash-landed on Dxun.
domainhelp.search.com /reference/Dxun   (287 words)

 Jedi Exile - LibertyWiki
During the Mandalorian War, the Exile was a General fighting for the Republic under the command of Revan.
The Exile gave the command to Bao-Dur to activate the Mass Shadow Generator, which crushed both Mandalorian and Republic ships, and destroyed the planet of Malachor V.
After causing such a massive destruction, the Exile found his connection to the force had been severed.
wiki.dot-totally.co.uk /Jedi_Exile   (626 words)

 Red vs. Blue · View Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Current Quest: I might start heading back to finish some sidequest but i'm at Malachor V. I've destroyed all the lost jedi so Kriea has left me to die.
If you're on Malachor V, you're not going anywhere except to Trayus.
take note man, you create the final boss, you make her what she is. scince she is your allie in most of the game you pick her feats for her so if you are entirely leveled up by the time malachor v comes and you give her crap powers.
rvb.roosterteeth.com /forum/viewTopic.php?id=2124501   (1302 words)

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