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Topic: Mandalore

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  Mandalore - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - A Wikia wiki
Mandalore (Mand'alor in Mando'a) was the title of the leader of the Mandalorians.
Mandalore was also referred to as Lord Mandalore, although the title may have fallen out of general usage by the end of the Mandalorian Wars.
Mandalore the Resurrector (AKA Alpha-Ø2, or "Spar"), 21 BBY-5 ABY
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Mandalore   (201 words)

 Mandalorian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Originally, the Mandalorian clans were led by the warlord "Mandalore the First" and were ranked amongst the best fighters in the galaxy, thriving on battle.
Mandalore itself is a temperate, albeit desolate, world located in a rather overlooked and inconspicuous area at the edge of the Inner Rim.
During the war between the Sith and the Republic, Mandalore and his forces attacked and raided the Empress Teta system, drawing the attention of Ulic Qel-Droma.
en.wikipedia.org.cob-web.org:8888 /wiki/Mandalorian   (1403 words)

 Planet - M
The mask and title of "Mandalore" belonged to no single individual, but were traditionally passed down from one warrior to the next in the event of their leader's death.
Mandalore was defeated, and he swore his armies' allegiance to Qel-Droma and the Krath forces.
Mandalore and his surviving warriors were forced to flee to the Dxun moon, where Mandalore was killed by a pair of the moon's deadly beasts and a new warrior donned his mask and assumed his title.
www.angelfire.com /tn/jedicouncil2/planetm.html   (1995 words)

The Juannar lived on one of the gas giants within the Mandalore system, and were an advanced technological species although very poorly adapted to living in environments that differed to their own, requiring protective suits to survive the atmosphere of the Mandalore homeworld.
The Mandalore incensed over their abandonment by the Republic began to wage war on their former homelands, a condition that continued for thousands of years, however compared to the countless systems that made up the Republic the Mandalore were small indeed.
Like the Mandalore this was a military empire that held was an enemy of the newly reborn Republic, but the Mandalore found the Empire to be treacherous and lacking in honour.
rpggamer.org /stats.php?page=mandalore.html   (1469 words)

 List of Mandalorians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mandalore the Indomitable was the Mandalorian Crusader who took control of the ancient brotherhood shortly before the onset of the Great Sith War.
Mandalore the Indomitable was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma during the fighting, and agreed to help Ulic during the Sith War, making him 1 of 4 heads of the Brotherhood of the Sith.
Mandalore the Ultimate died along with the majority of his people at the Battle of Malachor V.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Mandalorians   (2749 words)

 Star Wars: Blogs | The Revelation of Sidious | The Mandalorian Empire: The Beginning and Mandalore
Mandalore is the name given to the voted leader of the Mandalorians.
This is what was supposed to happen; Canderous Ordo became the new Mandalore, claiming the helmet and body armor for himself.
The last Mandalore, Mandalore the Resurrector, or omre commonly known as Alpha-Ø2, one of the only clones to survive past the Galactic Civil War.
blogs.starwars.com /JediorFormerQueen/67   (270 words)

 [No title]
Developed by the ancient Mandalore warriors, these automated attack ships were used to conquer star systems.
An ancient Mandalore was defeated by Ulic Qel-Droma, and agreed to help Ulic during the Sith War.
Mandalore agreed to the mission, and attacked Iziz.
www.xs4all.nl /~mbpb/cynic/glossary.html   (1103 words)

 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II @ GameBanshee
The leader of all clans was known as Mandalore.
Many years have passed since Darth Revan defeated the last Mandalore; none was chosen to take his place.
Now a new Mandalore has assumed rule, and rumor tells of a battle-hardened warrior who is reuniting the clans.
www.gamebanshee.com /starwarskotorii/npcs/mandalore.php   (110 words)

 The Mandalorian historical archives
These five groups were the first five clans of Mandalore, each developping under the influence of their chosen leader and becoming more of a personification of his or her strongest traits as a whole.
Indeed, as was foretold in the scripts, ten years after the 500 year war a small shuttle landed in the Sti'va clanlands next to the original transport, which had been turned into a monument of heritage.
Much of Mandalore was destroyed, as well as huge sections of the other planets that had been in their control.
www.citlink.net /~walker_family/archives.html   (1774 words)

 True Mandalorians Central Net: Mandalorian Protectors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Originally, the Mandalorian clans were led by the warlord Mandalore, and were ranked amongst the best fighters in the galaxy, thriving for battle.
Tonight was actually Meth's 4th and 5th foray into the Jaws of Death; three trips alone (or with a partner) and two trips with the DWB Crew.
Mandalore Meth is attempting to gather the forces of Star Wars costumers and Mandalorian Fans in Northwest Florida into a cohesive, organized unit.
home.earthlink.net /~mandalorians   (701 words)

 LucasForums - Battle - VikingLarz (Vik) vs. Mandalorian54 (Mandalore)
Mandalore used his Broadsword, but failed to do any damage to Vik.
However, Vik's armor deflected the blow and Mandalore was injured.
Mandalore tried to dodge, but was not successful.
www.lucasforums.com /showthread.php?t=147158   (475 words)

 system bigoraphy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Th mask and title of Mandalore belonged to no single individual but were traditionally passed down from one warrior to the next on the leader's death.
Mandalore was defeated, and he swore his armies' allegiance to Qel-Droma and the forces of the mystical Krath sect.
The notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett wears a blaster-resistant armored suit similar to those worn by Mandalore warriors, and his alternate ship, Slave II, was based on a Mandalorian Police ship design.
downtime13.tripod.com /systembio.htm   (280 words)

 Jedi Council Forums - Is the Battle of Mandalore (pre-TPM) now canon?
Kinda like the Japanese with their bamboo poles, I'd expect all Mandalorians to be able to grab their shotgun or sporting blaster and fight like guerillas, but I doubt most of them even have much in the way of armor.
It might not have been a great idea, but - unlike, say, Amidala's flagrant violation of Republic law with regard to Naboo's contract with the Trade Federation to export their processed plasma - it was all perfectly legal...
Anyhow, while the Judicial forces probably didn't outnumber the "Mandalorian Armed Forces," whatever they are, they were probably a good match in terms of training and superior in terms of hardware and resources.
boards.theforce.net /literature/b10003/25646339/p2/?22   (2038 words)

Our people have since been forgotten other than a lone bounty hunter-gone-mercenary who now wears Mandalore's mantle; a beacon of a race thought to be extinct.
The Sons of Mandalore are Dead has 22 friends.
View All of The Sons of Mandalore are Dead 's Friends
www.myspace.com /thesonsofmandalore   (344 words)

 The Mandalorian Rebirth @ www.ezboard.com
After the unjust destruction at the hands of the Jedi, the few remaining clans of Mandalore have once again reunited to spread chaos across the galaxy in one final stand against the Jedi and all who come in our way.
After the unjust destruction at the hands of the Jedi, the few remaining clans of Mandalore have once again reunited to spread chaos across the galaxy in one final stand agains the Jedi and all who come in our way.
These are also the quarters of Mandalore himself, should one seek an audience with the Mandalorian Rebirth.
p103.ezboard.com /bthemandalorianrebirth   (249 words)

 Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - The Sith War
While Ulic's general, Mandalore, leads troops through the city streets, Ulic's lover and co-conspirator, Aleema, has secretly betrayed him, allowing Ulic to be taken prisoner.
Aleema usurps command of the uprising and orders Mandalore to follow her, leaving Ulic to his fate.
But Mandalore quietly uncovers proof of Aleema's treachery and vows to rescue his master, whatever it may take.
www.wheelon.com /comics/the_sith_war.htm   (1871 words)

 Taung - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki - A Wikia wiki
Mandalore the First, Mandalore the Indomitable, Mandalore the Ultimate
The Taungs, later known as the Mandalorians, were a warlike Near-Human species with gray skin that dominated the planet Coruscant thousands of years before the rise of Humans.
The Taungs fled to Roon, where they remained for thousands of years, until, under the leadership of the legendary Mandalore the First, the Taungs conquered another world which they renamed in honor of their leader, Mandalore.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Taungs   (310 words)

 The Unofficial KOTOR Fan Media Site » [INFLUENCE GAINED: MANDALORE] (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
She points furiously at the hydrospanner near Mandalore’s foot, stammering like a protocol droid with a broken vocabulator until a low, throaty chuckle emanates from behind his cold, intimidating helm.
Mandalore watches her vent her anger for a moment before reaching in to extract the tool from her vice-like grip.
Mandalore seems a lot softer than he is in the game, which is artistic license, I suppose, although he made it pretty clear that he had no respect for anyone in the crew excepting an Exile who had gained influence.
www.kotorfanmedia.com.cob-web.org:8888 /?p=3481   (3141 words)

 Knights of the Old Republic 2 Files - Mandalore Jedi Mod Info (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This mod changes Mandalore into a Jedi, he comes equipped with 2 lightsabers and a selection of force powers.
mandalore is now a Sith Killer and has two lightsabers in his hand, when he joins you.
mandalore has very limiter force useage dureing the game like 1 or 2 powers dureing combat (lets say he studied a few movements from revan and learned basic force useage)
knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com.cob-web.org:8888 /file/Mandalore_Jedi_Mod;60282   (835 words)

 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - Walkthrough - The Gamers Temple - Page 24
After a Kreia cutscene, and a Sith Assassin attack (that Mandalore may pull you out from before it is over; also don't forget the lower camp), it's off to Onderon.
Mandalore cannot become a Jedi, and has no major upgrades available, so there's no particular reason to gain Influence with him.
Mandalore joins you fully, he wants to gather the clans, and figures you're as good an excuse to leave on that trip as any.
www.gamerstemple.com /games5/000767/000767g124.asp   (6196 words)

 ::Star Wars Combine::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Service in Mandalore Mining was punishment for cowardly or incompetent warriors from the military.
Blockaded on a class ified planet by a Vuana armada the last remnants of Mandalore Mining struggled against a force with fifteen times as many men and hundreds more ships and yet it still took a full orbital bombardment with fusion warheads to finish them off.
Now thousands of Mandalorians flock to the Mandalore Mining banner knowing that while the military gains glory for defending Mandalore at times of war Mandalore Mining gains its arguably greater honour from providing Mandalore with the life-blood it needs to survive in a time of peace and war.
www.swcombine.com /community/factionInfo.php?facName=MandalMining   (267 words)

 For Mandalore! - Wizards Community
Mandalore having Mobile also helps him stay alive (technicaly in one turn he can run up, kill for 40 cleave for 40, and then run away).
I like mandalore with the bassilisk, because it gains momentum with its strafe attack.
If you bring Mandalore, a Commander, and the soldiers they all have Mobile and Momentum.
boards1.wizards.com /showthread.php?p=10509567#post10509567   (1214 words)

 Planet DatabaseM
Mandalore system - The Mandalore system was home to the warlike Mandalore, who exterminated the Ithullan race several hundred years ago.
The notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett wears an armored suit similar to those worn by these Mandalore warriors.
Mandalorian battle harnesses are designed to be operated by R2 units, Mandalore prison ships were built to confine Jedi, and Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun was constructed from Mandalorian iron.
www.fortunecity.com /tatooine/niven/106/planetsm.htm   (1526 words)

 MANDALORE -- the official site
Another has him being the commanding officer of a fabled group of warriors from Mandalore decimated by the Jedi Knights.
A third account tells of a Journeyman Protector from Concord Dawn named Jaster Mereel who adopted the mask and guise when he was convicted of treason.
The battle-scarred suit's design heritage can be traced back 4,000 years, when clans of Mandalores fought against the Jedi during the Great Sith War.
www.freewebs.com /mandaloria/bobafett.htm   (866 words)

 Xbox.com | Xbox Games - I do not wish to do this anymore.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
If you wish to challenge me then we shall do battle, warrior to warrior with mythosaur axes in the Hall of Heroes, but that battle will be meaningless, as the mandalorians will not follow you unless you have evidence of your connection to Clan Ordo.
But if not, then be content with your place Exile, for I will defend the honor of Mandalore, and the honor my race to the death.
There is always the fact though, that while you claim to be a Mandalorian you will likely bare their armor, which means your force powers shall fail you in combat.
forums.xbox.com /668358/ShowPost.aspx   (2110 words)

 ::Star Wars Combine::
Created shortly after the crash on Mandalore to make sure that the new lords of Mandalore would be able to defend themself and to develop their new homeworld.
All Mandalore clans used it, both during peacetime and under wartime.
Theese two companies provided all the equipment that was needed for the Mandalore people and the triad to defend them against their enemies and in the end defeat them.
www.swcombine.com /community/factionInfo.php?facName=MandalTech   (171 words)

 Mandalore Military   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
To serve and serve well is the highest honor one could hope to achieve in life.
Large bases and training facilities operate in every major city, with the largest and most prestigious being the Aldacor Spire base just south of the main capitol city of Mandalore.
The cities surrounding military facilities often have an excess of low ranking or off duty officers to perform the trivial civilian tasks at hand, such as running the local shops and eateries, or policing the town itself.
home.sol.se /Mandalore/military.htm   (326 words)

 Star Wars: Blogs | Gahmah's Arsenal of Blogs and Art: The Journal of Some Insane Whatever-Gahmah-Is Bounty Hunter | ...
Exile's Current Party Members: HK-47 and T3-M4 Mandalore: *talking to Exile* So you're the intruder.
Mandalore: *fires at HK's right arm joint and it falls off*
Mandalore: *fires at HK's left arm joint and it falls off as well* The more you blurt out my real name, the more parts you lose.
blogs.starwars.com /thevalkoranwar/138   (435 words)

 Shimaon's KotOR and KotOR II: TSL Mods
This mod removes the helmet on the Mandalore NPC.
Note: The screenshot IS a spoiler, so unless you have already figured out who Mandalore is, I suggest you don't use this mod.
New in version 2.0 is the ability to remove Mandalore's armor and place other armor's on him, all of which will look as they should on an NPC.
www.gknetworks.net /kotor   (405 words)

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