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Topic: Mambo

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  Mambo Dance History
A modified version of the "Mambo" (the original dance had to be toned down due to the violent acrobatics) was presented to the public at dance studios, resort hotels, and at night-clubs in New York and Miami.
One of the greatest contributions of the Mambo is that it led to the development of the Cha-Cha.
The Mambo is enjoying a renewed popularity due to a number of films featuring the dance as well as a man named Eddie Torres.
www.centralhome.com /ballroomcountry/mambo.htm   (750 words)

  Mambo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word mambo (conversation with the gods) is the name of a priestess in Haitian Voodoo, derived from the language of the African slaves who were imported into the Caribbean.
Mambo remained popular throughout the United States and Cuba until the 1960s, when a combination of boogaloo and pachanga (both modified forms of mambo) were created.
Easier to dance than the mambo, with a squarish beat and a characteristic hiccup on the third beat, it spread to Europe, before being dethroned in the early 1960's by the pachanga and then the boogaloo.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mambo   (829 words)

 Mambo (CMS) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mambo is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
The rights to the Mambo CMS codebase, name and copyrights, are protected by the Mambo Foundation, a non-profit corporation formed to support and promote the Mambo Open Source project.
Mambo Guru is a group of Mambo related websites dedicated to the Mambo community and run by a small team of volunteers including Martin Brampton, the past core development team leader for Mambo 4.6.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mambo_(CMS)   (469 words)

 Mambo Mania: A Brief History of the Mambo
Of African and European parentage, the mambo is the result of a long cross-cultural journey, an example of the kind of sensual alchemy which is a speciality of the Caribbean.
The Congos have absorbed a variety of foreign influences and the mambo is a delicious cocktail of Bantu, Spanish and Yoruba.
In the post-war years the mambo was a euphoric and voluptuous celebration of the long-awaited return of freedom.
www.laventure.net /tourist/mambo.htm   (930 words)

 Music Genre: Mambo - Music of Puerto Rico   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mambo, conga and bongo were originally Bantu names for musical instruments that were used in rituals and gradually became secular.
Despite its African resonance, the mambo can be traced back to an unexpected source, English country dance, which in the seventeenth century became the contredanse at the French court and later the contradanza in Spain.
Today, in the Latin American music known as salsa, the mambo is a theme that is played in unison by the rhythm section and serves as a transition between two improvised passages.
www.musicofpuertorico.com /en/genre_mambo.html   (579 words)

 OpenSourceCMS - Mambo 4.0.12
Mambo is a robust CMS that should meet the needs of many businesses and organizations.
The best parts about Mambo are 1) its orientation towards distributing information and managing content (rather than focusing on reader opinions or an "online community"), 2) ease of use including setup and administration, 3) customizable architecture, 4) good administrative interface, and 5) publishing workflow including security.
Mambo is Open Sourc under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and is copyright byMiro Contruct Pty Ltd.
www.opensourcecms.com /index.php?option=content&task=view&id=247&Itemid=77   (712 words)

 The mambo dance
The mambo was especially popular in New York dance halls, where dancers twisted and turned and threw their partners, arms, legs and hands in the air to win dance competitions.
Mambo is written to music in 4/4 time, but some of these beats call for the partner to hold.
Mambo is characterized by the hip movements that it entails.
oror.essortment.com /mambodance_rmcq.htm   (826 words)

 Home - Mambo Guru
Mambo is a powerful and popular piece of software, but it does have problems that it shares with many other open source products.
Part of the attraction of Mambo is its flexibility, but a critical factor is the richness of the features that are offered.
A new Mambo patch file is now available, providing fixes to a number of faults and security vulnerabilities.
www.mamboguru.com   (679 words)

 Mambo - FileMaker
Mambo may be known for a lack of conservatism in its T-shirts, accessories and art, but the same progressive philosophy does not apply to IT.
Mambo was using two FileMaker databases developed in-house - for design and garment styling.
When Australian clothing label Mambo was acquired by manufacturer and importer Gazal Corporation, the company's IT department found that Mambo's FileMaker Pro-based design and ordering systems could integrate with the legacy system used by Gazal -- thanks to the ability of FileMaker Pro to connect with corporate data sources.
www.filemaker.com /solutions/customers/stories/1022.html   (932 words)

 Mambo Dance - Streetswings Salsa Dance History archives - Main Page
Mambo really flourished in the 1950's as the Rumba was exhausting its enthusiasm.
The Mambo's popularity was helped along by the mass amount of music created for it in a short period of time.
Mambo is again gaining much popularity today (2002) with a little more pop or disco beat, not to mention the likes of Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Lou Bega, etc. helping it along.
www.streetswing.com /histmain/z3mambo.htm   (1087 words)

 Mambo News - Security Patch for All Mambo 4.5.x Versions
The development team has devised a fix for the exploits, which needs to be installed in the various index.php files (two in the Mambo root, and three in the administrator directory).
The code for the fix is published in the Mambo forums and can be applied to ANY version of Mambo.
Alternatively, patched index files can be downloaded from Mamboforge in a file called Mambo 4523.security_fix.zip to be found at Mamboxchange.
news.mamboserver.com /index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2144&Itemid=2   (214 words)

 Origins of Salsa ~ www.justsalsa.com ~ Echale Salsita
During the 1950’s New York was captivated by the Mambo and the best musicians and dancers could be found at the Palladium.
The Palladium, or "Home of the Mambo" as it was also known, was located at 53rd Street and Broadway.
The Palladium had many great dancers some of the most famous and those that defined and developed the Mambo were Horacio Riambau, Andy Vásquez, Cuban Pete, Joe Vega, Augie Rodriguez (I call these the Palladium 5 although there were many others).
www.justsalsa.com /salsa/history/articles/mambo/roots   (359 words)

 Mambo Dance Steps and Timing
Like most modern music, Mambo is written in 4/4 time (4 beats to a bar of music), and therefore four dance steps to a bar of music.
In Mambo your feet only move on the second, and fourth beats, the change of weight which gives the dance its look and feel occurs half way through the second, third and fourth beats.
Mambo, Cha Cha, Salsa and Rumba have a common heritage and to some extent similiar step patterns.
www.geocities.com /sd_au/mambo/sdsmambo.htm   (1234 words)

 Mambo Demo - Home
You have completed successfully the installation of the Mambo files and are now viewing part of the sample content that is included in the default Mambo installation.
Mambo supports a number of options which allow you to change the display of the content on your site, enabling you to achieve a personalized look and feel without having to modify the template file.
The default installation of Mambo includes a variety of features which are available for your use at the click of a mouse.
demo.mamboserver.com   (246 words)

 Mambodesign - Mambo Templates, Free Mambo Templates, Mambo Resources - Home
Each mambo joomla template comes in a zip format which can be directly uploaded to your mambo web site.
At mambo hosting review you can access a number of mambo hosting resources including news articles, forums, reviews and a mambo web hosting directory containing only the most reputable web hosting companies which are ideal for hosting mambo.
Mambo doesn't even require the user or administrator of the system to know HTML to operate it once it's up and running.
www.mambodesign.co.uk   (753 words)

 Meet the experts: The Mambo team on the IBM Full-System Simulator for the Cell Broadband Engine processor
I've been working on the Mambo simulator, as well, for the past two years, working primarily on the STI support, which is now being released as the alphaWorks release of the Cell BE simulator.
The Mambo team recommends: the Cell BE Tutorial, as found in the docs/ directory of the SDK, as well as other specifications, user manuals, and reference documentation for Cell BE and PowerPC as found in the IBM Semiconductor solutions technical library.
The original Mambo the dance had its heyday in the 1940s; it eventually led to the much tamer Cha-Cha.
www.ibm.com /developerworks/power/library/pa-expert7/index.html   (3732 words)

 Bolometer Development at the MPIfR
MAMBO's 37 channel array has been successfully used by many observers since the end of 1998.
The 37 channel MAMBO is used at the 30 m telescope as a backup system now.
It is basically a copy of the successful MAMBO system and was commissioned in June 2001.
www.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de /div/bolometer   (544 words)

 Mambo Italiano - Rotten Tomatoes
Mambo Italiano’s future lies on video or on cable, because it is definitely not worth a trip to the cinema.
Mambo Italiano is likely to provoke the same urges in the movie house that poor Nino experiences after a dinner at the noisy Barberini compound -
Mambo Italiano is no sophisticated dance, but it moves about with an open heart.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/mambo_italiano   (874 words)

 Mambo/Joomla :: Advance Software
Mambo (formerly named Mambo Open Source or MOS) is an open source content management system (CMS) for creating and managing websites through a simple web interface.
Mambo also includes more advanced features such as page caching to improve performance on busy sites, advanced templating techniques, and a fairly robust API.
Mambo is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
www.advancewebsoft.com /solutions/mambo-joomla.html   (131 words)

 Mambo Analysis Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mambo is a dynamic Web content management tool that is capable of building sites from several pages to several thousand.
Since the formation of the Mambo Foundation, to protect the open source CMS project, the official home of Mambo has been mambo-foundation.org.
Mambo is a mature, active open source project that is going from strength to strength.
www.ohloh.net /opensource/software/mambo   (658 words)

 Mambo Perfume by Liz Claiborne   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Mambo for women captures the rhythm and flirty spirit of the women who wear it.
Its sensuality dances acros the skin with rich notes of succulent mango, vibrant mandarin and the intense floral essence of ylang.
Mambo's a little less sharp than Glamorous, but both are nice, and work for me.
www.perfumeemporium.com /Womens/Details.cfm?ID=5193&source=9   (312 words)

 Joomla and Mambo template tutorial: The Complete Guide to Joomla Templates and Mambo templates using Dreamweaver and ...
First of all, lets talk about what a mambo template is. A mambo template defines the overall 'look and feel' of your mambo website.
The layout is 3 seperate 100% tables 'stacked' vertically-the top table is for the header area, the middle table is for the mambo left, center and right columns, and the bottom table is for the footer area.
Mambo is a web applictaion that is dependant on other web applictaions to create its magic.
www.mambosolutions.com /dw_tutorial   (2930 words)

 www.documen.tv Documentary film VOD DVD Mambo Music Cinema
When mambo came out in 1950 it created a tremendous shock wave which spread at the speed of "son" throughout concert halls and dance halls all over the world - an unprecedented bout of dancing called mambomania.
He was a precursor as he was the first to take advantage of all the means distribution - records, radio, cinema and television- which expanded worldwide during the post-war period.
The mambo was also the sensuous echo of the young consuming society longing for pleasure and fun.
www.documen.tv /asset/Mambo_film.html   (141 words)

 Mambo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It was sad news when we heard Mambo's cancer had spread and he wouldn't be with us much longer - as the weeks flew by we watched Mambo's body become weaker - but a curious thing was happening - it was as if the weaker his body became - the stronger his spirit became.
I was passing out flyers with pictures of Mambo to the regulars as a remembrance - so they approached me with their questions.
That night was dedicated to mambo - Mambo's rub board and cat hat hung from the Continental Club sign on the stage behind the musicians.
www.honkytonkangels.com /Mambo/mambo.html   (795 words)

 Mambo Love
We hope that through this site we will be able to gather extensive global community support and awareness for Mambo and it will provide resources for members of the community to spread the word and keep the project growing.
The Boston event was on from 4 to 6 April at the Boston Convention and Exhibition centre.
Mambo was recently at the LinuxWorld Expo in Sydney.
www.mambolove.com   (321 words)

 Mambo Resource -- Mambors.org - Home
Mambo 4.6.1 fixes SQL injection and XSS issues, plus a number of minor issues found with 4.6 since its release on Sept 18.
These vulnerabilities affect all recent versions of Mambo so those still running versions of Mambo older than 4.5.4, (ex) 4.5.3h, are recommended to patch up to Mambo 4.5.4 first and then apply security patches 1 and 2.
The team will now refocus its attention on Mambo 4.6 and we will apply the same security changes as needed to 4.6 prior to the official release.
www.mambors.org   (402 words)

 Mamboserver.com - Home
Mambo is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet.
Mambo is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.
Mambo V4.6.2 downloads are available on Mamboxchange now.
www.mamboserver.com   (482 words)

 Joomlaportal.com - A Joomla! Open Source CMS Fansite - News
After the develpers of the award wining content management system Mambo has left the rights holder of Mambo, the australian company Miro, they established a new website and will release the first version of Joomla!, which will be version 1.0.0, soon.
Mambo's user management is very simple and has not changed much since the early days.
For example Mambo uses a drop down menu in the content items to select the creator of an article.
www.mamboportal.com   (1320 words)

 Amazon.com: Mambo: Music: Yma Sumac   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
On this album, in addition to Yma's beautiful singing, there is also the enchanting arrangements of Billy May, who did a lot of arranging for Frank Sinatra at the better part of his career as well as other illustrious singers of that era.
She basically uses her voice as another instrument in many parts of the cd and jumps from octave to octave, it is very rare to actually hear her sing lyrics.
It is one of the most versatile and powerful voices that I have ever heard, I truly believe that she would have been a trip to see live.
www.amazon.com /Mambo-Yma-Sumac/dp/B000002UQS   (1158 words)

 Mambo Restaurant, Mata Chica Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Overlooking the world famous coral barrier reef, Mambo Cuisine is acclaimed for its fresh Italian specialties.
As part of the Mata Chica Beach Resort, Mambo Cuisine is always lively and ready for those in search of the Belizean Adventure.
Mambo Combo — Fresh grilled filet of snapper and shrimp topped with a papaya habanero salsa and crisp coconut shavings…….served with Jasmine rice and whole green onion…
matachica.com /mambo.html   (1107 words)

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